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T969011 Hot melt adhesive emulsion process April 4, 1978
a novel process for applying an adhesive to a substrate is disclosed, which process comprises:A. melt blending a monoalkenyl arene/conjugated diene block copolymer, tackifying resin and extending oil to form a hot melt adhesive composition,B. emulsifying the hot melt with water and an em
RE40752 Diene removal from an olefin feedstock June 16, 2009
The invention pertains to a process of removing dienes from an olefin feedstock. A preferred olefin feedstock is for the production of primary alcohol compositions by skeletal isomerization of the olefins followed by hydroformylation. In this preferred embodiment, the olefin feedstock ma
RE36757 Multiblock hydrogenated polymers for adhesives June 27, 2000
The present invention encompasses nontapered block copolymers of the following structure and adhesives containing themorwhere A is a vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon polymer block, B and D are hydrogenated conjugated diene polymer blocks wherein if the diene is butadiene, it must have a vinyl
RE35696 Heat injection process December 23, 1997
A method for heat injection into a subterranean formation is provided. The method utilizes flameless combustion. The absence of a flame eliminates the flame as a radiant heat source and results in a more even temperature distribution throughout the length of the burner. Flameless combust
RE35308 Block copolymer of polyalkylene and halogenated polystyrene July 30, 1996
A block copolymer of polyalkylene and halogenated polystyrene comprises the formula:in which m is 0, 1, 3 or 4, A is a saturated polyalkylene, and S' is a nuclear brominated polystyrene having from about 0.5 to about 5 bromines per styrene unit. The polystyrene blocks are substantially f
RE33349 Controlling sulfide scavenger content of drilling fluid September 25, 1990
The concentration of unspent zinc-based hydrogen sulfide scavenger in an aqueous drilling fluid is controlled by selectively extracting the unspent scavenger in a solvent, such as glacial acetic acid, measuring the concentration of dissolved zinc, for example, with an X-ray fluorescence
RE32623 Curved offshore well conductors March 15, 1988
Apparatus and method for producing hydrocarbons from a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation located beneath the floor of a body of water. A platform structure is installed on the floor over the formation and well conductors are extended down the structure and penetrate into the
RE31623 Pesticidal cinnolines July 3, 1984
Use of certain cinnolines as pesticides and pesticidal compositions containing them.
RE31607 Circumferential acoustical detector June 19, 1984
An acoustical logging tool having a plurality of long, extendable, resilient arms, and means for remotely extending free ends of the arms into close proximity to the wall of a borehole. A cylindrical transducer is mounted on the free end of each arm, with some of the transducers being
RE30935 Method of starting gas production by injecting nitrogen-generating liquid May 18, 1982
Production is initiated from a gas well which is kept from producing by the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid it contains, by injecting an aqueous liquid that contains reactants which form nitrogen gas within the wall or reservoir and displaces enough liquid out of the well to lower the
RE30818 Epichlorohydrin purification process December 8, 1981
2,3-Butanedione impurity is removed from epichlorohydrin by contacting the impurity containing epichlorohydrin with .[.a macroreticular poly(t-butyl acrylate) resin .]. acrylic ester resin .Iaddend.having a pore volume of about .[.0.5 .]. .Iadd.0.55, an average po
RE30634 Benzyl oxime ethers June 2, 1981
Insecticidal benzyl oxime ethers of the formula: ##STR1## wherein the symbols have meanings defined in the specification.
RE30574 Herbicidal tetrahydrofuran derivatives April 14, 1981
Certain benzyloxymethyltetrahydrofuran derivatives are useful as herbicides.
RE28925 Neutron method for determining residual oil-phase fluid concentration August 10, 1976
A method for determining the concentration of oil-phase fluid in an earth formation containing indigenous oil-phase fluid and aqueous liquid. A zone in the formation is irradiated with neutrons when the zone is filled with indigenous oil-phase and aqueous liquid. The thermal neutron capt
RE28860 Curved offshore well conductors June 15, 1976
Apparatus and method for producing hydrocarbons from a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation located beneath the floor of a body of water. A platform structure is installed on the floor over the formation and well conductors are extended down the structure and penetrate into the
H988 Polymer blends November 5, 1991
Polymer blends comprising a major proportion of a polyamide polymer and lesser proportions of a linear alternating polymer of carbon monoxide and at least one ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon and of an acidic polymer containing moieties of .alpha.,.beta.-ethylenically unsaturated
H917 Polymer blend May 7, 1991
Blends of (a) a linear alternating polymer of carbon monoxide and at least one ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon and (b) a maleated polyolefin polymer exhibit improved properties of thermal stability, impact resistance as better processability.
H896 Separating column for gas chromatography March 5, 1991
A method of fabricating an elution chromatography separating column from an elongated capillary tube, such column having a layer comprising a plurality of disunited particles of porous solid material disposed on an inner surface of the tube. The method comprises the steps of: preparing a
H889 Stabilized compositions February 5, 1991
Improved processabiity and thermal stability is demonstrated by stabilized compositions comprising a linear alternating polymer of carbon monoxide and at least one ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon having incorporated therein a stabilizing quantity of a stable organic free radical.
H886 Reinforced polymer February 5, 1991
Polymer compositions comprising linear alternating polymers of carbon monoxide and at least one ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon and an amount of glass fiber reinforcement.
H870 Solvent welding polybutene-1 January 1, 1991
A process for solvent welding pure polybutene-1, or blends or copolymer of polytbutene-1 to polybutene-1 where the polybutene-1 items are contacted with a solvent such as methylene chloride, tetrahydrofuran or cyclohexane and then contacted together within a variable period of time after
H860 Method for polymerizing alpha olefins December 4, 1990
An alpha olefin polymerization reaction using a first alpha olefin monomer and a magnesium supported titanium halide/aluminum alkyl catalyst system wherein said system comprises:(a)(i) a procatalyst component;(ii) a cocatalyst component; and(iii) a selectivity control agent;(b) discontinuing
H831 Tubular biofilm reactor October 2, 1990
A tubular connected series of biofilm samplers is provided for monitoring biofouling by microorganisms in a continuous flow stream. Tubular bypasses are provided around each sampler, so that each sampler is removable for inspection of biofouling without interruption of the continuous flo
H812 Reinforced polymer August 7, 1990
Polymer compositions comprising linear alternating polymers of carbon monoxide and at least one ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon and an amount of ceramic fiber reinforcement.
H732 Polymer blend February 6, 1990
Non-miscible blends comprising, as a major component, a linear alternating polymer of carbon monoxide and at least one ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon and, as a minor component, an oligomer derived from an epihalohydrin and a hydroxyphenylalkane, demonstrate improved processabi
H656 Method and system for controlling the moments of firing of marine seismic sources July 4, 1989
A method for controlling the firing times of a plurality of marine seismic sources which are towed as a seismic array behind a towing vessel is provided. The marine seismic sources are adapted to create seismic pulses after having been fired. The method measures and determines physical
H611 Semi-submersible vessel April 4, 1989
A semi-submersible vessel is disclosed in which a side wall which is continuous in the horizontal direction connects an underwater buoyant pontoon hull to an operating deck located above the water surface. In operation the side wall is subject to moderate cyclic fatigue stresses only
H608 Detecting multiple phase flow in a conduit March 7, 1989
Multiple phase flow is detected and characterized in a fluid-containing conduit using a compressional wave acoustic transducer in the pulse-echo mode. The acoustic energy is transmitted in a transverse direction through the conduit and the returning echo is analyzed to determine if singl
H573 Sealing of pits February 7, 1989
The primary purpose of the present invention is to preseal a pit by adding a specially designed sealing material to the pit bottom prior to putting other materials, e.g., waste material, into the pit, e.g., a disposal pit.In accordance with the present invention a method for sealing the bott
H568 Olefin polymer composition and laminated structure including said composition as adhesive layer January 3, 1989
An olefin polymer composition comprising(A) 100 parts by weight of a homopolymer of 1-butene composed substantially of 1-butene units or a copolymer of 1-butene and another alpha-olefin containing at least 60 mole % of units derived from 1-butene,(B) 10 to 600 parts by weight of a homopolyme
H549 Apparatus and method for locating towed seismic apparatus December 6, 1988
Apparatus and method are provided for locating seismic sources suspended below a float, seismic streamer cables and other towed seismic apparatus relative to a towing vessel. The range and bearing from a selectively energizable acoustic source on or near the float, cable or apparatus to
H490 Determination of the density of a hydrocarbon liquid at elevated pressure July 5, 1988
A method and apparatus are provided whereby a pressure vessel of known internal volume is filled with a hydrocarbon liquid at elevated pressure and a measured temperature. When filled, a valve to a connected buffer vessel is opened to prevent any risk of overpressure caused by a rise in
H479 Wood pulp bleaching process June 7, 1988
An improvement upon processes for the bleaching of wood pulp which comprise preparing an aqueous alkaline bleaching medium containing hydrogen peroxide and contacting the pulp with said medium under agitation. The improvement particularly comprises agitating a suspension of the pulp in
H478 Selective reduction of sodium in coal by water wash and ion exchange with tailored electrolyte June 7, 1988
A coal or similar carbonaceous fuel is selectively freed of sodium by water washing it and ion exchanging the washed coal with a strong aqueous electrolyte solution which is substantially free of sodium ions and contains a kind and concentration of ions which are correlated with the
H475 Preparing an aqueous alkaline solution for recovery of oil from a reservoir containing hard wate June 7, 1988
An aqueous alkaline oil recovery fluid containing monovalent salt, and, optionally, preformed cosurfactant, is improved by using a mixture of alkaline silicate and carbonate salts in specified proportions as the alkaline material.
H473 Capillary tube scanner June 7, 1988
A method and apparatus for counting small particles in a capillary tube is provided. The method and apparatus detect changes in the intensity of the direct beam passing perpendicularly through the capillary tube to count such small particles.
H462 Marine cable geophone assembly April 5, 1988
A geophone assembly for use in a marine seismic cable to detect converted shear waves reflected from the strata in response to a compressional wave generated in the body of water associated with the strata. The geophone assembly comprises a cylindrical mount that has a central aperture a
H388 Apparatus and method for locating towed seismic floats December 1, 1987
Method and apparatus are provided for locating a towed float relative to the towing vessel. The method determines the range from at least two known spaced apart locations on the towing vessel to the float and determines the position of the float from the intersection of the at least two
H387 Wavelength filter for marine seismic cables December 1, 1987
A marine seismic cable comprising a core; a housing coupled to the core and having a cavity adapted for holding a hydrophone, the cavity being located on a first side of the housing; elastic material positioned in the cavity and extending beyond the boundary of the cavity, a hydrophone p
H385 Shale coagulating low solids drilling fluid December 1, 1987
A drilling fluid capable of coagulating shale particles, when used for well drilling, completion or the like, comprising a low solids fluid containing polymeric viscosifiers and polymeric fluid loss reducers as well as a high molecular weight organic polycationic polymeric coagulant and
H2267 Method and apparatus for blending fuel components March 6, 2012
A method and apparatus involve: determining a specification for a fuel volatility characteristic so that a fuel complying with the specification meets an applicable regulatory requirement for volatility with or without the addition of ethanol; and utilizing a fuel blending mechanism to b
H2169 Method of manufacturing partially crystalline polyester articles September 5, 2006
A method of making a polyethylene terephthalate/polyolefin blend for sheeting and thermoformed articles which has improved color stability and can be recycled many times. A heat stabilizer is melt blended only with the polyolefin prior to its incorporation into the polyethylene terep
H2134 Apparatus and method for forming polymer crumb December 6, 2005
The present invention provides a contractor apparatus and method for removing solvent from a polymer cement. The resulting polymer is substantially free of solvent and exhibits improved oil absorption and lower fines. In one aspect, a contractor is provided including a cylindrical ca
H2030 Process for the preparation of random copolymers of conjugated dienes and vinyl aromatic compoun June 4, 2002
Random copolymers of a conjugated diene and at least 50% by weight of a vinyl aromatic compound are prepared by slowly reacting the monomers in a non-polar solvent in the presence of a chelating modifier such as ethylene glycol diethyl ether which results in at least 50% 1,2-polymerizati
H2018 Multi-layered polymer preform and container via selective heat up additives April 2, 2002
A multilayered polymeric preform or container is disclosed wherein the blow temperatures of each polymer in a preform is controlled by the addition of a predetermined selected amount of a fast heat up additive such that each polymer layer blows at the same relative period of time to prep
H1956 Enhanced hydrogenation catalyst removal from block copolymers by reduction in polymer cement vis April 3, 2001
In a process for producing hydrogenated block copolymers of conjugated dienes and/or vinyl aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises anionically polymerizing the monomers in an inert hydrocarbon solvent in the presence of an alkali metal initiator whereby a polymer cement is produced, co
H1949 Hydrogenated elastomer primed polyolefin film March 6, 2001
A pressure-sensitive tape is provided having a polyolefin backing, a primer comprising an elastomeric block copolymer which primer is applied from a non-aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, said tape further comprising an adhesive on the thus primed surface. Because the primer is laid down from
H1902 Asymmetric radial polymers with acrylic monomer arms October 3, 2000
The invention described herein is an asymmetric radial block copolymer having at least one set of arms formed of at least one polymer block of at least one vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and/or at least one polymer block formed of at least one conjugated diene and at least one set of arms
H1862 High service temperature adhesives and sealants made with highly functionalized block copolymers September 5, 2000
The present invention provides high service temperature sealant and adhesive compositions which contain a functionalized selectively hydrogenated block copolymer of a vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and a conjugated diene to which has been grafted at least 4% by weight of an acid compound
H1808 Extrudable styrenic block copolymer compositions containing a metallocene polyolefin October 5, 1999
An extrudable elastomeric composition for making elastic films having a recoverable energy greater than 60%, the composition includes an elastomeric block copolymer, a metallocene polyolefin, and a tackifying resin. The composition optionally may contain a crystalline polyolefin and

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