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Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
Osaka, JP
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RE43694 Stamping tool, casting mold and methods for structuring a surface of a work piece October 2, 2012
A simple, cost-effective stamping or molding in the nanometer range is enabled using a stamping surface or molding face with a surface layer having hollow chambers that have been formed by anodic oxidation.
RE43640 Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the same September 11, 2012
The invention relates to a liquid crystal display device used for a display part of an information equipment and a driving method thereof, and has an object to provide a liquid crystal display device in which excellent viewing angle characteristics can be obtained and a driving metho
RE43628 Method and apparatus for controlling loop filtering or post filtering in block based motion comp September 4, 2012
Adjacent blocks are identified in an image. Coding parameters for the adjacent blocks are identified. Deblock filtering between the identified adjacent blocks is skipped if the coding parameters for the identified adjacent blocks are similar and not skipped if the coding parameters for
RE43567 Methods and systems for image intra-prediction mode estimation August 7, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention relate to methods and systems for estimating a pixel prediction mode to be used in a video encoding or decoding process.
RE43124 Display module including a display panel connected to a flexible wire board with an insulating p January 24, 2012
A display module, in which panel electrode terminals of a display panel are bonded to pattern terminals of a Cu foil pattern of a flexible wire board by using an anisotropic conductive adhesive, has a solder resist for protecting the Cu foil pattern on a base material of the flexible
RE43123 Vertically-aligned (VA) liquid crystal display device January 24, 2012
A vertical alignment mode liquid crystal display device having an improved viewing angle characteristic is disclosed. The liquid crystal display device uses a liquid crystal having a negative anisotropic dielectric constant, and orientations of the liquid crystal are vertical to subs
RE43109 Method to negotiate consumed power versus medium occupancy time in MIMO based WLAN systems using January 17, 2012
A method of selectively providing MIMO transmission/reception in a WLAN system includes using a TSPEC reservation and signaling mechanism to instantiate and tear down, dynamically, multi-channel operation in a WLAN; providing an inference algorithm to determine the minimum number of
RE43091 Systems and methods for reduced bit-depth processing in video-related data with frequency weight January 10, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention comprise systems and methods for processing of data related to video wherein reduced bit depth intermediate calculations are enabled.
RE43062 Hypothetical reference decoder January 3, 2012
A hypothetical reference decoder.
RE42745 Systems and methods for reduced bit-depth processing in video-related data with frequency weight September 27, 2011
Embodiments of the present invention comprise systems and methods for processing of data related to video wherein reduced bit depth intermediate calculations are enabled.
RE41826 Semiconductor device October 19, 2010
In a semiconductor device in which a semiconductor chip is stacked on a substrate, an interposer chip having wirings is provided under the semiconductor chip. A bonding pad of the semiconductor chip is electrically connected to a bonding terminal provided on the substrate via the int
RE40771 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same June 23, 2009
A liquid crystal display device is formed by arranging a plurality of scanning lines 3.sub.1, 3.sub.2, . . . to which scanning signals are successively applied and a plurality of signal lines 4.sub.1, 4.sub.2, . . . to which data signals are successively applied to intersect at right
RE39910 Liquid crystal display formed by a plurality of non-electrically interconnected liquid crystal d November 6, 2007
A liquid crystal display comprising a plurality of liquid crystal panels placed on a single plane of a large substrate, and a black matrix made of a photo-absorbing film that shows black when having absorbed light. Two polarizing plates are respectively placed to cover the front and rear
RE39064 Electronic device manufacturing apparatus and method for manufacturing electronic device April 18, 2006
An electronic device manufacturing apparatus includes: a reaction chamber including a wall having a ground potential level; a reaction gas inlet for introducing a reaction gas into the reaction chamber; a high frequency power generator for generating a high frequency voltage for exci
RE38806 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same October 4, 2005
A first semiconductor chip is produced by affixing a thermo-compression sheet to the back surface of a wafer having a circuit formed on its front surface. The first semiconductor chip is mounted on a circuit board including an insulating substrate and a wiring layer provided on the i
RE38288 Liquid crystal display with polymeric support October 28, 2003
A display medium layer is sandwiched between a TFT substrate and a counter substrate. In the display medium layer, resin walls are respectively formed in regions other than those where a plurality of segmented electrodes are formed, and liquid crystal portions are respectively formed
RE37812 Magnification setting apparatus for image forming apparatus August 6, 2002
When zoom keys for changing a magnification by a predetermined unit each time, not only setting of a fixed magnification is bothersome, but also setting a magnification in the vicinity of the fixed magnification is very troublesome. A zoom up key and a zoom down key for changing a ma
RE37591 Liquid crystal display device March 19, 2002
The liquid crystal display device includes an active matrix substrate, a counter substrate having a counter electrode, and a liquid crystal layer interposed between the active matrix substrate and the counter substrate. The liquid crystal display device further includes a plurality of sc
RE37378 Reader with high-resolution mode and high-speed mode September 18, 2001
A reader having a high-resolution mode and a high-speed mode is disclosed. The reader comprises a CCD sensor, a buffer, a first AD convertor, a second AD convertor, a data selector and a control circuit. The input of the buffer is connected to the CCD sensor through a capacitor and a 5 V
RE37312 Digital recording and/or reproducing apparatus which rearranges error correction blocks represen August 7, 2001
In a digital VCR, which carries out bit rate reduction coding of digital video signals for magnetically recording and reproducing the same, a plurality of blocks each including the digital video signal of a plurality of pixels are formed, and the digital video signals are encoded for eac
RE37199 Method of making nonvolatile semiconductor memory May 29, 2001
The nonvolatile semiconductor memory of this invention includes: a semiconductor substrate; a plurality of memory cells formed in a matrix on the semiconductor substrate, each of the memory cells including a first insulating film formed on the semiconductor substrate, a floating gate
RE35629 Magneto-optical memory element October 14, 1997
A magneto-optical memory element has a multi-layer construction in the order from a side first receiving light from a light-source which includes a first transparent dielectric film, a rare earth transition metal alloy film, a second transparent dielectric film and a reflective film. The
RE35464 Apparatus and method for translating sentences containing punctuation marks February 25, 1997
A translation system for translating a sentence of an original language into a sentence of a target language utilizes a computer which pre-treats insertion marks. These insertion marks can be quotation marks, colons, semicolons or parentheses found in the original language sentence. The
RE35332 Optical pickup device with diffraction device September 24, 1996
An optical pickup device in which a main beam and a pair of sub-beams are used and a diffraction device is disposed between a recording medium and a light receiving device such as a photodetector is disclosed. The diffraction device comprises first to third diffraction regions. The s
RE34356 Semiconductor laser array August 24, 1993
A semiconductor laser array includes a plurality of stripe-shaped stimulated regions of the index guide type. A plurality of buried layers are disposed between each of the plurality of stripe-shaped stimulated regions. A light absorption layer is formed in each of the plurality of st
RE33484 Cleaning device for a monochromatic copying machine December 11, 1990
A cleaning device for a monochromatic copying machine for processing residue toner removed by a blade assembly from a photoreceptor, which machine is of a type capable of accommodating selectively a plurality of developer boxes containing respective masses of toner of different colors,
RE33316 Apparatus for cataloging and retrieving image data August 28, 1990
An apparatus for cataloging and retrieving image data is programmed to store not only image data obtained by scanning each original but also reduced image data obtained by thinning these image data and search data used for the convenience in search operations. In a search operation, a
RE31280 Electrochromic display device manufacture method June 21, 1983
Electrochromic display device manufacture method wherein electrochromic material is deposited in a single layer on a single film of conductive material over the whole area of glass substrate and then the electrochromic material and conductive material are successively etched through
RE30416 Automatic program locator for tape decks October 7, 1980
The present disclosure relates to tape decks having a detection system responsive to a silence between recorded programs. A key board panel is provided for inputting a desired number to a down counter in order to position a head of a program after skipping a desired number of programs
D693046 Ceiling light November 5, 2013
D691976 Television set October 22, 2013
D669523 3D glasses October 23, 2012
D668626 Mobile phone October 9, 2012
D668285 Ceiling mount adapter for video projector October 2, 2012
D667104 Cross-flow fan September 11, 2012
D667103 Cross-flow fan September 11, 2012
D665012 Copier August 7, 2012
D664591 Operating panel for a copier July 31, 2012
D664191 Copier July 24, 2012
D664190 Copier July 24, 2012
D663882 Ceiling light July 17, 2012
D658710 Cash register May 1, 2012
D658701 3D glasses May 1, 2012
D657327 Television set April 10, 2012
D656472 Television set March 27, 2012
D653240 Remote controller for television set January 31, 2012
D652070 Electronic calculator January 10, 2012
D648885 Street light head November 15, 2011
D642992 Controller for power conditioner for solar energy generation system August 9, 2011
D641917 Portable lamp with solar battery July 19, 2011

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