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8586099 Method for preparing a prion-free bond grafting substitute November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to a method for preparing a bone graft substitute using bovine bone, and more particularly to a method for preparing a safe bone graft substitute which does not have the risk of infection with bovine spongiform encephalopathy, the method comprising treat
8293654 Nanowire memory device and method of manufacturing the same October 23, 2012
A nanowire memory device and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. A memory device includes: a substrate; a first electrode formed on the substrate; a first nanowire extending from an end of the first electrode; a second electrode formed over the first electrode to overlap
8280678 Step length estimation method and portable terminal for the same October 2, 2012
An apparatus and method for estimating a step length of a user are provided. The apparatus and method use a step length estimation algorithm, e.g. a step length estimation parameter coefficient, according to a movement state of a user, i.e. whether the movement state is a walking sta
8279264 Method for photographic panoramic image when threshold exceeds comparison between current and pr October 2, 2012
Disclosed is a method for photographing a panoramic image including the steps of recognizing movement of a corresponding photographing apparatus by comparing a current real-time input image with a previous image through a motion estimation mechanism with exposure compensation, determ
8275427 Magnetoelectric susceptibility measurement method and the system thereof September 25, 2012
Disclosed herein is a method and system for measuring magnetoelectric susceptibility. The system includes a magnet supplying a DC magnetic bias to a magnetoelectric sample, an AC drive coil applying an AC magnetic field to the magnetoelectric sample, a charge amplifier amplifying an
8259742 Hybrid channel assignment method and router thereof September 4, 2012
A hybrid channel assignment method comprising the steps of negotiating among routers to select one router to act as a central server; collecting, at the selected router, information on an entire network transmitted from the other routers, and assigning channels based upon the informa
8255691 Apparatus for batch verification and method using the same August 28, 2012
A batch verification apparatus and method wherein, the method includes: generating a plurality of secret keys, a plurality of public keys corresponding to the plurality of secret keys, and a plurality of verification values corresponding to the plurality of public keys; calculating a
8249390 Method for taking panorama mosaic photograph with a portable terminal August 21, 2012
A method for taking a panorama mosaic photograph includes displaying a partial image of a previously taken image as a guide image on a viewer of an image to be currently taken and taking a number of images constituting the panorama mosaic photograph according to a photography operation;
8238464 Method and apparatus for decomposing channel in closed-loop multiple input multiple output commu August 7, 2012
An apparatus for decomposing a channel in a closed-loop Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication system is provided. The channel decomposition apparatus includes a transmitter for preceding input symbols using a first matrix which is a product of a unitary matrix V, a diag
8236831 Thiazole compound (as ligand and pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food comprised August 7, 2012
The present invention relates to a thiazole compound as a peroxisome proliferator activated receptor .delta. ( activator or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and a pharmaceutical composition, a functional cosmetic composition, a health food, health beverages, a f
8236733 Method of forming a precursor solution for metal organic deposition and method of forming superc August 7, 2012
A method for forming a precursor solution for metal organic deposition includes dissolving an additive-free first precursor composed of a rare earth element, a second precursor comprising barium, and a third precursor composed of copper into an acid to form a compound solution; disso
8232070 DNP63A gene and screening methods of anticancer agent by using it July 31, 2012
This invention relates to a gene encoding .DELTA.Np63.alpha. and screening methods of anticancer-drugs thereof, more specifically a gene encoding .DELTA.Np63.alpha. and a protein which is transported from nucleus to cytoplasm by contacting with potential anti-cancer-drugs in an epith
8217989 Method for photographing panoramic picture July 10, 2012
A panoramic picture photographing method permits more accurate photographing of an image, particularly a panoramic image of a subject, without additional equipment, or separate devices and hardware. The method includes projecting an image, which is successively inputted in every pred
8208566 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving feedback information in a multi-user MIMO system June 26, 2012
A transmission/reception apparatus and method for reducing the amount of feedback information transmitted from a receiver in a multi-user MIMO system are provided. A transmitter determines a reference Channel Quality Information (CQI) and transmits the reference CQI to the receiver. Upon
8204012 System and method for using frequency resource in communication system June 19, 2012
A system for using frequency resources in a multi-cell communication system is provided. The system includes cells included in a multi-cell communication system, each cell being controlled to use frequency resources based on a preset segment sequence, wherein available frequency band
8195855 Bi-directional multi-drop bus memory system June 5, 2012
A bus system includes a plurality of stubs; a plurality of connectors, each of which is serially coupled between a corresponding one of the stubs and a corresponding one of memory modules; a plurality of first serial loads, each of which is serially coupled to a corresponding one of
8194635 Apparatus and method for uplink scheduling considering characteristic of power amplifier in mobi June 5, 2012
An UpLink (UL) scheduling method and apparatus considering a characteristic of a power amplifier in a mobile communication terminal are provided. The UL scheduling method includes calculating a packet transmission time, which minimizes energy consumed in packet transmission, by using
8194606 Method for scanning access points during station's handoff procedure in wireless communication s June 5, 2012
A wireless communication system includes at least one AP assigned with a unique MAC address and a shared virtual MAC address; and at least one mobile station to search the at least one AP, receive AP information from the retrieved AP, and perform a handoff, wherein the mobile station
8194003 Plasma display device with line load compensation and driving method thereof June 5, 2012
In a plasma display device, one frame is divided into a plurality of subfields having respective luminance weights, and a first line load ratio is measured from a plurality of video signals corresponding to a first row electrode among a plurality of row electrodes during the respecti
8193340 Preparation method of porous hyaluronic acid sponge for cell delivery system June 5, 2012
Provided is a preparation method of a porous hyaluronic acid sponge comprising the steps of: dissolving hyaluronic acid in an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution; adding an epoxy-based crosslinking agent to the resultant aqueous sodium hydroxide solution in which hyaluronic acid is dis
8184473 Nanowire memory device and method of manufacturing the same May 22, 2012
A nanowire memory device and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. A memory device includes: a substrate; a first electrode formed on the substrate; a first nanowire extending from an end of the first electrode; a second electrode formed over the first electrode to overlap
8183068 Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same May 22, 2012
A nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device having an improved structure in which light extraction efficiency is improved and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device comprises an n-clad layer, an active layer, and a
8178100 Antibodies to IP-10 for treating bone diseases with bone destruction May 15, 2012
The present invention is directed to providing the IP-10 protein (interferon-.gamma.-inducible protein 10) as a novel therapeutic target relating to the etiology of bone diseases with bone destruction associated with RNAKL expression and osteoclast formation. More specifically, the p
8165213 Frame conversion apparatus and method, and frame type detection apparatus and method April 24, 2012
Provided are a frame conversion apparatus and method and a frame type detecting apparatus and method. The frame conversion apparatus may include a detecting unit and an inverse telecine unit. The detecting unit may determine that each data frame is a telecine frame or a progressive f
8164148 Method of generating strong spin waves and spin devices for ultra-high speed information process April 24, 2012
Provided are a method of generating strong spin waves, a method of simultaneously generating spin waves and electromagnetic waves, a logic operation device using spin waves, a variety of spin wave devices employing the same, and a method of controlling phases of spin waves. In the me
8149187 Organic light emitting display April 3, 2012
An organic light emitting display that can minimize degradation of a drive transistor comprising a first switching element whose control electrode is electrically coupled to a scan line, being electrically coupled between a data line and a first voltage line for transmitting a data s
8142631 Particle focusing apparatus and method for focusing particles by using the same March 27, 2012
In a particle focusing apparatus and a method for focusing particles, the particle focusing apparatus includes a channel, a fixing member, a fluid feeding portion and a power supply. The channel has first and second ends and extends substantially in a line. The fixing member includes a f
8129050 Anode active material, and anode and lithium battery containing the same March 6, 2012
An anode active material including a tin (Sn)-cobalt (Co) intermetallic compound, titanium (Ti), and carbon (C). The anode active material can include indium (In), niobium (Nb), germanium (Ge), molybdenum (Mo), aluminum (Al), phosphorus (P), gallium (Ga), bismuth (Bi), and/or silicon
8124832 Method for producing cloned dog February 28, 2012
Provided is a method for producing a cloned dog by enucleating an oocyte of a dog to produce an enucleated oocyte, transferring a somatic cell of the dog into the enucleated oocyte, carrying out electrofusion under optimized conditions to produce a nuclear transfer embryo, and transf
8124358 Methods of screening for compounds that inhibit binding between amyloid-.beta.(A.beta.) and FC-. February 28, 2012
Disclosed herein are methods of diagnosing, preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease based on the use of an inhibitor for the binding of amyloid-.beta. (A.beta.) to Fc.gamma.RIIb, and a method of screening the inhibitor. The inhibitor is selected from the group consisting of an Fc
8118753 Barb-wired micro needle made of single crystalline silicon and biopsy method and medicine inject February 21, 2012
Disclosed are a barb-wired single crystalline silicon micro needle and a biopsy method and a medicine injecting method using the same. The micro needle comprises a main body part, at least one extension part formed on a side surface of the main body part, and a protrusion part protruded
8113791 Integrated hydrogen recirculation blower for fuel cell vehicle February 14, 2012
A hydrogen recirculation blower for a fuel cell vehicle includes an ejector integrated with a housing of the blower. An integrated hydrogen recirculation blower for a fuel cell vehicle includes: a blower housing including an inlet and an outlet formed on a top surface thereof; an imp
8112640 Method of controlling voltage of power supplied to 3D graphics data processor and the 3D graphic February 7, 2012
Provided is a method and of controlling a voltage of power supplied to a 3-dimensional (3D) graphics data processor and the 3D graphics data processor using the method. The method includes controlling the voltage of the power supplied to the graphics data processor based on the amount
8108387 Method of detecting character string pattern at high speed using layered shift tables January 31, 2012
A character string pattern matching method for detecting the presence of at least one of N (N is a natural number equal to or greater than 2) patterns in specific text shifts a detection location across text by a maximum shift length using single-byte character-based layered SHIFT ta
8107530 Apparatus and method for switching between single description and multiple descriptions January 31, 2012
Provided is an apparatus for and a method of transcoding video, in which, in the transmission of a compressed video, the compressed video is transcoded into multiple descriptions in an error prone environment and is transcoded into a single description in an lower error or errorless
8085679 Apparatuses and methods for controlling bit rates in variable bit rate video coding December 27, 2011
A bit rate control method may include calculating a quality measure of a current frame and a mean of quality measures of two or more previous frames in order to calculate a deviation of the quality measure of the current frame from the mean of the quality measures of the two or more
8066978 Biopolymer and gene complex November 29, 2011
Disclosed herein is a biopolymer/gene complex for the aerosol delivery of a gene. The biopolymer/gene complex comprises a polyethyleneimine (PEI) having a substitution of glucose for at least a portion of the primary amino groups of the polyethyleneimine, and the content of the polye
8063430 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing and operating same November 22, 2011
A semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing and operating the semiconductor device may be disclosed. The semiconductor device may comprise different nanostructures. The semiconductor device may have a first element formed of nanowires and a second element formed of nanopartic
8059716 Apparatus for and method of transcoding data November 15, 2011
An apparatus for and a method of transcoding data in a first format, for example, MPEG (moving picture experts group)-2 data into data in a second format, for example, H.264 data. The apparatus may include a scaling dequantization unit, a coefficient transform unit, and/or a scaling
8057783 Method of injecting liquid agents at acupuncture points to arrive internal organs and method of November 15, 2011
Provided are a method of injecting a visualizing material into a point in the vicinity of the Jung-Wan and a method of visualizing arrival of liquid agent in order to verify that the visualizing material injected arrives at internal organs. A point having the lowest electric resistance
8054851 Method for detecting hidden station in a wireless communication network and system therefor November 8, 2011
Disclosed is a method for detecting a hidden station in a specific station constituting a wireless communication network that includes receiving a frame after a lapse of an idle state interval longer than a predetermined waiting time; determining that there is a hidden station, if a
8054813 Method of transmitting aggregated MAC MPDUs in WLAN system and system therefor November 8, 2011
Provided are a system and method of transmitting an Aggregated Media Access Control (MAC) Protocol Data Unit (A-MPDU) in a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) system. A MAC layer divides service data transferred from an upper layer into a plurality of MPDUs, forms a single transmission
8053029 Method for fabricating CuInS.sub.2 thin film by metal organic chemical vapor deposition, CuInS.s November 8, 2011
Disclosed is a method for fabricating a CuInS.sub.2 thin film by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The method comprises fabricating a copper thin film by depositing an asymmetric copper precursor on a substrate by MOCVD and fabricating a CuInS.sub.2 thin film by deposi
8050445 Microspeaker and method of designing the same November 1, 2011
Provided are a microspeaker and a method of designing the same. The microspeaker includes a first permanent magnet and a second permanent magnet disposed on the first permanent magnet with a predetermined gap therebetween, the first and second permanent magnets having opposite magnet
8048684 Structure and method for manipulating spin quantum state through dipole polarization switching November 1, 2011
Disclosed herein is a structure and method for manipulating a spin state, regarded as important in the field of spintronics, by which the distribution of spin-up and spin-down states of carriers in a hybrid double quantum disk structure, composed of a diluted magnetic semiconductor a
8040656 Array variable capacitor apparatus October 18, 2011
An array variable capacitor apparatus includes a line unit including a ground line and a signal line which operates as a lower electrode; and a plurality of plates which are engaged with the line unit to generate capacitance and which operate as upper electrodes, the plurality of pla
8009971 Hand-shake correction method and apparatus of camera module for use in mobile device August 30, 2011
A hand-shake correction apparatus and method for a camera module for typical use in a mobile device. A camera unit includes an angular velocity sensor for sensing an angular velocity of a hand-shake motion of a camera, a position detection sensor for detecting a current position of a
8009634 Apparatus and method for reducing other-cell interference in a broadband wireless communication August 30, 2011
An apparatus and method for avoiding interference in a broadband wireless communication system using FCS are provided. The apparatus and method include a receiver for monitoring channel statuses of neighbor cells using signals received from the neighbor cells, an active set generator
8008376 Plasticizer composition containing cyclodextrin derivatives, flexible PVC composition with suppr August 30, 2011
Disclosed are plasticizer compositions including cyclodextrin derivatives, a flexible PVC composition with suppression of the migration of a plasticizer containing the same, and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method of the flexible PVC composition of the present in
8003093 B cell-based vaccine loaded with the ligand of natural killer T cell and antigen August 23, 2011
The present invention relates to a B cell-based vaccine loaded with the ligand of natural killer T cell and antigen for the prevention and treatment of disease, more precisely, an immunotherapeutic and prophylactic vaccine mediated by B cells loaded with .alpha.-galactosylceramide, a
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