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Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa-ken, JP
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8198146 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof June 12, 2012
An object is to realize an integrated circuit included in a semiconductor device which has multiple functions, or to increase the size of an integrated circuit even when the integrated circuit is formed using a silicon carbide substrate. The integrated circuit includes a first transi
8197052 Method of manufacturing a light emitting device June 12, 2012
A technique capable of efficient, high speed processing for the formation of an organic compound layer by using an ink jet method is provided. In the method of forming an organic compound layer by using the ink jet method, a composition containing an organic compound having light emi
8194224 Liquid crystal display device having particular conductive layers June 5, 2012
Techniques are provided for unifying steps of sealing material so that the yield and the reliability of a liquid-crystal display device become high. A starting film of scanning lines is patterned so that prismatic dummy wirings 301 for the first layer which are not electrically conne
8194008 Display device June 5, 2012
The present invention is intended to suppress power consumption of an EL display. In accordance with the brightness of an image to be displayed in a pixel portion, the contrast of the image is determined whether to be inverted or not, and the number of bits of the digital video signal to
8194006 Display device, driving method of the same, and electronic device comprising monitoring elements June 5, 2012
A light emitting element has a property that a luminance changes when an environment temperature changes. In view of this, the invention provides a display device which suppresses the influence of variations of a current value supplied to a light emitting element caused by a temperat
8193925 Display device and vehicle June 5, 2012
A vehicle has a display device which widens the field of view (visible area) reflected by a side mirror or a back mirror mounted on the vehicle. To enable a driver driving the vehicle to confirm safety even when it is difficult for the driver to visually recognize some of objects sur
8193606 Semiconductor device including a memory element June 5, 2012
To provide a memory element that positively utilizes a phenomenon such as a dielectric breakdown, differently from a conventional memory element, and to provide a memory device having an increased memory capacity. The invention provides a memory device having a pair of electrodes and
8193587 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device, manufacturing method of display device, semiconduc June 5, 2012
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device provided with a circuit capable of high speed operation while the manufacturing cost is reduced. A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device which includes forming an ion-doped layer at a predetermined depth from a surface of a
8193574 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device June 5, 2012
To reduce the writing and erasing voltages of a memory transistor without increasing the area of a memory cell, and to reduce the area of a memory cell without increasing the writing and erasing voltages. The memory cell includes a memory transistor having a first island-shaped semicondu
8193533 Display device having thin film transistors June 5, 2012
To provide a semiconductor device having a function equivalent to that of IGFET, an activation layer is formed by a crystal silicon film crystallized by using a catalyst element helping promote crystallization and a heating treatment is carried out in an atmosphere including a haloge
8193532 Thin film integrated circuit device, IC label, container comprising the thin film integrated cir June 5, 2012
The present invention provides an ultrathin thin film integrated circuit and a thin film integrated circuit device including the thin film integrated circuit device. Accordingly, the design of a product is not spoilt while an integrated circuit formed from a silicon wafer, which is t
8193531 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof June 5, 2012
A technology for reducing distance between adjacent pixel electrodes to smaller than the limit set by conventional process margin and also preventing adjacent pixel electrodes from being short circuited is provided. In a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device according to the
8193071 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device June 5, 2012
The manufacturing method includes attaching a single crystal semiconductor layer to a supporting substrate, detecting a position of a deficiency region in the single crystal semiconductor layer, forming a non-single-crystal semiconductor layer over the single crystal semiconductor la
8193068 Method of manufacturing SOI substrate June 5, 2012
To provide an SOI substrate with an SOI layer that can be put into practical use, even when a substrate with a low allowable temperature limit such as a glass substrate is used, and to provide a semiconductor substrate formed using such an SOI substrate. In order to bond a single-cry
8193031 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device June 5, 2012
An object is to provide a semiconductor device having stable electric characteristics in which an oxide semiconductor is used. An oxide semiconductor layer is subjected to heat treatment for dehydration or dehydrogenation treatment in a nitrogen gas or an inert gas atmosphere such as
8192545 Film formation apparatus, method for forming film, and method for manufacturing photoelectric co June 5, 2012
The present invention relates to a film formation apparatus including a first transfer chamber having a roller for sending a substrate, a film formation chamber having a discharging electrode, a buffer chamber provided between the transfer chamber and the film formation chamber or be
8189733 Shift register and driving method thereof May 29, 2012
A low power consumption shift register which inputs a CK signal with a low voltage with almost no effect of variation in characteristics of transistors. In the invention, an input portion of an inverter is set at a threshold voltage thereof and a CK signal is inputted to the input po
8189141 Semiconductor device May 29, 2012
External light is reflected due to a difference in refractive indices of a black matrix and a glass substrate. When the black matrix is a black resin, there is a difference in refractive indices of the black resin and a first substrate. Also, there is a difference in refractive indices o
8189139 Display device with stacked polarizers May 29, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide a display device having a high contrast ratio by a simple and easy method. Another object of the present invention is to manufacture such a display device having a high contrast ratio at low cost. The present invention relates to a display
8188875 Radio field intensity measurement device, and radio field intensity detector and game console us May 29, 2012
The present invention provides a radio field intensity measurement device having a display portion with improved visibility, in the case of measuring a weak radiowave from a long distance. In the radio field intensity measurement device, a battery is provided as a power source for po
8188655 Light-emitting device and electronic devices May 29, 2012
The present invention provides a lightweight, thin light-emitting device having a new structure which has a plurality of display screens. Further, the invention provides a dual emission type display device which can perform a pure black display and can achieve high contrast. According to
8188535 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof May 29, 2012
An object is to suppress reading error even in the case where writing and erasing are repeatedly performed. Further, another object is to reduce writing voltage and erasing voltage while increase in the area of a memory transistor is suppressed. A floating gate and a control gate are
8188491 Light emitting device May 29, 2012
Light-emitting elements have a problem that their light-extraction efficiency is low due to scattered light or reflected light inside the light-emitting elements. The light-extraction efficiency of the light-emitting elements needs to be enhanced by a new method. According to the pre
8188478 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same May 29, 2012
A display device includes a main body, a support stand, and a display portion. The display portion includes a pixel having a TFT and a capacitor. The capacitor includes a capacitor electrode on an insulating surface, an insulating film on the capacitor electrode, and a pixel electrod
8188477 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof May 29, 2012
As a display device has higher definition, the number of pixels is increased and thus, the number of gate lines and signal lines is increased. When the number of gate lines and signal lines is increased, it is difficult to mount IC chips including driver circuits for driving the gate
8188474 Flexible light-emitting device May 29, 2012
It is an object to provide a flexible light-emitting device with long lifetime in a simple way and to provide an inexpensive electronic device with long lifetime using the flexible light-emitting device. A flexible light-emitting device is provided, which includes a substrate having
8188461 Organic memory device May 29, 2012
When an electrode is formed over an organic layer, a temperature is limited because the organic layer can be influenced depending on a temperature in forming the electrode. Therefore, there are problems that an expected electrode cannot be formed, and miniaturization of an element is
8188402 Laser treatment apparatus, laser treatment method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor dev May 29, 2012
The invention relates to a laser treatment apparatus including a laser oscillator, an interlock provided in the laser oscillator, a movable table which moves with a certain movement period, a timer, an interlock provided in the timer, a sensor which can detect movement of the movable
8187956 Method for manufacturing microcrystalline semiconductor film, thin film transistor having microc May 29, 2012
A method for forming a microcrystalline semiconductor film over a base formed of a different material, which has high crystallinity in the entire film and at an interface with the base, is proposed. Further, a method for manufacturing a thin film transistor including a microcrystalli
8187953 Method of manufacturing SOI substrate May 29, 2012
An object of the present invention is to improve use efficiency of a semiconductor substrate without lowering efficiency of a fabrication process. Another object of the present invention is to achieve cost reduction by effective use of a semiconductor substrate whose thickness is red
8187926 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device May 29, 2012
There is provided a method of removing trap levels and defects, which are caused by stress, from a single crystal silicon thin film formed by an SOI technique. First, a single crystal silicon film is formed by using a typical bonding SOI technique such as Smart-Cut or ELTRAN. Next, the
8187917 Method for manufacturing memory device May 29, 2012
Objects are to solve inhibition of miniaturization of a memory element and complexity of a manufacturing process thereof, and to provide a nonvolatile memory device and a semiconductor device each having the memory device, in which data can be additionally written except at the time
8184923 Image analysis method, image analysis program, pixel evaluation system having the image analysis May 22, 2012
In the case where a digital camera is used for evaluating a display quality of an image display panel, moire is generated due to a shift of a pixel pitch between a pixel of a panel and a pixel of a digital camera, and thus, a great influence is given as measurement deviation. The pre
8184253 Liquid crystal display device May 22, 2012
An object is to provide a liquid crystal display device using a liquid crystal material exhibiting a blue phase, in order to enable a higher contrast. In a liquid crystal display device which includes a liquid crystal layer exhibiting a blue phase, a first structure body and a second
8183793 Method for synthesizing anthracene derivative and anthracene derivative, light emitting element, May 22, 2012
It is an object to provide a novel method for synthesizing an anthracene derivative with the small number of steps. It is another object to provide a novel anthracene derivative. It is further another object to provide a light-emitting element, a light-emitting device, and an electro
8183559 Organic field effect transistor May 22, 2012
In an organic field effect transistor, including, on a substrate having an insulating surface, at least a gate electrode, a gate insulating film formed in contact with the gate electrode, an organic semiconductor film formed in contact with the gate insulating film, and at least a pair o
8183102 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof May 22, 2012
To improve field effect mobility of an inverted-staggered TFT using amorphous silicon. In an inverted-staggered TFT, a thin amorphous semiconductor layer which is made to have n-type conductivity is formed between a gate insulating film and an amorphous semiconductor layer. By deposi
8183099 Method for manufacturing transistor May 22, 2012
A hydrogen barrier layer is selectively provided over an oxide semiconductor layer including hydrogen and hydrogen is selectively desorbed from a given region in the oxide semiconductor layer by conducting oxidation treatment, so that regions with different conductivities are formed
8179170 Semiconductor device and electronic appliance using the same May 15, 2012
A semiconductor device with less power consumption and an electronic appliance using the same. The semiconductor device of the invention is supplied with a first potential from a high potential power source and a second potential from a low potential power source. Upon input of a first
8178958 Semiconductor device having antenna and method for manufacturing thereof May 15, 2012
The present invention provides an antenna in that the adhesive intensity of a conductive body formed on a base film is increased, and a semiconductor device including the antenna. The invention further provides a semiconductor device with high reliability that is formed by attaching
8178885 Aromatic amine compound, and light emitting element, light emitting device, and electronic devic May 15, 2012
An object is to provide an aromatic amine compound with excellent heat resistance. Another object is to provide a light emitting element, a light emitting device, and an electronic device with excellent heat resistance. An aromatic amine compound represented by General Formula (1) is
8178880 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same May 15, 2012
An active matrix display device having a pixel structure in which pixel electrodes, gate wirings and source wirings are suitably arranged in the pixel portions to realize a high numerical aperture without increasing the number of masks or the number of steps. The device comprises a gate
8178869 Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same May 15, 2012
A light-emitting element is disclosed that can drive at a low driving voltage and that has a longer lifetime than the conventional light-emitting element, and a method is disclosed for manufacturing the light-emitting element. The disclosed light-emitting element includes a plurality
8178438 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and electronic device May 15, 2012
Silicide films with high quality are formed with treatment of laser light irradiation, so that miniaturization and higher performance is achieved in a field-effect transistor that is formed over an insulating substrate and has little variation in electric characteristics. An island-shape
8178398 Manufacturing method of display device May 15, 2012
To improve a deposition rate of a microcrystalline semiconductor layer by using a deposition method and to improve productivity of a display device including a TFT of a microcrystalline semiconductor, a reactive gas containing helium is supplied to a treatment chamber surrounded with a
8178217 Triazole derivative, and light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device wi May 15, 2012
It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel triazole derivative. Further, it is another object of the present invention to provide a light-emitting element having high luminous efficiency with the use of the novel triazole derivative. Moreover, it is still another obj
8177137 Sensor device having non-contact charge function and containers having the same May 15, 2012
A first base having a first antenna receiving electromagnetic waves and a second base having a sensor portion are separated. An antenna is provided over each of the first base and the second base such that the antennas are electromagnetically coupled. The first antenna constantly receive
8174047 Semiconductor device May 8, 2012
To improve the performance of a protection circuit including a diode formed using a semiconductor film. A protection circuit is inserted between two input/output terminals. The protection circuit includes a diode which is formed over an insulating surface and is formed using a semico
8174029 Light emitting apparatus and method for manufacturing the same May 8, 2012
The purpose of the invention is to improve reliability of a light emitting apparatus comprising TFTs and organic light emitting elements. The light emitting apparatus according to the invention having thin film transistors and light emitting elements, comprises; a second inorganic in
8174021 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device May 8, 2012
An object is to provide a semiconductor device provided with a thin film transistor having excellent electric characteristics using an oxide semiconductor layer. An In--Sn--O-based oxide semiconductor layer including SiO.sub.X is used for a channel formation region. In order to reduc

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