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Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa-ken, JP
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8111567 Semiconductor device February 7, 2012
An object is to provide a semiconductor device having a memory which can efficiently improve a yield by employing a structure which facilitates the use of a spare memory cell. The semiconductor device includes a memory cell array having a memory cell and a spare memory cell, a decoder
8111362 Liquid crystal display device February 7, 2012
A method of manufacturing, with high mass productivity, liquid crystal display devices having highly reliable thin film transistors with excellent electric characteristics is provided. In a liquid crystal display device having an inverted staggered thin film transistor, the inverted
8111251 Electro luminescence display device and method of testing the same February 7, 2012
To increase the proportion of the perfects to the whole lot of final products and to reduce the cost for active matrix EL display devices by checking the operation of a TFT substrate before depositing an EL material. A capacitor for testing is connected to a drain terminal of a drivi
8111215 Display device and electronic device February 7, 2012
The luminance of light emitting elements varies when the characteristics thereof change due to changes in environment temperature and changes with time. It is an object of the present invention to suppress the effect of the change in current value of a light emitting element due to the
8111198 Semiconductor device February 7, 2012
An object of the present invention is to prevent electrical characteristics of circuit elements from being adversely affected by copper diffusion in a semiconductor device having an integrated circuit and an antenna formed over the same substrate, which uses copper plating for the an
8110893 Semiconductor device mounted with fuse memory February 7, 2012
A fuse element utilizing a reaction between two layers by feeding current is manufactured. A fuse element including a first layer formed of an oxide or a nitride and a second layer that becomes high resistant by nitridation or oxidation, in which the first layer and the second layer
8110509 Method of fabricating light emitting devices February 7, 2012
A manufacturing apparatus is provided, which can improve a utilization efficiency of an evaporation material, reduce manufacturing costs of a light emitting device having an organic light emitting element, and shorten manufacturing time necessary to manufacture a light emitting devic
8110479 Manufacturing method of SOI substrate provided with barrier layer February 7, 2012
To provide a method for manufacturing a large-area semiconductor device, to provide a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with high efficiency, and to provide a highly-reliable semiconductor device in the case of using a large-area substrate including an impurity element. A
8110478 Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate, display panel, and display device February 7, 2012
If the size of a single crystal silicon layer attached is not appropriate, even when a large glass substrate is used, the number of panels to be obtained cannot be maximized. Therefore, in the present invention, a substantially quadrangular single crystal semiconductor substrate is f
8110442 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device February 7, 2012
A method of manufacturing a thin TFT over a flexible substrate is provided. In formation of a TFT on a surface of a substrate having heat resistance, a liquid repellent film is formed selectively on a surface of the substrate, and an organic film is formed thereover. An element such
8106899 Driving method of a semiconductor device January 31, 2012
A horizontal scanning period is divided into n parts (n is a natural number), so that horizontal scanning can be performed (n.times.y) times in one frame period. That is, n signals can be outputted from each pixel, and storage times of the n signals are different from one another. Then,
8106867 Electro-optical device and driving method for the same January 31, 2012
A grey tone display and a driving method are described. The display comprises a light influencing layer, an electrode pad located adjacent to the layer at one side of the layer in order to define a pixel in the layer, an n-channel field effect transistors connected to the electrode p
8106865 Display device and driving method thereof January 31, 2012
It is an object of the present invention to provide a display device in which problems such as an increase of power consumption and increase of a load of when light is emitted are reduced by using a method for realizing pseudo impulsive driving by inserting an dark image, and a driving m
8106594 Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus using the same January 31, 2012
A semiconductor device with high function, multifunction and high added value. The semiconductor device includes a PLL circuit that is provided over a substrate and outputs a signal with a correct frequency. By providing such a PLL circuit over the substrate, a semiconductor device w
8106474 Semiconductor device January 31, 2012
A wiring electrically connected to a terminal to which a high power supply potential is applied and a wiring electrically connected to a terminal to which a low power supply potential is applied are formed adjacent to each other and are formed so as to surround the integrated circuit
8106407 Light-emitting device and display device January 31, 2012
Although an organic resin substrate is highly effective at reducing the weight and improving the shock resistance of a display device, it is required to improve the moisture resistance of the organic resin substrate for the sake of maintaining the reliability of an EL element. Hard c
8106400 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same January 31, 2012
As a display device has a higher definition, the number of pixels, gate lines, and signal lines are increased. When the number of the gate lines and the signal lines are increased, there occurs a problem that it is difficult to mount an IC chip including a driver circuit for driving the
8106398 Microcrystalline semiconductor film, thin film transistor, and display device including thin fil January 31, 2012
A thin film transistor with excellent electric characteristics and a display device having the thin film transistor are proposed. The thin film transistor includes a gate insulating film formed over a gate electrode; a microcrystalline semiconductor film including an impurity element
8106346 Photodetector January 31, 2012
A photodetector includes a photoelectric conversion circuit that generates a first voltage by converting a first current generated in accordance with the illuminance of incident light into log-compressed voltage; a temperature compensation circuit that generates a second voltage by p
8106330 Method for fabricating semiconductor film and semiconductor device and laser processing apparatu January 31, 2012
A technique to control segregation of impurities when reforming crystallinity and crystallization of a semiconductor film by using a laser beam irradiation is provided. The present invention is to irradiate the substrate with applying ultrasonic vibration while keeping the end portio
8105945 Method for manufacturing wiring, thin film transistor, light emitting device and liquid crystal January 31, 2012
As a semiconductor device, specifically, a pixel portion included in a semiconductor device is made to have higher precision and higher aperture ratio, it is required to form a smaller wiring in width. In the case of forming a wiring by using an ink-jet method, a dot spreads on a wiring
8105458 Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device January 31, 2012
Smectic liquid crystal is dropped by a dropping method in which a plurality of droplets of smectic liquid crystal are dropped to an alignment film so that the droplets are aligned in a line which is parallel to a rubbing direction of the alignment film which is formed in a region sur
8105435 Beam homogenizer and laser irradiation apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor devic January 31, 2012
The inhomogeneous energy distribution at the beam spot on the irradiated surface is caused by a structural problem and processing accuracy of the cylindrical lens array forming an optical system. According to the present invention, in the optical system for forming a rectangular beam
8102494 Anti-reflection film and display device January 24, 2012
An anti-reflection film that can provide high visibility and has an anti-reflection function by which reflection of incident light from external can be further reduced, and a display device having such an anti-reflection film. A plurality of contiguous pyramidal projections is arrang
8102347 Display device January 24, 2012
The invention provides an active matrix EL display device which can perform a clear multi-gray scale color display. In particular, the invention provides a large active matrix EL display device at low cost by a manufacturing method which can selectively form a pattern. Power supply l
8102126 Light emitting device and production system of the same January 24, 2012
To provide a light emitting device without nonuniformity of luminance, a correcting circuit for correcting a video signal supplied to each pixel to a light emitting device. The correcting circuit is stored with data of a dispersion of a characteristic of a driving TFT among pixels and da
8101990 Semiconductor device January 24, 2012
A semiconductor device is provided, which includes a first insulating layer over a first substrate, a transistor over the first insulating layer, a second insulating layer over the transistor, a first conductive layer connected to a source region or a drain region of the transistor t
8101950 Information device January 24, 2012
Problems exist in areas such as image visibility, endurance of the device, precision, miniaturization, and electric power consumption in an information device having a conventional resistive film method or optical method pen input function. Both EL elements and photoelectric conversion
8101943 Semiconductor device January 24, 2012
It is an object of the present invention to provide a technique in which a high-performance and high reliable memory device and a semi-conductor device provided with the memory device are manufactured at low cost with high yield. The semiconductor device includes an organic compound laye
8101501 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device January 24, 2012
To provide a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, which prevents impurities from entering an SOI substrate. A source gas including one or plural kinds selected from a hydrogen gas, a helium gas, or halogen gas are excited to generate ions, and the ions are added to a bondi
8101467 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal televisi January 24, 2012
At least one or more of a conductive layer which forms a wiring or an electrode and a pattern necessary for manufacturing a display panel such as a mask for forming a predetermined pattern is formed by a method capable of selectively forming a pattern to manufacture a liquid crystal
8101466 SOI substrate and method for manufacturing SOI substrate January 24, 2012
An SOI substrate and a manufacturing method of the SOI substrate, by which enlargement of the substrate is possible and its productivity can be increased, are provided. A step (A) of cutting a first single crystal silicon substrate to form a second single crystal silicon substrate which
8101444 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device January 24, 2012
Electric characteristics of a thin film transistor including a channel formation region including a microcrystalline semiconductor are improved. The thin film transistor includes a gate electrode, a gate insulating film formed over the gate electrode, a microcrystalline semiconductor
8101442 Method for manufacturing EL display device January 24, 2012
A manufacture process of a thin film transistor mounted on an EL display device is simplified. A thin film transistor is manufactured by stacking a first conductive film, an insulating film, a semiconductor film, an impurity semiconductor film, and a second conductive film; forming a
8101439 Method of driving a light emitting device January 24, 2012
The present invention is characterized in that a transistor with its L/W set to 10 or larger is employed, and that |V.sub.DS| of the transistor is set equal to or larger than 1 V and equal to or less than ||. The transistor is used as a resistor so that the resistanc
8098361 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same January 17, 2012
To control the positioning of a spacer more accurately in a liquid crystal display device to prevent display defects due to incorrect positioning in a display region. To provide a liquid crystal display device with higher image quality and reliability, and to provide a method for man
8097884 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof January 17, 2012
A semiconductor device having high operating performance and reliability, and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. An LDD region 207 provided in an n-channel TFT 302 forming a driving circuit enhances the tolerance for hot carrier injection. LDD regions 217-220 provided in an
8095104 Semiconductor device and electronic device having the same January 10, 2012
A semiconductor device includes an antenna circuit for receiving a wireless signal, a power supply circuit generating power by the wireless signal received by the antenna circuit, and a clock generation circuit to which power is supplied. The clock generation circuit includes a ring
8094962 Image analysis method, image analysis program, pixel evaluation system having the image analysis January 10, 2012
In the case where a digital camera is used for evaluating a display quality of an image display panel, moire is generated due to a shift of a pixel pitch between a pixel of a panel and a pixel of a digital camera, and thus, a great influence is given as measurement deviation. The pre
8094254 Active matrix display device comprising a light shielding layer surrounding a transparent conduc January 10, 2012
In an active matrix type liquid crystal display device, a plurality of pixels connected to thin film transistors (TFTs) are arranged in an active matrix form in a pixel portion, and driven by a driver circuit portion. The pixel portion and the driver circuit portion are formed on one
8093806 Light-emitting device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus January 10, 2012
The present invention provides a light-emitting device including a light-emitting element over a substrate, the light-emitting element is partitioned from an adjacent light-emitting element by a partition wall, the light-emitting element comprising a first electrode, a layer formed o
8093593 Semiconductor device having multichannel transistor January 10, 2012
A first shape of semiconductor region having on its one side a plurality of sharp convex top-end portions is formed first and a continuous wave laser beam is used for radiation from the above region so as to crystallize the first shape of semiconductor region. A continuous wave laser
8093590 Photoelectric conversion device January 10, 2012
In order to form a metal thin film, a silicide film, or the like between an upper-layer unit cell and a lower-layer unit cell in stacked-layer photoelectric conversion devices, a step of forming the thin film is additionally needed. Therefore, a problem such as decline in productivity
8093136 Method for manufacturing SOI substrate January 10, 2012
A single crystal semiconductor substrate and a base substrate are prepared; a first insulating film is formed over the single crystal semiconductor substrate; a separation layer is formed by introducing ions at a predetermined depth through a surface of the single crystal semiconduct
8093135 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device January 10, 2012
To suppress an effect of metal contamination caused in manufacturing an SOI substrate. After forming a damaged region by irradiating a semiconductor substrate with hydrogen ions, the semiconductor substrate is bonded to a base substrate. Heat treatment is performed to cleave the semi
8093112 Method for manufacturing display device January 10, 2012
A method for manufacturing display devices including thin film transistors with high reliability in a high yield is provided. A gate insulating film is formed over a gate electrode; a microcrystalline semiconductor is formed over the gate insulating film; the microcrystalline semicon
8093088 Manufacturing method of micro-electro-mechanical device January 10, 2012
A method of forming a microstructure body and a semiconductor element for controlling the microstructure body over the same substrate to reduce manufacturing cost, for mass-production of micromachines having a microstructure. In manufacturing a micromachine, a sacrifice layer is form
8089799 Semiconductor device and driving method of the same January 3, 2012
The present invention provides a semiconductor device including a memory that has a memory cell array including a plurality of memory cells, a control circuit that controls the memory, and an antenna, where the memory cell array has a plurality of bit lines extending in a first direc
8089066 Light emitting device January 3, 2012
To provide a light emitting device high in reliability with a pixel portion having high definition with a large screen. According to a light emitting device of the present invention, on an insulator (24) provided between pixel electrodes, an auxiliary electrode (21) made of a metal f
8088669 Method for manufacturing substrate of semiconductor device January 3, 2012
A method for manufacturing a substrate of a semiconductor device is provided, which comprises a step of forming a fragile layer in a semiconductor substrate by irradiating the semiconductor substrate with ion species, a step of forming a bonding layer over the semiconductor substrate
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