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RE43211 Host-based power savings method and apparatus February 21, 2012
A system which includes a disk drive or other storage device coupled to a host system provides for reduction of the amount or rate of drive power consumption using procedures which are at least partially executed on the host. The system can be configured to reduce average power draw, max
RE43032 Synchronized mirrored data in a data storage device December 13, 2011
A data storage device mirrors data on a data storage medium. The multiple instances of data are synchronized in order to optimize performance of the reading and writing, and the integrity of the data. Preferably, a data storage device is allowed to defer writing multiple copies of data
RE42854 Single piece hub with integral upper and lower female cones October 18, 2011
To simplify fabrication of an integral hub piece, the opening between the upper and lower female cones in this hub has sufficient width or radial dimension to allow access to both cones from one side of the hub with the cutting tool. A cutting tool is used which has a width smaller than
RE42228 Method and apparatus for using data protection code for data integrity in on-chip memory March 15, 2011
Cyclic-redundancy-code ("CRC") information that is received along with a frame from a fiber-channel is stored in an on-chip frame buffer, and later checked to ensure the integrity of the data while in the frame buffer. In various embodiments, data frames, along with their CRC informa
RE40034 Method and apparatus to reduce serial communications path connection overhead January 22, 2008
.[.Control of a loop of a fiber-channel arbitrated-loop serial communications channel is maintained (i.e., the loop connection is held open) as long as a minimum amount of data, which optionally is determined by programming (called a "programmable amount of data"), is available for t
RE38360 Dual channel readback recovery system December 23, 2003
A dual channel readback recovery circuit includes a high resolution channel and a low resolution channel and a data latch. A logical filter in one or both channels rejects signals that are followed by other signals if they are spaced apart less than the rejection time interval allowed by
RE38340 Multi-point bending of bars during fabrication of magnetic recording heads December 2, 2003
A device for lapping a bar of the type which carries a plurality of sliders used in magnetic storage systems includes first, second and third actuators adapted to couple to the bar, and impart a first, second and third controllable force in response to a first, second and third control
D693349 Interface November 12, 2013
D662498 Cartridge drive June 26, 2012
D655249 Interface of a connector March 6, 2012
D652040 Interface dock January 10, 2012
D647907 Interface for media sharing device November 1, 2011
D641368 Interface July 12, 2011
D641364 Cartridge drive July 12, 2011
D641363 Cartridge drive July 12, 2011
D641362 Cartridge drive July 12, 2011
D641327 Media player July 12, 2011
D640699 Interface dock June 28, 2011
D599346 USB storage device housing September 1, 2009
D446115 Shock protective vacuum-formed package for disc drives August 7, 2001
8589724 Rapid rebuild of a data set November 19, 2013
A method and apparatus for rebuilding a data set. In accordance with some embodiments, a data storage device is coupled to a host. An error condition associated with a memory of the data storage device is detected. Data stored in a first portion of the memory unaffected by said error
8588036 Optical device including interlayer November 19, 2013
A device including a waveguide, the waveguide having a first portion where energy having a wavelength, .lamda., enters and a second portion where the energy exits, the waveguide including a core layer with an index of refraction, n1; at least one cladding layer formed adjacent the co
8586703 Low profile lubricant with cyclophosphazene ring attached November 19, 2013
A compound comprising a backbone with a perfluoropolyether chain. The compound also has one or more cyclophosphazene rings attached to or incorporated into the backbone. The compound further includes at least two functional groups attached to the backbone, attached to the one or more
8583986 Solid-state memory with error correction coding November 12, 2013
In a particular embodiment, a storage device is disclosed that includes a solid-state storage media. The storage device further includes a read/write circuit including an error correction coding (ECC) encoder/decoder adapted to write data and associated ECC information to the solid-s
8583712 Multi-bit sampling of oscillator jitter for random number generation November 12, 2013
An apparatus includes an oscillator, a counter for counting pulses, and a latch for latching a count from the counter in response to changes in a logic level of an output of the oscillator. The apparatus can further include an edge detector for producing a latching signal in response to
8583711 Random number generation system with ring oscillators November 12, 2013
A random number generation system comprising one or more ring oscillators configured to generate entropy due to accumulated phase drift. A random number generator can include a ring oscillator configured to switch between a first state in which a signal of the ring oscillator oscillates
8582347 Floating source line architecture for non-volatile memory November 12, 2013
A method and apparatus for writing data to a non-volatile memory cell, such as an STRAM memory cell or an RRAM memory cell. In some embodiments, a plurality of N non-volatile memory cells, where N is a greater than two, are connected to a common floating source line. A write circuit is
8582252 Magnetic layer with grain refining agent November 12, 2013
A magnetic sensor includes a magnetic layer comprising magnetic material and a grain refining agent. The magnetic layer having a grain-refined magnetic layer surface. A layer adjacent the magnetic layer has a layer surface that conforms to the grain-refined magnetic layer surface.
8582251 Magnetic sensor with non-rectangular geometry November 12, 2013
Various embodiments generally relate to a magnetic sensor, and more specifically to a magnetoresistive read head sensor. In one such exemplary embodiment, a magnetic sensor comprises a sensor stack and magnetic bias elements positioned adjacent opposite sides of the sensor stack. At
8582250 Double biasing for trilayer MR sensors November 12, 2013
A trilayer magnetoresistive sensor has at least first and second ferromagnetic layers separated by a nonmagnetic layer. A high coercivity permanent magnet bias element biases the first ferromagnetic layer in a first direction. A high moment permanent magnet bias element biases the se
8582249 Magnetic element with reduced shield-to-shield spacing November 12, 2013
A magnetic element has a magnetically responsive lamination with a ferromagnetic free layer separated from a synthetic antiferromagnetic (SAF) layer by a spacer layer and from a sensed data bit stored in an adjacent medium by an air bearing surface (ABS). The lamination is coupled to
8582247 Magnetic element with increased scissoring angle November 12, 2013
An apparatus and associated method is presently disclosed for a data sensing element capable of detecting changes in magnetic states. Various embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to a magnetically responsive lamination that has a spacer layer disposed between a
8582242 Magnetic transducer including basecoat and overcoat November 12, 2013
A magnetic head that includes: a slider having a leading edge and a trailing edge; and a transducer, the transducer formed on the trailing edge of the slider and the transducer including: a substrate; a basecoat positioned adjacent the substrate, wherein the basecoat includes a mater
8582237 Selectively magnetic write gap insert November 12, 2013
A selectively magnetic insert that is capable of enhancing magnetic writing, such as in use as a data transducing head. In accordance with various embodiments, a write pole is in contact with a selectively magnetic insert that decouples the write pole from at least one adjacent shiel
8582236 Magnetic write device with a cladded write assist element November 12, 2013
A magnetic device includes a write element having a write element tip and a conductor adjacent an edge of the write element tip for carrying current to generate an assist field that augments a write field generated by the write element. A cladding material is disposed on at least one
8582234 Shaped magnetic write pole November 12, 2013
A magnetic shield is adjacent a write pole. The write pole has a body portion with a body thickness and an extension portion with parallel first and second sides that each tilt towards the magnetic shield at a predetermined angle proximal to an air bearing surface (ABS). The extensio
8582232 Heat assisted spindle motor November 12, 2013
A hard disk drive with a spindle motor that rotates a disk. When the disk drive is exposed to low temperatures a current can be provided to the spindle motor to heat the motor. For example, a DC current can be provided to the spindle motor. The current flowing through the spindle mot
8582226 Write delay stabilization November 12, 2013
Apparatus and method for write delay stabilization. A write driver is adapted to output bipolar write currents to write data to a memory. A preconditioning circuit is adapted to output first and second thermal preconditioning currents through the write driver to stabilize a write del
8581754 Encoding and decoding to reduce switching of flash memory transistors November 12, 2013
Methods of encoding data to and decoding data from flash memory devices are provided. User data having an unknown ratio of 1's to 0's is received. The user data is utilized in generating transformed data that has a predictable ratio of 1's to 0's. The transformed data is stored to fl
8580580 Magnetic element with varying areal extents November 12, 2013
An apparatus and associated method for a magnetic element capable of detecting changes in magnetic states. Various embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to a free layer that has a first areal extent that is sensitive to a magnetic field and a synthetic antiferro
8579514 Press fitting a cartridge bearing November 12, 2013
An apparatus and associated method involving an actuator assembly having an actuator body defining a bore and a bearing assembly in the bore. The bearing assembly has a shaft, and further has a bearing having an inner race that is affixed to the shaft and an outer race that is rotatable
8578089 Storage device cache November 5, 2013
Implementations described and claimed herein provide a method and system for comparing a storage location related to a new write command on a storage device with storage locations of a predetermined number of write commands stored in a first table to determine frequency of write commands
8577193 Grating assisted surface emitter laser coupling for heat assisted magnetic recording November 5, 2013
An apparatus includes a waveguide, a laser diode positioned adjacent to the waveguide and having an active region producing light in a plane substantially parallel to a plane of the waveguide, a first grating positioned to couple light out of the laser diode and to direct the light t
8576673 Recording head for heat assisted magnetic recording with a side lobe blocker November 5, 2013
An apparatus includes a waveguide having a core layer, a near field transducer having an end positioned adjacent to a first surface, a first magnetic pole having an end positioned adjacent to the first surface, and a side lobe blocker adjacent to the first surface and having portions on
8576672 Heat sink layer November 5, 2013
A layer configured for use in a magnetic stack has electrical resistivity greater than about 5.times.10.sup.-8 .OMEGA.m and thermal conductivity greater than about 1 W/mK. In some arrangements, the magnetic stack includes a substrate with the layer disposed over the substrate, a magn
8576515 Thin film structure with controlled lateral thermal spreading in the thin film November 5, 2013
An apparatus includes a non-metallic interlayer between a magnetic data storage layer and a heat sink layer, wherein interface thermal resistance between the interlayer and the heat sink layer is capable of reducing heat flow between the heat sink layer and the magnetic data storage
8576507 Disc drive data recovery utilizing off center track information November 5, 2013
Disc drive data recovery methods and systems that utilize off center track information are provided. A disc drive data track is illustratively read at a first position along a width of the data track and at a second position along the width of the data track. The data read from the track
8573579 Biasing a pre-metalized non-conductive substrate November 5, 2013
Methods and apparatus are provided for static-biasing a pre-metalized non-conductive substrate within a process chamber. A substrate holder that holds a pre-metalized non-conductive substrate is engaged by a lift mechanism that provides movement of the substrate in a first, upward di
8572457 Outer code protection for solid state memory devices October 29, 2013
Outer code words can span multiple data blocks, multiple die, or multiple chips of a memory device to protect against errors in the data stored in the blocks, die and/or chips. A solid state memory device is arranged in multiple data blocks, each block including an array of memory cells
8566603 Managing security operating modes October 22, 2013
A storage device that supports Trusted Computer Group (TCG) security allows management of TCG security features by a Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) using non-TCG security commands supported by the BIOS. In one implementation, a BIOS that does not support TCG security but does suppo

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