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Scovill Manufacturing Company Patents
Scovill Manufacturing Company
Waterbury, CT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D250664 Razor December 26, 1978
D250449 Electric deep fat fryer December 5, 1978
D250447 Electric donut maker December 5, 1978
D246149 Electric food cooker October 25, 1977
4250759 Digital readout gauge February 17, 1981
A digital readout gauge is disclosed which, for example, may be a tire pressure gauge which is mounted in a small portable housing. A pressure chamber is formed within the housing with a valve core deflator mounted within the housing to depress the core of a standard tire valve and permi
4230023 Clamping apparatus October 28, 1980
This specification discloses a clamping apparatus having an adjustable strap, a clamping member on the strap, means for securing the strap to a first object and means for shortening the effective length of the strap to clamp the first object to another object. In particular, the clamping
4206669 Apparatus for gapping zipper chain June 10, 1980
Apparatus for producing gaps in zipper chain is especially adapted for chain having plastic elements of U-shape joined by imbedded connector threads and stitched to tape. Apparatus includes slitting means which slice into and demolish fastener elements in the gap as the zipper is dra
4189855 Electric pressing iron having indicating ready light February 26, 1980
Ready light circuit is provided comprising a simple third switch blade added to standard thermostat two-blade switch in electric iron. Light is activated when bimetallic element of switch drives third blade into engagement with other blade as iron reaches set temperature. Light stays
4183563 Panic-proof lockset January 15, 1980
A panic-proof lockset includes a deadbolt and a spring latch. An interior escutcheon supports a knob for operating the spring latch and a second knob for operating the deadbolt. A crank is coupled to the second knob and a slide member is adapted to turn the crank either selectively clock
4169421 Apparatus for affixing slide fastener elements to fabric October 2, 1979
Attachment for sewing machine is driven by the needle bar and includes knife which engages and feeds step-by-step fashion the fastener ladder through machine as machine stitches it to fabric. Means on the attachment are provided to selectively drive knife into deeper engagement with ladd
4161659 Solid state proximity switch July 17, 1979
A magnetic proximity sensing apparatus for sensing ferro-magnetic objects is especially well adapted for use with fluid cylinders having pistons formed from magnetically attracted material. The apparatus includes a magnetic actuator responsive to the proximity of the fluid cylinder pisto
4144738 Fastener setting hand tool March 20, 1979
Toggle action hand-setting tool includes special cam surface on toggle parts to intensify setting pressure during the end of closing travel when greatest mechanical advantage is needed. Readily accessible spring means and special mounting means for fastener-part holders are features. Fra
4137824 Remote shifter for vehicle transmissions February 6, 1979
Primary switches in bus cab, for instance, activate contacts in secondary switch group in rear transmission compartment to energize solenoids selectively pressurizing opposed cylinders to drive transmission shift operation to various positions.
4131223 Apparatus for gapping a slide fastener December 26, 1978
Gapping apparatus includes offset knife sets adapted on closing to break the legs of the U-shaped fastener elements in the desired gap zone. Cutters are also provided to sever the end cords of the elements so that parts of the fastener elements in the gap area are completely liberated
4128209 Air gun December 5, 1978
Inexpensive air gun has body with internal fixed coaxial tubular element having closed end with radial openings. A tubular valve element is reciprocal on the tubular element to valve off the radial openings. Tubular valve element is operable by actuator from outside body. The valve e
4122633 Method of cladding a window product October 31, 1978
A window product constructed from individually cladded members and a method of manufacturing the window product wherein individual wooden core members are cladded with a metal covering prior to the assembling of the window product. The window product requires minimum use of milled member
4105352 Corner clip for a window product August 8, 1978
A corner clip for securing fins for a window product which extend outwardly from the sides. The corner clip is in the form of a base plate having two generally perpendicular legs each of which is defined by an inner and an outer side. Lips extend upwardly along the inner side of each leg
4102165 Key holder July 25, 1978
Key holder body is formed from a single blank and includes fingers formed from the back of the body and extending into the interior thereof. Some of the fingers, being shorter than others, are perforated at their line of flexure with the body to give them the same flexing characteristics
4070711 Dough hook attachment for kitchen mixer January 24, 1978
Dough hook attachment for a mixer comprises a frame having gear box with upward input shaft adapted to snap into beater collet, and tab portions which are trapped between the top of mixer pedestal and motor housing. Means to immobilize the bowl are provided.
4055876 Slider for invisible-type slide fastener November 1, 1977
A slide fastener slider has body and diamond preferably of molded plastic parts. The parts are held together in snapfastener fashion. Typically, the slider body carries a head and the diamond an opening or socket. Molded integrally with the diamond is an arching locking arm and a pull ta
4044433 Waistband fastener having substantially identical parts August 30, 1977
Waistband fastener has substantially identical parts comprising Y-shaped body having flat body with uniformly spaced legs terminating in offset feet leaving openings between legs so that leg of "hook"-functioning part on one fly flap can hook into opening between two legs of "bar"-fu
4020575 Identification badge May 3, 1977
Identification badge has clamping panel of flexible plastic formed with a tongue interconnecting a pair of spaced apertures by which base run of safety-pin-like fastener is held. Panel is ultrasonically sealed to the rear flap of badge envelope to immobilize the fastener with respect
4019666 Fastener attaching machine having means for orienting caps, buttons, and the like April 26, 1977
Button, cap, or the like is oriented as it is rolled along trough contacting a friction surface and then is placed directly into a setting die. Prior to the setting operation, the die is shifted in a rotary movement to a selected position to reorient the button depending on the headi
4016918 Clamp in valves April 12, 1977
A clamp-in valve for a road vehicle which can be inserted and removed from the outside of the wheel instead of from the inside consists of a valve stem flanged at one end with a rubber grommet at that end, the grommet being flanged at its end remote from the valve stem flange, and retain
4016900 Springless valve for pneumatic tires and the like April 12, 1977
Valve member is supported by clips which slide along fitting as valve is opened or closed by air pressure. Radial openings in wall of fitting may be exposed for discharge by backing fitting off stem. Especially adapted for fast filling and discharge of air from large tires and the like.
3995840 Doughmaker attachment for kitchen mixer December 7, 1976
The invention comprises dough-hook and speed-reducing means for ordinary stand mixer to drive dough hook. Dough hook has downward stud on the bottom thereof and mixer pedestal has anti-rotation brake, the stud and brake comprising bowl-immobilizing means for mixing heavy dough.
3987876 Luggage closure October 26, 1976
A belt-like element is disposed in aligned channel-like recesses formed respectively along the margins of the luggage closure. Element-tightening means are provided. When the element is tightened, it moves exclusively into one of the recesses permitting the closure to be opened. When the
3984041 Plier-like setting tool for heavy-duty grommets October 5, 1976
Plier-like grommet-setting tool has integral pyramidal punch and annular fabric cutter on one jaw and turntable on opposite jaw. Turntable presents two zones, one for cutting a hole in the fabric with the use of the cutter, and the other for setting the grommet eyelet with the use of the
3982371 Panel holding structure September 28, 1976
A panel holding structure for a panel such as a glass window pane that includes a frame, a retaining step on the frame against which the panel is pressed, an elongated glazing stop engaging a side of the panel that is opposite the step with the glazing stop having a rigid stem positioned
3978448 Vehicle-tire-air-pressure-sensing-and-indicating device August 31, 1976
In a vehicle tire pressure indicator system, a reed switch mounted on the vehicle frame adjacent a wheel is connected to indicator means in the vehicle. An elongage tubular housing of generally cylindrical outer configuration is disposed on the wheel lengthwise parallel to the axis of
3971578 Union device for flexible tubing July 27, 1976
A union device comprises a hollow body of synthetic plastic material having a sleeve with a bore the diameter of which is slightly less than that of a flexible tube which can be press-fitted in, pulled out from and tightly held in the bore without constricting its inner passageway. A sli
3971577 Union device for flexible tubing July 27, 1976
A union device comprises a body having an inner bore communicating with an enlarged annular opening in a face of the body. A separate annular piece is secured in the opening with a press-fit by means of an external barb on the piece which opposes removal of the piece. The piece has an op
3957133 Muffler May 18, 1976
Muffler having a metal wool outlet barrier has central corepiece comprising a helically ribbed and slotted tube which immobilizes the mass of metal wool and uniformly delivers exhaust fluid thereto.
3948103 Calibration of dialed measuring instruments April 6, 1976
An uniformly-graduated arcuate dial of a pressure gauge is mounted with play and fixed in a position to compensate for any deviation from a linear graphical relationship of the angular displacement of a pointer as a function of the pressure, by setting three graduations of the dial along

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