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Scott Paper Company Patents
Scott Paper Company
Philadelphia, PA
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RE31825 Method of making nonwoven fabric and product made thereby having both stick bonds and molten bon February 5, 1985
The method of autogenously bonding a nonwoven web formed predominantly of thermoplastic fibers is characterized by the steps of directing heat into the web from only one surface thereof to preheat the web, and then directing the preheated web through a bonding nip formed between opposed
RE30803 Colorless recording paper November 24, 1981
.Iadd.Described herein are transfer and manifolding sheets having upon their surface a coating containing a substantially colorless dye salt derived from an organic sulfinic acid and an arylmethane dye base characterized by a logarithmic dissociation constant below 7, which upon tran
RE30797 Associated dye salts and method of forming colored indicia therewith November 17, 1981
.Iadd.Described herein are methods of printing which comprise applying to an unfired silicate surface characterized by high ionizing power a substantially colorless associated salt of an arylmethane dye base characterized by a logarithmic dissociation constant below 7 and an organic
RE29789 Absorbent articles for disposable diaper October 3, 1978
An absorbent article includes an air-laid fibrous web having a medial portion of a greater basis weight than flanking end and side portions. The fibers forming one surface of the web are adhesively bonded together to provide an abrasion resistant, non-pilling, facing layer, and also to a
D367815 Dispensing bottle with external cartridge March 12, 1996
D363020 Dual dispenser bottle October 10, 1995
D362967 Embossed paper product October 10, 1995
D362806 Dispenser bottle with internal cartridge October 3, 1995
D360092 Sanitary tissue dispenser July 11, 1995
D359868 No-touch liquid soap dispenser July 4, 1995
D359408 Dual liquid cartridge dispenser June 20, 1995
D354871 Front cover for a paper towel dispenser January 31, 1995
D354225 Wet wipe dispensing port for pop-up dispenser January 10, 1995
D354224 Wet wipe dispensing port for pop-up dispenser January 10, 1995
D351520 Jumbo roll tissue dispenser October 18, 1994
D349827 Liquid soap dispenser August 23, 1994
D348579 Toilet tissue dispenser July 12, 1994
D346518 Toilet seat cover dispenser May 3, 1994
D345877 Dual cartridge liquid soap dispenser April 12, 1994
D345664 Dual cartridge liquid soap dispenser April 5, 1994
D341970 Paper towel dispenser December 7, 1993
D341490 Sheet of paper toweling November 23, 1993
D339845 Dilution station bottle filling unit September 28, 1993
D339705 Roll towel dispenser September 28, 1993
D339625 Apparatus for diluting chemical concentrates September 21, 1993
D335415 Liquid soap dispenser May 11, 1993
D335412 Roll towel dispenser May 11, 1993
D330161 Container with hinged lid October 13, 1992
D326226 Packaging container May 19, 1992
D319188 Combined aerosol valve lever and cap August 20, 1991
D315652 Double toilet paper roll dispenser March 26, 1991
D315298 Container for wet wipes March 12, 1991
D315050 Shorts March 5, 1991
D312963 Container for premoistened sheets December 18, 1990
D312739 Jumbo toilet tissue dispenser December 11, 1990
D310922 Double toilet paper roll dispenser October 2, 1990
D297414 Packaging container August 30, 1988
D296765 Dispensing port for a container July 19, 1988
D295831 Dispensing closure May 24, 1988
D293750 Dispensing cabinet January 19, 1988
D289262 Packaging container April 14, 1987
D285414 Packaging container September 2, 1986
D285177 Packaging container August 19, 1986
D276794 Packaging container December 18, 1984
D273843 Container body May 15, 1984
D266639 Chair frame construction October 26, 1982
D263525 Folding chair March 30, 1982
D251639 Ottoman April 24, 1979
5509593 Combined wet and dry sanitary tissue dispenser April 23, 1996
A combined dry sanitary tissue and prewetted personal hygiene wipes dispenser including a rear housing and a front housing, the front housing being movable from an open position to a closed position with the rear housing, the front and rear housings forming a first compartment for a
5480068 Secured disposable liquid soap dispenser January 2, 1996
Disclosed is a theft deterring countertop mounted fluid dispensing system for dispensing liquid soap using a liquid soap dispenser which can be disposable. The system includes a base unit or module adapted to be permanently affixed to a countertop. The base unit includes a locking me
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