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Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. Patents
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA
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RE39166 External security module for a television signal decoder July 11, 2006
A decoder for descrambling encoded satellite transmissions comprises an internal security element and a replaceable security module. The program signal is scrambled with a key and then the key itself is twice-encrypted and multiplexed with the scrambled program signal. The key is first
RE36988 Terminal authorization method December 12, 2000
A terminal apparatus for use in a cable television system which provides a plurality of channels capable of being tuned for display at a television receiver is provided. The apparatus includes a memory for storing data for generating a plurality of predetermined character screens and for
RE36708 Signal to noise ratio enhancement using baseband signals in an FM television system May 23, 2000
In an FM television signal angle modulated with luminance and chrominance information, there exists a high degree of correlation between picture elements occurring one line period apart. In an effort to steer the pass band of a tunable bandpass filter to the instantaneous frequency of th
RE36368 Automatic interactive television terminal configuration November 2, 1999
A two-way interactive addressable entertainment terminal comprises a processor, a keyboard, a character generator responsive to the processor and memory for storage of an algorithm related to the installation of the terminal and to providing a verification indication at the terminal of
H1879 Signal equalizer circuit for cable tap October 3, 2000
A cable television system (100) includes a head end section (105) for generating a cable signal; a communication medium (110, 117), such as fiber optic cable and coaxial cable, coupled to the head end section (105) for routing the cable signal through the cable television system (100),
H1858 Radio frequency sensed, switched reverse path tap September 5, 2000
A bidirectional communications system is provided for sending signals along a cable in a forward path from a central location to a plurality of remote receiver locations and for sending return signals along the same cable in a reverse path from the remote receiver locations to the centra
D548193 Electronics module assembly August 7, 2007
D536670 Housing assembly with connection shroud February 13, 2007
D526620 Surface mount connector of indeterminate length August 15, 2006
D516518 Surface mount connector March 7, 2006
D513407 Connector insert January 3, 2006
D512382 Ground wire connection portion December 6, 2005
D511500 Ground wire connection portion November 15, 2005
D507535 Connector July 19, 2005
D507240 Connector July 12, 2005
D506445 Housing assembly with ground wire connection June 21, 2005
D504677 Remote control housing May 3, 2005
D491924 Remote control housing June 22, 2004
D486145 Remote control keypad February 3, 2004
D478071 Targeted service transmitter housing August 5, 2003
D466864 Extended interface module December 10, 2002
D464326 Electronic module October 15, 2002
D462329 Tap housing September 3, 2002
D462328 Tap housing September 3, 2002
D462059 Tap housing August 27, 2002
D461779 Tap housing August 20, 2002
D457500 Plug-in electronic module May 21, 2002
D434753 Light emitting diode module December 5, 2000
D432502 Housing for a cable television tap October 24, 2000
D424523 Broadband network tap May 9, 2000
D421016 Remote control housing February 22, 2000
D412313 Cable television tap July 27, 1999
D409612 RF cable amplifier housing May 11, 1999
D400506 Cable television drop amplifier November 3, 1998
D399190 Customer interface unit enclosure October 6, 1998
D398009 Pushbutton remote control September 8, 1998
D396724 RF amplifier for satellite antenna August 4, 1998
D395434 Cable modem June 23, 1998
D394041 Cable radio frequency signal splitter May 5, 1998
D390217 Home communications terminal February 3, 1998
D385253 Power distribution unit October 21, 1997
D378093 Hand-held remote control February 18, 1997
D376366 Hand held remote control December 10, 1996
D373588 Hand-held remote control September 10, 1996
D372274 Game adapter cartridge July 30, 1996
D363932 Combined multi-function remote control and overlay November 7, 1995
D359737 Multi-function remote control with pushbuttons in overlay region June 27, 1995
D354959 Remote control unit January 31, 1995
D348065 Multi-function remote control June 21, 1994
D347594 Automatic power outage dialer unit housing June 7, 1994
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