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SciMed Life Systems, Inc. Patents
SciMed Life Systems, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
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7044962 Implantable prosthesis with displaceable skirt May 16, 2006
An implantable prosthesis is provided having a radially-expandable tubular body and at least one skirt extending therefrom. The skirt terminates in a peripheral edge, wherein at least portions of the peripheral edge are free and displaceable to a greater diameter of the tubular body. Thu
7044933 Fluid injection system for coronary intervention May 16, 2006
A fluid injection apparatus and method of injecting fluid are disclosed. The apparatus includes a control syringe electrically connected to a power-actuated syringe. A sensor is provided proximate the control syringe to monitor the position of the plunger therein, with a signal repre
7044921 Medical device with changeable tip flexibility May 16, 2006
A medical device with a changeable flexibility and a method of using the same. The medical device may include a core member, a tip member, and a tie member. The tip member may be configured to longitudinally shift relative to core member, which may alter the flexibility of the medical
7041117 Retrieval devices for vena cava filter May 9, 2006
A device for removing a thrombus filter from a blood vessel is disclosed. A device in accordance with the present invention includes a shaft having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending therethrough, a wire having a first end and a second end, the wire being partially dispo
7041083 Medical catheter assembly including a removable inner sleeve and method of using the same May 9, 2006
A medical catheter assembly including a removable inner sleeve. In one embodiment, the assembly is a low profile percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) device and comprises a body, a clamp, a feeding tube, a cap and an inner sleeve assembly. The body includes a base portion and a
7037330 Neurovascular stent and method May 2, 2006
A stent designed for catheter delivery to a target neurovascular site via a tortuous path, in a contracted state, and deployment at the target site, in an expanded state, is disclosed. The stent includes a plurality of expandable tubular members, where member is composed of a continuous
7037319 Nanotube paper-based medical device May 2, 2006
A medical device is disclosed which may include the use of carbon nanotube paper. The medical device may be provided in the form of a balloon catheter wherein the nanotube paper is mounted about an electrode and into which an electrically conductive fluid is dispersed. An elastomeric
7033389 Tubular prosthesis for external agent delivery April 25, 2006
A tubular prosthesis, which may be an endovascular prothesis, is provided which includes a tubular member (stent or stent/graft combination) and an outer covering having portions sealed to the tubular member. The tubular member is impervious to a pre-determined fluid, particularly an occ
7033376 Intravascular filter retrieval device and method April 25, 2006
A thrombus filter configured for placement in within a blood vessel lumen defined by a blood vessel wall. Methods and devices for selectively removing the thrombus filter when the presence of a filter in the vascular system is no longer desired. The thrombus filter includes a first s
7033325 Guidewire with multiple radiopaque marker sections April 25, 2006
An over-the-wire balloon catheter has a radiopaque marker thereon at a known distance from a distal end of the catheter. An elongated flexible guide wire has a plurality of longitudinally spaced radiopaque markers on a distal portion thereof, with adjacent markers on the guide wire being
7033315 Endoscope and endoscopic instrument system having reduced backlash when moving the endoscopic in April 25, 2006
An endoscopic instrument has a portion having an outer surface with a non-circular cross-sectional shape. The non-circular cross-sectional shape may be provided to the instrument by providing peripheral projections or fins along the length of the portion or by providing the periphery
7031432 Miniature x-ray catheter with retractable needles or suction means for positioning at a desired April 18, 2006
An x-ray catheter has an x-ray tube having an x-ray source therein and an x-ray transparent window through which x-rays may pass is positioned with retractable needles or suction. The needles, if present, are retractably attached to a hinge which is operatively connected to a control tha
7029496 Interlocking endoluminal device April 18, 2006
An endoluminal device comprises at least a first member and a second member, which may be modular. The first member comprises a first trunk portion, a first midsection comprising a first opening, and a first leg portion. The second member comprises a second trunk portion, a second mi
7029495 Medical devices and methods of making the same April 18, 2006
Medical devices, for example, implantable devices such as endoprostheses, include a composite material having a polymer.
7029494 Braided modular stent with hourglass-shaped interfaces April 18, 2006
A braided modular stent comprising a first component and a second component, each component comprising an hourglass-shaped interface having a reduced diameter section positioned between two sloped sections. Each sloped section extends between the reduced diameter section and one of a
7029483 Device for percutaneous cutting and dilating a stenosis of the aortic valve April 18, 2006
A device for incising a stenosis in the aortic valve of a patient includes an elongated balloon catheter, with at least one straight blade mounted on the balloon. Specifically, the blade is coplanar with the axis of the catheter, and the proximal end of the blade is located adjacent the
7029440 Distal protection filter and method of manufacture April 18, 2006
Distal protection filter frame and method for using and manufacturing the same. A distal protection filter frame may include one or more struts, a mouth, and a filter coupled to the mouth.
7025779 Endoluminal device having enhanced affixation characteristics April 11, 2006
An endoluminal device for affixation to a wall of a body lumen having a neck region defined by a relatively narrow width and a shoulder region that diverges from the neck region to a relatively wider width. The device comprises a shoulder portion, which may be part of a bulbous porti
7025772 System for implanting an implant and method thereof April 11, 2006
A system for implanting an implant and method thereof is disclosed. In general overview, the system includes an implant, an envelope enclosing the implant, a delivery assembly and an attachment piece for attaching the envelope or implant to the delivery assembly. The envelope may inc
7024025 Nonuniform Rotational Distortion (NURD) reduction April 4, 2006
A new image processing method reduces Nonuniform Rotational Distortion (NURD) in a medical image acquired using a rotating transducer. The image comprises a plurality of image vectors having texture. In a preferred embodiment, the image processing technique computes an average frequency
7022133 Multi-sheath delivery catheter April 4, 2006
A multi-sheath delivery catheter and method for introducing a prosthesis into a body lumen involving use of (a) an outer sheath adapted to contain a portion of the prosthesis and having an inner surface with a non-round cross-section; (b) a middle sheath slideably disposed at least partl
7022120 Cryoplasty device and method April 4, 2006
A cryoplasty catheter and method for preventing or slowing reclosure of a lesion following angioplasty. The cryoplasty catheter includes a shaft having proximal and distal ends and a dilatation balloon disposed at the distal end. An intake lumen and exhaust lumen are defined by the shaft
7022086 Guidewire with encapsulated marker April 4, 2006
A guidewire having a marker member and method of manufacturing the same. In some embodiments, the invention includes a marker member disposed around the longitudinal axis of an elongate shaft and embedded within an outer sheath.
7022085 Medical instrument April 4, 2006
A medical instrument includes a housing, a stylet having a portion in the housing, a cannula coaxially receiving the stylet and having a portion in the housing, and a member coupled to the housing. The stylet and the cannula are movable between an extended position and a retracted po
7018385 Medical retrieval basket with legs shaped to enhance capture and reduce trauma March 28, 2006
A medical retrieval device, and related method, uses a basket formed by one or more legs to retrieve material such as calculi. At least one of the legs has at least an inner and an outer surface. The outer surface is an atraumatic surface such as a curved surface. The atraumatic surface
7018346 Guide wire with adjustable flexibility March 28, 2006
A guide wire with a distal portion having adjustable flexibility. The guide wire may include a distal polymeric member and a heat source. The heat source may be activated to cause the polymeric member to increase in temperature and increase in flexibility. The increase in flexibility of
7014654 Stent designed for the delivery of therapeutic substance or other agents March 21, 2006
A stent comprising a serpentine portion extending about the circumference of the stent, the serpentine portion having a first end and a second end, the serpentine portion having a plurality of turns at the first end and a plurality of turns at the second end and struts extending therebet
7011676 Flat knitted stent and method of making the same March 14, 2006
A knitted implantable stent having a hollow tubular structure having opposed open ends defining a wall portion therebetween is provided. The wall portion includes an open lattice structure of a plurality of interconnected perimetrically bound cells. The cells are defined by a plurali
7011670 Segmented balloon catheter blade March 14, 2006
A device for incising a stenosis in the vasculature of a patient includes a plurality of blades mounted on a resilient base member. The blades are arranged in a pattern to allow for relative movement between adjacent blades. Specifically, at least one end portion of each blade is jux
7011647 Introducer sheath March 14, 2006
A variety of devices for use in accessing the subarachnoid space are described. In several embodiments an introducer sheath is disclosed having three main sections, a distal portion, an intermediate portion, and a proximal portion. The distal portion and intermediate portion form a f
7008438 Anchored PTCA balloon March 7, 2006
A catheter is provided having a system for anchoring an inflatable balloon at a treatment site. The system includes a flexible member having a substantially cylindrical shaped wall that defines a longitudinal axis. The outer surface of the cylindrical wall is formed with a plurality of
7008382 Medical instrument March 7, 2006
A medical instrument includes a housing, a stylet having a portion in the housing, a cannula coaxially receiving the stylet and having a portion in the housing, and a member slidably coupled to the housing. The stylet and the cannula are movable between an extended position and a retract
7006231 Diffraction grating based interferometric systems and methods February 28, 2006
Diffraction grating based fiber optic interferometric systems for use in optical coherence tomography, wherein sample and reference light beams are formed by a first beam splitter and the sample light beam received from a sample and a reference light beam are combined on a second beam
7004967 Process for manufacturing a braided bifurcated stent February 28, 2006
A process for manufacturing a braided birfurcated stent involves the use of two or more braiding machines. In this process, a first discrete plurality of filaments are braided to form a first leg, and a second discrete plurality of filaments are braided to form a second leg. Either t
7004964 Apparatus and method for deployment of an endoluminal device February 28, 2006
An introducer deploys an endoluminal device in a distal location from a proximal location. The introducer comprises a retrograde portion, an anterograde portion axially moveable relative to the retrograde portion, a shaft having a distal tip and an anterograde sheath attached to the
7004963 Conformable balloons February 28, 2006
An inflatable medical balloon for multiple procedures, including angioplasty procedures, procedures for delivering medical devices, such as stents, and a method of making the catheter systems. The catheter system employs a balloon having a plurality of flexible portions and a combina
7004175 System and method for percutaneous coronary artery bypass February 28, 2006
A percutaneous system for bypassing a restriction in a native vessel of a mammal having an aorta includes providing a graft having a body portion with a first end, a second end and a lumen therebetween. An aperture is formed in the aorta. The graft is inserted into the aorta and the firs
7001425 Braided stent method for its manufacture February 21, 2006
A stent and method for making the stent are provided. The stent comprises regions of differing numbers of braided filaments to provide a stent with different dimensions and/or properties in different regions along the stent length. A preferred stent comprises a first and second plurality
7001407 Distal protection mechanically attached filter cartridge February 21, 2006
Distal protection filter assembly and methods for coupling a filter to an elongate shaft. A filter assembly may include a tubular adaptor having a distal holding receptacle. The filter may include struts adapted and configured for being coupled to the holding receptacle.
7001406 Cartridge embolic protection filter and methods of use February 21, 2006
An embolic protection filter having a reduced profile for placement within a body lumen is disclosed. One embodiment has an embolic protection filter that includes a filter frame slidably and rotationally disposed along a guidewire, a plurality of retaining collars coupled to a proximal
7001399 Multiple hemoclip system for an endoscope February 21, 2006
Spring clips are arranged end to end in a cavity of an inner shaft. Such shaft slides within an outer shaft, and a pusher member slides in the cavity behind the clips. The clips have jaws biased together, but which are wedged apart by an opener as the pusher is moved distally. An opened
7001369 Medical device February 21, 2006
An medical device include a shaft having an elongated inner tubular member and an elongated tubular reinforcing member disposed over a portion of the inner tubular member. In some embodiments, the reinforcing member is disposed about a proximal portion of the inner tubular member such th
7001341 Marking biopsy sites February 21, 2006
A needle biopsy system for marking a sampling site is described.
6999807 pH measuring balloon February 14, 2006
The present invention relates to devices and methods for measuring the pH of blood in the vicinity of a vulnerable plaque. A balloon including an opto-electric device may be positioned proximate a vulnerable plaque. The balloon can be inflated to partially occlude blood flow enabling
6999559 Heat sink for miniature x-ray unit February 14, 2006
A heat exchanger removes heat generated by a miniaturized x-ray source to help remove heat at the site of x-ray generation.
6997938 Embolic protection device February 14, 2006
Catheters for retrieval or delivery of an embolic protection device from the vasculature comprise an outer sheath having a side opening for receiving a guidewire with an embolic protection device at distal end and an inner shaft having a port and a plurality of flush holes in addition
6997937 Detachable coil for aneurysm therapy February 14, 2006
An apparatus includes an elongate wire (solid or hollow) having a distal end section for detachment and delivery to a target location, the wire also having a discontinuity located rearwardly of the distal end section for rupturing when vibrational energy is applied to the wire, and a
6997908 Rapid exchange catheter with detachable hood February 14, 2006
A single operator exchange biliary catheter having a common distal lumen. The biliary catheter includes an elongate shaft having a proximal portion defining an ancillary lumen and a distal portion defining a common guidewire and ancillary lumen. The common distal lumen reduces the pr
6997900 Connector for use with a medical catheter and medical catheter assembly February 14, 2006
Connector for use with a medical catheter assembly and medical catheter assembly including the connector. In one embodiment, the connector comprises a rear portion, an intermediate portion, and a front portion. The rear portion is frusto-conical in shape and tapers rearwardly in cros
6996432 Automated longitudinal position translator for ultrasonic imaging probes, and methods of using s February 7, 2006
An improved medical imaging system preferably includes an imaging device having a housing, an imaging transducer, and a position marker coupled near the imaging transducer. The system further includes a motor capable of driving the imaging transducer in a generally longitudinal direction

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