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SciMed Life Systems, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
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7544166 Systems and methods for imaging with deployable imaging devices June 9, 2009
The systems and methods described herein provide for a medical device insertable into the body of a living being having an imaging device with a layout that is adjustable from an undeployed layout, where the imaging device is insertable into the inner lumen of a medical device, to a
7530994 Non-porous graft with fastening elements May 12, 2009
A graft is provided that is adapted to be secured to a stent surrounding the graft. The graft includes an inner layer of a non-porous material, and an outer layer of material laminated to the inner layer. The graft further includes a plurality of fastening elements adapted to be secured
7530946 Compact endoscope May 12, 2009
This invention relates to an endoscope, particularly a bronchoscope, incorporating one or more multifunctional component made of a material that is multifunctional. The endoscopes of this invention comprise at least one multifunctional component having more than one function wherein
7520893 Method for treating neurovascular aneurysms April 21, 2009
A graftless prosthetic stent for treatment of vascular lesions such as aneurysms and arterio-venous fistulas, especially in neurovascular vessels, comprises a continuous helical ribbon formed of a shape-retaining metal having a transition temperature at which the stent expands from i
7491231 One-branch stent-graft for bifurcated lumens February 17, 2009
A stent-graft is provided that includes a bifurcated stent adapted for placement at the bifurcation of a bifurcated body lumen. The stent-graft further includes a graft that lines or covers at least part of the bifurcated stent. The graft defines a fluid passageway from the unbifurca
7476214 Selective coating of a balloon catheter with lubricious material for stent deployment January 13, 2009
A predetermined arrangement of differentially lubricious areas on a balloon catheter for controlling against unexpected movement of a stent carried thereon when in situ in the body.
7470239 High performance coil wire December 30, 2008
A high performance coil over-core guide wire. The guide wire incorporates a nickel-titanium core with a stainless steel coil to provide a wire with improved kink resistance and good pushability.
7442384 Bioresorbable hydrogel compositions for implantable prostheses October 28, 2008
Crosslinked compositions formed from water-insoluble copolymers are disclosed. These compositions are copolymers having a bioresorbable region, a hydrophilic region and at least two cross-linkable functional groups per polymer chain. Crosslinking of these polymers can be effected in
7438712 Multi-braid exterior tube October 21, 2008
A multiple braid exterior tube having a composite structure which includes an inner tubular layer, reinforcing layers and a polymer matrix layer. The exterior tube is formed with polymeric materials and metallic reinforcing braiding configured to provide greater tensile strength and
7435254 Braided endoluminal device having tapered filaments October 14, 2008
A stent comprising a plurality of continuous filaments braided together, at least one filament comprising a tapered filament having at least one first region having a first, relatively-larger cross-sectional area and at least one second region having a second, relatively-smaller cros
7425291 Apparatus and method for extrusion of thin-walled tubes September 16, 2008
The present invention provides an apparatus and method for manufacturing polymeric thin-walled tubular members, which are well-suited for use as vascular grafts. The apparatus of the present invention enables extrusion of a tubular member having an extremely thin wall thickness so as to
7416533 Marking biopsy sites August 26, 2008
A needle biopsy system for marking a sampling site is described.
7413543 Endoscope with actively cooled illumination sources August 19, 2008
An endoscopic imaging system includes a reusable control cabinet having a number of actuators that control the orientation of a lightweight endoscope that is connectable thereto. The endoscope is used with a single patient and is then disposed. The endoscope includes an illumination
7403811 Method of catheter tracking using image information July 22, 2008
An improved method of tracking a catheter's position within a human body does not rely on x-rays, but instead calculates the position of the catheter's imaging head by analyzing image data. Such an analysis is able to determine the position of the imaging head in 3 dimensional space,
7402174 Low profile, high stretch, low dilation knit prosthetic device July 22, 2008
A composite medical device includes a knitted structure having a single layer of yarns to define a single layered wall, where the yarns are interlaced into stitches in a knit pattern capable of resilient longitudinal elongation and resilient radial contraction of the knit from a quie
7402170 Crimp and weld wire connection July 22, 2008
A stent comprises a first section and a second section and at least one securement member. The at least one securement member is disposed about at least one region of the first section and at least one region of the second section. The at least one securement member has a crimped diamete
7399312 Stent design with sheath attachment members July 15, 2008
A stent is provided having attachment members for allowing attachment of a sheath or sheaths. Accordingly, a practitioner is able to selectively choose a desirable sheath, such as a polymeric sleeve, a biomaterial, or a natural blood vessel, at a point-of-use and attach it to the sheath.
7396332 Transducer with multiple resonant frequencies for an imaging catheter July 8, 2008
A single transducer element that is capable of oscillation at a plurality of natural resonant frequencies may be used in an ultrasonic imaging catheter assembly including a catheter body configured to be inserted and guided through the vascular system of a living being, a lumen and a
7384786 Aligned scaffolds for improved myocardial regeneration June 10, 2008
The present invention relates to a biocompatible, three-dimensional scaffold useful to grow cells and to regenerate or repair tissue in predetermined orientations. The scaffold is particularly useful for regeneration and repair of cardiac tissue. The scaffold contains layers of alter
7376455 Systems and methods for dynamic optical imaging May 20, 2008
A medical system includes a catheter having an elongated tubular member and an inner core slideably received within the elongated member. The inner core includes an imager on a distal end and is coupled with a control system and an imaging system. The inner core is configured to scan
7371237 Steerable sphincterotome and methods for cannulation, papillotomy and sphincterotomy May 13, 2008
The present invention relates to methods and devices for performing endoscopic cannulation, papillotomy and sphincterotomy and similar procedures. According to the present state of the art, endoscopic cannulation of the common bile duct and papillotomy and similar procedures are acco
7367989 Rotating balloon expandable sheath bifurcation delivery May 6, 2008
A medical device comprises a balloon catheter shaft having a catheter balloon. An outer balloon or sheath is disposed about the catheter balloon and is freely rotatable about the catheter balloon.
7364591 Method for treating morbid obesity April 29, 2008
A method for treating morbid obesity in a body of a mammal having a gastrointestinal tract extending through a stomach and a pyloric sphincter and a wall forming the stomach and pyloric sphincter. At least one implant is formed in the wall in the vicinity of the pyloric sphincter to
7364587 High stretch, low dilation knit prosthetic device and method for making the same April 29, 2008
A method for providing dilation resistance to an implantable tubular graft includes the steps of (a) providing a graft having opposed open ends and a textile wall extending in a lengthwise direction therebetween defining a graft diameter, wherein the textile wall has radially extending y
7361138 Bioabsorbable casing for surgical sling assembly April 22, 2008
The invention provides a surgical sling assembly for implanting in tissue to provide anatomical support in a patient. The surgical sling assembly includes a sling and a biocompatible casing enclosing at least a portion of the sling. The biocompatible casing is absorbed by the patient's
7351222 Drainage catheter with visual indicator and/or lock system April 1, 2008
A catheter comprising a tube having a distal end for deployment in a patient, and a proximal end for remaining outside of the patient; an anchoring mechanism at the distal end of the tube having a fully open configuration, a fully closed configuration, and a range of configurations t
7335159 Endoscope having auto-insufflation and exsufflation February 26, 2008
An endoscopic imaging system for examining a patient's body cavity includes an endoscope having a distal end, a proximal end and a number of lumens therein. One or more distal gas ports are disposed at or adjacent the distal end of the endoscope and one or more proximal gas ports are
7331985 Apparatus and method for deployment of an endoluminal device February 19, 2008
An introducer deploys an endoluminal device in a distal location from a proximal location. The introducer comprises a retrograde portion, an anterograde portion axially moveable relative to the retrograde portion, a shaft having a distal tip and an anterograde sheath attached to the
7329531 Blood-tight implantable textile material and method of making February 12, 2008
An unmodified textile material is combined with a mixture including a non-colloidal polysaccharide slurry to form a blood-tight implantable textile material. A substantially porous unmodified textile material is impregnated with a biocompatible, bioresorbable slurry to make an implan
7329234 Self-occluding catheter February 12, 2008
A self-occluding catheter includes a body portion for connection to extracorporeal equipment. An elongated tubular extension is provided for insertion into a body cavity. The body portion includes a resiliently biased spool supported therein which is slidable between an open and a cl
7323233 Sheath materials and processes January 29, 2008
Sheath materials and processes are disclosed. For example, hypotube sheaths and processes of making hypotube sheaths are disclosed. Devices and systems, including medical devices and systems, such as catheters, containing hypotube sheaths are also disclosed.
7318801 Method for treating fecal incontinence January 15, 2008
A method for treating fecal incontinence in a body of a mammal having a rectum formed by a rectal wall extending to an anus wherein the rectal wall includes a sphincter muscle surrounding the anus. At least one nonaqueous solution is introduced into the rectal wall in the vicinity of
7316645 Method for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease January 8, 2008
A method for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease in a body of a mammal is provided. At least one nonaqueous solution is introduced into the wall in the vicinity of the lower esophageal sphincter. A nonbiodegradable solid is formed from the at least one nonaqueous solution in the
7314448 Imaging transducer assembly January 1, 2008
An improved medical imaging device assembly includes an imaging transducer coupled to the distal end of a drive shaft, and a conductive wire is wrapped around a distal portion of the drive shaft, wherein the conductive wire reinforces the imaging device assembly. In one embodiment, t
7311674 End effector assembly cap and tissue removal device and related methods December 25, 2007
Embodiments of the invention include a cap for a medical device. The cap includes a body defining a cavity configured to accommodate at least a portion of an end effector assembly of the medical device, and a tissue removal portion attached to the body and configured to remove a tissue
7311031 Braided stent and method for its manufacture December 25, 2007
A stent includes regions of differing numbers of braided filaments to provide different dimensions and/or properties in different regions along the stent length. The stent may include a first and second plurality of braided filaments each braided together. The second plurality of braided
7308985 Packaging for a kit, and related methods of use December 18, 2007
Embodiments of the invention include a packaging for a medical kit. The packaging includes a bottom configured to receive a plurality of medical products and a top having at least one protrusion extending therefrom. The bottom and the top are shaped so that the bottom receives the top
7306561 Systems and methods for automatic time-gain compensation in an ultrasound imaging system December 11, 2007
The systems and methods described herein provide for automatic time-gain compensation of an ultrasound image with an image processing algorithm. A method of automatic time-gain compensation is provided where ultrasound image data is obtained comprising a plurality of echogenic data sets,
7303528 Serialization of single use endoscopes December 4, 2007
A system, device and method for serializing and authorizing a single use imaging device are provided. In one embodiment, the invention provides a single use imaging device comprising a memory having a stored code that includes a unique serial identifier. In another embodiment, the invent
7302289 Readable probe array for in-vivo use November 27, 2007
A disposable high density optically readable polydeoxynucleotide array with integral fluorescence excitation and fluorescence emission channels is described. The compact array size allows integration into several types of interventional devices such as catheters, guidewires, needles,
7294214 Medical devices November 13, 2007
Alloy compositions suitable for fabricating medical devices, such as stents, are disclosed. In certain embodiments, the compositions have small amounts of nickel, e.g., the compositions can be substantially free of nickel.
7294125 Methods of delivering energy to body portions to produce a therapeutic response November 13, 2007
The invention relates to methods of applying energy to various body portions to produce a therapeutic response. According to embodiments, the applied energy is ultrasound and may be delivered by an ultrasound focusing device deployed in the body, for example, by using an endoscope. T
7285132 Polymer coated stent October 23, 2007
A tubular intraluminal prosthesis includes a PTFE or ePTFE tubular structure such as a graft, and a tubular diametrically deformable stent circumferentially surrounding the tubular structure. The diametrically deformable stent includes a polymeric coating which allows for attachment
7276043 Occlusion-resistant catheter October 2, 2007
A catheter comprises an elongated tube having an interior defined by a sidewall having openings. At least a portion of the catheter is spirally formed into a corkscrew pattern or has an inwardly spiraling portion with at least one opening coincident therewith. Additionally or alternative
7273452 Vision catheter system including movable scanning plate September 25, 2007
A disposable imaging catheter that produces high resolution, color images comparable to those obtained from an endoscope. The device may also be made to function as a guidewire. The device may also include a sheath which slides over the catheter body for stiffening and which may include
7264631 Devices and methods for AAA management September 4, 2007
A device is provided for endoluminal delivery of a luminary graft. As applied in the vascular system, the device comprises a catheter configured to be advanced endovascularly to a graft location. A generally tubular temporary stent having a distal end and a proximal end is tapered an
7264001 Guidewire exit tool September 4, 2007
A guidewire exit tool includes a pin that is insertable into a guidewire channel of a rapid exchange-type catheter. The pin has at least one tapered end that urges a guidewire out of a slit in guidewire channel. In one embodiment the exit tool has an oval handle that is angled with r
7258681 Angiographic fluid control system August 21, 2007
An automated fluid control system for controlling fluid flow between a catheter, a saline supply, a contrast supply and an injector is disclosed. Pinch valves are provided in the saline input and output lines and contrast input and output lines. A controller is linked to the pinch va
7255711 Endovascular apparatus August 14, 2007
Percutaneous treatment of aortic aneurysms and like vascular anomalies by an apparatus and method wherein the apparatus is delivered via catheter and comprises a sleeve with at least one peripheral conduit which is caused to assume an expanded, rigid configuration by the introduction of
7254282 Systems and methods for transforming video images using fast visual interpolation August 7, 2007
In an image gathering and display system, data is interpolated by gathering non-interpolated input data and formatting that data such that a user of the data can interpolate the data without requiring the image gathering and display system to perform the interpolation. A series of we

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