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SciMed Life Systems, Inc. Patents
SciMed Life Systems, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
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6689142 Apparatus and methods for guiding a needle February 10, 2004
A needle guiding apparatus includes a base, a guide assembly, and an imaging sight. The base defines an opening that extends through the base. The guide assembly includes at least one passage, and the guide assembly is disposed within the opening of the base. The guide assembly also is
6689119 Self-aligning medical device February 10, 2004
A self-centering or alignment system for catheter or other medical treatment devices. The system includes magnets on interacting elongate devices to separate and align the elongate devices for use. The interactive elongate devices can include a guide catheter and treatment catheter o
6689098 Occlusion device February 10, 2004
An occlusion device for occluding a body conduit including an elongate tubular shaft having an inflatable balloon disposed near the elongate shaft distal end and a proximal seal having a sufficiently small profile to allow a second catheter to pass over the distal occlusion device while
6689047 Treating urinary incontinence February 10, 2004
A surgical device for use in a minimally invasive procedure to treat urinary incontinence can include a dilator coupled to a curved needle at one end and a sling at the opposite end. Urinary incontinence can be treated minimally invasively. One treatment includes positioning the sling
6685745 Delivering an agent to a patient's body February 3, 2004
A medical stent provides an active agent to a patient's body while simultaneously maintaining an open passageway within the body of the patient. The stent includes a first segment, a second segment, a connecting segment disposed between the first and second segments, and the active a
6685744 Expandable ureteral stent February 3, 2004
An expandable ureteral stent placed in a patient's ureter so as to extend into the bladder of the patient. Expansion and contraction of the stent accommodates motion of the patient's kidney and bladder, gently holding the stent in position and reducing patient discomfort. The length of t
6685739 Implantable prosthetic valve February 3, 2004
A prosthetic valve for implantation within a fluid conducting lumen within a body includes an elongate generally cylindrical radially collapsible valve body scaffold defining a fluid passageway therethrough for retentive positioning within the lumen. A radially collapsible leaf valve mem
6685738 Braided endoluminal device having tapered filaments February 3, 2004
A stent comprising a plurality of continuous filaments braided together, at least one filament comprising a tapered filament having at least one first region having a first, relatively-larger cross-sectional area and at least one second region having a second, relatively-smaller cross-se
6685718 Expandable ablation burr February 3, 2004
An atherectomy burr has an operating diameter that is larger than the diameter of a catheter in which the burr is routed. The burr may include a polymeric balloon that is coated with an abrasive and that expands when the burr is rotated. When the burr is rotated, the polymeric tube expan
6685703 Generator and probe adapter February 3, 2004
An adapter to couple a dissimilar, normally incompatible radiotherapeutic probe and radio frequency generator includes an adapter body having a proximal connector to be coupled to the generator, a distal connector to be coupled to the dissimilar, normally incompatible radiotherapeutic
6685679 Interlocking metal shaft February 3, 2004
The present invention relates generally to catheters for performing medical procedures including percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. Moreover, the present invention relates to catheters with improved shaft designs, particularly improved flexibility, pushability, torquability,
6685653 Extension system for pressure-sensing guidewires February 3, 2004
An extension system for a pressure-sensing guidewire is disclosed. The guidewire includes an elongated tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end and a lumen extending between the proximal and distal ends. The guidewire also includes at least one opening disposed adjacent the dis
6685079 Full thickness resectioning device February 3, 2004
A full thickness resection device comprises a control handle including an actuator wherein, when the device is in an operative position within a body lumen of a patient, the control handle remains outside the patient's body and a working head assembly coupled to a control handle by a fle
6682771 Coating dispensing system and method using a solenoid head for coating medical devices January 27, 2004
System and method for coating a medical appliance are provided. In accord with one embodiment, a system for applying a coating to a medical appliance having accessible patterned surfaces is provided. The system may include: a processor, an appliance support, and a solenoid type fluid
6682493 High torque guidewire January 27, 2004
Alternative designs, materials and manufacturing methods for medical devices such as guidewires. Some embodiments are directed to a guidewire, including a core wire having a proximal portion and a distal portion, and an elongated distal assembly defining an inner lumen, the elongated dis
6679896 Transvaginal suture spacer devices and methods of use January 20, 2004
The present invention relates to suture spacers and methods for their use. More particularly, the present invention relates to devices which permit a surgeon to create a consistent amount of suture slack in a suture line when tying sutures under very tight space constraints including pro
6679894 Multiple hemoclip system for an endoscope January 20, 2004
Spring clips are arranged end to end in a cavity of an inner shaft. Such shaft slides within an outer shaft, and a pusher member slides in the cavity behind the clips. The clips have jaws biased together, but which are wedged apart by an opener as the pusher is moved distally. An opened
6679836 Universal programmable guide catheter January 20, 2004
A guide catheter apparatus that comprises the following: (a) a guide catheter portion that includes a plurality of electroactive polymer actuators disposed along its axial length and (b) a control unit coupled to the actuators and sending control signals to the actuators. The actuato
6679269 Systems and methods for conducting electrophysiological testing using high-voltage energy pulses January 20, 2004
Systems and methods for diagnosing and treating tissue transmit an electrical energy pulse that temporarily stuns a zone of tissue, temporarily rendering it electrically unresponsive. The systems and methods sense an electrophysiological effect due to the transmitted pulse. The syste
6676987 Coating a medical appliance with a bubble jet printing head January 13, 2004
System and method for coating a medical appliance is provided. In accord with one embodiment, a system for applying a coating to a medical appliance having accessible patterned surfaces is provided. This system may include: a processor, a support, and a bubble jet printing head having
6676682 Percutaneous catheter and guidewire having filter and medical device deployment capabilities January 13, 2004
The invention provides a nested tubing cannula which comprises outer and inner elongate tubular members, both having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen therebetween. The inner tubular member is sealed at its distal end and is nested substantially coaxially within the lumen of the
6676672 Single pull wire multiple band ligator January 13, 2004
A ligating band dispenser comprises a substantially cylindrical first support surface capable of holding a plurality of first ligating bands. The first support surface has a first channel extending substantially axially therethrough and a plurality of first slots extending away from a
6676667 Stent security balloon/balloon catheter January 13, 2004
A medical balloon is constructed with protrusions thereon to prevent unwanted movement of an expandable, implantable medical device such as a stent during delivery and deployment. At least some of the protrusions are underlying the expandable, implantable medical device to grip the e
6676666 Medical device delivery system with two sheaths January 13, 2004
A medical device delivery system is disclosed which has a distal inner sheath and a distal outer sheath covering a medical device mounting region and any medical device mounted thereon. The outer sheath is designed to retain the medical device for lengthy periods of time while the inner
6676659 Steerable sphincterotome and methods for cannulation, papillotomy and sphincterotomy January 13, 2004
The present invention relates to methods and devices for performing endoscopic cannulation, papillotomy and sphincterotomy and similar procedures. According to the present state of the art, endoscopic cannulation of the common bile duct and papillotomy and similar procedures are acco
6676640 Low profile retention system January 13, 2004
Medical devices for retaining an end of a medical tube. Each of the devices of the present invention comprises a base and at least one tab having a portion that is moveable within the base. The base comprises an upper surface, a lower surface, at least one side cavity for receiving a tab
6676624 Drainage devices and methods January 13, 2004
A ureteral drainage stent is designed to be placed in a patient's ureter and extend into a patient's bladder. An elongated tubular segment includes a distal retention structure for placement in the renal cavity, and a proximal retention structure constructed at least partly from a foam
6676623 Drainage devices and methods January 13, 2004
A ureteral drainage stent is designed to be placed in a patient's ureter and extend into a patient's bladder. An elongated tubular segment includes a distal region for placement in the renal cavity, and a proximal region for placement in a urinary bladder. A central lumen connects at lea
6676590 Catheter system having tubular radiation source January 13, 2004
A radiation source for inhibiting restenosis including a radiation delivery tube having a radioactive distal region, the tube being adapted to slide over a guide wire within a radiation delivery catheter. One tube has radioactive material incorporated into the tube wall material. Another
6673302 Wet processing method for catheter balloons January 6, 2004
A process for blowing a balloon from a tubular parison of a thermoplastic polymer material by radially expanding the parison at an elevated temperature and pressure, the process characterized in that: a) the polymer material includes a "H-bonding" polymer which undergoes interchain hy
6673290 Electrode structure for heating and ablating tissue and method for making and assembling the sam January 6, 2004
Methods of manufacturing cellulosic structures, e.g., for use in expandable-collapsible electrode assemblies for diagnostic and/or therepeutic electrophysiology devices, are disclosed. One such preferred method includes providing a mandrel having a head portion and a neck portion, th
6673104 Magnetic stent January 6, 2004
An implantable medical device for intra lumenal support of a body lumen wherein at least a portion of the implantable medical device comprises at least one magnetic material.
6673103 Mesh and stent for increased flexibility January 6, 2004
A composite stent-graft tubular prosthesis includes an inner PTFE tubular structure, an outer PTFE tubular structure positioned about the inner PTFE tubular structure and a diametrically deformable stent interposed between the inner and outer PTFE tubular structures. The interposed stent
6673090 Percutaneous catheter and guidewire for filtering during ablation of myocardial or vascular tiss January 6, 2004
An ablation catheter system for capturing and removing necrotic tissue and thrombi generated during an ablative procedure is disclosed. The catheter typically includes an elongate member, a filtration assembly disposed within the distal region, and an ablation instrument at the distal en
6673080 Retrieval basket with releasable tip January 6, 2004
A medical retrieval device is used to retrieve and/or fragment stones (and/or other objects) from the body of a patient. The device has a retrieval basket with a releasable tip. The tip release is designed to release in a controlled pre-determined manner and under a predetermined for
6673058 Temporary dilating tip for gastro-intestinal tubes January 6, 2004
A percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy device comprises a removable, dilating tip. The tip is located at the distal end of the device and provides for tissue dilation upon entry of the device into the body of a patient. The tip is lubricious and biodegradable. The tip is removable by
6673053 Hydrophilic lubricity coating for medical devices comprising an antiblock agent January 6, 2004
The present invention relates to a medical device for insertion into the body wherein said device has at least one surface which periodically comes into contact with a second surface, the first surface comprising a lubricious hydrophilic coating disposed thereon, said hydrophilic coating
6669980 Method for spray-coating medical devices December 30, 2003
A method for spray-coating a medical device by using a nozzle apparatus having a chamber that is connected to at least one opening for dispensing a coating formulation. Such method comprises (a) grounding the surface of the medical device that is to be coated and (b) applying a coating
6669886 Reinforced catheter and method of manufacture December 30, 2003
A catheter shaft is disclosed that may reduce the thickness of the inner layer and/or may allow the reinforcing layer to share the same space as the inner lubricious layer. In one illustrative embodiment, the inner lubricious layer is removed altogether, and an inner tubular braid member
6669723 Stent having variable properties and method of its use December 30, 2003
A stent and method of its use, the stent in its expanded configuration, exhibiting varying outward radial force along its length. In use, the expanded stent is of a tapered configuration which provides greater force in vessel regions requiring greater force and less force in regions
6669713 Implantable tissue fastener and system for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease December 30, 2003
A system including an implantable fastener for fastening layers of tissue is disclosed. In one embodiment, the fastener includes a proximal anchor member and a distal anchor member each being movable from a reduced profile position to a deployed position. The anchor members are mesh
6669706 Thin soft tissue surgical support mesh December 30, 2003
A soft and pliable surgical support mesh exhibiting increased resistance to inhabitation of infectious matter. The mesh includes a support trellis formed of multifilament yarns wherein the interstitial voids located between the filaments of said yarns are enclosed within an infection
6669691 Epicardial myocardial revascularization and denervation methods and apparatus December 30, 2003
Electrophysiological methods and apparatus are disclosed. An exemplary myocardial treatment method includes the steps of positioning an electrode on the epicardial surface of a ventricle and transmitting energy from the electrode, through the epicardial surface and into the ventricular w
6666864 Electrophysiological probes having selective element actuation and variable lesion length capabi December 23, 2003
An apparatus having a support structure, a plurality of longitudinally spaced conductive regions, and an actuation device including at least one electrical contact located within the support structure and movable between respective positions where the one electrical contact is in ele
6666863 Device and method for percutaneous myocardial revascularization December 23, 2003
Devices and methods for performing percutaneous myocardial revascularization (PMR) are disclosed. A PMR system in accordance with the present invention includes a first electrode disposed proximate the end of a catheter, a second electrode adapted for connection to the body of a pati
6666858 Cryo balloon for atrial ablation December 23, 2003
The present invention pertains generally to the field of cryo balloon therapy and the use of cryo balloon therapy catheters to generate cold-induced lesions. The present invention includes a cryo balloon therapy apparatus, comprising a catheter having a proximal and a distal end, a c
6666853 Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter December 23, 2003
A low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter, such as a gastrostomy feeding tube. In one embodiment, the adaptor comprises a body, a clamp and a cap. The body includes a base portion and a sleeve portion, the base portion being dimensioned to engage the skin of a patient and
6666817 Expandable surgical implants and methods of using them December 23, 2003
Disclosed herein are expandable surgical implants that may be expanded one or more times by directly or indirectly uncinching one or more expansion loops. Use of the expandable surgical implant permits a physician to expand, with minimal invasion, a surgical implant that was over-tension
6663660 Stent delivery system having stent securement apparatus December 16, 2003
A system/assembly for delivery and deployment of an inflation expandable stent within a vessel, comprising a catheter having proximal and distal ends; a stent, inflation expandable from a delivery diameter to a deployment diameter, such that the delivery diameter is reduced from the
6663645 Device for controlled endoscopic penetration of injection needle December 16, 2003
An endoscopic needle device includes a handle and a catheter sheath connected to the handle, wherein the catheter sheath has at least one lumen, for example a needle lumen and a stabilization lumen, extending therethrough. A needle is selectively movable within the needle lumen betwe
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