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SciMed Life Systems, Inc. Patents
SciMed Life Systems, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
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6783542 Crimpable balloon/stent protector August 31, 2004
A protective sleeve for a catheter assembly comprising a tubular member composed of a first material. The first material having a first predetermined modulus of elasticity. The tubular member having at least one stripe of a second material engaged thereto. The second material having
6780849 Lipid-based nitric oxide donors August 24, 2004
Novel nitric-oxide releasing lipid molecules are provided which comprise a lipid molecule selected from (a) phosphoglycerides, (b) lipids having a sphingosine base as a backbone, (c) monoacylglyerols, (d) diacylglycerols, (e) glycosylacylglycerols, wherein the lipid molecole is provided
6780261 Method of manufacturing an implantable stent having improved mechanical properties August 24, 2004
A metallurgical process for producing a metallic implantable medical device, such as a stent, in a condition wherein the metallic alloy of the device has improved mechanical properties. The starting material is formed into an oversized tube which is drawn to finished outer diameter. The
6780196 Removable occlusion system for aneurysm neck August 24, 2004
A system for treating an aneurysm in a vessel includes a delivery device having a delivery portion suitable for delivery of embolic material. The delivery device is placed in a neck of the aneurysm and an expandable member is placed proximate the neck. The expandable member is expanded t
6777647 Combination laser cutter and cleaner August 17, 2004
A system for processing a work piece comprises a laser jet mechanism having a laser and a fluid source. The laser is constructed and arranged to transmit laser energy to the work piece and the fluid source is constructed and arranged to direct a fluid stream to the work piece. The la
6776949 Polymer welding using ferromagnetic particles August 17, 2004
An apparatus and method for bonding polymeric materials is provided. The apparatus and method both utilize ferromagnetic materials in association with the polymeric materials to be bonded together. The polymeric materials, and the ferromagnetic material, are placed within a magnetic
6776945 Medical device with extruded member having helical orientation August 17, 2004
An elongate polymer member having molecular helical orientation formed by rotation immediately after passing through the extrusion head. The elongate polymer member is rotated downstream of the extrusion head in the molten state prior to solidification in order to impart the molecular
6776793 Longitudinally flexible expandable stent August 17, 2004
Stent comprised of a plurality of serpentine bands of different frequencies and/or amplitudes.
6776774 Hemostasis gasket valve August 17, 2004
An improved vascular introducer sheath having a hemostasis valve assembly which provides tailored distribution of compressive forces along one of the top and bottom edges of each slit to avoid puckering of the slit(s) and to provide balanced performance in terms of bi-directional sealing
6774985 Stent manufacturing apparatus August 10, 2004
An apparatus for imprinting a stent configuration image from a mask form onto a tubular stent blank. The stent blank has a longitudinal axis and a photosensitive coating on the outer surface thereof. The apparatus includes a journaling mechanism adapted to receive the stent blank, and
6773453 Method and apparatus for intraluminally implanting an endovascular aortic graft August 10, 2004
An intraluminal prosthesis for intraluminal repair of body conduits, especially aortic aneurysms, is disclosed. The prosthesis includes a generally tubular, flexible graft (20) having a proximal open end (30) and at least one distal open end (31) terminating in a hem (33). A stent (21)
6772000 Magnetic resonance imaging devices with a contrast medium for improved imaging August 3, 2004
Described herein is a medical device, such as a catheter or guidewire, which comprises an elongate body, a MRI imaging sensor and a contrast medium contained within the medical device, the contrast medium enhancing the MRI image of body tissue. The contrast medium may be contained or
6770101 Prostatic stent and delivery system August 3, 2004
A collapsible and expandable stent includes a body segment, first and second terminal ends spaced apart from each other, a substantially smooth wall and a lumen extending between the first and second ends. The device can be used for maintaining the patency of the prostatic urethra in a m
6770090 Anatomically curved graft for implantation at the aortic arch August 3, 2004
An implantable textile prosthesis which is anatomically curved to substantially match the natural curvature of the aortic arch in a human being or patient is provided. The first woven section is arched define an apical region and to conform generally to an aortic arch of a human pati
6770088 Intravascular stent August 3, 2004
A stent in a non-expanded state has a first and second expansion column, each consisting of a plurality of expansion strut pairs. An expansion strut pair includes a first expansion strut, a second expansion strut and a joining strut that couples the first and second expansion struts at o
6770086 Stent covering formed of porous polytetraflouroethylene August 3, 2004
A porous polytetrafluoroethylene substrate is used in an endoprosthesis device. An elongate radially expandable tubular stent is also included with the porous PTFE substrate, and form the endoprosthetic device. A method of making the porous polytetrafluoroethylene entails a novel method
6770027 Robotic endoscope with wireless interface August 3, 2004
An endoscope apparatus and method of operating the same. The endoscope apparatus comprises an endoscope portion and a control and display unit. The endoscope portion preferably comprises: (i) a sensor disposed at a distal end of the endoscope portion and providing endoscope data; (ii) on
6769161 Radial stent crimper August 3, 2004
A stent crimper comprising a plurality of crimping members extending between a first support and a second support. The first and optionally the second supports has an opening therethrough sized to allow a stent therethrough. The first and second supports extend from a base. The crimp
6767338 Variable tip catheter July 27, 2004
A therapeutic catheter is provided. This therapeutic catheter may include an outer tube with a distal piercing end and a first lumen which may have a stop positioned within it. The first lumen may also have a plug positioned within it wherein the stop may have an inside diameter smaller
6764710 Light emitting markers for use with substrates July 20, 2004
A method of determining whether a substrate has been subjected to an energy source. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of providing a polymeric surface, providing a light emitting material having a specified emission spectrum that changes upon exposure to an energy source o
6764709 Method for making and measuring a coating on the surface of a medical device using an ultraviole July 20, 2004
This invention relates to a method for manufacturing an implantable medical device, having a surface covered with a coating that can include a desired amount of a biologically active material, using an ultraviolet (UV) laser. The invention also pertains to a method for manufacturing an i
6764519 Ureteral stent July 20, 2004
A ureteral stent is designed to be placed within a patient's ureter to facilitate drainage from the patient's kidneys to the bladder. An elongated portion of the stent includes a length sufficient to extend substantially within the ureter from the kidney to the bladder, and the elong
6764504 Combined shaped balloon and stent protector July 20, 2004
A stent delivery catheter comprising a catheter shaft and balloon engaged thereto. The balloon being inflatable from a first inflation state to a first expanded state as well as to a second expanded state. The balloon having a stent mounting region for retaining and delivery of a stent
6764484 C-channel to o-channel converter for a single operator exchange biliary catheter July 20, 2004
A catheter system for use during biliary procedures, including a first elongate member carrying a guidewire lumen, and a channel extending longitudinally along the member which provides access to the guidewire lumen and defines two edge surfaces. A second elongate member is also incl
6764461 Catheter system for the delivery of a low volume bolus July 20, 2004
A catheter system includes a catheter having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending therein. An administering portion is disposed at the distal end of the catheter and is configured to administer a bolus of liquid in response to positive pressure in a distal portion of the l
6764450 Method and apparatus for intravascular two-dimensional ultrasonography July 20, 2004
A catheter is provided for insertion in the he blood vessel of a patient for ultrasonically imaging the vessel wall. The catheter includes a tubular element and an internally housed drive cable for effective circumferential scan about the catheter of an ultrasonic generating means. B
6763559 Cold drawing process of polymeric yarns suitable for use in implantable medical devices July 20, 2004
The present invention provides for a method of cold drawing polymeric yarns suitable for use in implantable medical devices, such as vascular grafts. The method of the present invention produces cold drawn polymeric yarns that have a substantially uniform linear density and a highly orie
6762282 High yield S-nitrosylation process July 13, 2004
A method for producing a S-nitrosylated species is provided. The method comprises: (a) providing a deoxygenated, alkaline aqueous solution comprising a thiol and a nitrite-bearing species; (b) acidifying the solution by adding acid to the solution while concurrently mixing the soluti
6761717 Multifilar flexible rotary shaft and medical instruments incorporating the same July 13, 2004
A multifilar flexible rotary shaft includes a plurality of individual filaments which are not wound around each other or around a central core, a loose ensemble of filaments. The input ends of each filament are coupled to each other and the output ends of each filament are coupled to eac
6761703 Catheter incorporating a high column high column strength distal tip region July 13, 2004
A catheter is disclosed providing a balloon catheter having a distal tip that is flexible while additionally incorporating high column strength. The present invention additionally provides a distal tip region that accommodates for various sized guidewires. In preferred embodiments, the
6761685 Controllable endoscopic sheath apparatus and related method of use July 13, 2004
A controllable sheath for optimizing the control of surgical instruments at the operation site includes a flexible sheath surrounding an endoscope and including a lumen extending along the walls of the sheath and adjacent to the endoscope. The lumen permits the passage of surgical instru
6758841 Percutaneous access July 6, 2004
Medical devices and related methods enable physicians and/or other medical personnel to access percutaneously the interior of a patient. One particular device includes a housing which defines a cavity, a first opening into the cavity, and a second opening into the cavity. The housing
6756094 Balloon structure with PTFE component June 29, 2004
A medical balloon having a high burst strength and the ability to return to its preinflation diameter following repeated inflation may be prepared from a first inner layer of material, a second intermediate layer of expanded PTFE and a third outer layer of material.
6755847 Emboli capturing device and method of manufacture therefor June 29, 2004
An intravascular filter device comprising a frame having an open configuration and a closed configuration, the frame comprising a plurality of elongate members each having a proximal end and a distal end, and a proximal region and a distal region and being fixedly connected at the pr
6755781 Medical slings June 29, 2004
A medical sling is made from material that is in a shape suitable for use in a medical application. One or more cuts are disposed in the material. The width of the sling remains substantially constant when the sling is exposed to substantially longitudinal tensioning force in connection
6752829 Stent with channel(s) for containing and delivering a biologically active material and method fo June 22, 2004
An implantable stent prosthesis comprises a sidewall and at least one channel for containing a biologically active material. A method for making such stent prosthesis is also disclosed. In the method, at least one tube or mandrel is placed in contact with a covering material on a stent a
6752828 Artificial valve June 22, 2004
Method and apparatus implementing and using techniques for controlling flow in a body lumen, including use of an implantable medical device. The device includes a membrane implantable in a body lumen and invertably deformable between a first position and a second position. The membrane i
6752825 Nested stent apparatus June 22, 2004
A stent delivery catheter comprises an inner member having a first stent disposed thereabout and a second stent disposed about the first stent. The catheter further comprises a first retractable sheath between the first stent and the second stent, and a second retractable sheath disposed
6752814 Devices for minimally invasive pelvic surgery June 22, 2004
Guide member placement devices are provided herein. The guide member placement devices of the invention are particularly useful for blunt dissection and introduction of a guide member into a body in a minimally invasive manner. The disclosed guide member placement devices are also us
6752811 Laser-resistant medical retrieval device June 22, 2004
A medical device used for retrieving material from within a body includes an engaging assembly in which at least a portion of the engaging assembly is resistant to laser energy-induced damage.
6752806 Unrollable tip for a catheter June 22, 2004
An integrated catheter assembly for enabling diverse endoscopic in situ therapies. The assembly includes a catheter with an irrigation fluid lumen, a distal electrode tip portion that acts as a hemostat, and a cutting wire for making incisions in or ablating tissue. A cutting wire hu
6752752 Multi-source x-ray catheter June 22, 2004
A multi-source x-ray/catheter delivers x-rays to a selected site within a body lumen. The x-ray sources are independently operable so that only the x-ray sources adjacent the target site generate x-rays during the procedure.
6749617 Catheter and implants for the delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues June 15, 2004
A catheter is provided for delivering implants including therapeutic agents to tissues. The catheter is advanceable intra-luminally to place the implants. In one embodiment, the implants include a liquid carrier and therapeutic agent for infusion into the tissue. In another embodiment, a
6749601 Protective sleeve for an endoscopic instrument and related method of use June 15, 2004
A protective sleeve for use with an endoscopic surgical instrument is provided. The protective sleeve includes a flexible tube having an opening at each end of the tube and a length to cover a desired portion of the surgical instrument. At one end of the tube may be an elastic band that
6749556 Electroactive polymer based artificial sphincters and artificial muscle patches June 15, 2004
Provided are artificial muscle patches, which are adapted to be implanted adjacent a patient's heart, and artificial sphincter cuffs, which are adapted to be implanted around a body lumen, such as the urethra, the anal canal, or the lower esophagus. The devices of the present invention
6749344 Connection apparatus for optical coherence tomography catheters June 15, 2004
An optical catheter connection system is described which has two mating assemblies: a motor unit and an optical catheter connector. The optical catheter connector mates to the motor unit for coupling optical signal into and out of a catheter optical fiber and providing drive torque to th
6748953 Method for thermal treatment of type II endoleaks in arterial aneurysms June 15, 2004
A method and apparatus that facilitates the prevention of type II endoleaks in stent-graft treated arterial aneurysmal sacs comprising a catheter having an elongate tubular body with a balloon or wire mesh basket attached to the body adjacent its distal end. The balloon preferably co
6748258 Method and devices for heart treatment June 8, 2004
Various methods and devices for treating a patient who has lost, or is at risk of losing cardiac function by cardiac ischemia are disclosed. Treatment includes first imaging a patient's heart, or a portion thereof, to identify underperfused regions of cardiac muscle, and a source of
6746479 Stent cell configurations including spirals June 8, 2004
The invention is directed to an expandable stent which is longitudinally flexible in both the unexpanded and expanded conditions. The stent includes spiral structures which at least partially unwind upon expansion of the stent to limit stent recoil. Regions of low strain in the stent
6746475 Stent with variable stiffness June 8, 2004
A graftless prosthetic stent for treatment of vascular lesions such as aneurysms and arterio-venous fistulas, especially in neurovascular vessels, comprises a continuous helical ribbon formed of a shape-retaining metal having a transition temperature at which the stent expands from its
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