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D560014 Reading light January 15, 2008
8582943 Side-emitting step index fiber November 12, 2013
Between core and cladding, the side-emitting step index fibers have scattering centers that ensure the coupling out of light from the fiber. The side-emitting step index fibers are produced by preforms that contain inlay rods, in which the scattering centers are embedded and which are
8573194 Arrangement for reflection of heat radiation, process of making same and uses of same November 5, 2013
The heat reflecting arrangement with an improved high heat resistance, e.g. 100 hours at C., includes a substrate, a heat reflecting layer (A) on at least one side of the substrate, which contains indium tin oxide (ITO), and a barrier layer (B) that covers the heat reflecting
8568550 Method for the production of a protection device October 29, 2013
A method for the production of protection devices is provided. The method includes the step of providing a tile package. The provision of the tile package includes the steps of: laminating at least one board of a tile material onto a polymer foil; scoring the board on the side which is
8299706 Hermetic encapsulation of organic, electro-optical elements October 30, 2012
A process for producing increased service life of organic, electro-optical elements is provided. The process includes the steps of: providing a substrate, applying a first conductive layer, applying at least one layer that includes at least one organic, electro-optical material, appl
8293059 Method for generating a glass ceramic composite structure October 23, 2012
A method for making glass ceramic composite structures, wherein a first and at least a second glass component, with an intermediate layer of a joining solder consisting of glass placed between them, are assembled to form a raw composite structure, wherein the joining solder has a rad
8283270 Boron-poor neutral glass with titanium and zirconium oxides October 9, 2012
The neutral glass according to the present invention is characterized by excellent hydrolytic stability, a relatively low processing temperature and low content of boron oxide. Here, the neutral glass has the following composition, in percent by weight based on oxide content: SiO.sub.2,
8283269 Solarization-resistant glass composition having a UV-cutoff with a definite transmittance gradi October 9, 2012
The borosilicate glass with improved solarization-resistance has a transmittance curve within an area bounded by respective curves defined by the corresponding equations .tau.=1.7(.lamda.-277) and .tau.=1.6(.lamda.-284) in a wavelength range of 283 nm to 325 nm. This glass has a comp
8283268 Metal colloid-colored glass ceramic and colorless glass convertible into same October 9, 2012
The colorless transparent colloid-former-containing glass that is convertible into a colorless transparent glass ceramic or a metal colloid-colored glass ceramic via respective heat treatments contains a combination of one or more metal colloid formers and one or more redox partners.
8276514 Metal fixing material bushing and method for producing a base plate of a metal fixing material b October 2, 2012
A glass-to-metal bushing for ignitors of airbags or belt tensioning pulleys. A metal pin is arranged in a slot in the base plate in the fixing material, the base plate being formed by one element whereby the base geometry describing the slot is produced by at least one separation pro
8273671 Glass material for radio-frequency applications September 25, 2012
A glass material for producing insulation layers is provided. The glass material can improve the radio-frequency properties of radio-frequency substrates or radio-frequency conductor arrangements. In one embodiment, the glass material for producing insulation layers for radio-frequency
8268739 X-ray opaque barium-free glasses and uses thereof September 18, 2012
Zirconium-containing BaO- and PbO-free X-ray opaque glasses having a refractive index n.sub.d of about 1.57 to about 1.61 and a high X-ray opacity with an aluminum equivalent thickness of at least about 400% are provided. Such glasses are based on a SiO.sub.2--Al.sub.2O.sub.3--La.sub
8268065 X-ray opaque barium-free glasses and uses thereof September 18, 2012
Zirconium-containing BaO- and PbO-free X-ray opaque glasses having a refractive index n.sub.d of about 1.518 to about 1.533 and a high X-ray opacity with an aluminum equivalent thickness of at least about 180% are provided. Such glasses are based on a
8267385 Holding device for fixing a substrate September 18, 2012
The invention relates to a holding device (1), especially for fixing a glass substrate during a cutting process. The holding device comprises a housing (2) and a plunger (3) which can be axially displaced in relation to the housing (2). The plunger has a first and a second end section (4
8263509 Glass-ceramic containing nanoscale barium titanate and process for the production thereof September 11, 2012
A process for the production of a glass-ceramic comprises the following steps: a) providing a mixture comprising at least SiO.sub.2, Al.sub.2O.sub.3, BaO and TiO.sub.2, b) melting the mixture in order to produce a glass phase, c) cooling the glass phase, and d) ceramicizing the gla
8233697 Method and device for generating digital still pictures of wafer-shaped elements during a produc July 31, 2012
A method and device generate digital still pictures of wafer-shaped elements, such as wafers or solar cells, which are transported in series on a conveyor belt during a production process. The device has a camera taking pictures of the wafer-shaped elements in sections step-by-step, in
8230700 Method of making a coated three-dimensionally shaped glass ceramic body, especially a fireplace July 31, 2012
The method produces a coated three-dimensionally shaped glass ceramic body, especially a viewing window pane, which is provided with a reflective, anti-reflective or partially reflective layer. The method includes coating a flat green glass body to produce a coated green glass body a
8211532 Fire-resistant glasses having UV-curable intermediate layer July 3, 2012
The transparent fire-resistant glazing has at least two glass or glass ceramic panes with a gap between them, which is filed with a UV-cured material made by curing a UV-curable material with UV radiation. The UV-curable material includes at least one bromine-containing flame retarda
8197711 Active optoceramics with cubic crystal structure, method of production of the optoceramics, and June 12, 2012
The transparent polycrystalline optoceramic has single grains with a symmetric cubic crystal structure and at least one optically active center. The optoceramic has the following formula: A.sub.2+xB.sub.yD.sub.zE.sub.7, wherein 0.ltoreq.x.ltoreq.1.1, 0.ltoreq.y.ltoreq.3, 0.ltoreq.z.l
8193073 Method for separating parts from a substrate June 5, 2012
An improved method for producing a plurality of parts (30) from a plate-type substrate (20) is disclosed, comprising the steps of: (a) laterally separating the parts (30) from a plate-type substrate (20) fixed on a first vacuum plate (3); (b) sucking the parts (30) on a first vacuum
8187682 Protective glass against ionizing radiation May 29, 2012
An element, particularly a transparent element, including at least one glass element, configured as a protective glass against ionizing radiation and/or UV radiation, wherein at least a portion of the surface of the glass element is covered by a film that includes a substance that ca
8181483 Processes for preparing electrically-conductive glass-ceramics May 22, 2012
Discloses are processes for preparing conductive glass-ceramics employ segregation or ion exchange.
8180482 Method for producing a rotationally symmetric lens from a ceramic green body and moulding tool f May 15, 2012
The method for producing at least one rotationally symmetrical lens consisting of an opto-ceramic includes the step of moulding a ceramic green body for the lens, wherein the mould has a shaping surface, which is described by the following equation B: .times..times..times..times..tim
8178595 X-ray opaque barium-free glasses and uses thereof May 15, 2012
Zirconium-containing BaO- and PbO-free X-ray opaque glasses having a refractive index n.sub.d of about 1.480 to about 1.517 and a high X-ray opacity with an aluminum equivalent thickness of at least about 180% are provided. Such glasses are based on a
8178451 Glass composition formulated for a glass-metal bond of a tube collector and glass-metal bond mad May 15, 2012
The glass-metal bond for a tube collector includes a glass tube and metal part bonded to the glass tube. In order to match the thermal expansion properties, the glass tube has the following composition: SiO.sub.2, 73-77 wt. %; B.sub.2O.sub.3, 6-<8 wt. %; Al.sub.2O.sub.3, 6-6.5 wt. %;
8171752 Device for electrically grounding a float glass production apparatus May 8, 2012
The float glass apparatus has a glass melt producing unit including a melting tank and a refining tank for the glass melt, a float tank including a metallic basin and metal bath contained in the basin, conducting devices for conducting the glass melt from the glass melt producing uni
8168693 X-ray opaque barium-free glasses and uses thereof May 1, 2012
Zirconium-containing BaO- and PbO-free X-ray opaque glasses having a refractive index n.sub.d of about 1.54 to about 1.58 and a high X-ray opacity with an aluminum equivalent thickness of at least about 500% are provided. Such glasses are based on a SiO.sub.2--B.sub.2O.sub.3--Al.sub.
8168553 Optical glass, method of making the optical glass, optical elements made with the optical glass May 1, 2012
The lead- and arsenic-free optical glass has a refractive index nd of 1.55.ltoreq.nd.ltoreq.1.64, an Abbe number .nu.d of, and a low transition temperature C., good producibility and processability, and crystallization stability. The op
8163392 Method for producing an electronic component passivated by lead free glass April 24, 2012
The method for producing glass-coated electronic components includes processing a lead-free glass with a liquid to form a suspension, applying the suspension on an electronic component body and subsequently sintering the component body with the suspension on it. The lead-free glass c
8158225 Production from the melt of a container made from glass April 17, 2012
The invention proposes a process for the production of a container made from glass, in the form of a hollow body open on both ends for pharmaceutical and medical applications, in particular in the form of a syringe barrel, where a glass drop (14) is dispensed from a melting unit, is
8147970 Anti-scratch coating, procedure for its production and use of same April 3, 2012
The invention concerns an anti-scratch coating on a substrate, comprising one or several anti-scratch means and a pH buffer system which has in a watery solution a pH value ranging from neutral to highly alkaline, especially a pH value ranging between app. 7 and app. 12, preferably a pH
8141387 Process of producing a glass-ceramic, the glass-ceramic made therby and its uses March 27, 2012
The process of making the glass-ceramic includes ceramicizing a starting glass at a heating or cooling rate during the ceramicization of at least 10 K/min, so that the glass-ceramic contains at least 50% by volume of ferroelectric crystallites with a maximum diameter of from 20 to 100 nm
8133068 Current connection apparatus for tanks March 13, 2012
A current connection apparatus for a pressure tank is provided. The current connection apparatus includes a tank flange mounted on a tank and an opening that leads into the tank. Electrical connection cables are installed in this opening for connecting with an external electrical app
8127681 Metal-sealing material-feedthrough and utilization of the metal-sealing material feedthrough wit March 6, 2012
The present invention relates to a metal-sealing material-feedthrough for igniters of airbags or belt tensioning devices, especially glass-metal-feedthrough, including at least one metal pin which is located in a feedthrough opening in the base body in a sealing material, wherein the
8123094 Method for cutting a continuous glass sheet during the production of flat glass February 28, 2012
In the method for cutting a continuously moving glass sheet with an inhomogeneous thickness distribution across the glass sheet, a cutting tool is moved across it at an angle to its travel direction to form a fissure and then the glass sheet is broken along the fissure. To avoid prem
8119502 Method for packaging components February 21, 2012
The invention relates to a method for the manufacture of packaged components. The invention is based here on the problem of facilitating the application of covers with lateral dimensions that are smaller than the lateral dimensions of the functional substrate. For this purpose, a pla
8114796 Fluorine-free optical glass February 14, 2012
The lead-free and fluorine-free optical glass has a refractive index of 1.60.ltoreq.n.sub.d.ltoreq.1.64 and an Abbe number of from 56.ltoreq.v.sub.d.ltoreq.64, a transformation temperature less than or equal to C., can be precise pressed and is stable to cystallization. T
8104309 Method and casting mold for manufacturing a quartz glass body January 31, 2012
The method provides an improved quartz glass body, especially an improved quartz glass crucible for melting non-metals, non-ferrous metals, or silicon. The quartz glass body is made by a method in which a quartz glass-water mixture is supplied to a gypsum casting mold comprising an o
8104237 Insulating glass element January 31, 2012
An insulating glass element for the at least partial delimitation of a combustion chamber, having at least two viewing panes, which have at least some areas a transparent glass or ceramic-glass material and are arranged spaced apart from each other while leaving an air chamber, and w
8101019 Method for producing a monocrystalline or polycrystalline semiconductor material January 24, 2012
In the method of making a monocrystalline or polycrystalline semiconductor material semiconductor raw material is introduced into a melting crucible and directionally solidified using a vertical gradient freeze method. The molten material trickles downward, so that the raw material t
8097837 Method of making interchangeable glass ceramic tops for a cooking stove January 17, 2012
In the method of manufacturing a cooking stove its stove top can be equipped with different glass ceramic tops, which each have at least one cooking area, which is heated by a radiant heating body cooperating with a temperature-limiting adjusting device, which limits a surface temper
8097341 Process for producing a wipe-proof antireflection layer on a borosilicate glass body January 17, 2012
A process for producing a wipe-proof anti-reflection layer on a borosilicate glass body is described, in which the borosilicate glass body is coated with a coating solution having a composition of 1-6% by weight of HCl, 0.5-7% by weight of SiO.sub.2 sol (solids content), 0.5-5% by we
8080490 Antimicrobial phosphate glass December 20, 2011
The invention relates to an antimicrobial phosphate glass having the following composition in percent by weight on an oxide basis: P.sub.2O.sub.5>66-80 percent by weight; SO.sub.30-40 percent by weight; B.sub.20.sub.3 0-1 percent by weight; Al.sub.2O.sub.3>6.2-10 percent by wei
8069689 Process and device for producing fire-polished gobs December 6, 2011
A levitation process for producing fire-polished gobs is provided. The process includes feeding a glass slug into a levitation mold and reducing a through-flow of the fluid between the glass slug and the levitation mold. The levitation mold includes a membrane of a porous material.
8067070 PICVD coating for plastic containers November 29, 2011
The invention relates to a composite material (1), to containers made therefrom and to a method for producing the composite material (1), which comprises a substrate (2) and a coating (3) on the substrate (2), wherein the coating (3) provides at least a first region (31) facing the s
8062753 Method for producing an optical component, optical component produced according to the method an November 22, 2011
An optical component having a diffractive element and/or refractive element is provided. The optical component includes a photosensitive glass and/or a photosensitive glass ceramic and a plurality of structures influencing propagation of light in at least a part of the photosensitive
8053381 Optically detectable, floatable arsenic- and antimony-free, glazable lithium-aluminosilicate gla November 8, 2011
An optically detectable, floatable arsenic- and antimony-free, glazable lithium-aluminosilicate glass that can be prestressed and the glass ceramic converted therefrom are described. The glass or the glass ceramic has a composition (in % by weight based on oxide) of essentially SiO.s
8039410 Core glass in the alkali-zinc-silicate glass system for an fiber-optic light guide and fiber-opt October 18, 2011
A core glass and a fiber-optic light guide made from it and a cladding glass are described. The core glass is in the alkali-zinc-silicate system and contains, in Mol % on an oxide basis: 54.5-65, SiO.sub.2; 18.5-30, ZnO; 8-20, .SIGMA. alkali metal oxides; 0.5-3, La.sub.2O.sub.3; 2-5,
8039407 Sintered glass ceramic and method for producing the same October 18, 2011
The invention provides a method for producing a glass ceramic comprising the steps of melting a starting glass that is free from alkali, except for incidental contamination, and that contains at least one garnet-forming agent and at least one oxide of a lanthanoid; grinding the start
8034186 Method for, and apparatus for, cleaning tubes October 11, 2011
The invention relates to a method of cleaning tubes, in which the tube is at least partially filled with a cleaning medium, wherein a cleaning medium is atomized, in which case the droplets of cleaning medium are accelerated, at least in part, essentially in the direction of a center
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