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8257633 Rotor of progressive cavity apparatus and method of forming September 4, 2012
Cast material rotor (200,300,500,800) with profiled helical outer surface (208,308,508,808). Cast material layer (502,802) can be disposed between core (504,804) and tube (506,806). Profiled helical outer surface (208,308) can be in tube 206 or cast material layer 302, respectively.
8257103 Submersible pothead system for use in a well application September 4, 2012
A technique enables protection of electrical conductors in a submerged environment, such as a wellbore environment. A connector system is deployed at the end of an electric cable to enable connection of the electric cable with a submersible component. The connector system comprises a
8256565 Enclosures for containing transducers and electronics on a downhole tool September 4, 2012
An enclosure for housing a transducer and electronics for disposal on a downhole tool. A transducer is disposed at an angle with respect to a longitudinal axis of the enclosure, wherein the enclosure contains a fluid surrounding the transducer. Enclosures also include transducers lin
8256518 Fail as is mechanism and method September 4, 2012
A technique enables failsafe control over actuators used to actuate downhole tools. The technique may utilize a well system having a tool with an adjustable member. An actuation mechanism serves as a fail-as-is mechanism and works in cooperation with the adjustable member. The actuat
8256283 Method of downhole characterization of formation fluids, measurement controller for downhole cha September 4, 2012
A downhole characterization apparatus for formation fluids is provided. The apparatus comprises a downhole tool including a flowline for flowing the formation fluids capable of isolating a quantity of the formation fluids in a portion thereof; and a pump unit for depressurizing the i
8256282 In situ determination of critical desorption pressures September 4, 2012
The critical desorption pressure is determined by pumping out an area within a well bore. As the pressure in that area is decreased, formation fluid from the surrounding rock matrix is drawn into the area. As the local pressure is decreased further, gaseous bubbles within the formation
8255816 Modifying a magnified field model August 28, 2012
An example method of modifying a model of a field includes presenting a representation of field data in a first window and receiving a selection of a portion of the representation of the field data. The method further includes presenting the portion of the representation in a second wind
8255164 Methods and systems for borehole seismic August 28, 2012
Methods and systems for determining reservoir parameters of subterranean formations. A tool is configured or designed for deployment at at least one depth in a borehole traversing a subterranean formation. The tool comprises at least one sensor configured or designed for sensing rota
8252730 Wellbore treatment fluid August 28, 2012
A water-based wellbore treatment fluid contains: one or more viscoelastic-gelling carboxylic acids and/or alkali metal salts thereof; and one or more solubilizing alkylolamines. The carboxylic acids and/or alkali metal salts and the alkylolamines are present in the fluid in respectiv
8251155 Method of running DTS measurements in combination with a back pressure valve August 28, 2012
A method of performing a wellbore operation at an oilfield comprises providing a bottom hole assembly comprising a backpressure valve on coiled tubing, deploying the bottom hole assembly into the wellbore with the coiled tubing, operating the backpressure valve to control a flow of f
8251143 Low permeability cement systems for steam injection application August 28, 2012
A cement slurry composition comprises a plugging agent with a glass-transition temperature lower than about C. The plugging agent is preferably an including polyethlene wax, polypropylene wax, carnauba wax or scale wax. After the cement slurry sets, it may be heated to a
8251140 Fluid monitoring and flow characterization August 28, 2012
A wireline logging tool and method for fluid monitoring and flow characterization in individual zones of controlled salinity is disclosed. The tool and method advantageously facilitate zone-specific testing. Sets of packers are used to create hydraulically distinct zones proximate to
8250904 Multi-stage injector for fluid analysis August 28, 2012
The present invention generally recites a method, system and apparatus for fluid analysis and more specifically recites a method system and apparatus for multistage injection of a fluid to be analyzed into a fluid analysis instrument.
8249842 Method, system and apparatus for numerical black oil delumping August 21, 2012
A method for black oil delumping is disclosed which comprises: converting a black oil wellstream into a compositional wellstream thereby enabling the composition and component molar rates of a production well in a black oil reservoir simulation to be reconstituted.
8249812 Characterizing an earth subterranean structure by iteratively performing inversion based on a fu August 21, 2012
To characterize an earth subterranean structure using a measurement assembly including electromagnetic (EM) receivers and one or more EM sources, measured voltage data collected by EM receivers in response to transmission by one or more EM sources is received. Based on a model, predi
8247355 Acidic viscosity enhancer for viscoelastic surfactant fluids August 21, 2012
The invention discloses method of treating a subterranean formation of a well bore, the method comprising: providing a treatment fluid comprising: an aqueous base fluid; a viscosity enhancer; and a viscoelastic surfactant, wherein the enhancer is acid in the aqueous base fluid and co
8245795 Phase wellbore steering August 21, 2012
A method of steering a drilling operation of a well using acoustic measurements. The method includes obtaining, using a central processing unit (CPU), a clean-wet matrix line for the well, where the clean-wet matrix line includes a number of normal compressional values, obtaining, us
8245782 Tool and method of performing rigless sand control in multiple zones August 21, 2012
A rigless sand-control tool string is for use in a wellbore having plural zones. The tool string includes plural flow port assemblies, and plural screen assemblies connected to corresponding circulation port assemblies. Each set of one of the flow port assemblies and one of the screen
8245781 Formation fluid sampling August 21, 2012
Formation testing via performing a first pumpout process to draw formation fluid at a wellbore position into the formation tester, discharging a treatment fluid from the formation tester into the formation at the same position, and drawing another formation fluid sample from the form
8245775 Wellbore consolidating tool for rotary drilling application August 21, 2012
A subpart of a drill string is described having an outer circumferential surface which is contoured and adapted to engage the wall of the borehole with a small angle of attack while exerting during rotary drilling operations an compacting pressure on mud cake and/or cuttings present in
8245572 System and method for analysis of well fluid samples August 21, 2012
A system and method facilitates the analysis and sampling of well fluid. A sampling and data collection device is used to detect well fluid properties in situ at a flowline installation. In an exemplary embodiment, the sampling and data collection device comprises a sample collection
8244509 Method for managing production from a hydrocarbon producing reservoir in real-time August 14, 2012
The invention relates to a method of performing an oilfield operation of an oilfield having at least one wellsite, each wellsite having a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation for extracting fluid from an underground reservoir therein. The method steps include obtaining a plu
8244473 System and method for automated data analysis and parameter selection August 14, 2012
System and method for automatic analysis and determination of a parameter. Measurement data are obtained from one or more sensors deployed to measure a desired parameter, the data being associated to identified locations. The measured data are processed to parse out the data obtained
8244471 Oilfield analysis system and method August 14, 2012
A system for analyzing an oilfield having at least one wellsite, each at least one wellsite having a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation for extracting fluid from an underground reservoir therein, that includes a data collection means for obtaining source data having a pluralit
8243550 Downhole communication method and system August 14, 2012
A system and method is provided for communicating with a device disposed in a wellbore. Signals are sent through the Earth via signal pulses. The pulses are created by a seismic vibrator and processed by a receiver disposed in the wellbore. The receiver is in communication with the d
8243549 Estimating seismic anisotropy of shales August 14, 2012
In general, in one aspect, the invention relates to a method for determining properties of a subterranean formation. The method includes obtaining a micro-mechanical model for modeling the subterranean formation as a plurality of particles having low aspect ratio pores therebetween,
8242318 Catalytic hydrogenation August 14, 2012
Catalytic hydrogenation of a double bond, notably a C.dbd.C or C.dbd.N double bond, is carried out using a homogenous catalyst which is a complex of rhodium or other transition metal containing at least one ligand which is a nitrogenous organic base. Preferably the complex is phospho
8241474 System and method for sensing using diamond based microelectrodes August 14, 2012
A method and system is disclosed for monitoring one or more characteristics associated with a fluid. An insulating layer comprising non-conducting diamond is positioned within a housing and has a surface exposed directly or indirectly to the fluid. A plurality of microelectrodes made
8240390 Method and apparatus for releasing a packer August 14, 2012
Disclosed herein are methods and apparatus for releasing a releasable packer. The apparatus may include shear screws, a mechanism for isolating the shear screw from a shearing force. The mechanism for isolating the shear screw from a shearing force is selectively unlockable to expose the
8240386 Method for treating well bore with polyurethane composition August 14, 2012
A method comprising providing a composition with at least one isocyanate including a blocking group able to be unblocked at or above a deblocking temperature, contacting the composition with an inactivated catalyst and at least one active hydrogen compound, exposing the composition to a
8240382 Constant pressure open hole water packing system August 14, 2012
A system for conveying fluid into a wellbore, including a tubular member, a packer, a hydrodynamic flow device, and a seal device. The tubular member is disposed in the wellbore through a first zone, a second zone, and a hydrocarbon producing zone of the wellbore. The packer is disposed
8240380 Polymers and nanoparticles formulations with shear-thickening and shear-gelling properties for o August 14, 2012
Compositions having shear-gelling and shear-thickening properties are based on an amphiphilic polymer combined with hydrophilic particles and polyethyleneoxide. The hydrophilic particles preferably consist of a hydrous sodium lithium magnesium silicate. The amphiphilic polymer may be
8240379 Shear-activated viscoelastic surfactant fluid and method August 14, 2012
A well treatment composition is formed from a fluid mixture of a viscoelastic surfactant and a liquid carrier fluid. The fluid mixture has rheological properties wherein the mixture exhibits shear-thickening behavior when the shear rate is increased from a first shear rate to a secon
8240378 Downhole characterization of formation fluid as a function of temperature August 14, 2012
A fluid analysis tool, and related method, comprising means for selectively varying a temperature of fluid received in a tool from a subterranean formation, means for measuring a temperature and a thermophysical property of the fluid received in the tool, and means for determining a
8240375 Field joint for a downhole tool August 14, 2012
A field joint for connecting a plurality of downhole tool modules is disclosed. The modules include a housing and an electrical line. A bulkhead is coupled to a first module that includes a first conduit aperture for receiving an electrical connector assembly. The first electrical co
8238194 Methods and systems for compressing sonic log data August 7, 2012
Methods for compression of sonic log data include STC processing, sorting peak components in the sonic data; filtering the sorted peak components to remove high-frequency portions in the peak components; and decimating the filtered peak components according to a selected ratio to produce
8237585 Wireless communication system and method August 7, 2012
A wireless communication system for use in well, subsea, and oilfield-related environments employs one or more wireless network devices that offer short-range wireless communication between devices without the need for a central network which may have a device using a BLUETOOTH proto
8237584 Changing communication priorities for downhole LWD/MWD applications August 7, 2012
In one aspect of the present invention, a method for tool string communication comprises the steps of providing a downhole tool string with at least two downhole LWD/MWD instruments in electrical communication with a downhole telemetry system. The instruments are capable of generatin
8237444 Electromagnetic logging apparatus and method August 7, 2012
An apparatus for investigating a geological formation surrounding a borehole including a logging tool moveable through the borehole, an electromagnetic probe 1 including a pad 2 mounted on the logging tool for engagement with the borehole by a wall-engaging face of the pad, at least
8236879 Cementing composition comprising within un-reacted cement August 7, 2012
Cementing compositions for use in oilfield applications are designed such that, after setting, a significant amount of cement remains unhydrated. After placement in a subterranean well, the unhydrated cement remains dormant. If the cement sheath becomes damaged, the unhydrated cement
8236100 Method of characterizing the self-healing properties of a set cement based material in contact w August 7, 2012
Methods of characterizing the self-healing properties of a set cement based material in contact with hydrocarbons in an oil- and/or gas-well are described. The methods comprise: providing a test cell (10); providing said test cell (10) with a sample (31, 40) of the set cement based m
8236099 Cement slurry with low water to cement ratio August 7, 2012
A cement slurry comprising a mixture of a cement blend and water, wherein the cement blend comprises at least about 70% by volume of blend of cementitious particulate material and water is present in the mixture in an amount of not more than 50% by volume of the slurry.
8235146 Actuators, actuatable joints, and methods of directional drilling August 7, 2012
The present invention recites a method and apparatus, wherein said methods and apparatus comprises an actuator comprising a first plate, a pocket extending through the first plate, the pocket in fluid communication with a pressurized fluid source and a second plate coupled to a compo
8235145 Gauge pads, cutters, rotary components, and methods for directional drilling August 7, 2012
The present invention recites a method, system and apparatus, wherein said method, system and apparatus comprises a gauge pad for a rotary component received within a borehole, the gauge pad comprising an exterior surface dimensioned for rotation in close proximity to the borehole, a
8235127 Communicating electrical energy with an electrical device in a well August 7, 2012
A completion system for use in the well includes a liner for lining the well, where the liner has a first inductive coupler portion. An electric cable extends outside an inner passage of the liner. The completion system further includes a second inductive coupler portion and an elect
8235115 Cement slurry with low water-to-cement ratio August 7, 2012
A cement slurry comprising a mixture of a cement blend and water, wherein the cement blend comprises at least about 70% by volume of blend of cementitious particulate material and water is present in the mixture in an amount of not more than 50% by volume of the slurry.
8235113 Method of improving recovery from hydrocarbon reservoirs August 7, 2012
A method of increasing the recovery of hydrocarbons from a highly fractured reservoir uses the steps of injecting into the reservoir a membrane-forming fluid to form a membrane over the surface of at least part of exposed formation, injecting into the reservoir a fluid to establish a
8235108 Swell packer and method of manufacturing August 7, 2012
A sealing member. The sealing member can include a support member having an inner bore and a plurality of apertures formed therethrough. An outer swellable element can be disposed about an outer diameter of the support member, and an inner swellable element can be disposed about an inner
8232803 Tool for electrical investigation of a borehole July 31, 2012
A tool 1 is used in electrical investigation of geological formations GF surrounding a borehole BH. The tool 1 is comprised in a string of tools TS. The tool 1 comprises a current injection section CIS and a current return section CRS. The string of tools TS comprises at least one other
8231947 Oilfield elements having controlled solubility and methods of use July 31, 2012
Oilfield elements are described, one embodiment comprising a combination of a normally insoluble metal with an element selected from a second metal, a semi-metallic material, and non-metallic materials; and one or more solubility-modified high strength and/or high-toughness polymeric

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