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Sugar Land, TX
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RE43188 Method and system for reducing effects of sea surface ghost contamination in seismic data February 14, 2012
An improved de-ghosting method and system that utilizes multi-component marine seismic data recorded in a fluid medium. The method makes use of two types of data: pressure data that represents the pressure in the fluid medium, such as sea water, at a number of locations; and vertical
RE39970 Downhole adjustable bent housing for directional drilling January 1, 2008
The present invention provides a hydraulically actuated downhole adjustable bent housing for use in directional drilling of bore holes and wells that allows adjustment of the housing from aligned to a bent configuration without raising or lowering the drillstring. The present inventi
RE39583 Multiple well tool control systems in a multi-valve well testing system having automatic control April 24, 2007
A multi-valve well testing system adapted to be disposed downhole in a borehole, includes a plurality of valves and a plurality of well tool control systems connected, respectively, to the plurality of valves and further includes an automatic control mode feature. The well testing sy
RE38578 Method and apparatus for cementing a well September 14, 2004
A method of cementing a well permitting a reduction in the degree of diameter reduction of casing or liners required, and not requiring excessively large initial conductor casing, is described. The method is characterized by provision of an enlarged wellbore and a novel liner structu
RE38129 Phase change analysis in logging method June 3, 2003
An improved method of fluid analysis in the borehole of a well. A fluid sampling tool is fitted with a pumpout module that can be used to draw fluids from the formation, circulate them through the instrument, and then expel this fluid to the borehole. It has been determined that certain
RE36012 Accelerator-based methods and apparatus for measurement-while-drilling December 29, 1998
Measurement-while-drilling apparatus includes a 14 MeV neutron accelerator, a near-spaced neutron detector which primarily senses source neutrons and whose output is proportional to source strength, one or more intermediately-spaced epithermal neutron detectors eccentered against the
RE34975 Ultrasonic measurement apparatus June 20, 1995
Pulse echo apparatus and methods are disclosed for measuring characteristics of a borehole while it is being drilled. A component of a bottomhole assembly, preferably a drilling collar, is provided with one or more ultra-sonic transceivers. A pulse echo sensor of the transceiver is p
RE32831 Apparatus for sealing a well casing January 17, 1989
A method and apparatus for sealing a well casing, when a length of production tubing is disposed within the well casing, utilizes a sealing means having a first diameter less than the diameter of the production tubing, and the sealing means is compressible to a second diameter which
RE32564 Apparatus for determining the resistivity of a subsurface earth formation at different lateral d December 15, 1987
Apparatus for investigating subsurface earth formations traversed by a borehole comprising a system of electrodes consisting of a central electrode A.sub.0 and four pairs of electrodes M.sub.1 -M'.sub.1, M.sub.2 -M'.sub.2, A.sub.1 -A'.sub.1, A.sub.2 -A'.sub.2 respectively short-circu
RE32336 Method and apparatus for conducting logging or perforating operations in a borehole January 27, 1987
A method and apparatus for conducting logging or perforating operation in a borehole, particularly a deviated borehole, includes lowering a length of drill pipe having the well-logging tool, or well bore perforator, releasably mounted thereon into the borehole. An extension member, which
RE31155 Pump down system for placing and retrieving subsurface well equipment February 22, 1983
A pump-down assembly for positioning and retrieving subsurface well equipment in a side pocket mandrel. The assembly is articulated to permit it to move through tubing curves and includes positioning and orienting means. Spring loaded latches in the positioning means mate only with c
RE30055 Apparatus for transmitting well bore data July 24, 1979
In the representative embodiments of the present invention described herein, a drilling mud is circulated through a drill string at a sufficient rate to effectively operate an impeller-driven electrical generator arranged on a tool coupled in the drill string for supplying power to d
RE29734 Well bore data-transmission apparatus with debris clearing apparatus August 15, 1978
In the representative embodiment of the apparatus of the present invention disclosed herein, a first ported or grooved cylindrical member is coaxially disposed within a drill string for directing drilling fluids flowing through the apparatus along one or more selected flow paths .[.t
RE29638 Pressure controlled test valve system for offshore wells May 23, 1978
Methods and apparatus for performing a drill stem test of an offshore well utilizing a pressure controlled test valve. The test valve includes a valve element having a transverse pressure area with the high pressure side exposed to the pressure of fluids in the well annulus and the low
D620510 Drill bit July 27, 2010
D461703 Reel and hose assembly August 20, 2002
D443560 Roadway trailer for coiled tubing reel June 12, 2001
D442891 Trailer for a coiled tubing reel May 29, 2001
D436519 Coiled tubing guide for a coiled tubing reel January 23, 2001
8589130 Method of selecting additives for oil recovery November 19, 2013
A method is described for selecting an additive for enhanced recovery from a subterranean hydrocarbon reservoir including the steps of using a set of parameters to determine, at a first level of molecular dynamic modeling, an effect of the additive on interfacial tension between a hy
8589078 Guided Bayesian experimental design November 19, 2013
A Bayesian methodology is described for designing experiments or surveys that are improved by utilizing available prior information to guide the design toward maximally reducing posterior uncertainties in the interpretation of the future experiment. Synthetic geophysical tomography e
8587302 Modified pulse sequence to estimate properties November 19, 2013
Methods and related systems are described for estimating fluid or rock properties from NMR measurements. A modified pulse sequence is provided that can directly provide moments of relaxation-time or diffusion distributions. This pulse sequence can be adapted to the desired moment of
8587163 Electric motors and related systems for deployment in a downhole well environment November 19, 2013
Electric motors configured for deployment in a downhole well environment are provided. Downhole well pumping systems including an electric motor are also provided. In one example, an electric motor includes a series of at least three magnets, one of the inner and outer two magnets being
8586913 Fluidic density measurements based on beta particles detection November 19, 2013
Devices, methods, and related systems are described for measuring a property of a fluid, including density, in a subterranean environment. A device includes a pressure housing having one or more windows formed in the pressure housing and a flow device arranged in the pressure housing
8584772 Shaped charges for creating enhanced perforation tunnel in a well formation November 19, 2013
A shaped charge includes a charge case; an explosive disposed inside the charge case; and a liner for retaining the explosive in the charge case, wherein the liner comprises a material reactive with a component of an earth formation. A method for perforating in a well includes disposing
8584766 Seal assembly for sealingly engaging a packer November 19, 2013
A seal assembly sealingly engages a packer that is retrievable from the packer. The seal assembly comprises a sealing structure for receiving by a seal bore of the packer, and a housing assembly defining an inner chamber and having at least one control line conduit and at least one f
8584755 Method for hydraulic fracturing of subterranean formation November 19, 2013
The invention provides economically effective methods for hydraulic fracturing a subterranean formation that ensure improvement of the hydraulic fracture conductivity because of forming strong proppant clusters uniformly placed in the fracture throughout its length. One of these meth
8584748 Elongated probe for downhole tool November 19, 2013
An apparatus comprising a tool body configured to be conveyed within a wellbore extending into a subterranean formation, an inflatable packer coupled to the tool body, and a probe assembly coupled to the tool body and comprising an inner sealing element and an outer sealing element,
8584747 Enhancing well fluid recovery November 19, 2013
A technique that is usable with a well includes communicating fluid downhole in the well. The technique includes enhancing fluid recovery from a reservoir by, downhole in the well, controlling the pumping of the fluid to create a pressure wave which propagates into the reservoir.
8584746 Oilfield isolation element and method November 19, 2013
An isolation element includes a body having at least one sealing surface, an internal cavity within the body, and a chemical agent disposed within the internal cavity. The chemical agent is configured to substantially increase a rate of degradation of the body.
8581740 Method and apparatus for communicating signals to an instrument in a wellbore November 12, 2013
A method for communicating a signal to an instrument in a wellbore includes axially accelerating the instrument in a preselected pattern of acceleration. The predetermined pattern corresponds to the signal to be communicated. The axial acceleration of the instrument is detected, and
8581594 Microresistivity anisotropy logging tool employing a monopole current injection electrode November 12, 2013
A microresistivity logging tool includes a monopole current injection electrode and at least first and second pairs of potential electrodes. The tool may further include a controller configured for making microresistivity anisotropy measurements using a single firing of the monopole
8579599 System, apparatus, and method for rapid pump displacement configuration November 12, 2013
A system for changing a pump displacement configuration includes a blender that provides low-pressure fluid to a pump. The pump has a power end and fluid end, where the fluid end includes a number of plungers. The system includes an actuator that couples the power end with a selectable
8579037 Method and apparatus for controlled bidirectional movement of an oilfield tool in a wellbore env November 12, 2013
The method and apparatus involves the positioning of an arm of a wellbore tool, such that the tool moves bidirectionally in a wellbore. Techniques also include predicting and acting in advance on the mechanism of an oilfield tool inside a wellbore, enhancing bidirectional movement and
8579030 Triggered polymer viscous pill and methods of using the same November 12, 2013
The invention provides a method comprising providing a composition comprising a pH trigger and a polymer able to be hydrated in a defined pH zone; injecting the composition with a pH outside the defined pH zone; triggering the pH trigger to adjust the pH of the composition within the
8579029 System, method and treatment fluid for controlling fines migration November 12, 2013
A method includes providing a treatment fluid that is a viscous fluid. The viscous fluid may be greater than 0.01 Pa-s, greater than 0.1 Pa-s, and/or a cross-linked polymer based fluid. The method further includes determining a fines migration composition soluble in an aqueous phase of
8578608 Manufacturing of sand screens November 12, 2013
A rod-based well screen is formed in place on a perforated pipe base by wrapping wire around the pipe base and a plurality of rods located around the outside of the pipe. The wire is welded sequentially to each individual rod as it is wrapped around the pipe. The welding and ground e
8577660 Three-dimensional mechanical earth modeling November 5, 2013
A technique includes receiving a first dataset that is indicative of seismic data acquired in a seismic survey of a field of wells and receiving a second dataset that is indicative of wellbore data acquired in a wellbore survey conducted in at least one of the wells. The technique in
8577613 Effective hydrocarbon reservoir exploration decision making November 5, 2013
An improved methodology for managing hydrocarbon exploration of at least one prospect. The methodology involves iterative processing that allows decision makers to iterate on assumptions and refine underlying probabilistic models as well as optimize the set of recommended exploration
8576663 Multicomponent seismic inversion of VSP data November 5, 2013
A method for seismic inversion of vertical seismic profile (VSP) data in an oilfield. The method includes obtaining an initial velocity model of a subterranean formation including acoustic velocities of wave propagation in proximity to the wellbore, determining an acquisition geometry fo
8576386 Detecting particulate contaminants in a fluid November 5, 2013
A vibration detector (1) comprising at least one fiber optic sensor (2) mechanically coupled to a flexible support member (3). The vibration detector (1) is mounted on the outside of the pipeline and a signal from the fiber optic sensor is measured. This signal is indicative of whether
8576385 Pressure sensor November 5, 2013
A pressure sensor (10) comprising fiber Bragg grating (FBG) strain sensors (12) provided within an optical fiber (14), an optical fiber strain sensor carrier rod 16 and a pressure intensifying sleeve (18). The carrier rod (16) is formed from a first glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin
8575273 Coupling agents and compositions produced using them November 5, 2013
Certain embodiments described herein are directed to silane coupling agents that may be used, for example, to covalently couple a polymer to a filler. In some examples, devices that include the polymer-silane coupling agent-filler compositions are also described.
8575073 Slickwater treatment fluid and method November 5, 2013
A treatment fluid for treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore is formed from water, a polyacrylamide in an amount of less than about 0.5% by weight of the fluid for reducing friction of the fluid and a stabilized peroxide breaker. A method of treating a subterranean
8573314 Packer system with reduced friction during actuation November 5, 2013
A technique involves a packer formed as an expandable packer with an internal expandable bladder. A mechanical structure is deployed around the expandable bladder, and an anti-extrusion layer is located between the internal, expandable bladder and the mechanical structure. A separate
8573313 Well servicing methods and systems November 5, 2013
Well servicing methods and systems are described, in one embodiment comprising a pressure containment housing fluidly connected directly to a wellhead of a wellbore, and a reel positioned inside the housing on which is spooled a communication line. One method comprises introducing the
8573310 Gas lift apparatus and method for producing a well November 5, 2013
A gas lift system is provided for use in unloading a fluid from a perforation interval of a subterranean well to facilitate producing gas from a gas-bearing formation. The system may include a packer having dual ports, a tubing string running from the surface to the packer for produc
8573294 Cable bypass and method for controlled entry of a tubing string and a cable adjacent thereto November 5, 2013
A system and methodology for controlled entry of a tubing string, and cable adjacent thereto, into a wellbore. A stationary housing is fit to a wellhead and has a bore in communication with the wellbore. The cable can be laterally displaced from the bore into a cable access formed into t
8571843 Methods of hydraulically fracturing a subterranean formation October 29, 2013
A method is provided for performing a fracture treatment on a subterranean formation. The method includes acquiring subterranean formation layer geomechanical properties, which include well completion and reservoir data for the subterranean formation. The method also includes inputti
8571842 Method of determining parameter from sparse measurement data October 29, 2013
A method of simultaneously determining multiple parameters or a parameter distribution characterizing material properties of a volume under investigation using an inversion process of sparse measurements is described including the step of defining an initial model of the volume and m

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