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Scheurer; Robert S. Patents
Scheurer; Robert S.
Wichita Falls, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D366177 Ground pad January 16, 1996
5467891 Beverage container insulator November 21, 1995
A beverage container insulator has an outer, vinyl coated, flexible plastic foam sleeve member open at both ends and having inwardly curved ends with re-entrant edges. A substantially rigid cup-shaped plastic inner liner, shorter than the sleeve member, is disposed in the sleeve member w
5004283 Rotary weed extractor April 2, 1991
A tool for extracting weeds without stooping, bending or personally touching the weed is disclosed. The weed extracting tool has a plurality of spikes mounted onto a block which is mounted onto the lower end of a torque bar. Spiral ribs on the spikes are force fitted within bores formed
4846429 Releasable suction cup assembly July 11, 1989
A suction cup assembly has a vacuum release strap for detachment of the assembly from a recipient host surface on which the assembly is attached. The suction cup assembly includes a base adapted to be secured to an article to be supported, at least one flexible suction cup secured uprigh
4759734 Water ski binder July 26, 1988
A slideable toe piece has rearward extensions which are cam locked in place in tunnels in the fixed heel piece.
4673365 Water ski binder June 16, 1987
A slidable toe piece has rearward extensions which are cam locked in place in tunnels in the fixed heel piece.
4642060 Cam locked slideable foot binder February 10, 1987
A flexible foot binder is held in a slideable assembly which has upward facing detents along opposite sides. Inward opening slideways have over-the-center eccentric cam locks mounted on transverse pins. The cams engage the detents to press the slide assembly downward on the ski and to

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