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Sanyo Electric Company, Ltd. Patents
Sanyo Electric Company, Ltd.
Osaka, JP
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7494475 Massage unit and chair having pivotal lever to grip and knead February 24, 2009
A pivotal lever has a first therapeutic member and a second therapeutic member positioned below the first member, for the members to grip and knead the shoulder of the person to be massaged as by the fingers of the acupressurist. A massage unit 20 comprises a pair of left and right p
7348640 Memory device March 25, 2008
A memory capable of reducing the memory cell size is provided. In this memory, a first gate electrode of a first selection transistor and a second gate electrode of a second selection transistor are provided integrally with a word line, and arranged to obliquely extend with respect t
7244964 Light emitting device July 17, 2007
An n-type layer of the opposite conduction type composed of n-GaN is formed between a light emitting layer and a p-type cladding layer composed of p-AlGaN. The bandgap of the n-type layer of the opposite conduction type is larger than the bandgap of the light emitting layer and is sm
6828734 Display device December 7, 2004
Various bus lines are disposed in the same layer as the layer of the pixel electrode. The peripheral driving circuit is configured by using a layer below the pixel electrode, including the layer of the gate electrode, the data line and the active layer of a TFT. The HVDD bus line is supe
6587410 Recording/reproducing apparatus and method that can record/reproduce a signal properly, and to c July 1, 2003
Various conditions such as the power of a pulse beam for recording emitted from an optical head to a magneto-optical recording medium, the power of continuous light in reproduction, the intensity of the magnetic field applied from a magnetic head, the phase difference between the magneti
6580736 Semiconductor light emitting device June 17, 2003
In a semiconductor laser device, a buffer layer, an n-contact layer, an n-light cladding layer, an n-light guide layer, an emission layer, a p-cap layer, a p-light guide layer and an n-current blocking layer having a striped opening are successively formed on a sapphire substrate, and a
6538670 Pointing method March 25, 2003
A target selection object is selected by providing N (N is an integer of not less than two) keys used for pointing, dividing a screen into N areas in correspondence with the N keys and displaying the N areas such that they can be distinguished, enlarging, when the key corresponding to th
6274275 Alkali storage cell employing a spongelike metal substrate August 14, 2001
A belt-shaped spongelike organic high polymer sheet is subjected to stretching forces in the longitudinal and lateral directions so as to transform the approximately spindle-shaped organic high polymer units which compose the organic high polymer sheet. After this, a metal is put int
6242725 Heat cooking device allowing control of fan rotation number June 5, 2001
When a hood fan of a microwave oven installed at a high place operates, the air below the microwave oven is guided to a prescribed direction. Namely, the microwave oven may be used as a ventilation fan. When manner of setting of the hood fan is changed, the direction of an air outlet of
6144405 Electronic picture stabilizer with movable detection areas and video camera utilizing the same November 7, 2000
An electronic picture stabilizer includes a microcomputer which determines whether or not each of detection areas is a valid area or invalid area. If the detection areas adjacent in a vertical direction are invalid areas, the detection areas are moved so as to maximize a distance between
6071807 Fabrication method of semiconductor device including insulation film with decomposed organic con June 6, 2000
A semiconductor device including an interlayer insulation film is obtained, superior in planarization, insulation characteristics, and adhesion, suitable for microminiaturization of an element, and without inducing the problem of signal delay. In the fabrication method of this semiconduc
6016284 Address transition detector for memory device January 18, 2000
An address transition detector (ATD) for a memory device detects a change in an address signal and in response, produces a timing signal. The timing signal is used to align the timing of operation of a memory cell and a sense amp with the timing of the change in the address signal. The A
5990974 Video signal processing apparatus November 23, 1999
A video signal processing apparatus includes a time-division multiplex circuit and a multi-display circuit. A video signals outputted from a first A/D converter included in the time-division multiplex circuit is applied to a memory included in the time-division multiplex circuit and a
5939749 Split gate transistor array August 17, 1999
A split gate transistor having a semiconductor substrate, a source region and a drain region formed on the semiconductor substrate. A channel region is formed between the source region and the drain region. A floating gate electrode is formed substantially above the channel region. The f
5926219 Controller for an image sensor July 20, 1999
A method of efficiently controlling an image sensing apparatus from a personal computer machine includes the steps of defining a control data file for storage of exposure data and image processing data to be supplied to the image sensing apparatus from the computer machine, storing initi
5920343 Imaging system with image processing for re-writing a portion of a pixel block July 6, 1999
An image sensing apparatus which performs fast data processing without suffering an increased manufacturing cost. The image sensing apparatus senses an object and produces an image data signal screen-by-screen. In one embodiment, an image sensing apparatus for producing an image data
5912483 Output circuit provided with source follower circuit having depletion type MOS transistor June 15, 1999
A depletion type transistor formed on a semiconductor substrate includes a drain region and a source region formed in distinct areas on the substrate. An inversion layer is formed in the surface area between the drain and the source regions. The transistor further includes two insula
5883676 Image signal outputting apparatus March 16, 1999
A video signal outputting apparatus includes an A/D converter, and video signals Y1-1 and Y3-1 outputted from the A/D converter are written into areas C1 and C3 of a VRAM, and therefore, images according to the video signals are displayed on a monitor. Then, video signals Y1-2 and Y3-2 a
5856039 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell January 5, 1999
A non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell includes a positive electrode containing lithium-contained complex oxide, a negative electrode containing a material which can absorb and desorb lithium or lithium ion, and a separator which is filled with an organic electrolyte. The separator
5757422 Tracking area determination apparatus and object tracking apparatus utilizing the same May 26, 1998
An object tracking apparatus includes a motion vector detection circuit in which a correlation value for each of detection blocks are evaluated by a first correlator on the basis of a portion motion vector of each of the detection blocks and a reference vector. If the correlation value i
5709096 Defrosting device for a low temperature display case January 20, 1998
The object of the present invention is to provide a defrosting device, for a low temperature display case, that can effectively prevent incomplete defrosting, and that can reduce the temperature increase in a storage chamber during defrosting to the minimum.According to the present inven
5632149 Heat exchanger for a gas compression/expansion apparatus and a method of manufacturing thereof May 27, 1997
An improved heat exchanger for use in a gas compression/expansion apparatus. The heat exchanger comprises: a tube connected with a compression/expansion space of a compression/expansion cylinder of the apparatus; a central cylinder coaxially disposed in the tube such that a narrow ga
5442274 Rechargeable battery charging method August 15, 1995
A hysteresis battery charging method repeats peak and trough voltage and current waveforms taking the battery to a temporary over-voltage state during peak charging. This method achieves rapid recharge while avoiding battery performance degradation. Constant current charging or quasi
5113665 Control device for air conditioner May 19, 1992
A control device for an air conditioner can prevent an erroneous operation in the starting and ending of a test run. The control device can start the test run of the air conditioner through the operation of a switching device after electrical power is supplied to the control device, and
4894882 Portable vacuum cleaner January 23, 1990
A portable vacuum cleaner for use in both dry and wet operations includes a main body case housing a fan motor and having intake and discharge openings, a dust case having a suction part and removably attached to the main body case around the intake opening, a filter housing removably
4891800 Optical recording disc January 2, 1990
An optical recording disc provided with a substrate permeable to a red laser beam for reading data recorded and having a single pass transmissivity of 85% or more in a wave length region of said laser beam and a light absorption edge of shorter wave length side positioned at 600 nm o
4480335 Noise removing apparatus in an FM receiver October 30, 1984
A noise removing apparatus in an FM receiver includes a high-pass filter (29) receiving an output from an FM detector circuit (11), a gate (15) being interrupted in response to a pulsive noise detected by level-discriminating an output from a variable gain amplifier (35) receiving an
4194238 Power supply apparatus March 18, 1980
A series connection of a pair of dividing capacitors and a series connection of a PNP transistor and an NPN transistor are connected in parallel with a direct current voltage source, a primary winding of a saturable transformer is coupled between the junctions of the respective serie
4190803 Multifrequency superheterodyne receiver with priority channel monitoring February 26, 1980
A superheterodyne receiver includes a first mixer operative to provide reception on a nonpriority channel upon receipt of output signal from a first oscillator, a second mixer operative to provide reception on a priority channel upon receipt of output signal from a second oscillator. A

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