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Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Patents
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Moriguchi-shi, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42783 Lens shift mechanism and projection type video display October 4, 2011
When an attempt to move a projection lens in a horizontal direction (crosswise) in a state where it is positioned on the upper or lower side is made, it can be moved in the horizontal direction (crosswise) up to a certain range. However, a movement restraining convex area in a vertical
RE42074 Manufacturing method of light emitting device January 25, 2011
A method of manufacturing a light emitting device, including the steps of: forming an active layer composed of a compound semiconductor containing indium by a vapor phase growth method; and forming a cap layer composed of a compound semiconductor on said active layer by a vapor phase gro
RE41082 Information recorder, recording method, and recording media January 19, 2010
There are described a data recording system, a data recording method, and a recording medium, all of which are directed to enabling easy editing of AV data without involvement of duplication of the AV data, as well as to eliminating a necessity for an additional data recording region. In
RE40376 Radio apparatus carrying out automatic gain control and gain control method June 10, 2008
A fading rate of a mobile terminal unit is estimated by a fading rate estimation unit and an optimum step constant is decided by a step constant determiner depending on the estimated fading rate. This step constant is fed back to a feedback data calculator, so that a reception level
RE39491 Optical disk vibration sensing and reproducing device February 20, 2007
In an optical disk reproducing device capable of rotating an optical disk at a selected one of a plurality of preset linear velocities, vibrations or shock of the device is detected during rotation of the disk, and the linear velocity of the disk is determined based on the result of the
RE38932 Digital demodulator January 10, 2006
A digital demodulator which demodulates information signals that have been phase-modulated using a method such as PSK (Phase Shift Keying). The adder 46 adds a compensation value held by the phase compensator 45 to phase difference data outputted from the comparator 43. The subtractor 47
RE38889 Pitch period extracting apparatus of speech signal November 22, 2005
A pitch period extracting apparatus includes a microcomputer which determines a sampling frequency for an A/D converter, and a range of delay times for calculating autocorrelative values on the basis of the sampling frequency. For example, the delay times are set within a range of 20
RE37935 Cadmium non-sintered negative electrode for an alkaline storage cell and its manufacturing metho December 10, 2002
A cadmium non-sintered negative electrode for use in an alkaline storage cell comprising a main active material comprising at least one of powdered cadmium oxide and powdered cadmium hydroxide; a reserve charging substance comprising powdered metal cadmium; and an additive comprising pow
RE37499 Apparatus for manufacturing carbonated water January 8, 2002
An apparatus .[.is.]. .Iadd.and method are .Iaddend.provided for manufacturing carbonated water rapidly with a high rate of inclusion of carbonic acid gas in the carbonated water and having a reduced dispersion, the manufacture taking place in a water storage container in which a pe
RE34471 Hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode for use in an alkaline storage cell and its manufacturing met December 7, 1993
A hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode for use in an alkaline storage cell, comprising a hydrogen-absorbing alloy for reversibly absorbing and desorbing hydrogen; and a metal oxide or metal hydroxide existing in the state of a metal in a range of electric potential where said hydrogen-
RE33682 Auto focus circuit for video camera September 3, 1991
An auto focus circuit for a video camera comprises an A-D converting circuit (7) for converting to a digital amount a high frequency component absolute value output of a luminance signal in a sampling area for focusing. The A-D converting circuit (7) is connected so that the high fre
RE31637 Combination microwave and gas oven July 31, 1984
A combination microwave and gas oven, in which an object to be heated is heat-treated by microwave energy and air heated by a gas burner inside a combustion chamber and forced to be circulated by a fan. A microwave introducing port to the heating cavity is covered with a heat insulating
RE31172 Sound synthesizing apparatus March 8, 1983
An analog sound signal the time axis of which is compressed is sampled responsive to a write clock signal and the sampled output is stored in an analog shift register having a given capacity, whereupon the stored signal is read out from the analog shift register responsive to a read cloc
D668237 Television set October 2, 2012
D666164 Television set August 28, 2012
D665732 Battery August 21, 2012
D664577 Digital video camera July 31, 2012
D664211 Signage display July 24, 2012
D659091 Charger May 8, 2012
D659087 Battery charger with solar-cell May 8, 2012
D658276 Automatic shampoo machine April 24, 2012
D657407 Microscope April 10, 2012
D657305 Battery charger with solar-cell April 10, 2012
D656097 Charger March 20, 2012
D656096 Adapter for charging March 20, 2012
D656093 Battery case with charging function March 20, 2012
D656092 Battery case with charging function March 20, 2012
D652930 Constant-temperature incubator January 24, 2012
D652382 Storage battery January 17, 2012
D652376 Light with a solar battery January 17, 2012
D652375 Solar battery January 17, 2012
D652373 Portable solar battery January 17, 2012
D648366 Projector November 8, 2011
D647941 Projector November 1, 2011
D647112 Freezer October 18, 2011
D647048 Solar battery October 18, 2011
D646658 Television set October 11, 2011
D645817 Battery charger September 27, 2011
D645816 Battery charger September 27, 2011
D645813 Storage battery September 27, 2011
D644680 Liquid crystal projector September 6, 2011
D644002 Heating element for neck warmer August 30, 2011
D643865 Automatic tablet packing machine August 23, 2011
D641861 Draft chamber July 19, 2011
D641860 Draft chamber July 19, 2011
D639017 Neck warmer with removable belt June 7, 2011
D638869 Digital video camera May 31, 2011
D638787 Battery for an electric bicycle May 31, 2011
D638357 AC/DC converter May 24, 2011
D637651 Digital sign board May 10, 2011

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