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RE41612 Method for making surfactant-templated thin films August 31, 2010
An evaporation-induced self-assembly method to prepare a porous, surfactant-templated, thin film by mixing a silica sol, a solvent, a surfactant, and an interstitial compound, evaporating a portion of the solvent to form a liquid, crystalline thin film mesophase material, and then re
RE37537 Method and apparatus for altering material February 5, 2002
Methods and apparatus for thermally altering the near surface characteristics of a material are described. In particular, a repetitively pulsed ion beam system comprising a high energy pulsed power source and an ion beam generator are described which are capable of producing single s
RE37100 Pulsed ion beam source March 20, 2001
An improved magnetically-confined anode plasma pulsed ion beam source. Beam rotation effects and power efficiency are improved by a magnetic design which places the separatrix between the fast field flux structure and the slow field structure near the anode of the ion beam source, by a g
RE36760 Method and apparatus for altering material using ion beams July 4, 2000
A method and apparatus for treating material surfaces using a repetitively pulsed ion beam. In particular, a method of treating magnetic material surfaces in order to reduce surface defects, and product amorphous fine grained magnetic material with properties that can be tailored by
H2057 Load attenuating passively adaptive wind turbine blade January 7, 2003
A method and apparatus for improving wind turbine performance by alleviating loads and controlling the rotor. The invention employs the use of a passively adaptive blade that senses the wind velocity or rotational speed, and accordingly modifies its aerodynamic configuration. The inv
8589821 Storyboard method of end-user programming with natural language confirmation November 19, 2013
A technique for end-user programming includes populating a template with graphically illustrated actions and then invoking a command to generate a screen element based on the template. The screen element is rendered within a computing environment and provides a mechanism for triggering
8585986 Capillary interconnect device November 19, 2013
An interconnecting device for connecting a plurality of first fluid-bearing conduits to a corresponding plurality of second fluid-bearing conduits thereby providing fluid communication between the first fluid-bearing conduits and the second fluid-bearing conduits. The device includes
8585928 Rare-earth tantalates and niobates suitable for use as nanophosphors November 19, 2013
A family of rare-earth Group 5 oxides, where the Group 5 oxide is a niobate or tantalate. The rare-earth Group 5 oxides can be doped with suitable emitter ions to form nanophosphors.
8585916 Micropores and methods of making and using thereof November 19, 2013
Disclosed herein are methods of making micropores of a desired height and/or width between two isotropic wet etched features in a substrate which comprises single-level isotropic wet etching the two features using an etchant and a mask distance that is less than 2.times. a set etch d
8585801 Process and apparatus for separation of components of a gas stream November 19, 2013
A process and apparatus for separating a gas mixture comprising providing a slot in a gas separation channel (conceptualized as a laterally elongated Clusius-Dickel column), having a length through which a net cross-flow of the gas mixture may be established; applying a higher temper
8585413 Rotary electrical contact device and method for providing current to and/or from a rotating memb November 19, 2013
Examples of rotary electrical connectors include a first pair and a second pair of opposing sheaves coupled together by intersecting first shaft connecting the first pair of opposing sheaves and a second shaft connecting the second pair of opposing sheaves, and at least partially ele
8582931 Optical XOR gate November 12, 2013
An optical XOR gate is formed as a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) from two sets of optical waveguide devices on a substrate, with each set of the optical waveguide devices including an electroabsorption modulator electrically connected in series with a waveguide photodetector. The
8582092 Alignment and focus of mirrored facets of a heliostat November 12, 2013
Various technologies pertaining to aligning and focusing mirrored facets of a heliostat are described herein. Updating alignment and/or focus of mirrored facets is undertaken through generation of a theoretical image, wherein the theoretical image is indicative of a reflection of the tar
8580350 Corrosion resistant neutron absorbing coatings November 12, 2013
A method of forming a corrosion resistant neutron absorbing coating comprising the steps of spray or deposition or sputtering or welding processing to form a composite material made of a spray or deposition or sputtering or welding material, and a neutron absorbing material. Also a c
8579209 Gas powered fluid gun with recoil mitigation November 12, 2013
A gas powered fluid gun for propelling a stream or slug of a fluid at high velocity toward a target. Recoil mitigation is provided that reduces or eliminates the associated recoil forces, with minimal or no backwash. By launching a quantity of water in the opposite direction, net momentu
8575748 Wafer-level packaging with compression-controlled seal ring bonding November 5, 2013
A device may be provided in a sealed package by aligning a seal ring provided on a first surface of a first semiconductor wafer in opposing relationship with a seal ring that is provided on a second surface of a second semiconductor wafer and surrounds a portion of the second wafer t
8574789 Dendritic metal nanostructures for fuel cells and other applications November 5, 2013
Embodiment of the present invention relate to dendrimers useful for application as catalysts, in particular as improved electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEM-FCs). Methods of preparing such catalysts are described. Examples include dendritic nanostructured
8568974 Identification of novel subgroups of high-risk pediatric precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemi October 29, 2013
The present invention relates to the identification of genetic markers patients with high risk B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) and associated methods and their relationship to therapeutic outcome. The present invention also relates to diagnostic, prognostic and related
8568508 Metallic nanoshells on porphyrin-stabilized emulsions October 29, 2013
Metal nanostructures formed by photocatalytic interfacial synthesis using a porphyrin-stabilized emulsion template and the method for making the nanostructures. Catalyst-seeded emulsion droplets are employed as templates for hollow-nanoshell growth. The hollow metal nanospheres may b
8566684 Decoding and optimized implementation of SECDED codes over GF(q) October 22, 2013
A plurality of columns for a check matrix that implements a distance d linear error correcting code are populated by providing a set of vectors from which to populate the columns, and applying to the set of vectors a filter operation that reduces the set by eliminating therefrom all
8566579 Obfuscated authentication systems, devices, and methods October 22, 2013
Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward authentication systems, devices, and methods. Obfuscated executable instructions may encode an authentication procedure and protect an authentication key. The obfuscated executable instructions may require communication with a
8566536 Direct access inter-process shared memory October 22, 2013
A technique for directly sharing physical memory between processes executing on processor cores is described. The technique includes loading a plurality of processes into the physical memory for execution on a corresponding plurality of processor cores sharing the physical memory. An
8563325 Coaxial microreactor for particle synthesis October 22, 2013
A coaxial fluid flow microreactor system disposed on a microfluidic chip utilizing laminar flow for synthesizing particles from solution. Flow geometries produced by the mixing system make use of hydrodynamic focusing to confine a core flow to a small axially-symmetric, centrally pos
8562878 Stress-tuned conductor-polymer composite for use in sensors October 22, 2013
A method for making a composite polymeric material with electrical conductivity determined by stress-tuning of the conductor-polymer composite, and sensors made with the stress-tuned conductor-polymer composite made by this method. Stress tuning is achieved by mixing a miscible liqui
8561483 Preconcentrator with high volume chiller for high vapor pressure particle detection October 22, 2013
Apparatus and method for collecting particles of both high and low vapor pressure target materials entrained in a large volume sample gas stream. Large volume active cooling provides a cold air supply which is mixed with the sample gas stream to reduce the vapor pressure of the particles
8299497 Near-infrared photodetector with reduced dark current October 30, 2012
A photodetector is disclosed for the detection of near-infrared light with a wavelength in the range of about 0.9-1.7 microns. The photodetector, which can be formed as either an nBp device or a pBn device on an InP substrate, includes an InGaAs light-absorbing layer, an InAlGaAs gra
8298488 Microfabricated thermionic detector October 30, 2012
A microfabricated TID comprises a microhotplate and a thermionic source disposed on the microhotplate. The microfabricated TID can provide high sensitivity and selectivity to nitrogen- and phosphorous-containing compounds and other compounds containing electronegative function groups.
8296078 Method of multi-dimensional moment analysis for the characterization of signal peaks October 23, 2012
A method of multi-dimensional moment analysis for the characterization of signal peaks can be used to optimize the operation of an analytical system. With a two-dimensional Peclet analysis, the quality and signal fidelity of peaks in a two-dimensional experimental space can be analyzed
8294886 Alignment method for solar collector arrays October 23, 2012
The present invention is directed to an improved method for establishing camera fixture location for aligning mirrors on a solar collector array (SCA) comprising multiple mirror modules. The method aligns the mirrors on a module by comparing the location of the receiver image in phot
8294616 Using antennas separated in flight direction to avoid effect of emitter clock drift in geolocati October 23, 2012
The location of a land-based radio frequency (RF) emitter is determined from an airborne platform. RF signaling is received from the RF emitter via first and second antennas. In response to the received RF signaling, signal samples for both antennas are produced and processed to determin
8293566 Strained layer superlattice focal plane array having a planar structure October 23, 2012
An infrared focal plane array (FPA) is disclosed which utilizes a strained-layer superlattice (SLS) formed of alternating layers of InAs and In.sub.xGa.sub.1-xSb with 0.ltoreq.x.ltoreq.0.5 epitaxially grown on a GaSb substrate. The FPA avoids the use of a mesa structure to isolate ea
8293089 Portable dual field gradient force multichannel flow cytometer device with a dual wavelength low October 23, 2012
Systems and methods for combining dielectrophoresis, magnetic forces, and hydrodynamic forces to manipulate particles in channels formed on top of an electrode substrate are discussed. A magnet placed in contact under the electrode substrate while particles are flowing within the channel
8292492 Airfoil-shaped micro-mixers for reducing fouling on membrane surfaces October 23, 2012
An array of airfoil-shaped micro-mixers that enhances fluid mixing within permeable membrane channels, such as used in reverse-osmosis filtration units, while minimizing additional pressure drop. The enhanced mixing reduces fouling of the membrane surfaces. The airfoil-shaped micro-mixer
8291824 Monolithic exploding foil initiator October 23, 2012
A monolithic exploding foil initiator (EFI) or slapper detonator and the method for making the monolithic EFI wherein the exploding bridge and the dielectric from which the flyer will be generated are integrated directly onto the header. In some embodiments, the barrel is directly integr
8290961 Technique for information retrieval using enhanced latent semantic analysis generating rank appr October 16, 2012
A technique for information retrieval includes parsing a corpus to identify a number of wordform instances within each document of the corpus. A weighted morpheme-by-document matrix is generated based at least in part on the number of wordform instances within each document of the co
8289322 Quadrilateral finite element mesh coarsening October 16, 2012
Techniques for coarsening a quadrilateral mesh are described. These techniques include identifying a coarsening region within the quadrilateral mesh to be coarsened. Quadrilateral elements along a path through the coarsening region are removed. Node pairs along opposite sides of the
8288001 Method of making monodisperse nanoparticles October 16, 2012
A method of making particles of either spherical or cylindrical geometry with a characteristic diameter less than 50 nanometers by mixing at least one structure directing agent dissolved in a solvent with at least one amphiphilic block copolymer dissolved in a solvent to make a solution
8287832 Hydrothermal method of synthesis of rare-earth tantalates and niobates October 16, 2012
A hydrothermal method of synthesis of a family of rare-earth Group 5 oxides, where the Group 5 oxide is a niobate or tantalate. The rare-earth Group 5 oxides can be doped with suitable emitter ions to form nanophosphors.
8285394 Demultiplexer circuit for neural stimulation October 9, 2012
A demultiplexer circuit is disclosed which can be used with a conventional neural stimulator to extend the number of electrodes which can be activated. The demultiplexer circuit, which is formed on a semiconductor substrate containing a power supply that provides all the dc electrica
8280887 Hierarchical clustering using correlation metric and spatial continuity constraint October 2, 2012
Large data sets are analyzed by hierarchical clustering using correlation as a similarity measure. This provides results that are superior to those obtained using a Euclidean distance similarity measure. A spatial continuity constraint may be applied in hierarchical clustering analysis
8274512 System and method for polytopic mesh refinement September 25, 2012
A method is disclosed for partitioning an input polytope into a conformal set of polytopes according to a subdivision pattern specified on lower-dimensional boundaries of the input polytope. A feature of this method is that it is applicable to any dimension. For input polytopes that
8274058 Integrated heterodyne terahertz transceiver September 25, 2012
A heterodyne terahertz transceiver comprises a quantum cascade laser that is integrated on-chip with a Schottky diode mixer. A terahertz signal can be received by an antenna connected to the mixer, an end facet or sidewall of the laser, or through a separate active section that can a
8271891 Computing environment logbook September 18, 2012
A computing environment logbook logs events occurring within a computing environment. The events are displayed as a history of past events within the logbook of the computing environment. The logbook provides search functionality to search through the history of past events to find one o
8270602 Communication systems, transceivers, and methods for generating data based on channel characteri September 18, 2012
Examples of methods for generating data based on a communications channel are described. In one such example, a processing unit may generate a first vector representation based in part on at least two characteristics of a communications channel. A constellation having at least two di
8266197 Method for factor analysis of GC/MS data September 11, 2012
The method of the present invention provides a fast, robust, and automated multivariate statistical analysis of gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) data sets. The method can involve systematic elimination of undesired, saturated peak masses to yield data that follow a linear
8265870 Real-time method for establishing a detection map for a network of sensors September 11, 2012
A method for establishing a detection map of a dynamically configurable sensor network. This method determines an appropriate set of locations for a plurality of sensor units of a sensor network and establishes a detection map for the network of sensors while the network is being set
8262950 Low sintering temperature glass waste forms for sequestering radioactive iodine September 11, 2012
Materials and methods of making low-sintering-temperature glass waste forms that sequester radioactive iodine in a strong and durable structure. First, the iodine is captured by an adsorbant, which forms an iodine-loaded material, e.g., AgI, AgI-zeolite, AgI-mordenite, Ag-silica aero
8257676 Method for synthesizing carbon nanotubes September 4, 2012
A method for preparing a precursor solution for synthesis of carbon nanomaterials, where a polar solvent is added to at least one block copolymer and at least one carbohydrate compound, and the precursor solution is processed using a self-assembly process and subsequent heating to fo
8257571 Dielectrophoresis device and method having nonuniform arrays for manipulating particles September 4, 2012
Microfluidic devices according to embodiments of the present invention include an inlet port, an outlet port, and a channel or chamber having a non-uniform array of insulating features on one or more surfaces. Electrodes are provided for generation of a spatially non-uniform electric
8257568 Method for concentration and separation of biological organisms by ultrafiltration and dielectro September 4, 2012
Disclosed is a method for monitoring sources of public water supply for a variety of pathogens by using a combination of ultrafiltration techniques together dielectrophoretic separation techniques. Because water-borne pathogens, whether present due to "natural" contamination or intention

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