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RE32775 Pinch roller assembly November 1, 1988
An easily adjustable and automatically aligning pinch roller assembly for use in a graphics plotter. A movable carriage hangs from a supplemental inverted T-shaped track below the main carriage track of the plotter. The pinch roller is pivotally attached to an arm from the carriage. A le
RE32700 Convertible platen for graphics plotter June 21, 1988
A convertible platen for use in a graphics plotter to allow its selective use as either as either a cut paper plotter or a roll paper plotter. The platen is formed from a specially designed aluminum extrusion and a pair is mounted with one on either side of the drum of a drum plotter bet
RE32365 Precessing display pager March 3, 1987
A hand held paper pager is disclosed in which a transmitted message is displayed in alpha/numeric form by a precessing display which moves the received message across the display in a continuous fashion so that the display need be only large enough to present a relatively small portion o
RE32305 Method of employing a television receiver for active participation December 16, 1986
The present invention pertains to .[.an apparatus and.]. .Iadd.a .Iaddend.method, in conjunction with standard monochrome and color television receivers, for the generation, display, manipulation, and use of symbols or geometric figures upon the screen of the television receivers for
RE32282 Television gaming apparatus November 11, 1986
The present invention pertains to an apparatus .[.and method.]., in conjunction with standard monochrome and color television receivers, for the generation, display, manipulation, and use of symbols or geometric figures upon the screen of the television receivers for the purpose of .
RE31962 LORAN-C navigation apparatus July 30, 1985
LORAN-C navigation apparatus is disclosed wherein digital circuitry and a microprocessor .[.is.]. .Iadd.are .Iaddend.used to automatically identify LORAN transmitting stations and .[.makes.]. .Iadd.make .Iaddend.standard hyberbolic navigation measurements. The equipment operator manually
RE31254 Self calibration of a LORAN-C navigation receiver May 24, 1983
A method for self calibration of a LORAN-C navigation receiver utilizing a microprocessor is disclosed wherein the time difference of signal arrival of master station pulse trains from a LORAN-C chain selected by group repetition interval (GRI) information input to the receiver becomes a
RE29714 Fluid flow restrictor August 1, 1978
A fluid .[.Flow Restrictor.]. .Iadd.flow restrictor .Iaddend.especially suitable for reducing the pressure of gases or liquids is described. The restrictor comprises a series of rows of baffles placed in the path of fluid flow, with the baffles in succeeding rows staggered with respect t
D288816 Hand-holdable digitizer cursor March 17, 1987
5125098 Finite state-machine employing a content-addressable memory June 23, 1992
A finite-state machine (30), which receives its input on INPUT lines (32) and generates its output on OUTPUT lines (34), is implemented with a content-addressable memory (46), whose output is the address of the location containing the data word presented to the content-addressable me
5085602 Electrical circuit board mounting apparatus and method February 4, 1992
A circuit board is aligned with the housing so that a mounting pin may be inserted through a circuit board mounting hole and into a housing mounting bore. The pin is heated when inserted into the bore so that solder at the bottom tip is in a melted state. After the pin is in the bore, th
5079735 High-dynamic-range compressive receiver January 7, 1992
A compressive receiver (10) includes a modulation circuit (14) that modulates the receiver input signal with compensation values equal to the ratio of the transfer function of an ideal linear dispersive delay line to that of the main compressive-receiver linear dispersive delay line (22)
5053991 Content-addressable memory with soft-match capability October 1, 1991
Each word location (18-0, 18-1, 18-255) in a content-addressable memory has a tally circuit (24-0, 24-1, 24-255) associated with it. A data word on data lines (12) is compared simultaneously with the words in all of the word locations, and the tally circuit associated with each location
5029235 Compressive receiver July 2, 1991
An electromagnetic dispersive delay line (10) includes a dielectric strip (28) as well as a coupler (24, 34, 36, and 38) for launching surface electromagnetic waves into the dielectric strip. The upper surface of the dielectric strip (28) is left exposed to the air in order to provide an
5024623 Electrical circuit board mounting method June 18, 1991
A circuit board is aligned with the housing so that a mounting pin may be inserted through a circuit board mounting hole into a housing mounting bore. The pin is heated when inserted into the bore so that solder at the bottom tip is in a melted state. After the pin is in the bore, the so
5014997 Brake-control system for accelerating freely falling objects to a moving craft's speed May 14, 1991
In a moving craft connected by a towline to an ejected and freely falling object, a brake control system determines when to engage a brake that accelerates the object to the moving craft's speed by retarding the deployment of the towline without exceeding its rated working load. The
4992335 Composite material and method of making same February 12, 1991
A protective material comprising a layer of vinylidene chloride or saran or polymer or copolymer of vinylidene chloride between two layers of polyethylene or other polyolefin to provide protection against both permeation and breakthrough. A cloth backing or inner layer can be added t
4980584 Multi-stage wideband successive detection logarithmic amplifier December 25, 1990
A successive detection logarithmic amplifier consists of multiple stages, with each stage containing a field-effect transistor (FET) which functions as both an amplifier and a detector. The FET, having an external gate biasing terminal, is biased to operate in its linear region as an
4975543 Energy-absorbing towline with embedded electrical conductors and drogue deployment system includ December 4, 1990
An energy-absorbing towline (14) comprises an elastomeric core (16) having a set of internal polymeric strands (18) helically wound around the outer surface (20) of the core in a first direction and a set of external polymeric strands (22) helically wound around the outer surface (24) of
4961806 Method of making a printed circuit October 9, 1990
Method for protecting intermediate layers of a multi-layer printed circuit board from chemical or other damage from processing of a layer or layers to which previously fabricated layers of the printed circuit board are attached prior to such additional processing. A thin layer of protect
4941202 Multiple segment flextensional transducer shell July 10, 1990
This invention is a multiple segment flextensional transducer shell that is easily and quickly manufactured and modified. The shell may comprise two adjustable, flexible plates and two buttress bars or two J-shaped adjustable, flexible plates. When the buttress bars and plates or the
4906957 Electrical circuit interconnect system March 6, 1990
An electrical circuit interconnect system employs an electrically conductive enclosure (57) and cover (64) which completely encompasses, hermetically seals (54) and electrically isolates from the outside environment a component (18) mounted on first surface of an insulating substrate
4900955 Voltage sharing circuit February 13, 1990
A voltage sharing circuit which allows use of low voltage semiconductor devices to obtain higher output voltages is made up of a series stack of the low voltage devices with diode limiters provided to bias the low voltage devices such that the maximum voltage across any one of the low
4879567 Carriage coupling device system for pen plotter November 7, 1989
A low-friction, low-play bearing system for use in a carriage coupling drive system for a pen plotter including a moving carriage slidably mounted on a shaft between the ends of and carrying a U-shaped pen-carrying yoke in combination therewith for sliding motion along the shaft and
4872023 Plotter platen mapping system October 3, 1989
A method and apparatus for providing platen mapping for known clearance pen movement in a graphics plotter system having a platen over which paper is moved longitudinally to create one axis, penholding apparatus moved transversely across the platen and the paper to create the other axis,
4870420 Signal acquisition apparatus and method September 26, 1989
A novel radio receiver capable of simultaneously and instantaneously determining the frequency and azimuthal and elevational position of many radio signal sources is disclosed. The invention makes use of an antenna array and associated beamforming networks capable of producing an omn
4866663 Simulation system September 12, 1989
An interactive simulation system in which a complex system is simulated by means of a plurality of function modules, each defining a predetermined mathematical operation, are enabled to be processed by an executive program in an order defined by an operator in, for example, a script. Eac
4861124 Dual-section spatial modulation transmitter August 29, 1989
A dual-section spatial modulator transmitter consists of a collector surrounding a source of radiation to collect the energy from the source and form it into multiple beams. The collector is configured in two sections, a rotatable section and a stationary section such that spatial mo
4849771 Plotter pen presence and type identification system July 18, 1989
An improvement to graphics pen plotters including a pen gripping mechanism for gripping a cylindrical bodied pen in a generally vertical orientation for sensing the presence and type of a pen in the gripping mechanism with a single sensor. There is a multi-channel sensor adapted for prod
4843707 Cable retention system July 4, 1989
A method and apparatus for routing, holding, and hiding cables associated with electronics devices. The preferred embodiment is an extrusion for application to a surface of an electronics device or incorporation into the framework thereof defining a groove capable of routing, holding, an
4828407 Circuit for improving the resolution in electrostatic printers May 9, 1989
A plurality of switched voltage sources (10, 10', 10") apply charge to a sheet of paper (16) by way of respective sets of styli (12, 12', 12"). To print a dot when toner is subsequently applied to the paper, the voltage source (10) deposits charge on the paper (16) by applying a high vol
4820886 Low-cost, high-accuracy digitizer signal acquisition apparatus and method April 11, 1989
An improvement to position digitizing devices wherein sensed response voltages caused by the interaction of a movable instrument relative to conductors beneath a planar surface are converted to digital form and digitally processed to determine instrument position. An integrating volt
4816694 Radiation system March 28, 1989
A radiation system consists of a compound collection/beamforming system, surrounding a source of radiation, including an elevation collector/beamformer shaped as a compound parabolic concentrator and an azimuth collector/beamformer shaped so that tangential rays emanating from the so
4808950 Electromagnetic dispersive delay line February 28, 1989
An electromagnetic dispersive delay line (10) includes a dielectric strip (28) as well as a coupler (24, 34, 36, and 38) for launching surface electromagnetic waves into the dielectric strip. The upper surface of the dielectric strip (28) is left exposed to the air in order to provide an
4794396 Antenna coupler verification device and method December 27, 1988
A device for repeatably and accurately testing an antenna coupler of the type used to connect a test antenna adjacent an onboard antenna of an aircraft to inject a test signal into the aircraft's onboard radar system to test its continuity. A base member is provided with the verification
4792809 Microstrip tee-fed slot antenna December 20, 1988
A microstrip tee-fed slot antenna is made up of only a single printed circuit board having the tee feed and slot on the front side and a microstrip transmission line feed on the back side. A plurality of holes in the board surrounding the slot are electrically connected front to back
4791573 State-deviation-estimation circuit employing a phase-locked-loop phase reference December 13, 1988
A system (34) for determining deviations in the state of motion of a projectile (10) from its intended state includes a comparison module (38) that receives the outputs S of a sensor array (36). The comparison module (38) converts the sensor outputs to a measurement vector Z.sub.m and
4779104 Pen plotter pen type identification system October 18, 1988
A pen type sensor for use in a graphics pen plotter wherein plotter pens are moved along a pre-established path between a pen holding area and a plotting area for reading a plurality of vertically oriented reflective indicia positions thereon to create a binary logic output signal re
4777727 Plotter pen up/down control system October 18, 1988
Apparatus for accurately raising and lowering the pen and for generating a positional signal for control use in a graphics plotter having a penholding mechanism slidably and rotationally mounted on a beam for longitudinal positional movement along the beam and rotational movement aro
4776097 Dual mode acceleration control for a plotter October 11, 1988
In a graphics plotter having motor control logic for controlling a motor employed in the process of drawing a series of vector lines comprising a plot, an improvement to the logic for applying optimum control of the motor. The length of each next vector to be drawn is first calculated. T
4768004 Electrical circuit interconnect system August 30, 1988
An assembly for mounting components to a microwave circuit, using plated through bore holes that extend from the ground plane of the circuit through the insulating substrate to the surface on which the components are mounted. The components have a conductive outer surface that functions
4766448 Electrostatic printhead method and apparatus August 23, 1988
Methods and apparatus for forming an electrostatic printhead. The basic printhead member if formed by casting an insulating material around a plurality of side-by-side spaced wires. One side of the insulating material and the wires are cut off to form a printhead face. The other side
4766439 Direction finding system August 23, 1988
An adcock DF-on-the-fly type direction finding system employing a beam forming dispersive delay line (BFDDL). A square array of four elements A1, B1, C1, and D1 with A1, C1 and B1, D1 being the diagonal pairs is used to input signals to combiner, shifter and summer elements to produce si
4743887 Fault locating system and method May 10, 1988
A test system for microwave circuits such as employed in aircraft wherein a plurality of antennas are connected to a single processor whereby the continuity of the antennas and connectors between the antennas and the processor can be determined. A test signal is applied to the various
4736073 Noise-canceling system for a digitizing tablet April 5, 1988
A digitizing tablet (10) has common return lines (24, 25, 26, and 27) that tend to suppress sensing of the spurious signals induced in them when the digitizer probe (12) approaches the edge of a digitizing area (14). Each return line includes a connection segment (36) and a compensation
4733237 FM/chirp detector/analyzer and method March 22, 1988
A device for determining the frequency range and chirp rate of chirp radars or other sources of frequency-modulated signals includes a compressive receiver (16, 22, 24) for time-compressing single-frequency signals and a discriminator (26) for generating an output that represents the
4731622 Multiple information array registration apparatus and method March 15, 1988
A multicolor electrostatic plotter is disclosed and includes an image head for imparting a charge pattern to a web medium to be imprinted and a plurality of toner means associated with different colors in which different colors are successively applied to portions of the medium by re
4725970 Simulation device February 16, 1988
A simulator for simulating the response of a network of predefined processing elements to a set of input stimuli. The network processing elements are arrayed in a plurality of rows and columns and a representation of each element is stored in a storage location in a symbol memory, th
4719649 Autoregressive peek-through comjammer and method January 12, 1988
Disclosed and claimed in a communications system which permits the simultaneous reception and jamming of a transmitted radio frequency signal. This is accomplished by sampling the signal for a minimal period with the jammer off, operating the jammer for a much longer time than was pr
4716930 Pneumatic time delay valve January 5, 1988
A pneumatic time delay valve primarily adapted for use in the ejection system of electronic or optical countermeasure devices and the like wherein an explosive squib is employed to create a momentary charge of high pressure gas used to depress the firing pin on the device to activate
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