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Saint-Gobain Emballage Patents
Saint-Gobain Emballage
Courbevoie, FR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D640928 Bottle July 5, 2011
D630100 Bottle January 4, 2011
D621716 Bottle August 17, 2010
D538172 Bottle March 13, 2007
7713895 Silico-sodo-calcic glass composition May 11, 2010
The invention relates to a clear glass composition of the soda-lime-silicate type that absorbs ultraviolet radiation, which composition includes optical absorbents below in contents varying within the following weight limits: TABLE-US-00001 Fe.sub.2O.sub.3 (total iron) 0.01 t
7350651 Hollow glass product with offset collar axis and process of manufacturing the same April 1, 2008
A process of manufacturing a hollow glass product with an offset collar axis, including the steps of inserting molten material into a cavity of a roughing mold, allowing the molten material to penetrate into a bottom portion of the roughing mold, perforating a collar by moving a punch in
6632492 Process and device for shaping hollow glass object October 14, 2003
A process of shaping a hollow glass object, including the steps of roughing out molten glass into a rough mold with a collar and a shoulder, transferring the rough mold prepared in the roughing out step to a finishing mold, and partially driving the collar into the shoulder while mai
6212911 Mould with pivoting drawer April 10, 2001
A mold having a pivoting slide. The mold is made of two shells. An element is rotationally mounted on one of the shells with a part of the element coinciding with the internal cavity of the mold. The element is closed by the second shell which has bearing surface which acts on the elemen
6063164 Filtration process for glass furnace dust May 16, 2000
A method for filtering the dust in gaseous emissions discharged from a glass furnace includes filtering the emissions at a traverse speed of at least 0.1 m/sec with at least one filtering element downstream of the furnace, and regenerating the filtering element by washing using a wat
6001754 Opal glass compositions December 14, 1999
Opal glass compositions for producing opal glass articles such as perfume bottles are disclosed. The compositions are borosilicate compositions and further include 0.5-3.0 wt % of CaO and 1.0-6.0 wt % of P.sub.2 O.sub.5, and the sum of alkaline oxides totals 9-18 wt %.
5988355 Method and device for handling articles November 23, 1999
A method of handling articles in which at least one mechanical tool conveys the article or plays a part in transferring the article, and according to which at least one jet of gas under pressure is blown through a duct passing through the mechanical tool, and also according to which the
5987926 Mold made of cuproaluminum alloy for the manufacture of glass products November 23, 1999
A mold for the manufacture of glass products at least a portion of which consists of a cuproaluminum alloy that contains: 0.02% wt. or more of one or several elements chosen from among Sc, Sr, Y, Zr and Hf, and/or from 0.02% wt. or more of one or several lanthanides. The cuproaluminum al
5687862 Hollow glass objects November 18, 1997
A forming process which utilize blown-blown technique has an initial phase, a transfer phase, and a finishing phase for producing a hollow glass object provided with a neck. During the initial phase all or part of the internal profile of the neck is molded by a mechanical element.
5643634 Process for the treatment of glass to improve its adhesion to a polymer July 1, 1997
A process for the treatment of glass in order to improve the adhesion of a polymer to the glass, wherein the process involves depositing a metal oxide layer on a surface of the glass article, anddepositing a soluble aluminum salt layer on at least a portion of the metal oxide layer where
5643367 Method and device for cleaning solid elements July 1, 1997
A method and device for cleaning solid elements such as glass making moulds. The moulds are cleaned by first removing greases or organic materials and then cleaning by photo-ablation by a laser impact of at least a portion of the surface of the moulds. The two steps may be repeated.
5407457 Process and device for forming hollow glass objects having a neck with a localized constriction April 18, 1995
A forming process which utilize blown-blown technique has an initial phase, a transfer phase, and a finishing phase for producing a hollow glass object provided with a neck. During the initial phase all or part of the internal profile of the neck is molded by a mechanical element.
4887791 Moulds for glass making and use thereof December 19, 1989
Cast-iron mold for the production of glass containers by using a "pressed-blown" or "blown-blown" technique wherein the parts exposed to the parison are coated with a uniform alumina layer of which the thickness is less than 5 micrometers. The invention applies to industrial techniques
4583695 Process for purifying recovery glass April 22, 1986
This invention discloses a process and apparatus for purifying recovery glass for recycling and reuse. The necessity for manual sorting techniques is minimized due to the invention's unique process of mechanical purification, in parallel, carried out on separate granulometric portions

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