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RE44594 Method and circuit for data encryption/decryption November 12, 2013
Data are converted between an unencrypted and an encrypted format according to the Rijndael algorithm, including a plurality of rounds. Each round is comprised of a fixed set of transformations applied to a two-dimensional array, designating states, of rows and columns of bit words.
RE43516 Fault detection for loss of feedback in forced switching power supplies July 17, 2012
A device corrects the power factor in forced switching power supplies and includes a converter and a control device to obtain a regulated voltage on an output terminal. The control device comprises an error amplifier having an inverting terminal (Vout) and a non-inverting terminal re
RE42113 Control system of motors for rotating a disk and for positioning heads of a mass storage disk de February 8, 2011
An integrated control and power driving system moves a read/write head carrying arm over the surface of a disk. The integrated control and power driving system is applicable to a spindle motor, a mass storage disk drive and a voice-coil motor, for example, and includes a first chip and
RE41889 Process for manufacturing high-sensitivity accelerometric and gyroscopic integrated sensors, and October 26, 2010
A movable mass forming a seismic mass is formed starting from an epitaxial layer and is covered by a weighting region of tungsten which has high density. To manufacture the mass, buried conductive regions are formed in the substrate. Then, at the same time, a sacrificial region is formed
RE41856 Process for manufacturing high-sensitivity accelerometric and gyroscopic integrated sensors, and October 26, 2010
A movable mass forming a seismic mass is formed starting from an epitaxial layer and is covered by a weighting region of tungsten which has high density. To manufacture the mass, buried conductive regions are formed in the substrate. Then, at the same time, a sacrificial region is formed
RE38657 Current limitation programmable circuit for smart power actuators November 23, 2004
A circuit for limitation of maximum current delivered by a power transistor comprises: a network for detection of the current delivered by the power transistor which generates a first electrical signal; a reference network for generating a reference current proportional to a resistor and
RE38510 Manufacturing process for a monolithic semiconductor device comprising at least one transistor o May 4, 2004
The device uses the horizontal insulating region and the buried layer as the power transistor base and emitter respectively. An epitaxial growth is interposed between the two diffusions needed to form the aforesaid regions and those needed to create the base and the emitter of the transi
RE38387 Multiplier circuit for multiplication operation between binary and twos complement numbers January 13, 2004
A multiplier circuit which multiplies together both natural and two's complement binary numbers, which it receives in the form of electric signals having predetermined logic values, that are applied to input terminals of logic gating circuits. The logic gating circuits provide partia
RE38166 Circuit and method for reading a memory cell that can store multiple bits of data July 1, 2003
A sensing circuit for serial dichotomic sensing of multiple-level memory cells which can take one programming level among a plurality of m=2.sup.n (n>=2) different programming levels, comprises biasing means for biasing a memory cell to be sensed in a predetermined condition, so that
RE38154 Method and circuit for detecting a fault in a clock signal for microprocessor electronic devices June 24, 2003
An electronic device including a microprocessor, a circuit generating a clock signal, and memories of both the volatile type and the non-volatile type, incorporates a circuit for generation of a reset signal capable of detecting a stop in the oscillation of said clock signal and generati
RE37898 Self-oscillating switching power supply with output voltage regulated from the primary side November 5, 2002
Regulation of the output voltage of a power supply employing a flyback-type self-oscillating DC--DC converter employing a transformer. The primary winding circuit of the transformer senses a current recirculation loop for discharging the energy cyclically stored in an auxiliary winding o
RE37707 Leadframe with heat dissipator connected to S-shaped fingers May 21, 2002
An improved leadframe for packages of integrated power devices which, by virtue of its configuration, allows to press the dissipator on the bottom of the shell during the molding of the plastic case, without the dissipator having exposed portions of its inner face (which is in contact
RE37440 Memory for programmable digital filter November 6, 2001
The filter includes an arithmetical chain of parallel adders alternated with delay elements, and a memory constituted by lines of one-bit cells. Each line is addressable by a decoder controlled by a digital signal to be filtered; each line of memory contains side by side values which
RE37416 Method for manufacturing a modular semiconductor power device October 23, 2001
The components used in the method comprise a heat-dissipating base plate, one or more three-layer plates (the top layer consisting of copper plates and strips) and a one-piece frame designed to constitute the terminals. After the chips have been soldered onto the upper plates and connect
RE37308 EEPROM memory cell with a single level of polysilicon programmable and erasable bit by bit August 7, 2001
The cell is formed of a selection transistor, a detection transistor and a tunnel condenser. The detection Transistor has its own control gate formed with an n.sup.+ diffusion which is closed and isolated from those of the other cells of the same memory.
RE36998 Circuit for limiting the output voltage of a power transistor December 26, 2000
A circuit for limiting the output voltage from a power transistor connected in series with a resonant load between a voltage supply and a voltage reference, ground, is disclosed. The circuit includes a semiconductor junction element, in particular a diode of the SCR type, having an anode
RE36026 Programmable device for storing digital video lines January 5, 1999
A programmable device for storing digital video lines, being of a type intended for use in TV sets with digital frame scan features whereby a video line is sample coded in a digital signal, comprises at least one pair of memories each adapted to contain the code of one video line, and a
8588322 Method and device for soft-output detection in multiple antenna communication systems November 19, 2013
An embodiment of a method and device for detecting a signal and generating bit soft-output of a multiple-input multiple-output system is provided. The device includes at least one channel estimates pre-processing unit, one received vector processing and one detection and soft-output
8588018 Integrated solution for identifying malfunctioning components within memory devices November 19, 2013
A method for testing a memory device. The memory device includes a matrix of memory cells having a plurality of rows and columns; the matrix includes a plurality of rows of operative memory cells each one for storing a variable value and at least one row of auxiliary memory cells eac
8587360 Level-shifter circuit using low-voltage transistors November 19, 2013
A level-shifter circuit may include a pair of inputs which receive a first and a second low-voltage phase signal having a first voltage dynamic with a first maximum value. The level-shifter circuit may also include a pair of outputs which supply a first high-voltage phase signal and
8586470 Multilevel interconnect structures and methods of fabricating same November 19, 2013
A multilevel interconnect structure for a semiconductor device includes an intermetal dielectric layer with funnel-shaped connecting vias. The funnel-shaped connecting vias are provided in connection with systems exhibiting submicron spacings. The architecture of the multilevel inter
8586451 Flexible electronic device and method for the fabrication of same November 19, 2013
A semiconductor device may have a thickness, such that the semiconductor devices are not flexible, and may be bonded and electrically coupled on a flexible substrate. After this bonding, the semiconductor device may be thinned so as to be rendered flexible.
8582787 Preamplifier circuit for a microelectromechanical capacitive acoustic transducer November 12, 2013
Described herein is a preamplifier circuit for a capacitive acoustic transducer provided with a MEMS detection structure that generates a capacitive variation as a function of an acoustic signal to be detected, starting from a capacitance at rest; the preamplifier circuit is provided
8582702 Electronic device for receiving a radio-frequency signal November 12, 2013
An electronic device includes an analog-to-digital converter adapted to receive a radio-frequency signal and adapted to provide therefrom a digital signal, wherein the radio-frequency signal may include an interference signal. The electronic device has a controller adapted to perform
8581345 Charge-balance power device comprising columnar structures and having reduced resistance, and me November 12, 2013
An embodiment of a charge-balance power device formed in an epitaxial layer having a first conductivity type and housing at least two columns of a second conductivity type, which extend through the epitaxial layer. A first and a second surface region of the second conductivity type e
8580640 Manufacturing process of a power electronic device integrated in a semiconductor substrate with November 12, 2013
An embodiment of a process for manufacturing an electronic device on a semiconductor body of a material with wide forbidden bandgap having a first conductivity type. The process comprises the steps of: forming, on the semiconductor body, a first mask having a first window and a second
8576879 Communication system and method November 5, 2013
A communication system for transmitting data, for example, within a System-in-Package. The system includes a first circuit configured for: a) dividing the data into a plurality of packets having a determined size; and b) creating for each of the packets a transmission segment including
8575889 Method and apparatus for controlling the transfer of electric power to an electronic device supp November 5, 2013
A DC-DC voltage down-converter for an electronic device supplied by a battery and having a bus interface for the interconnection with another electronic device capable of supplying electric power is provided. The DC-DC voltage down-converter includes a terminal coupled to a voltage s
8575720 Process for integrating on an inert substrate a device comprising at least a passive element and November 5, 2013
A process is described for integrating, on an inert substrate, a device having at least one passive component and one active component. The process comprises: deposition of a protection dielectric layer on the inert substrate; formation of a polysilicon island on the protection diele
8575710 Capacitive semiconductor pressure sensor November 5, 2013
A capacitive semiconductor pressure sensor, comprising: a bulk region of semiconductor material; a buried cavity overlying a first part of the bulk region; and a membrane suspended above said buried cavity, wherein, said bulk region and said membrane are formed in a monolithic substrate,
8575700 Charge-balance power device comprising columnar structures and having reduced resistance November 5, 2013
A charge-balance power device formed in an epitaxial layer having a first conductivity type and housing at least two columnar structures of a second conductivity type, which extend through the epitaxial layer. A first surface region of the second conductivity type extends along the s
8575005 Method of manufacturing an electronic device having a plastic substrate and corresponding carrie November 5, 2013
A method of manufacturing an electronic device on a plastic substrate includes: providing a carrier as a rigid support for the electronic device; providing a metallic layer on the carrier; forming the plastic substrate on the metallic layer, the metallic layer guaranteeing a temporar
8574945 Array of mutually insulated Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes, and corresponding manufacturing p November 5, 2013
An embodiment of an array of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes, wherein each photodiode is formed by a body of semiconductor material, having a first conductivity type, housing a first cathode region, of the second conductivity type, and facing a surface of the body, an anode region,
8571225 Method and circuit for testing an audio high-frequency loudspeaker being part of a loudspeaker s October 29, 2013
The present invention relates to a method and a circuit for testing a tweeter, said tweeter being part of a loudspeaker system, wherein the method includes the steps of: applying a high-frequency voltage signal to one terminal of said tweeter, said high-frequency voltage signal being
8570813 Charge pump circuit using low voltage transistors October 29, 2013
The charge pump circuit has a plurality of cascaded charge pump stages, each provided with a first pump capacitor connected to a first internal node and receiving a first high voltage phase signal, and a second pump capacitor connected to a second internal node and receiving a second hig
8570386 Method of merging images and relative method of generating an output image of enhanced quality October 29, 2013
A method of processing and device configure to process digital images to enhance image quality and correct motion blur. A number N of images of a scene are captured with an exposure time T. An order of sharpness of the images is determined and the sharpest image is used as a reference im
8570085 Low consumption flip-flop circuit with data retention and method thereof October 29, 2013
The present disclosure relates to a low consumption flip-flop circuit with data retention, comprising at least one flip-flop and at least one retention cell connected to the output of the flip-flop and configured so that during normal operation of the flip-flop circuit, the retention cel
8570069 Clock gating cell circuit October 29, 2013
A clock gate includes a first Muller gate that receives at its inputs a clock signal and an enable signal. The output of the first Muller gate is applied, with a delayed version of the clock signal, to a second Muller gate. A logic circuit operates to logically combine the output of the
8570011 DC-DC converter circuit October 29, 2013
An embodiment of a voltage conversion unit comprising a switching DC-DC converter including an input terminal for receiving an input voltage from a source, a control terminal adapted to receive a pulse width modulated driving signal oscillating at a first frequency, and an output termina
8566670 RAM memory device selectively protectable with ECC October 22, 2013
An SRAM memory device including a plurality of memory cells arranged in a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns; each row of memory cells is adapted to store a RAM word; the RAM word includes a corresponding data word, a corresponding ECC word to be used for error detection and
8565452 Integrated acoustic transducer in MEMS technology, and manufacturing process thereof October 22, 2013
A MEMS acoustic transducer, for example, a microphone, includes a substrate provided with a cavity, a supporting structure, fixed to the substrate, a membrane having a perimetral edge and a centroid, suspended above the cavity and fixed to the substrate the membrane configured to osc
8564468 Sequence arbiter for analog-to-digital conversions October 22, 2013
An analog-to-digital converter device may include an input multiplexer circuit having analog input terminals configured to receive a respective plurality of analog input signals. The input multiplexer circuit may be responsive to a first select input. The device may also include a trigge
8564465 Analog to digital conversion apparatus with a reduced number of ADCs October 22, 2013
An analog to digital conversion includes a multiplexor circuit for receiving analog input signals and, responsive to a select input, an analog to digital converter circuit to convert a selected analog signal into a digital signal, a conversion starting device to send a conversion sta
8301977 Accelerating phase change memory writes October 30, 2012
In a phase change memory, the memory array may be written in relatively small chunks. The writing of data to the array and, particularly, the writing of set data, may be accelerated using a hardware accelerator. The hardware accelerator may include an edge detector which detects a short
8299579 Method for generating a signal representative of the current delivered to a load by a power devi October 30, 2012
An integrated power transistor includes emitter or source regions, and a comb-like patterned metal electrode structure interconnecting the emitter or source regions and defining at least one connection pad. The comb-like patterned metal electrode structure includes a plurality of fingers
8294383 Electronic driving device for lamps, in particular HID lamps October 23, 2012
A driving device for a lamp, in particular an HID lamp, the device including a first circuit to convert a network input voltage into a output direct voltage, a second circuit that receives the direct voltage as an input and converts the direct voltage into an alternating signal for s
8293598 Process for manufacturing a memory device including a vertical bipolar junction transistor and a October 23, 2012
A bipolar selection transistor and a circuitry MOS transistor for a memory device are formed in a semiconductor body. The bipolar selection transistor is formed by implanting a buried collector, implanting a base region on the buried collector, forming a silicide protection mask on the
8290102 Adaptive data dependent noise prediction (ADDNP) October 16, 2012
A method is provided. The method comprises calibrating noise prediction parameters by adapting one or more biases, adapting one or more filter coefficients using the adapted one or more biases, and adapting one or more prediction error variances using the adapted one or more biases and
8289092 Microelectromechanical resonant structure having improved electrical characteristics October 16, 2012
The present disclosure is directed to a MEMS resonant structure, provided with a substrate of semiconductor material; a mobile mass suspended above the substrate and anchored to the substrate by constraint elements to be free to oscillate at a resonance frequency; and a fixed-electrode
8289021 Magnetoresistive sensor and manufacturing method thereof October 16, 2012
A magnetoresistive element formed by a strip of magnetoresistive material which extends on a substrate of semiconductor material having an upper surface. The strip comprises at least one planar portion which extends parallel to the upper surface, and at least one transverse portion which

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