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RE42144 Non-volatile memory comprising means for distorting the output of memory cells February 15, 2011
The present invention relates to a non-volatile memory comprising a memory array comprising functional memory cells and non-functional memory cells linked to at least one non-functional word line. A word line address decoder comprises a special decoding section linked to the non-function
RE37456 Device to monitor the content and/or display of messages November 27, 2001
The period for which advertisements are displayed on display screens is monitored by coupling the displaying time with the time of a telephone call from a public telephone booth near the display panel. Preferably, the call made from this booth is paid with a pre-payment memory card. This
RE36480 Control and monitoring device for a power switch January 4, 2000
A control and monitoring circuit for a power switch comprises a first portion (20) connected to this switch and fed with reference to a floating voltage (V.sub.F) of an electrode of this switch, a second portion (10) connected to circuits external to the switch and fed with reference to
8588407 Protection of a calculation performed by an integrated circuit November 19, 2013
A method and a circuit for protecting a digital quantity over a first number of bits, in an algorithm executing at least one modular exponentiation of data by the quantity, the steps including at least one squaring up and at least one multiplication and implementing, for each bit of
8587921 Method of adjustment on manufacturing of a circuit having a resonant element November 19, 2013
A method of adjustment in the manufacture of a capacitance of a capacitor supported by a substrate, the method including the steps of: a) forming a first electrode parallel to the surface of the substrate and covering it with a dielectric layer; b) forming, on a first portion of the diel
8587726 System and process for image rescaling using adaptive interpolation kernel with sharpness and ov November 19, 2013
Provided are a digital video rescaling system, a method of rescaling video images, and a chip comprising a computer executable medium embedded therein computer executable instructions for rescaling video images.
8582765 Masking of data in a calculation November 12, 2013
A method and a circuit for ciphering or deciphering data with a key by using at least one variable stored in a storage element and updated by the successive operations, the variable being masked by at least one first random mask applied before use of the key, then unmasked by at leas
8581684 Multiple-level inductance November 12, 2013
An inductive element formed of planar windings in different conductive levels, the windings being formed in a number of levels smaller by one unit than the number of windings, two of the windings being interdigited in a same level.
8581412 Semiconductor device comprising an electromagnetic waveguide November 12, 2013
A semiconductor device includes a substrate. On at least one face of that substrate, integrated circuits are formed. At least one electromagnetic waveguide is also included, that waveguide including two metal plates that are placed on either side of at least one part of the thickness of
8575889 Method and apparatus for controlling the transfer of electric power to an electronic device supp November 5, 2013
A DC-DC voltage down-converter for an electronic device supplied by a battery and having a bus interface for the interconnection with another electronic device capable of supplying electric power is provided. The DC-DC voltage down-converter includes a terminal coupled to a voltage s
8575761 Segmented supply rail configuration for a digital integrated circuit November 5, 2013
An array of functional cells includes a subset of cells powered by at least one supply rail. That supply rail is formed of first segments located on a first metallization level and second segments located on a second metallization level with at least one conductor element extending b
8575011 Method of fabricating a device with a concentration gradient and the corresponding device November 5, 2013
A semiconductive device is fabricated by forming, within a semiconductive substrate, at least one continuous region formed of a material having a non-uniform composition in a direction substantially perpendicular to the thickness of the substrate.
8572468 Method for transmitting a binary information word October 29, 2013
A method is for transmitting a binary information word (MI) coded on r bits to which is attached a redundancy (CRC) coded on s bits, s and r being integers. The redundancy (CRC) signals the appearance of erroneous bits after the transmission, and is obtained by carrying out a Euclidian
8570096 Transistor substrate dynamic biasing circuit October 29, 2013
A dynamic biasing circuit of the substrate of a MOS power transistor may include a first switch configured to connect the substrate to a current source which forward biases the intrinsic source-substrate diode of the transistor, when the gate voltage of the transistor turns the transisto
8570069 Clock gating cell circuit October 29, 2013
A clock gate includes a first Muller gate that receives at its inputs a clock signal and an enable signal. The output of the first Muller gate is applied, with a delayed version of the clock signal, to a second Muller gate. A logic circuit operates to logically combine the output of the
8570060 Method for protecting a logic circuit against external radiation and associated electronic devic October 29, 2013
A method for protecting an electronic circuit having at least one output against external radiation includes functionally duplicating the electronic circuit and linking the outputs of the electronic circuit and the duplicated electronic circuit to homologous inputs of at least functi
8565030 Read boost circuit for memory device October 22, 2013
A read boost circuit arranged to boost the voltage difference between a pair of complementary bit lines of a memory device during a read operation, the read boost circuit including: a first transistor adapted to be controlled by the voltage level on a first bit line of the pair of bi
8564096 Diffused integrated resistor October 22, 2013
Methods and apparatus according to various aspects of the present invention may operate in conjunction with a resistor formed of a lightly-doped P-type region formed in a portion of a lightly-doped N-type semiconductor well extending on a lightly-doped P-type semiconductor substrate,
8300015 Method of detecting the movement of an entity equipped with an image sensor and device for imple October 30, 2012
In relation to a current image from a sequence of images captured by an image sensor, in a first step, a temporary motion vector is determined as a function of reference data comprising a preceding image and a motion vector associated to the preceding image. Then, in a second step, if th
8299541 Process for producing a contact pad on a region of an integrated circuit, in particular on the e October 30, 2012
A region is locally modified so as to create a zone that extends as far as at least part of the surface of the region and is formed from a material that can be removed selectively with respect to the material of the region. The region is then covered with an insulating material. An o
8298942 Method for forming electric vias October 30, 2012
A method for forming through vias connecting the front surface to the rear surface of a semiconductor substrate, including the steps of: forming openings in the substrate, thermally oxidizing walls of the openings, filling the openings with a sacrificial material, forming electronic
8296576 Method for scrambling the current consumption of an integrated circuit October 23, 2012
A method for scrambling current consumption of an integrated circuit, at least during execution of a confidential operation by the integrated circuit that includes reading confidential data stored therein and/or the calculation of an encryption code is provided. The charge pump is ac
8296497 Self-updating memory controller October 23, 2012
A system and method of making a firmware self updatable depending on option information stored in a configuration module. The configuration module can either be in a memory device or a memory controller. The self-updation flexibility can be achieved by customizing the options as per
8294508 Method and device for driving the frequency of a clock signal of an integrated circuit October 23, 2012
An electronic device may include a controlled generator configured to generate an adjustable frequency clock signal at at least one part of an integrated circuit coupled to the output of the controller generator and including at least one transistor having a gate of less than forty-five
8285236 Method and device for processing the DC offset of a radiofrequency reception subsystem October 9, 2012
A method may compensate for direct current (DC) offset in a radio frequency reception device. The method may include partitioning an analog portion of the reception device into a plurality of zones, for each zone, calibrating initial DC offset compensation to be applied within an ope
8284280 Pinned photodiode CMOS image sensor with a low supply voltage October 9, 2012
A device for controlling an image sensor including at least one photosensitive cell including a photodiode capable of discharging into a sense node via a first MOS transistor, the sense node being connected to the gate of a second MOS transistor having its source connected to a proce
8283931 Qualifying of a detector of noise peaks in the supply of an integrated circuit October 9, 2012
A method and a system for qualifying an integrated circuit according to a parasitic supply peak detector that it contains, including: supply of the integrated circuit to be tested under at least a first voltage; checking of a starting of the circuit; application of at least one first noi
8283707 Reduction of threshold voltage instabilities in a MOS transistor October 9, 2012
A MOS transistor includes an etch stop layer presenting a density of less than a determined threshold value, below which the material of said stop layer is permeable to molecules of dihydrogen and/or water. The material may comprise a nitride. A material used for the etch stop layer
8279312 Image sensor element with multiple outputs October 2, 2012
The present invention concerns an image sensor having a plurality of pixels each including a photosensor, a first node having a first capacitance connected to the photosensor, a second node having a second capacitance and selectively connected to the photosensor, and reading circuitr
8269252 Structure of high-frequency components with low stray capacitances September 18, 2012
A structure including at least two neighboring components, capable of operating at high frequencies, formed in a thin silicon substrate extending on a silicon support and separated therefrom by an insulating layer, the components being laterally separated by insulating regions. The s
8264496 Data management for image processing September 11, 2012
An image processing system includes a memory for storing data associated with pixels of images, with the pixels having spatial coordinates in an image coordinate system having first and second axes; a processing device including a processor which processes the associated data; and an
8264462 Motion estimation with adaptation of the correlation block size September 11, 2012
A process for determining the displacement of an entity equipped with a sensor for capturing a sequence of images, comprising a step for determining a motion vector associated with a current image as a function of at least one correlation calculation between a first block of pixels i
8263965 Single-crystal semiconductor layer with heteroatomic macro-network September 11, 2012
A single-crystal layer of a first semiconductor material including single-crystal nanostructures of a second semiconductor material, the nanostructures being distributed in a regular crystallographic network with a centered tetragonal prism.
8254627 Method for automatically following hand movements in an image sequence August 28, 2012
A method for following hand movements in an image flow, includes receiving an image flow in real time, locating in each image in the received image flow a hand contour delimiting an image zone of the hand, extracting the postural characteristics from the image zone of the hand locate
8253090 Image sensor with multiple integration periods August 28, 2012
A method of reading voltages from an image sensor having an array of pixels, each pixel having at least one photodiode connectable to a storage node, the method having: controlling each pixel in a row of pixels to transfer charge accumulated in the photodiode above a first threshold
8252638 Method for forming under a thin layer of a first material portions of another material and/or em August 28, 2012
A method for forming an empty area under a layer of a given material, including forming on a substrate a stacking of a photosensitive layer and of a layer of the given material; insolating a portion of the photosensitive layer or its complement according to whether the photosensitive
8243856 Adaptable demodulator August 14, 2012
A method and a circuit for detecting a binary state supported by an analog symbol, comprising sampling the symbol with a sampling signal based on a frequency having a period shorter than the duration of a symbol, selecting a number of significant samples smaller than the number of sa
8243195 Cadence detection in a sequence of video fields August 14, 2012
A method for cadence detection in a sequence of video fields is based on at least a search for cadence patterns in a sequence of bits representative of the motion in at least a part of the field from one field to another in the field sequence. The signaling of field skip and/or field
8242845 Radiofrequency signal power amplification method and device August 14, 2012
A radiofrequency signal power amplification circuit may include a signal input for receiving the radiofrequency signal, an amplification stage coupled to the signal input and having at least one power transistor, a biasing stage for delivering a bias voltage to the amplification stage,
8239833 Statistical control of the integrity of a program August 7, 2012
A method for controlling the execution of a program implementing successive operations, including, during program execution, comparing each operation with a pre-established list, and for each operation contained in the list, incrementing and memorizing a number of occurrences of this
8238495 Method and apparatus for reducing the interferences between a wideband device and a narrowband i August 7, 2012
A method includes a main interference reduction mode for reducing the interference generated by a wideband device toward a narrowband device. The main interference reduction mode is performed within the wideband device and includes at least one of detecting an emission from and a rec
8232169 Resistor in an integrated circuit July 31, 2012
A resistive element having two vertical resistive portions placed in two holes formed in the upper portion of a substrate and a horizontal resistive portion placed in a buried cavity connecting the bottoms of the holes.
8218045 Image sensor control method July 10, 2012
A method for acquiring images using at least one CMOS-type sensor with four transistors including an acquisition node and a read node, where the read node can receive a compression signal, including a step of reading a reference state of the sensor; a reset step; an integration step, dur
8217719 Variable gain RF amplifier July 10, 2012
A variable gain amplifier having an input node, a variable current source including a control input coupled to the input node, first and second branches coupled in parallel between a first supply terminal and the variable current source, the first and second branches defining a diffe
8216739 Fuel cell with large exchange surface area July 10, 2012
A support wafer made of silicon wafer comprising, on a first surface a porous silicon layer having protrusions, porous silicon pillars extending from the porous silicon layer to the second surface of the wafer, in front of each protrusion. Layers constituting a fuel cell can be formed
8212725 Method for production of chip-integrated antennae with an improved emission efficiency July 3, 2012
The method is to fabricate a microelectronic device with an integrated antenna. This method may include forming at least a first semiconducting layer on a substrate, forming in at least one zone of the first semiconducting layer of a structure to limit the circulation of current in t
8212701 Integrated circuit and corresponding method of processing a multitype radio frequency digital si July 3, 2012
An integrated circuit includes input circuitry for receiving a radio frequency digital signal, output circuitry capable of delivering a radio frequency analog signal, and a processing stage coupled between the input circuitry and the output circuitry and including several processing
8212616 Biasing circuit for differential amplifier July 3, 2012
The invention concerns a biasing circuit for controlling the current flowing through a differential pair (102, 104) comprising: a first branch comprising a first resistor (306), a first transistor device (308) and a second transistor device (310) coupled in series; a second branch co
8212324 Micro-electromechanical resonance device with periodic structure July 3, 2012
A Micro Electro Mechanical Systems resonance device includes a substrate, and an input electrode, connected to an alternating current source having an input frequency. The device also includes an output electrode, and at least one anchoring structure, connected to the substrate. The devi
8203416 Planar inductive structure June 19, 2012
A spiral structure having at least one planar winding in at least one first conductive level to form at least one inductive element, wherein the winding is surrounded with a conductive plane and at least one track is formed in a second conductive level and has two ends connected by c

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