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8581679 Switch with increased magnetic sensitivity November 12, 2013
Switches that are actuated through exposure to a magnetic field are described. A mobile element of a switch includes one or more anchoring members that are in electrical contact with one of the conductive portions. The mobile element also has a beam that is attached to the one or mor
8285236 Method and device for processing the DC offset of a radiofrequency reception subsystem October 9, 2012
A method may compensate for direct current (DC) offset in a radio frequency reception device. The method may include partitioning an analog portion of the reception device into a plurality of zones, for each zone, calibrating initial DC offset compensation to be applied within an ope
8269276 Method for the production of MOS transistors September 18, 2012
The invention relates to a method for the production of both MOS transistors with extremely low leakage currents at the pn junctions and logic/switching transistors, whose gates are laterally defined by spacers in a p-substrate or a p-well in an n-substrate. The aim of the invention
8259879 Method for detecting the eventual presence of an interferer, for example a radar signal, adapted September 4, 2012
The method is for detecting the eventual presence of an interferer that is adapted to interfere with a wireless device. The wireless device is provided with at least one receiving chain including an analog to digital conversion stage. The method includes receiving on the receiving chain
8254856 Method and system for processing imperfections of a radio frequency transmission subsystem and c August 28, 2012
A method processes defects in a radio frequency transmission subsystem due to elements therein. The defects may include mismatch between two channels in phase quadrature in the transmission subsystem and a transposition signal leaking from a first frequency transposition stage of the
8196005 Method and device for decoding LDPC encoded codewords with a fast convergence speed June 5, 2012
The method includes defining from all the check nodes at least one group of check nodes mutually connected through at least one second variable node defining an internal second variable node. The method includes performing for each group the joint updating of all the check nodes of t
8174342 Microelectromechanical system May 8, 2012
The invention relates to microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and more particularly, to MEMS switches using magnetic actuation. The MEMS switch may be actuated with no internal power consumption. The switch is formed in an integrated solid state MEMS technology. The MEMS switch is micr
8165549 Method for notch filtering a digital signal, and corresponding electronic device April 24, 2012
An electronic device, includes sigma-delta modulation circuit to operate with a clock signal and having output circuitry to deliver a digital data signal. First circuitry delivers a radiofrequency transposition signal. A notch filter includes radiofrequency digital-to-analog conversion b
8148748 Adjustable field effect rectifier April 3, 2012
An Adjustable Field Effect Rectifier uses aspects of MOSFET structure together with an adjustment pocket or region to result in a device that functions reliably and efficiently at high voltages without significant negative resistance, while also permitting fast recovery and operation at
8102924 Arrangements and methods for per tone equalization with reduced complexity January 24, 2012
An equalizer for a multi carrier signal for carrying out equalization adapted to each carrier or group of carriers, Fourier transforms the multi carrier signal, and obtains difference terms of the multi carrier signal. Both are input to an adaptive filter, to output equalized signals
8078804 Method and arrangement for cache memory management, related processor architecture December 13, 2011
A data cache memory coupled to a processor including processor clusters are adapted to operate simultaneously on scalar and vectorial data by providing data locations in the data cache memory for storing data for processing. The data locations are accessed either in a scalar mode or in
8060725 Processor architecture with processing clusters providing vector and scalar data processing capa November 15, 2011
A processor architecture for multimedia applications includes processor clusters providing vectorial data processing capability. Processing elements in the processor clusters process both data with a bit length N and data with bit lengths N/2, N/4, and so on according to a Single Ins
8045703 Apparatus and method for echo-cancellation October 25, 2011
There is disclosed a multi-carrier transceiver system for use in echo cancellation. The transceiver system is arranged to generate from input data a multicarrier transmit signal comprising a plurality of multi-carrier data blocks. The transceiver system also has a multi-carrier signa
8036159 Method of managing the operation of a wireless communication device and corresponding wireless d October 11, 2011
The method is for managing the operation of a wireless communication device including several different communication modules respectively adapted to operate according to several given communication protocols including a UWB module operating according to a UWB protocol based on an OF
8019035 Noise shaped interpolator and decimator apparatus and method September 13, 2011
Improved interpolator and decimator apparatus and methods, including the addition of an elastic storage element in the signal path. In one exemplary embodiment, the elastic element comprises a FIFO which advantageously allows short term variation in sample clocks to be absorbed, and
7924937 Resonant power converter for radio frequency transmission and method April 12, 2011
A resonant power converter for ultra-efficient radio frequency transmission and associated methods. In one exemplary embodiment, the invention is digitally actuated and uses a combination of a noise-shaped encoder, a charging switch, and a high-Q resonator coupled to an output load,
7916818 Method and device for estimating the relative drift between two clocks, in particular for rangin March 29, 2011
A method is for estimating drift between a first clock used in a digital transmission processing of a first Ultra Wide Band (UWB) pulse train signal and a second clock used in a digital reception processing of a second UWB pulse train signal resulting from a transmission of the first
7908435 Disk controller providing for the auto-transfer of host-requested-data from a cache memory withi March 15, 2011
A disk-controller (110) that is within a disk memory system (100) initiates the auto-transfer of host-requested-data from cache memory (120) without the intervention of a microprocessor (130) that is within the disk memory system. The system performs auto-transfer, without the interv
7899022 Block de-interleaving system March 1, 2011
The block de-interleaving system includes an input for receiving a set of time-aligned blocks or interleaved data, physical memory unit, and a de-interleaving block for writing the blocks in the memory in a first predetermined manner and reading the blocks from the memory in a second
7836376 Method and apparatus for encoding blocks of data with a blocks oriented code and for decoding su November 16, 2010
To control a decoding latency, larger blocks are nonequally segmented into smaller ones. The decoding process starts directly after reception of the first small block. The latency is defined by the latency of the last small block decoding. Changing the number of iterations during the
7804908 Method of calibrating the transmission chain of a wireless transceiver and corresponding wireles September 28, 2010
A calibration is performed tone per tone during interframe spacing. A peak detection is used for measuring the level of the corresponding signal, and a gain correction coefficient is stored for correcting the digital complex modulation coefficients provided by the mapping.
7774674 LDPC decoder for DVB-S2 decoding August 10, 2010
The LDPC decoder includes a processor for updating messages exchanged iteratively between variable nodes and check nodes of a bipartite graph of the LDPC code. The decoder architecture is a partly parallel architecture clocked by a clock signal. The processor includes P processing un
7774574 Prototyping integrated systems August 10, 2010
A prototype system having an integrated circuit including an on-chip processor and an on-chip router connected to off-chip resources via an interface. A request directing unit on the chip receives memory access requests and directs them in accordance with either one of two address ma
7755524 Method for performing a digital to analog conversion of a digital signal, and corresponding elec July 13, 2010
A method for processing a digital signal includes an elementary processing including a radiofrequency transposition with a radiofrequency transposition signal and a digital to analog conversion of the transposed digital signal for delivering a radiofrequency analog signal. The digital
7752524 Method and device for decoding DVB-S2 LDPC encoded codewords July 6, 2010
The method is for decoding an LDPC encoded codeword, the LDPC code being represented by a bipartite graph between check nodes and variable nodes including first variable nodes and second variable nodes connected to the check nodes by a zigzag connectivity. The method includes updating
7720163 Method and device for notching the transmission band of an analog signal, in particular an MB-OF May 18, 2010
The transmission band of an analog signal to be transmitted is notched, including sub-carriers to be modulated from digital modulation coefficients respectively associated with the sub-carriers. The method includes providing an initial digital signal from successive frequency-domain
7701023 TFA image sensor with stability-optimized photodiode April 20, 2010
A TFA (thin film on ASIC) image sensor with stability-optimized photodiode for converting electromagnetic radiation into an intensity-dependent photocurrent. The TFA includes an intermetal dielectric layer, pixel back electrodes, vias, metal contacts, a transparent conductive oxide (TCO)
7693485 Bluetooth polling with fewer poll packets April 6, 2010
A Bluetooth master unit polls a slave unit to enable the slave to resynchronize to the master, by sending POLL packets with sufficient frequency to maintain a connection to the slave, and in the intervals between such packets, sending NULL packets with sufficient frequency to maintai
7688915 Method and system for blindly detecting a discontinuously transmitted shared channel, in particu March 30, 2010
A method for detecting an eventual channel intended to a designated user equipment among n channels received by the designated user equipment during a given duration, each channel received during the duration carrying encoded data masked with an identifier associated to a user equipm
7653017 Bluetooth sniff mode power saving January 26, 2010
A Bluetooth master radio frequency unit addresses a slave radio frequency unit, to enable the slave to synchronize to the master, by sending poll packets and optionally null packets over an active link, the master being arranged so that receipt of a response from the slave unit to a poll
7645076 Coupling structure for optical fibres and process for making it January 12, 2010
A coupling structure for coupling optical radiation, i.e., light, between an optical fibre and an optical device, e.g., a laser diode or a photodiode. The coupling structure has an optical through-via which guides the optical radiation to or from the optical fibre. Light exiting the
7623578 Time domain equalization using frequency domain operations November 24, 2009
An equalizer for a multi carrier transmission system, converts a transmitted multi carrier signal into sampled frequency domain signals, and suppresses time domain delay dispersion, on the sampled frequency domain signals. It exploits circulant decomposition of a Toeplitz matrix to e
7600172 Method and device for decoding packets of data within a hybrid ARQ scheme October 6, 2009
A device for decoding an incident FEC encoded packet of data within an ARQ scheme. The device includes a processor or processing means for performing successive decoding processes of successive intermediate FEC code encoded packets related to the incident FEC code encoded packet. The
7586996 Method for controlling the power of the output signal from an amplifier system and the associate September 8, 2009
Filtered digital information representative of the power of an output signal from an amplifier is generated, and control information from a setpoint representative of a desired power for the output signal is generated from the desired response time for the establishment of the power
7567789 Method and device for generating two signals in phase quadrature for a frequency transposition i July 28, 2009
The method and device include the generation of two output signals (I.sub.RF, Q.sub.RF) in phase quadrature, having a frequency spectrum including a dominant harmonic at a wanted frequency F.sub.C. The generation of a periodic basic signal (V.sub.P) having a frequency F.sub.OSC equal
7564832 Scheduling poll packets in bluetooth sniff mode July 21, 2009
A Bluetooth master radio frequency unit addresses a slave radio frequency unit, to enable the slave to resynchronize to the master, by sending poll packets or null packets, the master being arranged to send sufficient null packets to enable the slave to resynchronize, before sending a po
7542486 Method of processing an incident pulsed UWB signal received by an independent data device of a w June 2, 2009
A method for processing an incident pulsed signal of an ultra wide band type received over a channel by a data device operating in a wireless data communications system is provided. The incident pulsed signal carries information within a super-frame structure. Upon reception of each
7506220 Method of de-interleaving interleaved data samples sequences, and associated system March 17, 2009
A method for de-interleaving S2 received sequences of interleaved received data samples respectively issued from S2 physical channels and to be associated with S1 output transport channels is provided. The S2 received sequences have been delivered, before transmission by a two-stage
7502990 Method and device for handling write access conflicts in interleaving for high throughput turbo- March 10, 2009
A device for processing data to be interleaved and stored in target memories includes N interleaving buffers, N producers, and N cells. Each cell includes a register bank of size W, and a delay circuit. The variable M defines a maximum number of concurrent write operations supported
7493551 Method and device for delivering punctured code words encoded with a LDPC code February 17, 2009
The method and device include determining by removing N-N, rows from an original generator matrix (G) defining the LDPC code and having N rows and N-M columns for obtaining a generator sub-matrix (G.sub.1) having N-M columns and N.sub.1 rows. The method also includes delivering by re
7457377 Device for estimating a sequence of N bits corresponding to a received sequence of M digital dat November 25, 2008
A system and method is provided for estimating a sequence of N bits ({circumflex over (x)}.sub.0{circumflex over (x)}.sub.1 . . . {circumflex over (x)}.sub.N-1) corresponding to a received sequence of M digital data (r.sub.0r.sub.1 . . . r.sub.M-1). The method includes determining ca
7424067 Methods and apparatus for synchronization of training sequences September 9, 2008
A receiver and a method for receiving a signal including a carrier modulated with a known training sequence is described in which an estimate a carrier frequency offset is obtained from an autocorrelation signal by autocorrelation of the part of the received signal containing a known
7386691 Electronic device for reducing interleaving write access conflicts in optimized concurrent inter June 10, 2008
An electronic device may include a source memory device partitioned into N elementary source memories for storing a sequence of input data sets, and a processor clocked by a clock signal and having N outputs for producing, per cycle of the clock signal, N output data sets respectively as
7386071 Method and apparatus for decoding an incident UWB signal with inter symbol interferences June 10, 2008
The method is for decoding an incident UWB signal including successive incident pulses respectively received during successive Pulse Repetition Periods (PRP). The method includes determining a correlation matrix, whose terms respectively represent the correlation between all the M po
7386066 Method and device for detecting pulses of an incident pulse signal of the ultra wideband type June 10, 2008
A detection device includes an antenna for receiving an incident signal, and for delivering a base signal. A comparator receives the base signal and provides an intermediate signal representative of the sign of the base signal relative to a reference signal. A sampling circuit samples
7382034 Optoelectronic component having a conductive contact structure June 3, 2008
The invention relates to an optoelectronic component for converting electromagnetic radiation into an intensity-dependent photoelectric current. The component includes one substrate which is formed especially according to CMOS technology. The substrate has an integrated semiconductor
7370246 Method and device of de-interleaving successive sequences of interleaved data samples May 6, 2008
Successive sequences of interleaved data samples extracted from a virtual memory having L0 columns and C0 rows are de-interleaved. The de-interleaving includes receiving each sequence of the interleaved data samples, and writing row by row the received sequences of interleaved data s
7326589 Method for producing a TFA image sensor and one such TFA image sensor February 5, 2008
The invention relates to a method for producing a TFA image sensor in which a multi-layer arrangement comprising a photo diode matrix is arranged on an ASIC switching circuit provided with electronic circuits for operating the TFA image sensor, such as pixel electronics, peripheral e
7321608 Process and device for generating pulses for the transmission of a pulsed signal of the ultra wi January 22, 2008
Successive groups of N bits are delivered at a delivery frequency Fe greater than a predetermined frequency PRF. At least one of the successive groups includes at least one subgroup of at least one bit defining at least one digital cue of position and of shape of at least one base pu
7295621 Communication start-up with variant spectral density mask November 13, 2007
A method is provided for initiating communications over a channel between a transmitter and a receiver within a specified spectral range, subject to a mask to be applied at the transmitter so as to attenuate at least one segment of the spectral range. The method includes providing to the
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