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SP Tyres UK Ltd. Patents
SP Tyres UK Ltd.
Birmingham, GB2
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D316385 Vehicle tire April 23, 1991
D314538 Tire for vehicles February 12, 1991
D305220 Vehicle tire December 26, 1989
D305109 Vehicle tire December 19, 1989
D301022 Vehicle tire May 9, 1989
D297723 Tire September 20, 1988
4836260 Wheel rim for a pneumatic tire June 6, 1989
A novel one piece wheel rim for a pneumatic tire is provided. This wheel rim includes a pair of axially spaced tapered bead seats, a tire retaining flange located axially outward of each bead seat, and a tire fitting well located between the bead seats. One flange has a reduced height po
4773711 Vehicle wheels September 27, 1988
A vehicle wheel rim includes a pair of spaced-apart tire bead seats, axially outwards of each bead seat a tire retaining flange, and axially inwards but immediately adjacent thereto a circumferentially extending tire toe engaging groove. The groove is subdivided in the circumferential

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