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SKW Trostberg AG Patents
SKW Trostberg AG
Trostberg, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5209901 Agent for the treatment of cast iron melts May 11, 1993
Disclosed is an agent based on ferrosilicon for the treatment of cast iron melts before treatment with spheroidal graphite-inducing elements, especially magnesium, wherein, as additive elements, the agent additionally contains calcium, aluminum, manganese, zirconium, cerium and lanth
4832739 Process for desulfurizing molten iron May 23, 1989
A process for desulfurizing molten iron using a fine-grain agent consisting essentially of industrial calcium carbide, a dried coal, the coal containing at least 15% by weight of volatile components, and fine-grained magnesium and which agent is injected in fluidized form into an iron me
4764211 Fine-grained agent for desulfurizing molten iron August 16, 1988
A fine-grained agent for desulfurizing molten iron comprising industrial calcium carbide, dried coal which contains at least 15% by weight of volatile constituents and which, immediately after being passed into the molten iron, releases at least 80 standard liters of gas per kg of coal,
4747877 Chloride-free hardening accelerant for portland cement and process thereof May 31, 1988
This invention relates to a chloride-free hardening accelerant for Portland cement which is active in particular at low temperatures and contains calcium nitrate, sodium nitrate, hexamethylenetetramine and sodium hydroxide. The accelerant is prepared by reacting the calculated amount of
4666979 Metal compounds of acid group-containing condensation products and co-condensation products of k May 19, 1987
The present invention provides metal compounds of acid group-containing condensation products or co-condensation products of ketones and aldehydes, obtainable by the reaction of acid group-containing ketone-aldehyde condensation products and/or co-condensation products with mono- or
4592777 Method, process and composition for desulfurizing pig-iron melts June 3, 1986
A method and composition for desulfurization of hot metal is disclosed. To the hot metal there is added a composition comprising calcium carbide, a hydrogen releasing compound and magnesium.
4548796 Process for the production of pure burnt lime October 22, 1985
The subject of the invention is a process for the production of pure burnt lime using gaseous fuels produced from energy carriers, in particular industrial wastes, wherein the energy carriers are gasified in an installation consisting of a fluidized bed and a cyclone, and the noxious
4540436 Treatment agent for cast iron melts and a process for the production thereof September 10, 1985
The present invention provides a treatment agent for cast iron melts based upon ferrosilicon magnesium with a silicon content of from 40 to 80% by weight and a magnesium content of from 0.5 to 15% by weight, said agent being in the form of granules with a specific surface area of from 0.
4511508 Process for drying of natural extracts prepared by high pressure extraction April 16, 1985
A method is described for drying extracts of natural substances obtained by high-pressure extraction with liquefied gases or gases in the supercritical state; it consists in treating the gas stream that is charged with the extract with a solid drying agent, preferably calcium sulfate
4431444 Process for reducing the iron content of CaO-rich slags formed during the desulphurization of cr February 14, 1984
A process is described and claimed for reducing the iron content of a CaO-rich slag which is formed during the desulphurization of molten crude iron which comprises adding finely-ground fluorspar to the melt, in the ladle, or adding it to the lade prior to adding the crude iron thereto,
4396427 Method of and tiltable ladle for the treatment of cast iron melt August 2, 1983
A method of and a ladle for the treatment of a cast iron melt with a substance capable of inducing the formation of spheroidal graphite utilizes an elongated generally cylindrical vessel lined with a refractory and formed at opposite ends with cylinder bottoms. The vessel can be tilt

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