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S&C Brinkman Corporation Patents
S&C Brinkman Corporation
Beeville, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D465544 Fishing lure including a barb guard November 12, 2002
6571508 Fish catching system June 3, 2003
A fish catching system includes a lure manipulator, a hook, and a lure secured in a first position between the lure manipulator and the hook. A fishing line passes through the lure manipulator and attaches to the hook. Pulling the fishing line through the lure manipulator moves the lure
6505432 Fish catching system January 14, 2003
A fish catching system includes a hook having a barb and a shaft terminating in an eyelet that receives a fishing line. The fish catching system further includes a lure manipulator having a lure retainer, a lure retaining post, and a passageway therethrough that receives the shaft of

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