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Ruote O.Z. S.p.A. Patents
Ruote O.Z. S.p.A.
Bassano del Grappa, IT
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5584628 Device for connecting parts having holes with different center-to-center distances December 17, 1996
The device for connecting parts having holes with different center-to-center distances consists of a threaded connecting element, such as a bolt or a nut, and a bush whose internal diameter is greater than the diameter of the bolt shank or of a threaded shank associated to the the nu
5518302 Wheel assembly for motor vehicles comprising at least one bushing for positioning the wheel on a May 21, 1996
An assembly for supporting axles of different diameters in a wheel, in which the wheel has a hub with a bushing receiving portion having an interior surface of a first diameter. The bushing has a portion with an outer surface of a second diameter, somewhat smaller than the hub first

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