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Royal Doulton
UK) Limited (Stoke-on-Trent, GB2
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5645777 Dispensing apparatus July 8, 1997
Apparatus for dispensing predetermined quantities of particulate material is disclosed which includes a casing defining a dispensing chamber and an inlet tube for delivering material to the chamber. The inlet tube extends into and is surrounded by the chamber. The chamber has an outlet f
5581841 Brushing or cleaning apparatus December 10, 1996
Apparatus for removing particulate material from the surface of an article of flat or hollow ware comprises spaced endless belt members adapted to engage the opposite edges of the article, mechanism for driving the belt members at the same peripheral speed alternately in the same directi
5540318 Method and apparatus for glazing ceramic ware July 30, 1996
A method and apparatus for use in glazing an article of ceramic flatware or holloware comprises first glazing the undersurface of the article, then turning the article and then glazing the upper surface. Turning is preferably effected by a turning device including upper and lower conveyo
5533609 Foot wiping apparatus for ceramic ware July 9, 1996
Apparatus for foot cleaning of articles of ceramic ware comprises a conveyor device which includes a pair of belt members independently movable in the same direction at different speeds, the belt members being tilted transversely relative to one another such that their adjacent edges
5533607 Article handling apparatus July 9, 1996
Apparatus for transferring articles from a plurality of input lines to a single independently drive output line includes a device for lifting articles from each input line in turn and transferring them to a position adjacent the output line, and a control mechanism for controlling deposi
5513742 Method and device for controlling belt tracking May 7, 1996
A method and apparatus for use in sensing and correcting wander in a conveyor belt system employed to transport articles of greater width than the width of the belt itself, comprising for sensing deviations from a mean belt edge position at at least one side of the belt, generating a

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