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RE30629 Gas turbine engine June 2, 1981
A heat input device for a heat engine comprises a combustion device which is adapted to support surface burning of a fuel and oxidant mixture and a heat exchanger which is adapted to transfer the heat from the hot surface against which the surface burning takes place to the working fluid
8061144 Gas turbine engines November 22, 2011
In a by-pass gas turbine engine having a lobed type by-pass air and turbine exhaust mixer unit, the reheat gutters are arranged in the mixer in the turbine exhaust duct. The gutters extend radially and are substantially Y-shaped, each of the two legs of the Y extending radially along
8061143 Gas turbine engine reheat systems November 22, 2011
A gas turbine reheat system is provided with channel-shaped gutters, with a wall portion spaced from each gutter to form a space therebetween. The space is supplied with cooling air conveniently from the engine by-pass duct.
7967219 Thrust nozzle for a gas turbine engine June 28, 2011
Elbow nozzles in VTOL aircraft engines, are highly stressed when operating, in that they act as high pressure vessels. The invention provides a means for varying the outlet area of such a nozzle without weakening its structure. A single flap is inserted inside the nozzle and connecte
7934900 Nozzle guide vane for a gas turbine engine May 3, 2011
A nozzle guide vane for a gas turbine engine comprises a hollow ceramic vane member which includes an aerofoil portion and ceramic platforms. The ceramic vane member is supported by engagement of its interior surface with external supporting surfaces on a metallic load-bearing spine
7823838 Aircraft with improved lift November 2, 2010
An aircraft has a wing 10 supporting at its underside a gas turbine engine 13. A jet pipe 14 of the engine has an exhaust nozzle 15 of rectangular flow area defined by upper and lower panels 16,17 and end walls 18. The upper panel, which is a part common to the nozzle and to a trailing e
7823826 VSTOL aircraft November 2, 2010
An aircraft having a gas turbine engine with vectorable cold and hot nozzles. The aircraft is provided with a ducting in the wing which extends from an inlet facing downwards to an outlet in the upper surface of the wing directed rearwardly. The cold vectorable nozzles of the engine
5970705 Variable configuration final nozzle assembly for a combined rocket/ramjet engine October 26, 1999
A variable configuration final nozzle assembly for a combined rocket/ramjet engine consists of a fixed annular plug 20 together with upstream and downstream arrays of flaps 10,14 pivoted to the wall of a jet pipe 1 at their upstream and downstream ends 12,16 respectively. In the rocket m
5499765 Nozzle capable of varying the direction of discharge of fluid therefrom March 19, 1996
A nozzle is provided which is capable of varying the direction of discharge of a fluid. As shown in FIG. 2 the nozzle 11 has sidewalls defining a circular opening 12 and a plug 14 mounted within the nozzle for transverse movement in the plane of the nozzle outlet. Thus a component of vel
5273213 Variable area nozzle for turbomachines December 28, 1993
A variable area nozzle for a turbomachine comprising, a duct 25, an axially movable shroud 28 located at the downstream end of the duct 25, at least one circumferential array of plates 30 mounted at their upstream ends on the shroud, and an outer wall 34 surrounding the shroud 28 and the
5107675 Gas turbine engine April 28, 1992
A gas turbine engine of the type comprising a first compressor 4, a second compressor 6, a combustor 8 and turbines 10 for driving the compressors 4 and 6 is provided with an air intake 16, leading to the second compressor 6. The flow from the first compressor 4 is discharged through vec
4826645 Method of making an integral bladed member May 2, 1989
A method of manufacturing a bladed disc from a fiber reinforced composite material which comprises injecting a mixture of short fibers and a matrix material into a dividable die so configured as to define the form of a disc having integral radially extending aerofoil blades. The mixture
4798514 Nozzle guide vane structure for a gas turbine engine January 17, 1989
A nozzle guide vane assembly for a gas turbine engine comprises inner and outer porous sheet metal platform rings and a plurality of aerofoils extending between the rings, each of the aerofoil portions having mounting means at its inner and outer extremities by which the aerofoils, and t
4673871 Digital noise generator June 16, 1987
A digital noise generator for use in aeroengine noise testing can accurately and repeatably reproduce a standard noise spectrum so that differing noise analysis systems can be calibrated to a common standard. The noise generator comprises a pseudo-random binary sequence generator whi
4642867 Brush seal manufacture February 17, 1987
An apparatus for use in the manufacture of brush seals which comprise a plurality of filaments of brush material sandwiched between two sideplates. The apparatus comprises a workplate onto which is mounted one of the sideplates of the seal. A plurality of first clamping members clamp
4638946 Variable configuration exhaust discharge opening for a jet propulsion engine January 27, 1987
A gas turbine jet propulsion engine has a rectangular exhaust gas outlet 14. A pair of U-shaped tracks 21,22 one on each side of the outlet and which extend downstream of it, support rollers carrying the plates 24a etc. of a pair of articulated deflectors 24,26, one above and one below
4628008 Method for eliminating, or minimizing the effects of, defects in materials December 9, 1986
A method is described for the manufacture of articles in defect immunized materials in which the defects are eliminated, or broken up and oriented in such manner as to minimize their harmful effects on the article. Referring to FIG. 1e, a rotor disc for a gas turbine engine is formed to
4617977 Ceramic casting mould and a method for its manufacture October 21, 1986
The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a thin-walled ceramic casting mould which is particularly suitable for casting directionally solidified articles in which rapid cooling of the cast material is required. The mould is transfer moulded around a disposable patter
4610410 Compound helicopter and powerplant therefor September 9, 1986
A compound helicopter shown in FIG. 1 of the drawings has wings 12 in addition to a helicopter rotor 14 and has twin powerplants 16 each including a low pressure compressor 18, a gas generator 20, a power turbine 22 driven by the gas generator and connected through a gearbox 32 to dr
4607680 Method and mould for casting metal articles August 26, 1986
A method for moulding multiple castings in which each mould is fed from a source of molten metal through a thin slit the width of which lies in the range 1.25 mm down to 0.25 mm. The cast articles can easily be removed from the runner and riser system after casting without a machining
4606191 Control systems for gas turbine aeroengines August 19, 1986
A fuel control unit forms part of a control system of a gas turbine aeroengine. The control unit is in communication with a main fuel line leading to the aeroengine and comprises a fuel accumulator, i.e. volume varied by free piston, which is controllable by the control system to take
4604031 Hollow fluid cooled turbine blades August 5, 1986
Hollow fluid cooled turbine blades of the multi-pass type used in gas turbine engines have suffered from separation of cooling fluid from longitudinally extending walls defining longitudinally extending passages as the cooling fluid is turned through a turning passage from one longit
4603546 Control systems for gas turbine aeroengines August 5, 1986
Surge conditions in the compressor of a gas turbine aeroengine can be automatically controlled by a surge control system in which compressor outlet pressure is monitored and a signal P corresponding to it is processed in a surge detector to determine the ratio P/P and to compare the
4602478 Marine gas turbine power transmission July 29, 1986
A marine gas turbine engine including a fluid coupling between its low pressure turbine and power turbine. During forward drive the fluid coupling is drained so that the exhaust gases from the low pressure turbine drive the power drive in a first direction of rotation. For reverse dr
4598542 Gas turbine power plant July 8, 1986
A gas turbine engine is of a size suitable for generating electrical and heat energy for domestic and other purposes. The engine has a low number of components, and some of the components are capable of performing more than one function. For example, the engine has a centrifugal compress
4596460 Optical determination of clearances June 24, 1986
Simplification in manufacture and use of an optical triangulation probe is achieved by providing it with a T-shaped optical path. The cross-bar of the T-shape extends between a light source comprising a laser diode and a light detector comprising a photodiode array, while the stem of the
4593566 Vibration monitoring in rotary machines June 10, 1986
A rotary bladed machine (10) is provided with two probes (16,17) which provide output signals upon the passage past them of the tips (15) of an annular array of rotor blades (14) mounted within the machine (10). Electrical circuitry associated with the probes (16,17) incorporates a r
4588954 Apparatus for processing of pyrometer signals May 13, 1986
A circuit is provided for eliminating the effects of spurious signals from a pyrometer in a gas turbine engine. The pyrometer signal is fed to a part of the circuit (8,12,16,20,24) which produces an inverted and rate limited output signal c representative of the pyrometer output signal.
4586329 Anti rotation device May 6, 1986
Those gas turbine engines which have reserver cascades covered by a translatable cowl portion when reverse thrust is not required, may undergo inadvertent translating of the cowl portion on take off or cruise with consequent disasterous results. The invention provides an anti rotation
4584879 Component inspection by self generated transient stress wave detection April 29, 1986
A method of inspecting a component in which the surface of the component is scanned with a loud speaker, the sonic output of which is arranged to be at such a frequency or frequencies as to cause any cracks, fractures or unbonded regions within the component to generate transient stress
4582426 Optical radiation pyrometer April 15, 1986
To be of most use as an input signal for the control system of a gas turbine aeroengine, a pyrometer-derived turbine blade temperature signal should represent the average temperature of the hottest parts of the blades with fast and accurate response when the average temperature of the
4578611 Piezoelectric stress wave transducer with boron nitride piezo support March 25, 1986
A transducer for detecting stress waves comprises a piezo-electric member which is mounted on a brass backing member and carried by a boron nitride support member. The piezo-electric member is deformed under the influence of stress waves to generate an electrical output, the magnitude of
4577462 Exhaust mixing in turbofan aeroengines March 25, 1986
The core engine of a mixed exhaust turbofan aeroengine is provided with a conical afterbody. The normal outlet guide vanes which remove residual swirl from the turbine exhaust gases are dispensed with and replaced by ducts within an afterbody having entries which receive the hot gases in
4576002 Exhaust mixer for turbofan aeroengine March 18, 1986
The exhaust mixer can be classified as being of the multi-lobed type, with troughs between the lobes. The lobes and troughs comprise confronting pairs of flow surfaces which are twisted between their upstream and downstream ends such that a vortex flow system is established downstream
4576001 Gas turbine engine oil systems March 18, 1986
A gas turbine engine oil system is provided in which the centrifugal separator is arranged to act as a pump for supplying bearing chambers directly, and the scavenging of the bearing chambers is achieved primarily by the pressurization air which flows into the chambers to prevent oil
4573867 Housing for turbomachine rotors March 4, 1986
A housing for a rotor of a turbomachine comprising, radially spaced inner and outer casings. The inner casing comprises a plurality of segments 20(a) to 20(e) each of which comprises one or more stator vanes 23. A first of the casings 19 has two or more axially spaced locating members
4572272 Method of casting using non-silica based ceramic cores for castings February 25, 1986
Cores made from Alumina and other non-Silica based refractories can be made readily leachable in fused anhydrous caustic alkalis by the addition to the core of a small quantity of a material containing a Hydrogen donor group. The Hydrogen donor group is one which produces uncombined, or
4570947 Gas sealing and fluid scavenge apparatus February 18, 1986
A hydraulic seal and an oil scavenge system are combined, and oil pumping gears and other associated equipment thus obviated. The hydraulic seal 32 comprises an oil reservoir holding centrifuged oil, and an annular fin 22, the periphery of which dips in the oil. The fin 22 has an orifice
4568183 Detection of changes in transparency of optical elements February 4, 1986
In a radiation pyrometer in a gas turbine engine, non-uniformly distributed changes in transparency of an optical element in the system, e.g. contamination of pyrometer objective lens L.sub.1 by combustion products from the turbine can be automatically detected. Lens L.sub.1 focusses
4566270 Gas turbine engine infra-red radiation suppressor January 28, 1986
A gas turbine engine infra-red radiation suppressor comprising an exhaust nozzle which is surrounded by a duct having a plurality of diffuser vanes at its downstream end. The exhaust nozzle and duct constitute an ejector which is powered by the exhaust efflux from the exhaust nozzle and
4562699 Mixing chambers for continuous flow engines January 7, 1986
A combustion system comprising a tubular structure having an upstream end and defining within it a longitudinal passage. A tubular wall surrounding the structure and defining with the structure a further longitudinal passage, of annular cross section. The tubular structure having lon
4562033 Method of manufacturing articles from a composite material December 31, 1985
A method of vacuum moulding a composite material in which laid-up prepregs uncured resin and reinforcing filaments are placed on a heated former and covered with a sheet of a microporous film material a breather material and an impermeable membrane. The volume enclosed by the membrane is
4561491 Investment casting December 31, 1985
A method of manufacturing a mould for use in the investment casting of a hollow gas turbine engine blade in which a ceramic core is coated with a surface modifying material prior to the application of wax thereto to define a pattern of the object to be cast. The surface modifying materia
4561257 Gas turbine engine combustion apparatus December 31, 1985
A gas turbine engine combustion apparatus for vaporizing fuel comprises a flame tube having an upstream end wall in which are located a number of flow guides having associated fuel ducts. In operation, fuel and air flow through the U-shaped duct in each guide and the fuel flows onto the
4559246 Method of increasing the wettability of a surface by a molten metal December 17, 1985
A method of treating filaments in order to increase their wettability by molten magnesium or an alloy thereof. The filaments are treated by coating them with particulate molybdenum trioxide, chromic oxide, ferric oxide or nickel oxide and subsequently infiltrating them with molten magnes
4552309 Variable geometry nozzles for turbomachines November 12, 1985
An exhaust nozzle for a gas turbine engine comprising a duct 17(c) extending along an axis and having at a dowstream end thereof a mechanism for varying the geometry and area of the nozzle. The mechanism 28 comprises an axially translatable member 28 which has a face 29 extending in
4551064 Turbine shroud and turbine shroud assembly November 5, 1985
To enable shroud segments in a gas turbine rotor blade stage to operate at high temperatures with an adequate margin of safety, the shroud segments are mounted and cooled such that they are thrust outwards against seatings on surrounding high strength support structure by the gas pressur
4551062 Device for passing a fluid flow through a barrier November 5, 1985
A device is provided for passing a fluid flow across a static or rotating barrier wherein there is relative rotation between the flow and the barrier and wherein it is necessary to pass the maximum of flow through the device while keeping the diameter of the device as small as possible.O
4548034 Bypass gas turbine aeroengines and exhaust mixers therefor October 22, 1985
A bypass gas turbine aeroengine has an exhaust mixer of the lobed type. The trailing edges of the confronting sides of each lobe are cut back to form notches or scallops in the sides of the lobe. To reduce aerodynamic losses and engine length and weight, the final turbine stage within th
4546604 Nose bullet anti-icing for gas turbine engines October 15, 1985
An anti-icing system for a rotating blunt nose bullet of a gas turbine engine uses a rotating thermosyphon effect to create a circulation within a chamber connected for rotation with the nose bullet which draws hot air from a downstream region of the engine forwards to impinge on the nos
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