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Shizuoka-ken, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D669116 Electronic keyboard October 16, 2012
D664112 Audio recorder July 24, 2012
D661725 Keyboard June 12, 2012
D658403 Electronic percussion instrument stand May 1, 2012
D648372 Operating device for electronic percussion instrument November 8, 2011
D638399 Speaker May 24, 2011
D638029 Audio player with guitar effects May 17, 2011
D582391 Speaker December 9, 2008
D581971 Electronic pickup December 2, 2008
D581902 Speaker December 2, 2008
D579041 Electronic cymbal October 21, 2008
D579002 Speaker October 21, 2008
D578803 Instrument stand October 21, 2008
D577761 Electronic cymbal September 30, 2008
D569415 Electronic musical instrument with keyboard May 20, 2008
D568378 Electronic percussion instrument May 6, 2008
D561239 Percussion instrument February 5, 2008
D559889 Electronic percussion instrument January 15, 2008
D552162 Electronic hi-hat cymbal October 2, 2007
D539784 Speaker April 3, 2007
D538263 Speaker March 13, 2007
D507591 Adjustable trigger July 19, 2005
D497935 Adjustable trigger November 2, 2004
D495012 Guitar amplifier August 24, 2004
D492342 Drum trigger June 29, 2004
D467607 Electronic piano December 24, 2002
D455775 Electronic high-hat cymbal April 16, 2002
D455774 Electronic percussion instrument April 16, 2002
D455453 Electronic cymbal April 9, 2002
D454906 Operating panel for an electronic percussion instrument March 26, 2002
D298950 Electric drum pad December 13, 1988
D298949 Electric drum pad December 13, 1988
D285932 Electric guitar September 30, 1986
8278884 DC-DC converter October 2, 2012
A DC-DC converter including a power supply supplying direct current (DC) to an inductor, a switching device controlling the supply of DC from the power supply to the inductor by switching between a conductive state and a disconnected state according to a modulation signal, a signal outpu
8259964 Sound device September 4, 2012
A sound device includes an input terminal for electronic signal input; a line out terminal adapted to output electronic signals input on the input terminal to an external area; a delay arrangement adapted to delay electronic signals input on the input terminal for a certain time; a main
8258392 Stroke sensing device for percussion instruments September 4, 2012
A percussion instrument striking detection device is configured to minimize time lag from striking the head until detection of head vibrations and for reliable detection of the vibrations in conformance with the striking force without regard to the head condition. A striking member h
8207439 Musical tone signal-processing apparatus June 26, 2012
A musical tone signal processing apparatus configured to extract musical tone signals that are signal processed for a plurality of localizations. Such an apparatus may be configured to carry out signal processing for signals that have been extracted by first retrieving processing (S100)
8203065 Percussion instrument June 19, 2012
A percussion instrument is configured for minimizing space used for set up for use. The percussion instrument uses a belt member stretched between one of two upper stretching members and a lower stretching member, to form a striking surface. By using the elasticity of the belt member
8183450 Percussion instrument systems and methods May 22, 2012
A percussion instrument may have a hoop member configured to hold down a head stretched across a first end of the shell by a plurality of adjustment devices that may be for operatively connecting the hoop member with a plurality of fixtures that may be arrangeable along at least two
8175287 Sound device May 8, 2012
A sound device includes an input terminal for electronic signal input; a line out terminal adapted to output electronic signals input on the input terminal to an external area; a delay arrangement adapted to delay electronic signals input on the input terminal for a certain time; a main
8134065 Key speed sensor of electronic instrument March 13, 2012
A device for accurately detecting key operation speed with a simple configuration in which a plurality of alternating signals, which have mutually differing phases, is supplied to transmission electrodes. From this, capacitance between reception electrodes and the transmission electr
8132930 Display device for a tuning apparatus March 13, 2012
A plurality of LEDs are arranged continuously in a row and a transparent LED cover is disposed over the front surface of the LEDs. The LED cover extends in the longitudinal direction of the arrangement of LEDs and is curved in an arc shape that is perpendicular to the longitudinal di
8129606 Musical tone signal-processing apparatus March 6, 2012
A musical tone signal processing apparatus configured to freely expand or contract an acoustic image. A setting means may set a second reference localization, a first function that stipulates expansion of the boundary of one end of a direction range, and a second function that stipulates
8124864 User interface apparatus for displaying vocal or instrumental unit signals in an input musical t February 28, 2012
A user interface apparatus for displaying areas having vocal or instrumental unit signals that are included in an input musical tone signal. Display locations, for display on a display screen that has a localization-frequency plane, are calculated for the input musical tone signal ba
8110735 Effect setting device systems and methods February 7, 2012
A first control may be for setting a patch including one or more types of effects to be provided by circuitry to an inputted music signal, the patch associated with multiple candidate keywords to be displayed by a display device. A second control may be for assigning a patch name inc
8077881 Sound device December 13, 2011
A sound device is provided with an input terminal for electronic signal input; a low pass filter adapted to filter electronic signals input to the input terminal and to output low frequency range electronic signals, a switch arrangement adapted to switch between full range mode and sub
8058545 Effect device systems and methods November 15, 2011
A first control may be for setting a tempo upon which a performance position, which may be set with a second control, may be based. Circuitry may be selectively passing inputted musical tone signal. A processor may be configured for processing data for controlling an output signal of the
8053658 Electronic musical instrument using on-on note times to determine an attack rate November 8, 2011
An electronic musical instrument includes: an input device that inputs a sound generation instruction to start generating a musical sound and a stop instruction to stop the musical sound; an on-on time timer device that measures a time difference between a first and second sound gene
8026437 Electronic musical instrument generating musical sounds with plural timbres in response to a sou September 27, 2011
When the on-on time between Note 1 and Note 2 is shorter than the double stop judgment time JT, as shown in FIG. 3A, the mode is changed from Unison 1 to Unison 2. When note-on information of Note 1 is inputted at time t1, the parts 1-4 are assigned to Note 1, and simultaneously start
8017856 Electronic musical instrument September 13, 2011
FIG. 4A indicates a case where Note 1 only is depressed, and the four parts are assigned to Note 1. FIG. 4B indicates a case where Note 2 with a lower pitch than Note 1 is further depressed, wherein Part 1 and Part 2 are assigned to Note 1, and Part 3 and Part 4 are assigned to Note 2.
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