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6160807 Timeslot interchange network December 12, 2000
A time slot interchange having a data channel memory, a channel circuit, having a write address output, the write address output connected to the data channel memory, a signal processing circuit, having a channel input coupled to the data channel memory, a gain input, and an output coupl
6031417 Differential amplifier for multiple supply voltages and biasing device therefore February 29, 2000
A switchable biasing device for an analog CMOS differential amplifier provides a supply bias current and a corresponding input bias voltage to achieve reliable performance with various power supply voltages. The bias device may include a control element having states corresponding to pow
5959852 Unity power factor power supply for use with variable frequency power sources September 28, 1999
A unity power factor power supply includes a boost converter. The boost converter draws current in phase with the input voltage by operating as a current regulator having a current reference control signal which tracks the line voltage waveform. A sample and hold technique is utilized to
5945917 Swathing guidance display August 31, 1999
A swathing guidance display for accurately guiding and navigating an agricultural product application vehicle is described. The invention aids in precision guidance of the application of agricultural products such as fertilizers and herbicides to reduce application overlap. The invention
5941931 Simplified system for integrating distance information from an additional navigation system into August 24, 1999
A simplified system for integrating a distance measurement derived from an additional navigation system into an existing aircraft design by creation of a Distance integrator function that makes use of existing Distance Measuring Equipment to couple the additional navigation system into t
5926790 Pilot/controller/vehicle or platform correlation system July 20, 1999
A control system for aiding the operator of a vehicle or platform, such as an aircraft. The system includes a receiver adapted to receive a voice command from a controller located remotely from the vehicle or platform. A speech recognition device is coupled to the receiver and adapted to
5915160 High strength gold wire for microelectronics miniaturization and method of making the same June 22, 1999
High strength gold wire for use in microelectronics and a method of producing the same are disclosed. In the methods of the present invention, a gold alloy having gold and a dilute rare earth (RE) element is produced. Next, the gold alloy is atomized into a powder. The dilute RE element
5909091 Discharge lamp including an integral cathode fall indicator June 1, 1999
An active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) system is for use in avionic applications. The system includes an integral cathode fall indicator. The indicator relies on a gas fill mixture to provide an orange glow when the cathode fall region has an abnormally high potential across
5905765 Method of processing error-control coded, frequency-hopped communication signals May 18, 1999
A system and method of processing wireless signal of data pulses or packets in a communicator system, in which a coded signal is received, synchronized and a histogram of signal parameters is constructed within the receiver at regular intervals. The date in the histogram is then comp
5892414 Dielectric waveguide power combiner April 6, 1999
A transmission medium consists of a dielectric waveguide shielded by a metal guide. The guide is particularly suitable for providing low insertion loss, convenient transfer of power from one such transmission line to another and for the trouble free handling of high power levels at m
5886752 Spurious free wideband phase and frequency modulator using a direct digital synthesis alias freq March 23, 1999
A wideband phase and frequency modulator using a direct digital synthesis alias frequency band is described. The modulator is spurious free by the utilization of a fixed frequency at the output of the direct digital synthesizer wherein only certain submultiples of the clock frequency are
5886666 Airborne pseudolite navigation system March 23, 1999
Disclosed are systems, pseudolite transmitters, receivers, and methods of using the same to navigate. An airborne pseudolite transmitter transmits a first spread spectrum signal indicative of a first fixed location spaced apart from a current actual position of the transmitter. The airbo
5886665 GNSS local constellation/acquisition aiding system March 23, 1999
An apparatus and method are disclosed of providing position indicating signals to a GNSS receiver in an area of poor reception of satellite signals from the GNSS or when a dedicated system under local control is required. The method includes the steps of disposing a plurality of stat
5883597 Frequency translation method and circuit for use in GPS antenna electronics March 16, 1999
Provided are a method of and a circuit for processing GPS signals in the L1 frequency band centered around frequency f.sub.L1 and GPS signals in the L2 frequency band centered around frequency f.sub.L2. The L1 frequency band signals are combined with the L2 frequency band signals to obta
5871273 Optical light piping reflector element for backlighting liquid crystal displays February 16, 1999
A backlight for liquid crystal displays which includes several closely spaced lamps and a sculptured optic element disposed behind the lamps wherein, the sculptured optic element has a reflective back side and a partially reflective front side and an optically transmissive medium dis
5867241 Liquid crystal display lamination with silicone gel adhesive February 2, 1999
A liquid crystal display optical component stack-up is created with reduced defects typically caused by adhesive materials used to attach optical components to the liquid crystal display. A layer of silicone gel is positioned between a surface of the liquid crystal display and a surface
5854787 Method for reducing message error rate within real-time exchange radio-frequency communications December 29, 1998
A method for real-time data exchange between an RF modem of a mobile data terminal and a base station host computer of a mobile radio-frequency data communications network is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the data exchange timing architecture of the present invention reduces mess
5844504 Compressed circle flight display December 1, 1998
An altimeter is disclosed which includes an arcuate top portion and an arcuate bottom portion. Side portions connect the arcuate top portion to the arcuate bottom portion. The side portions have a curvature less than a curvature of the top portion or the bottom portion, thus giving the
5841537 Synthesized attitude and heading inertial reference November 24, 1998
An inertial reference system for determining the attitude and rate of change of attitude of a vehicle such as an aircraft is disclosed. Redundancy of the inertial reference system may be accomplished by replacement of one of the fiber optic gyroscopes of an otherwise dual fiber optic
5825133 Resonant inverter for hot cathode fluorescent lamps October 20, 1998
A fluorescent lamp drive circuit is disclosed. The fluorescent lamp drive circuit includes first filament drive circuitry coupled to the filaments of the lamp for driving the fluorescent lamp with a first waveform having sufficient amplitude such that gases in the fluorescent lamp are no
5822339 Data decoder and method to correct inversions or phase ambiguity for M-ary transmitted data October 13, 1998
The invention is a way to detect and correct data inversions or other phase ambiguities in a modem's data, without incurring a significant penalty in error rate performance, throughput, or overhead, by making a particular use of the error detection and correction (EDAC) code which would
5808407 Use of aluminosilicate sol-gel materials as a phosphor carrier in the fabrication of fluorescent September 15, 1998
An improved fluorescent lamp and a method of preparing the same are described. The fluorescent lamp includes a tube having a first surface which serves as a substrate. A continuous layer of aluminosilicate sol-gel material having phosphor particles embedded therein is formed on the first
5801374 Precision optical sensor packaging September 1, 1998
Conventional packaging of optical sensors is of little assistance in determining the location and attitude of the focal place of the sensor 10, since package tolerances lack the requisite precision. Each sensor 10 must be separately focused to its optical assembly 40. Such focusing is
5798745 LCD panel having tailored pushdown voltages August 25, 1998
A display element in a liquid-crystal display having a tailored pushdown voltage is described wherein the pushdown voltage of the display element may be tailored to a predetermined compensation level by varying the size of the thin-film transistor switch of the display element, by varyin
5798608 Avionics grade fluorescent lamp resistant to lumen depreciation August 25, 1998
A fluorescent lamp is provided which is resistant to lumen depreciation. The fluorescent lamp includes a tube constructed of an ultraviolet (UV) radiation transmissive material. A gas inside of the tube produces UV radiation in response to a stimulus. Phosphor particles in a phosphor
5757524 Normally white multigap twisted nematic liquid crystal display with reduced hue variation over v May 26, 1998
A normally white twisted nematic liquid crystal display which uses multigap liquid crystal cells where the gaps are selected to have a cell gap which is less than that which would produce a maximum transmittance during an on-state and thereby provides for reduced hue variation over viewi
5740209 Method of adjusting for Doppler shifts in communication signals April 14, 1998
A method of processing wireless signal of data pulses or packets in a communication system, in which a portion of the data pulses in an individual signal are utilized to determine a rate of time shift for eliminating or minimizing the effects of Doppler shift in the intra-data pulse
5739802 Staged active matrix liquid crystal display with separated backplane conductors and method of us April 14, 1998
A method of and apparatus for charging select pixel elements of an active matrix liquid crystal display to gray scale voltage levels is disclosed. Which of the pixel elements of the display are to be charged to a first gray scale voltage level is determined. During a scan of the row
5720545 Refracting optic for fluorescent lamps used in backlighting liquid crystal displays February 24, 1998
The present invention is a liquid crystal display with an improved backlighting system. A light source in the backlighting system radiates light in a first non-preferred direction. An optical apparatus coupled to the light source receives the light radiated by the light source in the
5719868 Dynamic distributed, multi-channel time division multiple access slot assignment method for a ne February 17, 1998
A method for automatically managing the communication channel resources between two nodes having neighboring nodes in a network of transceiver nodes, wherein each node communicates during specific time slots and uses multiple frequencies on a time division multiple access basis includes
5663693 Dielectric waveguide power combiner September 2, 1997
A transmission medium consists of a dielectric waveguide shielded by a metal guide. The guide is particularly suitable for providing low insertion loss, convenient transfer of power from one such transmission line to another and for the trouble free handling of high power levels at m
5615411 Method and apparatus for composite signal separation and FM demodulation March 25, 1997
A composite signal recognizer, separator, and FM demodulator apparatus for processing received radio signals. The receiver utilizes N demodulators to process a received signal, where N is equal to or greater than the number of co-channel signals or perceived interference. Detailed in bot
5612593 Fluorescent tube thermal management system utilizing thermal electric cooler units March 18, 1997
A system for actively monitoring and controlling the effective ambient temperature in an application utilizing a fluorescent tube as the source of illumination. The system is the combination of a fluorescent tube, which may be thermally bonded to a reflector plate that is in physical
5606437 Direct drive split pixel structure for active matrix liquid crystal displays February 25, 1997
A wide viewing angle liquid crystal display and method of operating the same are disclosed. Each of a plurality of pixel elements of the display have individually driveable first and second pixel sub-elements. A desired average gray scale intensity for a first pixel element is determined
5606415 Fiber optic gyro with reduced readout reflection coupling characteristics February 25, 1997
A FOG design is disclosed that eliminates the need for spatially averaging the output of a readout optical fiber by using a short coherence length light source and decorrelating the orthogonal fiber modes in the birefringent readout optical fiber prior to them being received by the p
5604929 System for correcting quadrature gain and phase errors in a direct conversion single sideband re February 18, 1997
A system connecting and controlling gain and phase errors in a direct conversion receiver having a pair of signal channels carrying I and Q baseband signal components in a quadrature relationship. The system operates by treating all phase and gain errors as resident in the Q channel
5574503 Adaptive interframe video data compression and start-up techniques November 12, 1996
A start-up and compression technique for transmitting data. A process is provided which utilizes the calculated difference between individual pixel values of subsequent video frames to the current displayed data in order to update. Additionally, techniques are provided for restarting on-
5564097 Spread intermediate frequency radio receiver with adaptive spurious rejection October 8, 1996
A radio receiver in which the received signal is spread and subsequently despread in order to identify unwanted signals. One embodiment of the present invention is comprised of a frequency-hopping spreading synthesizer that operates in synchronization with a despreader synthesizer su
5563918 Method of selecting optimum frequency in skywave communication apparatus October 8, 1996
In a skywave communication setting, a number of independent measurement techniques can be employed simultaneously and their results combined to yield a metric representative of the channel quality during a particular reception. This sample can then be combined with previous samples taken
5559529 Discrete media display device and method for efficiently drawing lines on same September 24, 1996
An improved discrete media display apparatus and a method for quickly drawing high quality lines on discrete media displays where only pixels are rendered in the line drawing of a vector generator and then individual element intensities within a pixel are generated in response to pre
5557434 Optical compensator including an o-plate for super-twist nematic liquid crystal display September 17, 1996
An improved normally white super-twist nematic (OMI) liquid crystal display exhibits a dramatically improved horizontal viewing angle as compared to conventional OMI displays. The display's liquid crystal cell has a twist angle greater than about and less than about 270.degre
5548818 Network acquisition mechanism for mobile RF data August 20, 1996
A method and system for radio communications between mobile units and base stations geographically distributed through a substantial geographic area described. The system automatically finds and engages broadcast frequency for each geographic region. The engagement is confirmed at both t
5541863 Virtual integrated software testbed for avionics July 30, 1996
A virtual integrated software testbed for avionics is disclosed which allows avionics software to be developed on a host computer using a collection of computer programs running simultaneously as processes and synchronized by a central process. The software testbed disclosed uses sep
5534837 Orthogonal-field electrically variable magnetic device July 9, 1996
An electro-magnetic device for use in applications requiring low-profile components. The device includes a magnetic substrate with a scheme of through-holes in association with a first and second winding, plated or wired, integral to the substrate and wound orthogonal to each other. The
5521608 Multibay coplanar direction finding antenna May 28, 1996
A multiband direction finding antenna comprised of numerous antenna elements, of coplanar location. The antenna elements associated with lower band frequencies are provided with chokes, so that unchoked sections do not exceed one-quarter wavelength of the high-band, highest frequency.
5521607 Bandswitched electrically short tactical monopole antenna system May 28, 1996
A bandwidth-enhanced antenna system for operating on one of a plurality of selected frequency bands includes a whip or wire antenna element having band selection wires and a contiguous set of inductors arranged in series, each of the inductors being sufficiently separated from one anothe
5521533 Apparatus and method for spurious signal reduction in direct-digital synthesizers May 28, 1996
A synthesizer based upon direct-digital frequency synthesizer techniques of simplistic design and minimized spurious signal levels. The output signals of two frequency hopped direct-digital frequency synthesizers are combined with the resultant signal having a greatly suppressed spurious
5507036 Apparatus with distortion cancelling feed forward signal April 9, 1996
An apparatus and a method for cancelling distortion in a direct conversion receiver, such distortion created by the mixing of the desired signal with the output signal of an local oscillator. Subsequent to filtering the mixer output signal, the even mode distortion component is extracted
5489869 Antenna control unit attenuator and Bi-phase modulator February 6, 1996
An apparatus and method for performing spatial nulling in antenna electronics that provides an integrated solution of signal attenuation and bi-phase modulation. One implementation is comprised of load resistors and field-effect-transistors in a gallium arsenide component configured in
5303394 Feedback stabilized Q multiplier filter circuit April 12, 1994
A Q multiplier circuit which is automatically feedback stabilized through the use of phase and gain control loops and thereby adapted for use as an amplifier and filter. In a typical embodiment, a variable gain amplifier and band pass filter are provided in a forward signal path while a
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