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Cedar Rapids, IA
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RE38142 Low cost hybrid video distribution system for aircraft in-flight entertainment systems June 10, 2003
An aircraft entertainment system employing a hybrid video distribution system that permits distribution of direct broadcast satellite television programming to passengers of the aircraft. The aircraft entertainment system has a video control center 11, a plurality of groups of set displa
8585937 Glass thick film embedded passive material November 19, 2013
A method for forming an embedded passive device module comprises depositing a first amount of an alkali silicate material, co-depositing an amount of embedded passive device material with the amount of alkali silicate material; and thermally processing the amount of alkali silicate m
8583572 Explicit diploid evolutionary control November 12, 2013
A method of analyzing an environment is provided. The method comprises evaluating, using a fitness evaluation module, the fitness of the plurality of individuals in a population. Each of the plurality of individuals comprises a dominant genotype and a recessive genotype. The fitness
8581748 System, device, and method for generating an ILS-based highway-in-the-sky November 12, 2013
A present novel and non-trivial system, device, and method are disclosed for generating an ILS-based highway-in-the-sky ("HITS"). The system is comprised of an image data generator configured to receive navigation data, ILS deviation data, and navigation reference data from applicable
8581108 Method for providing near-hermetically coated integrated circuit assemblies November 12, 2013
The present invention is a method for providing an integrated circuit assembly, the integrated circuit assembly including an integrated circuit and a substrate. The method includes mounting the integrated circuit to the substrate. The method further includes, during assembly of the i
8578494 Security threat detection November 5, 2013
A method of detecting a potential security threat on a computing system is provided. The method comprises embedding time series data relating to the computing system within a reconstructed phase space and partitioning the reconstructed phase space into a plurality of regions. The method
8578428 Air-to-ground communications system and method November 5, 2013
A video signal processing system and method is disclosed. The video signal processing system includes at least two receiving modules configured for independently receiving signals for the same video program. Each receiving module is further configured for processing the signals recei
8577307 Waveform scheduling on a common antenna November 5, 2013
At least two waveforms are operated on a single antenna. A scheduler module coordinates the at least two waveforms. A modem module processes the at least two waveforms. A transmitter propagates the at least two waveforms to the antenna.
8576945 Method of and apparatus for signal amplification November 5, 2013
A system for and method of amplifying a modulated input signal can include separating the input signal into a first amplitude component signal and a first amplitude composite signal (e.g., an amplitude only component signal). The method further includes subtracting the first amplitud
8576370 Systems and methods for nonplanar laminated assemblies November 5, 2013
A display assembly includes a display having a substantially planar surface configured to provide an image, a substrate having a nonplanar surface, and a shim provided between the display and the substrate. The shim has a first nonplanar surface and a second generally planar surface.
8576127 UWB MIMO broadband antenna system for handheld radio November 5, 2013
The present invention is directed to antenna system embodiments which allow for hand-held, ultra-wideband (UWB) multi-antenna operation to be realized within the severe size constraints necessary for Department of Defense (DOD) hand-held missions. Further, the antenna system embodiments
8576113 Runway identification system and method November 5, 2013
A runway identification system and method utilizes a set of (reflectors or sources). The reflectors or sources can be located in proximity to the end of runway. The method receives electromagnetic energy from the reflectors or sources. A runway identification is determined from the e
8576064 System and method for monitoring transmitting portable electronic devices November 5, 2013
The present invention is a system and method for monitoring transmitting portable electronic devices (T-PEDs). The system may comprise one or more of the following features: (a) a plurality of radio frequency (RF) sensors; (b) a processing unit; and (c) a T-PED detection notification
8576023 Stripline-to-waveguide transition including metamaterial layers and an aperture ground plane November 5, 2013
The present invention is directed to an interface for connecting a waveguide manifold of a transition to a stripline manifold of the transition. The interface may include a plurality of metamaterial layers, each including a metamaterial(s). The interface may further include a ground
8575844 Plasma klystron switch November 5, 2013
The plasma klystron switching device of the present invention may include a low-dielectric substrate, a plasma cavity internally pressurized by an inert gas, a circuit assembly formed on the first surface of the low-dielectric substrate and enclosed by the plasma cavity, wherein the
8571728 Systems and methods for embedding aircraft attitude data and detecting inconsistent aircraft att October 29, 2013
Present novel and non-trivial systems and methods for embedding aircraft attitude data within a pixel data set and detecting inconsistent aircraft attitude information are disclosed. A pixel data set representative of the scene outside the aircraft is generated based upon the navigation
8301867 Secondary core ONU to OLT via internal EPON bus coupled multi-core processor for integrated modu October 30, 2012
A multi-core processor system including a main processor, an internal EPON bus, and a plurality of secondary core processors. The main processor includes a processing unit; an offload engine operatively connected to the processing unit for routing data to and from the processing unit
8300728 Complex envelope elimination and restoration transmitter October 30, 2012
The invention is a method of transmitting a radio signal using a complex envelope elimination and restoration technique. The method includes receiving a radio frequency (RF) signal. Further, the method includes separating the RF signal into an in-phase baseband signal (I) and a quadr
8291782 Actuator assembly for stabilizers October 23, 2012
An actuator assembly configured to control the movement of a stabilizer includes a ball screw having a longitudinal axis and configured to be rotated by a drive assembly, a primary nut assembly coupled to the stabilizer and received on the ball screw such that rotation of the ball sc
8264498 System, apparatus, and method for presenting a monochrome image of terrain on a head-up display September 11, 2012
A present novel and non-trivial system, apparatus, and method for presenting a monochrome, three-dimensional image of terrain on a Head-Up Display ("HUD") unit is disclosed. Based upon aircraft navigation and terrain data, an image data set representative of a lighted solid image of
8260478 Rotation rate tracking system using GPS harmonic signals September 4, 2012
A spin rate tracking system comprising a guidance system suitable for adjusting a flight path of a vehicle based on a spin rate of the vehicle, a signal reception system configured for receiving signal information from a global navigation system wherein a spin rate of the vehicle is
8259032 Metamaterial and finger slot for use in low profile planar radiating elements September 4, 2012
An array antenna may include a substrate, an array of metamaterial elements including radiating elements suspended in the substrate and integrated with the array of dipoles, where the metamaterial elements include a first metal layer and a second metal layer connected by a via, an ar
8249806 System, module, and method for varying the intensity of a visual aid depicted on an aircraft dis August 21, 2012
A present novel and non-trivial system, module, and method for varying the intensity of a visual aid depicted on an aircraft display unit. Visual aids could represent visible features such as markings on a runway surface. Data representative of visual aids may be provided by a naviga
8244523 Systems and methods for noise reduction August 14, 2012
An apparatus is shown for detecting speech in an audio signal obtained from an input device, the audio including speech and noise. The apparatus includes a processing circuit which includes a filter configured to smooth the audio signal. The processing circuit is configured to control
8244418 System and method for generating alert signals in a weather awareness and warning system August 14, 2012
A weather awareness and warning system ("WAWS") provides aircraft position data and weather data input to a weather alert ("WA") processor from a navigation system and a datalink system. The weather data contains three-dimensional delineations of a defined weather area. The WA proces
8244415 Object representation of sensor data August 14, 2012
Aircraft operating environment information is sensed. The aircraft operating environment information is encapsulated in at least one sensor object. The at least one sensor object is transferred to a sensor object processing system. The at least one sensor object is processed.
8244139 System and method for providing cascaded optical line terminals (OLTs) in passive optical networ August 14, 2012
The present invention is a fiber optic data network, such as a passive optical network (PON), which includes a primary sub-network and a secondary sub-network. The primary sub-network may include a primary optical line terminal communicatively coupled to a plurality of primary optica
8234121 Voice recognition system for an avionics system using unique words to encode specific frequencie July 31, 2012
An avionics system, including a means to tune communication radio frequencies utilizing a voice recognition system. A specific feature of this mode of initiation is the automatic radio tuning of communication VHF radios by the utterance of specific key words resulting in the automati
8234068 System, module, and method of constructing a flight path used by an avionics system July 31, 2012
A present novel and non-trivial system, module, and method for constructing a flight path used by an avionics system are disclosed. A processor receives flight plan data and object data associated with terrain and obstacles. Free cells are extracted above the objects using a recursiv
8234058 System, module, and method for generating procedure data used in an avionics system July 31, 2012
A present novel and non-trivial system, module, and method for generating final approach, missed approach, and departure data for use in an avionics system. A processor receives navigation data and object data, where object data includes terrain data and/or obstacle data. A flight pa
8234020 Systems and methods for generating alert signals in a terrain awareness and warning system July 31, 2012
A terrain awareness and warning system ("TAWS") provides input to a terrain alert ("TA") processor from at least one real-time aircraft system or sensor and a source of terrain data; the processor determines a terrain clearance surface and a terrain airspace alert surface, and if one
8233861 Switched impedance synthesis transmit antenna matching system for electrically small antenna rad July 31, 2012
A system for transmitting a broadband signal over an electrically short antenna which includes a plurality of switched impedance synthesis transmit antenna matching circuits which are dynamically controlled with knowledge of the transmitting broadband signal to match the dynamic impe
8233850 Broadband power amplifier with partial-envelope transference July 31, 2012
A method for amplifying a modulated input signal includes separating a dominant low-frequency amplitude component from the modulated input signal. The method further includes separating, from the modulated input signal, a residual signal from which the dominant low-frequency amplitude
8233412 Multi-signal, software-defined and staring cognitive communications system July 31, 2012
The integrated, multiple independent, simultaneous signal software defined radio system architecture of this invention is suitable for many new very-low latency, software defined radio applications, both cognitive and conventional, including: communications networks, electronic warfare,
8233204 Optical displays July 31, 2012
An apparatus for providing an optical display includes an optical substrate for propagating light received from a light source, a first set of one or more switchable diffractive elements in the substrate, and a second set of one or more switchable diffractive elements in the substrat
8232910 RTAWS active tower hazard detection system July 31, 2012
A system and method for a terrain awareness warning system. The system includes a radar system configured to transmit a first radio frequency wave and receive a second radio frequency wave, a display for receiving a display signal representative of an obstacle source and an obstacle
8232492 Electronically balanced illuminated panel July 31, 2012
A keypanel assembly includes a light-emitting diode (LED) attached to a substrate. A switch is attached to the substrate. A control button is configured to actuate the switch. The control button permits light from the LED to pass through the control button to an outer surface of the
8230581 Method for producing a multi-band concentric ring antenna July 31, 2012
The present disclosure includes a method for producing a multi-band waveguide reflector antenna feed. The antenna feed includes a first tube and a second tube. The first and second tubes are connected to form a concentric multi-band waveguide feed array. The first tube includes a sur
8223119 System and apparatus for graphical flight display manipulation July 17, 2012
A system for providing a manipulatable graphical display comprising a user input device responsive to a user input, a cursor control device operably coupled to the user input device, and a menu engine operably coupled to the cursor control device. The cursor control device is further
8221089 Thin, solid-state mechanism for pumping electrically conductive liquids in a flexible thermal sp July 17, 2012
The present invention is a magnetic pump assembly for integration with a mechanically flexible thermal spreader. The assembly may include a casing which may be connectable to a mechanically flexible substrate of the thermal spreader. The assembly may further include a plurality of magnet
8220259 Shape-memory alloy actuator July 17, 2012
An actuator includes a shape memory element formed from a shape memory alloy. The shape memory element is configured such that the actuator is actuated by a change in shape of the shape memory element. The shape memory element may be maintained in a pre-actuated state that is advanced
8218934 Monolithic optically-driven high frequency power amplifier July 10, 2012
A power amplifying apparatus comprises a base layer hosting a power supply, a core insulating layer, a growth layer, and a high power amplifier layer. The high power amplifier layer hosts a control section, a first drive and amplification section, an electrical (RF) signal to optical
8218781 Audible fan noise cancellation July 10, 2012
The present examples provide for the cancellation, or substantial reduction, of fan noise typically encountered in equipment cooling applications. Local audio nulls may be created by adjusting fan velocity and/or phase to cancel the fan noise near an operator. In a first example, pha
8218519 Transmit ID within an ad hoc wireless communications network July 10, 2012
The present example provides a method of providing a Transmit ID within an ad hoc wireless communications network, and use of the transmit ID to provide methods to select a node's transmit pattern (Transmit Patterns), to inform a node receiver that a packet is incoming that is to be deco
8217957 System and method for digital image storage and representation July 10, 2012
A system generates continuous texture environment based on mipmapped texture and photographic images such that each mipmapped image has a plurality of mipmap level representations of a particular texture or photographic image. The system can include a delta value dataset configured t
8217850 Adjustable beamwidth aviation antenna with directional and omni-directional radiation modes July 10, 2012
The present invention is an adjustable beamwidth, loaded monopole antenna array. The array may include four monopole antennas. Each of the antennas may include a generally symmetric, tapered radiating element and an inductive shorting wall element. The array may further include a cap
8217846 Low profile dual-polarized radiating element with coincident phase centers July 10, 2012
The present invention is directed to a dielectric radiating element. The dielectric element may include a ground plane connected to a dielectric superstrate. The dielectric superstrate includes multiple dipole layers which include metamaterials and dipoles. The ground plane is configured
8217839 Stripline antenna feed network July 10, 2012
A stripline antenna feed network is described. The stripline antenna feed network may comprise a first stripline layer comprising one or more reactive splitters and one or more matched splitters; and a second stripline layer comprising one or more reactive splitters. A method of manu
8217836 Tactical relative navigation using orientation transfer and ranging July 10, 2012
A navigation system/solution, suitable for use in a GPS-denied environment, may be implemented via a node, the node being mounted on-board a vehicle, such as a tactical aircraft. The system/solution allows for a single component of the node to obtain/determine a bearing measurement (
8217807 Operational flight phase determination and indication system July 10, 2012
An operational flight phase determination and indication system for an aircraft includes input/output circuitry for receiving an operational flight phase selector output signal and aircraft sensor signals. A processor is coupled to the input/output circuitry. A flight phase data tabl
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