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Robert Bosch GmbH Patents
Robert Bosch GmbH
Stuttgart, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40304 Angle attachment for power tool May 6, 2008
An angle attachment of a hand-held power tool, such as a spiral cutting tool, includes an angle attachment housing having an open first end adapted to be attached to the motor housing of the power tool. An alignment bearing is mounted in the angle attachment housing and adapted to re
RE38355 Electrohydraulic control device for double-acting consumer December 23, 2003
An electrohydraulic control device (10) for a double-acting consumer (11) is proposed, in which a continuous volumetric flow control to and from the consumer (11) is possible with two proportional 4/2-way magnet valves (12, 13), each with one seat valve function (26), and by means of two
RE36122 Method for controlling the release of passenger restraint systems March 2, 1999
In a method for controlling the release of a passenger restraint system in a vehicle, an acceleration signal is measured and integrated with respect to time to obtain a velocity signal. A release threshold value for the velocity signal is determined. If the velocity signal then falls bel
RE35174 Tool shaft for a tool of the percussive and rotative type March 12, 1996
A device on hand machine tools is suggested for the transmission of torque to percussion drilling tools in which at least two rotary driving grooves open out at the end of the tool shaft and strip-shaped rotary drivers of the tool shaft engage in these rotary driving grooves and include
RE34637 Method for actuating a safety device for vehicle occupants June 14, 1994
A method of actuating a safety device for vehicle occupants, wherein the safety device has several tripping devices coupled to a capacitor and to passenger restraint devices, such as air bags, seat belts, or the like. The energy supplied by the capacitor to a tripping device is measured
RE32965 Fuel injection pump for internal combustion engines June 27, 1989
A fuel injection pump is proposed for internal combustion engines having a pump piston having a blind bore and two control bores and in which the fuel quantity to be supplied is controlled by means of a control slide having oblique control edges. At least two control edges are provided i
RE32571 Method of manufacturing corrosion-resistant measuring probes January 5, 1988
A method of manufacturing a self-supporting measuring probe suitable for application in a highly corrosive environment such as for example in a muffler or suction channel of a motor vehicle, is disclosed. The probe is provided with a protective foil which is applicable on a rigid substra
RE32301 Method and apparatus for controlling the composition of the combustible mixture of an engine December 9, 1986
An internal combustion engine is provided with an ion current sensor in the exhaust conduit. The sensor may be simply a spark plug across which is applied the vehicle battery voltage. The operation of the engine at various values of mixture composition yields characteristic curves for th
RE32018 Method of producing sealed packaging containers November 5, 1985
Method of manufacturing a filled packaging container comprising the steps of forming a bag on a mandrel, connecting a seam provided in a formed bag, forming a hole on an upper side of the bag and inserting a valve into the hole to provide an air pressure release after filling the contain
RE31997 Input-output unit for a microprocessor engine control system October 1, 1985
Repetitive operations, such as fuel injection and/or ignition timing of a gasoline engine, are controlled by a microprocessor with reference to engine operation parameters that provide electrical inputs in a manner achieving increased efficiency and economy by the provision of an inp
RE31827 Metalized recording carrier for recording instruments, and method of its manufacture February 5, 1985
To prevent the formation of scratches, surface discontinuities, slide tracks or striations, for example due to sliding of electrodes (20) over the metal layer (12) of a metalized recording medium, a protective surface coating (13) of low-friction sliding protective material is applied in
RE31755 Tool and chuck for hammer drill December 4, 1984
A hammer drill has a chuck forming a tool receptacle defining a chuck axis and provided with a tool-holding element radially displaceable into a position protruding into the tool receptacle. The tool has a shank defining a tool axis receivable axially in the receptacle. This shank is
RE31392 Arrangements for electronically determining and adjusting the ignition time of an internal combu September 27, 1983
The signals of one or more engine operating parameters, such as r.p.m. and throttle valve vacuum are altered by function generators to correspond to the desired relationship between ignition timing and the parameters that are taken into account. These altered signals are added together a
RE31174 Fuel injection system March 15, 1983
A fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine includes electromagnetic injection valves controlled by a fuel control unit which receives signals from a camshaft actuated switch, a position-dependent throttle transducer and an oxygen sensor. When the oxygen sensor changes
RE29862 Ignition system dependent upon engine speed December 19, 1978
An internal combustion engine is comprised of at least one engine cylinder, devices for introducing a combustion mixture into the cylinder, and an electrical igniting element operative for igniting the combustion mixture in the cylinder once per ignition cycle. An ignition transformer ha
RE29445 Pump and electric drive motor unit October 18, 1977
There is described a pump assembly which, in a unitary structure, comprises a pump proper and an electric pump drive motor, both contained in a common housing. A metal disc, forming part of the pump housing, is positioned at one end inside the common housing and supports a stationary sha
D693193 Saw blade November 12, 2013
D692327 Rotary laser unit October 29, 2013
D691948 Drive unit October 22, 2013
D666512 Motion detector September 4, 2012
D665522 Battery lamp August 14, 2012
D665521 Battery lamp August 14, 2012
D665289 Detector August 14, 2012
D665114 Battery lamp August 7, 2012
D664919 Device for charging batteries August 7, 2012
D664918 Device for charging batteries August 7, 2012
D664412 Jigsaw July 31, 2012
D664411 Sander July 31, 2012
D663720 Mixing device July 17, 2012
D663597 Spiral saw July 17, 2012
D663328 Table saw July 10, 2012
D663180 Cordless rotary tool July 10, 2012
D662914 Mixing device July 3, 2012
D662800 Oscillating tool July 3, 2012
D662120 Housing for a surveillance camera June 19, 2012
D661608 Human machine interface June 12, 2012
D653578 Detector February 7, 2012
D653577 Detector February 7, 2012
D653576 Detector February 7, 2012
D651192 Audio conferencing device December 27, 2011
D650652 Cordless screwdriver December 20, 2011
D649421 Power tool November 29, 2011
D648999 Saw November 22, 2011
D646540 Accessory tool adapter October 11, 2011
D646539 Accessory tool adapter October 11, 2011
D646136 Hammer drill October 4, 2011
D645715 Pull saw September 27, 2011
D644604 Accumulator September 6, 2011
D644172 Accumulator August 30, 2011
D644171 Accumulator August 30, 2011

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