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Riso Kagaku Corporation
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D533899 Hub for a printing paper roll December 19, 2006
D530365 Ink cartridge October 17, 2006
D529000 Integrated circuit tag September 26, 2006
D526353 Ink cartridge August 8, 2006
D524368 Ink cartridge July 4, 2006
D524367 Ink cartridge July 4, 2006
D524366 Ink container July 4, 2006
8585815 Non-aqueous inkjet ink November 19, 2013
A non-aqueous inkjet ink comprises silica and Brilliant Carmine 6B. A peak area obtained at the time of measurement of an organic acid quantity of a water extract of Brilliant Carmine 6B by use of a capillary electrophoresis apparatus is selected within the range of 50 to 300 mABU*se
8585197 Method for printing non-aqueous ink and printing substrate for non-aqueous ink November 19, 2013
A method for printing a non-aqueous ink onto a printing substrate, using a non-aqueous ink including a coloring material and a non-aqueous solvent is provided, wherein the non-aqueous ink has a total surface free energy, calculated from the Kaelble-Uy theoretical formula, of 25 to 30 mN/
8585048 Printing device November 19, 2013
A printing device includes: a registration roller that once stops a transferred sheet and then feeds the transferred sheet toward an inkjet head unit; a sheet feed system that transfers and feeds a sheet to the registration roller; a sheet refeed system that, during both-side printin
8294910 Power saving image scanner and control method thereof October 23, 2012
An image scanner operates in a normal mode in which an image scanning process is executable; and a power saving mode in which less electric power is consumed than in the normal mode. The image scanner includes: a CPU for switching the image scanner between the normal mode and the power
8292396 Image forming apparatus which adjusts ink temperature October 23, 2012
An image forming apparatus estimates a temperature at nozzles in consideration of temperature changes in a recording head, by temperature sensors provided at an ink supply port and an ink eject port in the recording head. From the estimated temperature and a temperature difference be
8292387 Image recording device and image recording method October 23, 2012
A control unit sets a head drive shortest cycle depending on a print mode, measures an encoder signal cycle, determines whether or not a measured encoder signal cycle is shorter than a head drive shortest cycle set in advance, switches a record synchronization signal to the head driv
8282179 Image recording apparatus October 9, 2012
An image recording apparatus is provided with the following a conveying section including a platen which conveys a recording medium, an image recording section which performs image recording with respect to the recording medium conveyed by the conveying section, and a moving mechanis
8262211 Ink-jet printer September 11, 2012
An ink-jet printer comprises: a platen plate including a plurality of recesses, which are formed and regularly arranged in a front surface by digging from the front surface toward the back surface, and a suction hole extending from a part of the bottom surface of the recess through t
8256860 Printing apparatus capable of effectively heating and cooling ink September 4, 2012
A printing apparatus is provided with a heater for heating ink and a cooler for cooling ink, and comprises: an ink circulation route including a heater side route and a cooler side route which are separately provided through the heater and the cooler respectively; a switch mechanism
8256855 Method for confirming ink circulation path and method for filling with ink September 4, 2012
An image forming apparatus which ejects ink to form an image on a recording medium flows the ink from an upstream side tank to a downstream side tank on an ink circulation path, includes a sensor for detecting a parameter corresponding to variations in amount of the ink in the downst
8251487 Image recording apparatus August 28, 2012
An image recording apparatus includes an image recording unit having a recording head for jetting ink onto a recording medium and performing a recording process, a carrier mechanism for mounting and carrying the recording medium, a movement mechanism for moving the carrier mechanism
8235495 Printer August 7, 2012
A print head includes an ink propelling mechanism, an ink tank supplies ink to the print head, an ink circulation route includes the print head and the ink tank therein, a pump circulates ink through the ink circulation route, a temperature sensor measures a temperature of ink flowin
8231722 Injet printing method and ink set July 31, 2012
In an inkjet printing system using an emulsion ink, it is aimed that printing density is improved particularly for a normal paper. An inkjet printing method is provided, in which printing is performed by ejecting one of first and second inks onto a printing medium, and then successiv
8231290 Apparatus and method for controlling cutting length in an image recording apparatus July 31, 2012
An image recording apparatus includes a conveying unit for conveying a continuous medium, on which an image is recorded by an image recording unit, with a predetermined tension and speed, a cutting unit having a cut roller and an anvil roller, which are arranged to face each other in
8231211 Image recording apparatus and ink circulation control method July 31, 2012
An image recording apparatus according to the invention includes a recording unit which jets ink from a nozzle array formed by plural nozzles communicated with each ink chamber, an ink tank in which the ink is stored, and an ink circulation unit which circulates the ink between the r
8226188 Image former July 24, 2012
An ink discharge unit includes a plurality of nozzles and corresponding ink propelling mechanisms for the nozzles, and configured to discharge ink through the nozzles in accordance with drive signals to drive the ink propelling mechanisms, an ink temperature sensor is adapted to measure
8220890 Inkjet printer and method for connecting ink cartridges July 17, 2012
In an inkjet printer, ink cartridges are set individually in predetermined positions of a cartridge holder portion. Information on the ink cartridges is read by read portions and it is determined whether or not the ink cartridges are adaptive. If all the ink cartridges set in the pre
8218200 Image processing system, image processing method, and storage medium July 10, 2012
A color conversion is performed to convert a data of a pixel of black in an object as determined to be a mask into a pixel data of composite black, and convert a data of a pixel of black in an object as not determined to be any mask into a pixel data of composite black or real black,
8215754 Detachable structure for ink cartridge, and control method for attaching/detaching ink cartridge July 10, 2012
A detachable structure for an ink cartridge in a printer includes a storing unit, an acquisition unit, a determining unit, and an ink supply control unit. The storing unit is provided on the ink cartridge and stores information on the ink cartridge. The acquisition unit is provided o
8210635 Printing apparatus and printing method July 3, 2012
A printer comprising: an image former that forms a plurality of images on a plurality of sheets; a circulation transfer route composed of a first transfer route that transfers each sheet fed from a feeding route toward a discharging route, and a second transfer route that is branched fro
8201921 Printing apparatus June 19, 2012
A printing apparatus is capable of forming images by overlappingly performing print processes for a plurality of colors with non-aqueous inks and an aqueous ink. When printing with the aqueous ink, it is possible to inhibit paper from being deformed and to realize a high density prin
8201497 Stencil discharging box, stencil receiving apparatus, and stencil printing apparatus June 19, 2012
The present invention provides an easy-to-use stencil discharging box that can easily be detached from a printing apparatus with one hand, and can smoothly execute vertical discard in this state. A stencil discharging box that is detachably mounted to a printing apparatus for receivi
8197046 Ink-jet printer June 12, 2012
In an ink-jet printer of the present invention, an ink circulation path 4 is formed by an ink head 2, a first tank 31, a second tank 32, and a pump 33. The ink-jet printer switches between an ink-circulation state and a no ink-circulation state during a printing operation, and is capable
8197042 Detachable structure for ink cartridge June 12, 2012
A detachable structure for an ink cartridge includes a supply port, a joint section, an insertion rod and an anti-outflow member. The port is provided in the cartridge. The stopper is provided in the port and urged outward to close the port. The joint section is provided in a printer and
8191985 Ink jet printer June 5, 2012
An ink jet printer printing an image using a plurality of types of color ink. The heat exchanger cools and heats the ink to adjust the temperature of the ink. The heat exchanger has a contact and separate mechanism which, for ink cooling, tightly contacts a radiation section with a heat
8191978 Inkjet image former June 5, 2012
A controller works with a measure of temperature of ink at a temperature sensor within a first temperature range to have an inkjet head propel out droplets of ink at a first discharge speed for formation of images, and with a measure of temperature of ink at the temperature sensor within
8177899 Non-aqueous pigment ink May 15, 2012
A non-aqueous pigment ink comprising a pigment, a pigment dispersant and a non-aqueous solvent, wherein the non-aqueous solvent comprises an alcohol solvent, a fatty acid ester solvent and a hydrocarbon solvent, the alcohol solvent comprises a saturated branched alcohol containing 14
8172352 Printing apparatus having line-type ink jet head and method of printing images by line-type ink May 8, 2012
A printing apparatus is provided with a line-type ink jet head having a plurality of blocks on each of which a set of ink ejection elements are arranged. A drive signal generating unit is configured to generate a drive voltage signal including a prepulse to be applied to the set of the
8172218 Paper feed system May 8, 2012
In a paper feed system where a first paper feed mechanism takes out and transfers one by one a plurality of papers placed on a paper feed table in a stack and a second paper feed mechanism transfers the papers transferred by the first paper feed mechanism to an image forming section
8164807 Image recording apparatus and control method for same April 24, 2012
An image recording apparatus, comprising: an image recording unit which has a recording head for recording process to a recording medium; a transport mechanism which transports the recording medium; an ascent/descent mechanism which comprises an ascent/descent drive unit used for mov
8162474 Image forming apparatus April 24, 2012
An image forming apparatus includes a circulating transfer path for transferring a sheet. The image forming apparatus is capable of forming images on both surfaces of the sheet by: transferring the sheet having an image formed on a first surface thereof along the circulating transfer
8141971 Image recording apparatus March 27, 2012
An image recording apparatus includes a recording section having a head holding member holding a plurality of head units ejecting ink, and a position adjusting mechanism including position adjusting members, each being provided for each head unit, for adjusting a position of the head
8141872 Printing apparatus having discharge speed control March 27, 2012
A printing apparatus comprises: a first paper discharge roller unit 411 and a second paper discharge roller unit 412 which are configured to transport a print sheet to a discharge port; a upper transportation roller unit 401 configured to transport the print sheet to the first paper
8137449 Inkjet ink March 20, 2012
An inkjet ink is provided, which is hardly wettable to the surface of nozzle plates, and thus is stably ejected and is prevented from staining images. The inkjet ink is an oil-based inkjet ink which contains at least a pigment, a pigment-dispersing agent and a solvent constituted by at
8136906 Image recording apparatus and ink amount calculation method for this image recording apparatus March 20, 2012
An image forming apparatus calculates an ink temperature considering a thermal capacity near nozzles and an ink circulation flow quantity of a circulation pump in addition to an ink temperature when flowing into a recording head and an ink temperature when flowing out of the recording
8132901 Inkjet printer March 13, 2012
An inkjet printer includes: an ink recycling path that recycles ink; an ink head 1 that performs printing by discharging the recycled ink; an ink supplying port that supplies ink from the ink recycling path to the inside of the ink head while controlling the pressure; and an ink disc
8128745 Emulsion ink and method for producing same March 6, 2012
An emulsion ink capable of generating a printed image quality having favorable print density and a favorable matte finish. A water-in-oil emulsion ink having an oil phase and a water phase, wherein the ink has a first water phase comprising a colorant and a second water phase compris
8121510 Printer with duplex circulation route speed control February 21, 2012
For a sheet circulating transfer route that includes a sheet transfer portion of a printing mechanism provided with a transfer belt for transfer of a sheet as positioned thereto, a transfer section provided with drive rollers for transfer of a sheet as image-formed by an image former
8100500 Ink jet printer having ink maintenance system controlling maintenance in accordance with the ink January 24, 2012
An ink jet printer is provided with an ink circulation route which includes an ink jet head, an ink supply tank and an ink collection tank. A measuring unit obtains a value indicative of the flow resistance measured when ink flows from the ink supply tank to the ink collection tank t
8094968 Image creating method and image creating system January 10, 2012
For a halftone representation of a grayscale data of an original image of P tones, an output resolution, a screen ruling frequency, and a screen angle are based to set a basic array of L.times.L pixels, where L is an integer greater than 1, and a number N of tones reproducible by the bas
8079682 Inkjet recording device December 20, 2011
An inkjet recording device has an ink tank, a reservoir and an ink head, forms an ink supplying system by connecting with a path between the ink tank and the reservoir and between the reservoir and the ink head respectively, and forms a meniscus by generating a negative pressure on a
8075113 Connection mechanism and ink supply apparatus equipped with connection mechanism December 13, 2011
When a second cylindrical unit 38 of a second connection unit 11 is pushed into a first cylindrical unit 16 of a first connection unit 15, a sliding member 23 moves along an axis member. With the timing, the position of a moving aperture 22 formed on the sliding member 23 moves from
8075081 Adjusting method for use in recording apparatus, recording apparatus December 13, 2011
This invention provides an adjusting method for use in a recording apparatus having a configuration where head units, in each of which a plurality of recording heads are arranged in a direction (main scanning direction) orthogonal to a moving direction (sub-scanning direction) of a r
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