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RichWave Technology Corp.
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8580627 Compound semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same November 12, 2013
A compound semiconductor device is provided, including a gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrate having a first protrusion portion and a second protrusion portion, wherein the first protrusion portion is formed over a first portion of the GaAs substrate and the second protrusion is formed
8300735 Wireless signal receiving method and receiver for in-phase to quadrature (I/Q) mismatch calibrat October 30, 2012
A receiver receiving a Radio Frequency (RF) signal and generating a baseband signal is provided. An RF module receives the RF signal and down convert the RF signal according to a first oscillation frequency to generate an Intermediate Frequency (IF) signal. An IF module is coupled to
8289008 Voltage regulator which provides sequentially and arbitrarrily shaped regulated voltage and rela October 16, 2012
A voltage regulator includes an amplifier, a power device, a delay signal generator, and a voltage-generating circuit. The amplifier generates a control signal according to a reference voltage and a feedback voltage. The power switch generates the output voltage by regulating the output
8284105 Multi-band microstrip meander-line antenna October 9, 2012
A multi-band microstrip meander-line antenna includes a substrate, two meander-shaped conductors, and two feed lines. The first meander-shaped conductor is disposed on the substrate in a first reciprocating bend manner for providing a resonant frequency band corresponding to a first
8275336 Apparatus and method for digitally controlling capacitance September 25, 2012
An oscillator circuit having a source of an oscillating signal, a tank circuit including an inductor and a capacitor, and a discretely switchable capacitance module configured to control an amount of capacitance in the oscillator circuit. The discretely switchable capacitance module
8265171 Error resilient video transmission using instantaneous receiver feedback and channel quality ada September 11, 2012
Systems and methods for delivering real-time video imagery to a receiver over a channel. A current video frame is captured and digitized. The digitized frame is divided into a plurality of macroblocks. For each macroblock an intra, inter or skip mode coding mode is determined. Based
8248121 Phase lock loop and control method thereof August 21, 2012
A phase lock loop (PLL) featuring automatic stabilization is provided, in which a first charge pump is coupled to a driving control signal to generate a first current, a filter with a zero-point path and the first charge pump are coupled at a first node, and a current adjustment circuit
8129805 Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device and methods for fabricating the same March 6, 2012
A method of fabricating a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device includes providing a semiconductor substrate having a semiconductor layer and an interconnect structure. A passivation layer and a photoresist layer are formed over the interconnect structure and a plurality of ope
8026767 Adaptive bias circuit and system thereof September 27, 2011
An adaptive bias circuit which provides a more sensitive adaptive bias current with respect to power level is used for biasing an electronic circuit. The adaptive bias circuit has a first transistor coupled to a power supply, a voltage bias circuit coupled to the first transistor and
7996704 Asynchronous first in first out interface and operation method thereof August 9, 2011
The invention provides an asynchronous first in first out (FIFO) interface and operation method wherein a read-out clock and a write-in clock of the asynchronous FIFO interface is asynchronous. The asynchronous FIFO interface comprises a FIFO buffer, a clock controller and a variable
7948317 Power amplifier integrated circuit with compensation mechanism for temperature and output power May 24, 2011
A power amplifier integrated circuit, which generates an RF output signal by amplifying an RF input signal, includes a thermal-sensing circuit, a feedback circuit, a logic judging circuit, an adjusting circuit, and an amplifying circuit. The thermal-sensing circuit generates a thermal
7912172 Programmable divider apparatus and method for the same March 22, 2011
A programmable divider apparatus comprises a first divider, a second divider, a feedback control unit, and a plurality of control signals. The first divider provides a frequency division operation of division by at least three integers, the second divider is cascaded to the first divider
7889136 Micro-strip antenna with L-shaped band-stop filter February 15, 2011
A micro-strip antenna includes an L-shaped coupler, a set of micro-strip antennas, and an L-shaped band-stop filter. The set of micro-strip antennas includes at least one rectangular micro-strip antenna unit and a micro-strip line. The rectangular micro-strip antenna unit is coupled to
7777586 Multi-brand electronic apparatus and multi-band signal processing method August 17, 2010
A multi-band electronic apparatus and method thereof is provided. The method comprises outputting a first output signal in the first band by a first voltage controlled oscillator according to a switch control signal and a control voltage, outputting a second output signal in the second
7693503 Mixer having filtering module to filter out low-frequency components to minimize noise April 6, 2010
A mixer for down-converting an input signal to an output signal is disclosed. The mixer includes an amplifying circuit and a down-converting circuit. The amplifying circuit is utilized for amplifying the input signal to generate an amplified signal. The down-converting circuit includ
7692493 High-efficiency single to differential amplifier April 6, 2010
A high-efficiency single-to-differential amplifier has a first transistor acting as a first amplification stage. A second transistor, a third transistor, a first choke, a second choke, and a first capacitor form a second single-to-differential amplification stage. The first amplifica
7671704 LC resonant circuit March 2, 2010
An LC resonant circuit. The LC resonant circuit comprises an inductor and a conductor. The inductor is an electrode plate of a capacitor. The conductor is over, under, or on both sides of the inductor and used as the other electrode plate of the capacitor.
7595672 Adjustable digital lock detector September 29, 2009
An adjustable digital lock detector for a phase-locked loop (PLL) has a variable counter for outputting an output signal corresponding to a first clock signal, a target count number signal, and a count number offset signal, a latch for sampling the output signal of the variable counter
7514985 Fast turn on and off speed in PLL cascoded charge pump April 7, 2009
A charge pump includes a first switch coupled between a first voltage source and a first node, second switch coupled between the first node and a second node, a third switch coupled between the second node and a third node, the third node is for outputting from the charge pump. A fourth
7460851 Method and apparatus for integrating a surface acoustic wave filter and a transceiver December 2, 2008
A method and an apparatus for integrating a surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter and a transceiver are provided to solve the problem of having a large area of the prior-art integration of a SAW filter and a transceiver; wherein a device for integrating a SAW filter and a transceiver is
7437131 Active mixer with self-adaptive bias feedback October 14, 2008
An active mixer with self-adaptive bias feedback is described and resolves a poor linearity, inconvenient design of a bias circuit, and other defects of a conventional mixer. The dual self-feedback bias structure according to this invention is used. The active mixer with self-adaptive
7375590 Single-ended input to differential-ended output low noise amplifier implemented with cascode and May 20, 2008
A low noise amplifier has the properties of low noise figure and high gain under a high-frequency operation. The low noise amplifier includes a first transistor, a first inductive impedance, a first gate voltage source, a matching circuit, an input, a second inductive impedance, a se
7368956 Data slicer with a source-degeneration structure May 6, 2008
A data slicer with a source-degeneration structure is described. In particular, this invention can be implemented in a FM demodulation system. It located at the end of the demodulator. The data slicer can slice a signal transmitted through air and demodulates the same with a demodula
7358817 Linearized bias circuit with adaptation April 15, 2008
A linearized bias circuit with adaptation resolves the problem happening to the power amplifier with conventional bias circuit that the DC and AC characteristics of the power amplifier shift or even deteriorate due to a temperature variation. The linearized bias circuit with adaptation h
7224231 Method for transforming output signals of a low-noise amplifier of a wireless transceiver May 29, 2007
A method for transforming single-ended signals outputted from a low-noise amplifier of a wireless transceiver into differential signals. The method includes: providing a transformer according to a default requirement of the wireless transceiver; transferring the single-ended signals prov
7205844 Low noise and high gain low noise amplifier April 17, 2007
high-gain and low-noise low noise amplifier (LNA) includes a differential amplifier, a pre-amplifier and an impedance matching network. The differential amplifier includes a first input end and a second input end coupled to a grounded impedance. The pre-amplifier includes an input end
7193475 Single-ended input to differential output low noise amplifier with a cascode topology March 20, 2007
A single-ended input to differential output LNA with a cascode topology of the present invention overcomes a much greater consumption of current and area for the single-ended input to differential output LNA of the prior art. The LNA needs to supply an operating bias for each transistor.
7138880 Turbo-charged relaxation oscillator method and apparatus November 21, 2006
A method for producing an oscillating signal comprises: generating an oscillating signal by discharging after charging to a high trigger level and charging after discharging to a low trigger level; and turbo-charging at the initial of a change-over from charging to discharging while
7019594 Method and apparatus for analyzing performance of a multi-stage radio frequency amplifier March 28, 2006
A method and an apparatus for analyzing performance of a multi-stage radio frequency amplifier are described. The method simplifies the multi-stage radio frequency amplifier into equivalent input parts, output parts and mid-stage parts. The mid-stage parts are temporarily unset. Therefor
6834094 High-frequency multi-selection prescaler December 21, 2004
A multi-selection prescaler for dividing an input signal according to a ratio to obtain a desired frequency. The circuit has of a plurality of logic gates and D-flip-flops: a first frequency divider for receiving an input signal and generating a divided frequency; a second frequency

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