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Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH Patents
Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH
Kiel, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8297170 Modular, adaptable ballistic protective construction in particular for a weapons turret October 30, 2012
The invention embodies the turret (10) as a protected cell (1) with its own protective plates (7) and then provides this with an additional casing of protective plates (9) so that both together implement a modular protective construction with different levels of protection. Outside the
8065960 Hand grenade November 29, 2011
The invention relates to a hand grenade (1) with an active body (3) containing an active charge (2), and with an ignition device (4) that acts on a detonator (12) to ignite the active charge (2). In order to achieve this feature, after the hand grenade (1) has been thrown the ignitio
7946785 Blocking bodies against vehicles having wheels May 24, 2011
A blocking system or blocking body (1) is provided that is composed of at least four means or members (2) that have a common base (3) and in the transport state are pivoted upwards so that the tips (2.1) of all means (2) lie in one plane, wherein the means (2) in the active state are
7859566 Arrangement of a first and at least a second additional vehicle in a loosely couplable not track December 28, 2010
A vehicle train assembly including a first vehicle and at least one further vehicle in a loosely coupleable not-track-bound train where, in particular, a combination of a manned master vehicle and an unmanned slave vehicle is provided, wherein the order that the master vehicle is in,
7594561 Mine protection vehicle system September 29, 2009
A mine protection vehicle system is proposed wherein a military wheeled vehicle is provided with a high degree of mine protection. Preferably the vehicle has a three-sectioned vehicle construction that includes a front building block, a main building block and rear building block. The
7493843 Device for delivering a payload, especially for neutralizing mines or the like February 24, 2009
A payload is housed in a deliverable body of a device, such as in a projectile, and this device is delivered as close as possible to a target. At the landing point, a drive system of the body is activated to take the payload directly to the target. The target is described by target c
7228927 Vehicle protection against the effect of a land mine June 12, 2007
A vehicle with protection against the effects of an exploding land mine is provided, in which a military wheeled vehicle is provided with wheel axels and drives built into front and/or rear building blocks. The vehicle is divided into multiple building blocks, although a three block
7095134 Error recognition for power ring August 22, 2006
A power ring device that includes: a ring conductor; a plurality of controllers, each controller being connected to the ring conductor and includes a first control unit; a plurality of paired pick ups, wherein each pair connects either an electrical consumer device or an electrical p
7032495 Combat vehicle having an observation system April 25, 2006
A combat tank is converted into an artillery observation tank without requiring removal of the main gun. The combat tank is converted by integrating retrofitted equipment necessary for the artillery observation, especially the navigation system (12), into the vehicle turret (4) such
6892621 Mine protection device, particularly for wheeled vehicles May 17, 2005
A mine protection device for a wheeled vehicle having a plurality of wheels, wherein each wheel is connected to the vehicle by a wheel suspension, and the device includes: at least one sensor associated with each wheel, wherein each sensor operates to detect when the associated wheel
6823767 Method for fuze-timing an ammunition unit, and fuze-timable ammunition unit November 30, 2004
The invention is based on the concept of providing a digital data transmission of the fuze-timing data into a fuze-timable ammunition unit, for example with an HDB-3 (High-Density Bipolar) transmission code and voltage modulation. As is known from asynchronous data transmission, a st
6662701 Delivery system for a warhead with an orientation device for neutralizing mines December 16, 2003
A delivery system (20) for a warhead (3) for neutralization of mines, having an orientation device. The fragmentation warhead (3) is triggered over a visible mine or, over the position of a mine that is optically marked and/or the coordinates of which are known. The triggering of war
6658984 Anti-mine floor for an armored vehicle December 9, 2003
An apparatus for providing anti-mine protection for an armored vehicle, the apparatus comprising a concave floor plate (1) that provides both a sufficient ground clearance (3) and a clear distance (14) between the floor plate and spring bars or support arms mounted above the floor plate.
6612244 Method and device for destroying drifting sea mines September 2, 2003
A method and a device for destroying drifting sea mines (5). According to the invention, a capture-and-destroy device (11) is brought into the vicinity of the drifting sea mine (5) with the aid of a buoyant body (12, 22) having a coupled-on drive system (13) or a drive device (24), and t
6552443 Power ring April 22, 2003
A power ring of annular conductor configuration for use in a military vehicle to supply electricity to devices in the vehicle. The power ring includes a plurality of controllers (1) as monitoring and switching devices arranged along and connected with the annular conductor segments f
6477934 Apparatus for protecting against the effect of land mine November 12, 2002
An apparatus for anti-mine protection for an armored vehicle wherein a box (5) is mounted to the underside of the vehicle floor, with the box being completely filled in the longitudinal and transverse directions with a plurality of sandbag-like damping elements (4).

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