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Renesas Technology Corp.
Tokyo, JP
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RE41638 Semiconductor memory September 7, 2010
A semiconductor memory having a memory cell structure capable of reducing soft error without complicating a circuit configuration. Specifically, an inverter (I1) consists of a NMOS transistor (N1) and a PMOS transistor (P1), and an inverter (I2) consists of a NMOS transistor (N2) and a P
RE41589 Memory system performing fast access to a memory location by omitting the transfer of a redundan August 24, 2010
A data processing system including a processor LSI and a DRAM divided into banks, for increasing a ratio of using a fast operation mode for omitting transfer of a row address to the DRAM and for minimizing the amount of logics external to the processor LSI. The processor LSI includes row
RE41270 Semiconductor integrated circuit with selectable power supply according to different operation m April 27, 2010
For an internal circuit having a first operation mode consuming a first operational current and a second operation mode consuming a second operational current, which is smaller than the first operational current, a first power source regulator for stepping down a predefined output po
RE40139 Wafer having chamfered bend portions in the joint regions between the contour of the cut-away po March 4, 2008
A wafer having chamfered bent portions in the joint regions between the contour of the wafer and the cut-away portion of the wafer such as an orientation flatness. The chipping of the wafer can be prevented, and in coating the wafer with a photoresist, forming an epiaxially grown layer
RE39895 Semiconductor integrated circuit arrangement fabrication method October 23, 2007
To realize etching with a high selection ratio and a high accuracy in fabrication of an LSI, the composition of dissociated species of a reaction gas is accurately controlled when dry-etching a thin film on a semiconductor substrate by causing an inert gas excited to a metastable sta
RE39645 Compressed image decompressing device May 22, 2007
An image processing device which processes a portion of the decompression process including a lot of comparatively complex operations like an inverse discrete cosine transform by software with using a high-performance, general-purpose processor capable of parallel processing, and the
RE39579 Semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising RAM with command decode system and logic circ April 17, 2007
A semiconductor integrated circuit device includes a logic circuit and a synchronous dynamic random access memory including a core unit, integrated on a single semiconductor chip. The semiconductor integrated circuit device includes a synchronous dynamic random access memory control
RE39529 Graphic processing apparatus utilizing improved data transfer to reduce memory size March 27, 2007
A Memory Interface and Video Attribute Controller (MIVAC) is inserted between a dynamic RAM (DRAM) capable of a consecutive data read operation, such as the operation associated with the static column mode, page mode, or nibble mode, and a graphic processor to provide a parallel data
D581932 Memory card December 2, 2008
D504433 Memory card April 26, 2005
8173332 Reflection-type exposure mask and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device May 8, 2012
A reflection-type exposure mask includes a multilayer reflective film in a main surface and serving as a high reflective region to an exposure light, and an absorber pattern on the multilayer reflective film and serving as a low reflective region to the exposure light, wherein a phase
7969256 Signal transmission circuit and signal transmission system with reduced reflection June 28, 2011
A signal transmission circuit includes a transmitting circuit for outputting a transmitting signal to a transmission line, a parallel circuit including a capacitor and a first resistance connected between an output terminal of the transmitting circuit and the transmission line, and a
7965563 Data line disturbance free memory block divided flash memory and microcomputer having flash memo June 21, 2011
A semiconductor device having an electrically erasable and programmable nonvolatile memory, for example, a rewritable nonvolatile memory including memory cells arranged in rows and columns and disposed to facilitate both flash erasure as well as selective erasure of individual units
7960076 Reflective-type mask June 14, 2011
A reflective-type mask having a main surface including a pattern region in the main surface, the pattern region including a multilayer reflective film which reflects the exposure light and a first absorber pattern on the multilayer reflective film, the first absorber pattern including a
7926010 Method of determining defects in photomask April 12, 2011
A method of determining defects in photomasks according to the present invention is designed to increase the yield of the manufacture of photomasks and to decrease the cost of inspecting the photomasks. In the method, circuit data 1 representing a circuit to be formed on a semiconduc
7911855 Semiconductor device with voltage interconnections March 22, 2011
A semiconductor device capable of reducing power consumption is provided. When a power to an internal circuit is interrupted, e.g., in a standby mode, a switch is turned off, and a pseudo-ground line is charged with a leak current of the internal circuit to raise a potential thereof. Aft
7906840 Semiconductor integrated circuit package, printed circuit board, semiconductor apparatus, and po March 15, 2011
A semiconductor integrated circuit package, a printed circuit board, a semiconductor apparatus, and a power supply wiring structure that allow attainment of stable power source and ground wiring without causing resonance even in a high-frequency bandwidth are provided. In an interior
7902539 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same March 8, 2011
Any of a plurality of contact plugs which reaches a diffusion layer serving as a drain layer of an MOS transistor has an end provided in contact with a lower surface of a thin insulating film provided selectively on an interlayer insulating film. A phase change film constituted by GS
7885626 Mobile communication apparatus February 8, 2011
A transceiver suitable for larger scale of integration employs direct conversion reception for reducing the number of filters. Also, the number of VCOs is reduced by utilizing dividers to supply a receiver and a transmitter with locally oscillated signals at an RF band. Dividers each
7876654 Optical disk drive control circuit January 25, 2011
An IC provided in an optical disk device having an objective lens and a pickup for a disk. The IC has a circuit for holding a signal which drives the objective lens in a focus or tracking direction and for detecting the moving direction of the objective lens, and a circuit for generating
7853776 Handover between software and hardware accelerator December 14, 2010
A bytecode accelerator which translates stack-based intermediate language (bytecodes) into register-based CPU instructions transfers plural pieces of internal information from a register file of a CPU to the bytecode accelerator by means of an internal transfer bus between the bytecode
7821829 Nonvolatile memory device including circuit formed of thin film transistors October 26, 2010
A transistor is arranged for electrically isolating a sense amplifier formed of a thin film transistor from a data line electrically coupled to the sense amplifier. When a write driver drives the data line, a control signal is applied to isolate the data line from the sense amplifier.
7818469 USB device and peripheral device changing functional module to activate in accordance with descr October 19, 2010
In a USB device comprising a plurality of functional modules that includes a control circuit for switching a functional module to be activated from among the functional modules included in the USB device according to a potential level of a power applied from a host connected to the USB
7816757 Semiconductor device including a digital semiconductor element and an analog semiconductor eleme October 19, 2010
High density mounting and power source sharing are achieved by a digital semiconductor element and an analog semiconductor element provided in a common semiconductor device. A power layer for analog operation is connected to one end of an EBG (Electromagnetic Band Gap) layer, a power
7816207 Semiconductor device having electrode and manufacturing method thereof October 19, 2010
A manufacturing method of a semiconductor device includes a first electrode formation step of forming a control gate electrode above a surface of a semiconductor substrate with a control gate insulating film interposed between the control gate electrode and the semiconductor substrat
7816204 Semiconductor device comprising capacitor and method of fabricating the same October 19, 2010
A semiconductor device, having a memory cell region and a peripheral circuit region, includes an insulating film, having an upper surface, formed on a major surface of a semiconductor substrate to extend from the memory cell region to the peripheral circuit region. A capacitor lower
7814343 Semiconductor integrated circuit for reducing power consumption and enhancing processing speed October 12, 2010
A semiconductor integrated circuit device which consumes less power and enables real-time processing. The semiconductor integrated circuit device includes thermal sensors which detect temperature and determine whether the detection result exceeds reference values and output the result, a
7813710 Receiving circuit October 12, 2010
The present invention is a receiving circuit used for a cellular phone that is reduced in size and can realize low power consumption. In a signal reception circuit that is used in a cellular phone that perform transmission and reception of a plurality of band wireless signals and inc
7813616 Semiconductor device with dummy electrode October 12, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a gate electrode having a straight portion, a dummy electrode located at a point on the extension of the straight portion, a stopper insulating film, a sidewall insulating film, an interlayer insulating film, and a linear contact portion extending, whe
7813156 Semiconductor device October 12, 2010
The present invention provides a sense circuit for DRAM memory cell to cover the events that a sense time becomes remarkably longer when a power source voltage is lowered, a sense time under the low voltage condition becomes shorter when temperature rises and a sense time changes to a
7812389 Programmable nonvolatile memory and semiconductor integrated circuit device October 12, 2010
Distance .lamda.m between a floating gate and a drain contact of a floating gate transistor forming a memory cell is set to be greater than a distance .lamda. determined based on a minimum design dimension between a control gate and a contact of a peripheral transistor. Data retention
7808076 Semiconductor device October 5, 2010
The semiconductor device which has an electric straight line-like fuse with a small occupying area is offered.A plurality of projecting portions 10f are formed in the position shifted from the middle position of electric fuse part 10a, and, more concretely, are formed in the position
7808031 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with a trench isolation structure and resulting sem October 5, 2010
The present fabrication method includes the steps of: providing a nitride film in a main surface of a semiconductor substrate; providing an upper trench, with the nitride film used as a mask; filling the upper trench with an oxide film introduced therein; removing the oxide film to expos
7805562 Microcomputer with configurable communication interfacing September 28, 2010
A microcomputer capable of on-board programming of dedicated user communication protocols without requiring a serial interface on the mounted board, and that will not destroy the dedicated user communication protocol code even if the system runs out of control. A user boot mat other
7805555 Multiprocessor system September 28, 2010
The present invention provides a technique capable of processing a plurality of interrupt causes sharing one interrupt request in different processors. An interrupt controller outputs an interrupt request when the interrupt request shared by a plurality of interrupt causes is notified.
7805123 RF transceiver using hopping frequency synthesizer September 28, 2010
A technique of frequency hopping communication capable of high-speed switching of a plurality of signals having ultra-wide band 528 MHz bandwidth at high-speed and setting and switching a band center frequency and the number of bands arbitrary is provided. A radio transceiver has a f
7804573 Liquid crystal display device, method for fabricating the same, and portable telephone using the September 28, 2010
A liquid crystal display device comprises a liquid crystal display panel and a semiconductor integrated circuit for driving and controlling the liquid crystal display panel. The number of input/output wires connected to I/O terminals (bonding pads) of the semiconductor integrated circuit
7804368 Oscillator and charge pump circuit using the same September 28, 2010
The present invention provides a current-limited oscillator capable of performing stable operation even when it is driven with a low power-supply voltage, and a charge pump circuit using the oscillator. A current-limited oscillator has a delay section that includes a plurality of ser
7804132 Semiconductor device September 28, 2010
A gate electrode is provided such that both ends thereof in a gate width direction are projected from an active region in plane view. Partial trench isolation insulation films are provided in a surface of an SOI substrate corresponding to lower parts of the both ends, and body contact
7804118 Semiconductor device having plural DRAM memory cells and a logic circuit and method for manufact September 28, 2010
A memory cell capacitor (C3) of a DRAM is formed by use of a MIM capacitor which uses as its electrode a metal wiring line of the same layer (M3) as metal wiring lines within a logic circuit (LOGIC), thereby enabling reduction of process costs. Higher integration is achievable by forming
7800942 Method and system for providing a magnetic element and magnetic memory being unidirectional writ September 21, 2010
A method and system for providing a magnetic element and memory utilizing the magnetic element are described. The magnetic element includes a reference layer, a nonferromagnetic spacer layer, and a free layer. The reference layer has a resettable magnetization that is set in a selected
7800354 Switching power supply September 21, 2010
A switching power supply capable of correcting a power factor without using a shunt resistor is provided. The switching power supply includes a rectifier for rectifying an AC power supply, boosting means including a power MOSFET for boosting an output of the rectifier, a smoothing ca
7797557 Method of and device for detecting a cable connection with a root hub September 14, 2010
The detector includes a plug for connecting a personal computer through a cable, a battery power supply which provides a constant power supply, and an MCU which receives a specific potential from the personal computer when the latter is connected.
7796426 Semiconductor device September 14, 2010
A technique capable of improving speed of a set operation, which controls writing rate in a semiconductor device including a memory cell using a phase-change material. The technique uses means for setting a set-pulse voltage to be applied to the phase-change material to have two steps: t
7795741 Semiconductor device September 14, 2010
A semiconductor device which stores a plurality of semiconductor chips, having planar sizes which differ, in the same sealing body in a state in which they are accumulated via an insulating film which has an adhesive property. In the semiconductor device, the thickness of DAF of the back
7791962 Semiconductor device and semiconductor signal processing apparatus September 7, 2010
A memory cell mat is divided into a plurality of entries, and an arithmetic logic unit is arranged corresponding to each entry. Between the entries and the corresponding arithmetic logic units, arithmetic/logic operation is executed in bit-serial and entry-parallel manner. Where para
7791943 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device September 7, 2010
In a nonvolatile memory cell, a selection transistor is connected to a memory cell transistor in series. The selection transistor is formed into a double layer gate structure, and has a voltage of each gate driven individually and separately. Using capacitive coupling between these s
7791852 Electrostatic discharge protection circuit and terminating resistor circuit September 7, 2010
Disclosed is an electrostatic discharge protection circuit capable of realizing speeding up of differential signals by reducing a capacitance of the circuit. Transmission lines are connected to an IN terminal and an IN Bar terminal and differential signals are input to the terminals. The
7791288 Driving circuit for and semiconductor device for driving laser diode September 7, 2010
A driving circuit supplies a suppression current (I4) which reduces a decrease in a driving current (Idrive) immediately after occurrence of an overshoot at the time of the rise of the driving current (Idrive) to a laser diode (1). The driving circuit draws a suppression current (I5)
7791204 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same September 7, 2010
Even when a stiffener is omitted, the semiconductor device which can prevent the generation of twist and distortion of a wiring substrate is obtained.As for a semiconductor device which has a wiring substrate, a semiconductor chip by which the flip chip bond was made to the wiring su

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