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Renaissance Group IP Holdings, LLC Patents
Renaissance Group IP Holdings, LLC
Atlanta, GA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D562798 Portion of a portable hand-held messaging device February 26, 2008
7986426 Distributed computer architecture and process for document management July 26, 2011
A system and/or method enables a typical PC user to add electronic paper processing to their existing business process. The system and/or method extends the notion of copying from paper passing through a conventional copier, to a process that involves scanning paper from a first device a
7835969 Computer assisted method of performing intellectual property (IP) audit optionally over network November 16, 2010
An intellectual property computer-implemented audit system for valuing an intellectual property portfolio includes a first database storing first information relating to the intellectual property portfolio and a database access and collection device connected to the first database and

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