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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE37547 Software-based resolver-to-digital converter February 12, 2002
A software-based resolver-to-digital converter (RDC) (80) for computing an angle of rotation .THETA. of gimbal-mounted instrumentation (16) in a gimbal system. The RDC (80) computes the angle of rotation of the instrumentation using parameter signals received from a resolver (32) in
RE32664 Energy seal for high frequency energy apparatus May 10, 1988
A high frequency oven having a door sealed to the oven by a seal which prevents the escape of high frequency energy between the door and the oven by acting as a choke to energy attempting to pass across the seal in which excitation of energy modes in a band of frequencies including the d
RE29216 Radiographic display system with cassette lock May 10, 1977
A nuclear imaging device comprising a plurality of scanning heads spaced apart in a predetermined configuration with the aid of a support member that permits the individual scanning heads to scan in parallel, antiparallel, and tomographic modes. The support member which is driven in
D351621 File container for teachers' resource material October 18, 1994
D329283 Window fan or the like September 8, 1992
D286130 Turntable for microwave oven October 14, 1986
D286129 Microwave roasting rack or the like October 14, 1986
D286128 Combined roasting rack and turntable for microwave oven October 14, 1986
D276970 Microwave corn popper January 1, 1985
D276969 Microwave corn popper base January 1, 1985
D276022 Microwave egg cooker October 23, 1984
D275925 Microwave egg cooker base October 16, 1984
D274495 Combined microwave base and pan for pizza maker July 3, 1984
D273168 Microwave pizza maker utensil March 27, 1984
D271556 Microwave cooking utensil November 29, 1983
D271174 Microwave corn popper with cover November 1, 1983
D270990 Microwave steaming utensil or the like October 18, 1983
D270893 Tray for microwave steaming utensil October 11, 1983
D270702 Microwave corn popper September 27, 1983
D268889 Microwave espresso coffee maker May 10, 1983
D261485 Packaging container for cassettes or the like October 27, 1981
D261484 Packaging container for cassettes or the like October 27, 1981
D261482 Packaging container for cassettes or the like October 27, 1981
D261481 Packaging container for cassettes or the like October 27, 1981
D256758 Popcorn maker appliance September 9, 1980
D255537 Corn popper June 24, 1980
D255536 Microwave corn popper June 24, 1980
D255535 Microwave corn popping appliance June 24, 1980
D255534 Corn popping appliance June 24, 1980
D255533 Popcorn maker June 24, 1980
8589119 System and method for distributed processing November 19, 2013
In one embodiment, a first portion and a second portion of a data set are identified. The first portion of the data set is sent to a first node that stores it in a first primary storage. The first primary storage is configured such that a first processor of the first node accesses in
8587617 Apparatus and method for map zooming November 19, 2013
An apparatus for map zooming includes instructions stored in a memory that when executed by a processor render a zoom bar. The zoom bar includes a plurality of map scale hash marks arranged along an axis of the zoom bar and indicative of a map scale range of a geographic map. The plu
8587386 High isolation waveguide switch November 19, 2013
Embodiments of the invention are directed to a high isolation waveguide switch that can either be manually or mechanically operated. Operation proceeds by loosening a fastener, which draws a rotor portion of the switch away from a stator portion; rotating the rotor by 90 degrees; and
8586926 Antenna-coupled antenna arrays November 19, 2013
According one embodiment, a non-heterodyne radiation imager includes a substrate having a ground plane layer. The radiation imager also includes a plurality of antenna elements operable to receive radiative input. Each support element of a plurality of support elements mechanically coupl
8586901 Method for compensating for boresight error in missiles with composite radomes and guidance sect November 19, 2013
Embodiments of a guidance section that compensates for boresight error (BSE) caused by effects of a composite radome. The guidance section includes a BSE compensation element to add high-pass filtered noise to compensated BSE data. The guidance section also includes and a Kalman filt
8584568 Bomb rack lock November 19, 2013
A bomb rack lock, as part of a bomb rack, comprising a plunger movable to engage a bomb rack linkage to be alternately secured and released and a solenoid body coupled to and operable to support the plunger. The plunger and the solenoid body are movable relative to each other and the bom
8582884 Approximation of an imaged object from edges detected from the underlying image November 12, 2013
Processes and systems for use in generating an approximation of an image from its edges project a respective scaled intensity value from each edge into regions abutting positive and negative sides of the edge. Positive and negative composite edge projection maps are generated, each inclu
8582104 Optical device for detection of an agent November 12, 2013
In certain embodiments, a system for detecting an agent includes a resonator device configured to receive an agent. The resonator device is additionally configured to transmit light received from a light source. The transmitted light has a known characteristic in the absence of the r
8581801 Droopy bowtie radiator with integrated balun November 12, 2013
An antenna element and balun are described. The antenna includes a plurality of droopy bowtie antenna elements disposed on dielectric block and a feed point. The balun includes a central member having dielectric slabs symmetrically disposed on external surfaces thereof. At least one
8581406 Flip chip mounted monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) structure November 12, 2013
A MMIC flip chip mounted to a circuit board having an underfill material disposed between the MMIC and the circuit board and a barrier structure for preventing the underfill material from being disposed under an electronic device of the MMIC while providing a cavity under the electro
8581191 Stabilization of coldshield bodies November 12, 2013
According to one embodiment, an optical device comprises a housing. A structure is disposed within the housing. The structure has an optical entrance whereby radiation may enter. An aperture is located between the optical entrance and a radiation detector. At least one brace is rigidly
8581161 Seeker with a molded dichroic mirror November 12, 2013
A molded dichroic mirror and a seeker comprising a molded dichroic mirror are provided. The dichroic mirror may be molded from polysiloxane or lithia potash borosilicate and may be coated to reflect an infrared signal and configured to transmit a radio frequency signal between 33 GHz
8577924 Determining base attributes for terms November 5, 2013
In one embodiment, a method for determining concept attributes for a concept term includes receiving a concept term and determining one or more word senses for the concept term. A word sense is selected from the one or more word senses, and, based on the selected word sense, one or m
8577905 System, method, and logic for optimized geospatial data delivery November 5, 2013
A method may include subscribing each of a plurality of users to receive native-format geospatial information from a data source. The method may also include receiving native-format geospatial information from the data source. The method may further include analyzing native-format geospa
8577183 Resolution on demand November 5, 2013
A method samples a first spectral band to obtain an initial image frame, determines at least one region of interest of the scene from the initial image frame, each of the at least one region of interest associated with a mean signal level, illuminates the at least one region of interest
8576110 Fast ray trace to identify radar multipaths November 5, 2013
A method of detecting a target in a room using a radar system having a transmitter for irradiating the object, a sensor for receiving reflected radiation, and circuitry for analyzing the reflected radiation to determine at least one characteristic thereof, the method including determ
8575666 Method and structure having monolithic heterogeneous integration of compound semiconductors with November 5, 2013
A semiconductor structure having compound semiconductor (CS) device formed in a compound semiconductor of the structure and an elemental semiconductor device formed in an elemental semiconductor layer of the structure. The structure includes a layer having an elemental semiconductor
8575238 X-ray opaque coating November 5, 2013
The disclosure relates to an X-ray opaque coating containing an epoxy resin including an iodinated phenol covalently bonded to a glycidyl ether. Iodinated phenol covalently bonded to a glycidyl ether may include iodinated bisphenol A, such as tetraiodobisphenol A, a glycidyl ether of
8573535 Shape-change material and method November 5, 2013
A shape-change material includes a shape memory material layer with an electrically conductive layer on a surface of the shape memory material layer. The conductive material may be used to heat the shape memory material by electrical resistance heating. The conductive material may be
8572733 System and method for active data collection in a network security system October 29, 2013
A network security system comprises a plurality of sensors, a management server, and a data collection module. The plurality of sensors receive first data associated with potential attacks on the system. The manager server is coupled to at least one sensor and correlates at least a p

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