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4499166 Method of developing an electrostatic latent image uses magnetic developer February 12, 1985
A developer mixture used in an electrophotographic printing machine to develop an electrostatic latent image recorded on the photoconductive member includes weakly magnetically attractable toner particles and strongly magnetically attractable carrier granules adhering triboelectrical
4207057 Fixing device for use in electrophotographic copying machine June 10, 1980
A contact fusing apparatus comprising a heated roll structure cooperating with a pressure roll structure to form a nip through which support material carrying toner images thereon is moved with the toner images contacting the heated roll structure. The contact fuser is characterized
4189138 Paper feeder February 19, 1980
A paper feeding apparatus adapted to feed paper sheets one by one by the rotational force of feed rollers acting on the uppermost surface of stacked paper sheets, including a linkage arrangement for moving the feed rollers transverse to the direction of paper sheet feed.
4175962 Electrostatographic toner material November 27, 1979
Developer mixtures comprising finely-divided toner particles electrostatically clinging to the surface of carrier particles. The toner particles comprise a colorant and at least about 60 percent by weight, based on the weight of the toner particles, of a resin mixture comprising betw
4119831 Contact pressure adjusting device in heating pressing fixing apparatus for electrophotographic c October 10, 1978
A contact pressure adjusting device in a combination heating and pressing fixing apparatus for electrophotographic copiers, characterized in that one end of a spring 3, which applies a pressing force to a heating roll 1 and a press roll 2, is mounted on a rotary plate 4 so as to vary the
4117803 Developer flow regulator for a magnetic brush developing device October 3, 1978
A magnetic brush developing arrangement including a roll for delivering developer to an electrostatic latent image-bearing surface and a regulating plate movable towards and away from the roll as a function of the clearance between the roll and the image bearing surface.
4113379 Illumination apparatus for electronic copying machines September 12, 1978
Illumination apparatus for electronic copying machines comprising a casing 1 having an elongated opening 5 extending in a longitudinal direction thereof wherein light sources 6 and 6' are disposed respectively at both ends of said casing 1, the inner surface of said casing 1 being formed
4111550 Platen cover for prevention of displacement of an original September 5, 1978
A copier platen cover, adapted to prevent displacement of an original document as the platen cover is closed, comprising, on the side of the cover which contacts the original, an elastic layer having at least one raised portion.
4110035 Cleaning system for an electrophotographic printing machine August 29, 1978
An apparatus in which a flexible web cleans contaminants from a member. A pressure member holds a portion of the flexible web in engagement with the member to remove the contaminants therefrom. The web is prevented from being entrained erroneously about the pressure member. The member be
4104692 Device for detecting abnormal temperature in fixer August 1, 1978
A device for detecting an abnormal temperature in a fixer, including a pulse generation controller capable of detecting the temperature in the fixer, comparing it with a predetermined reference temperature, and generating pulses continuously while the fixer temperature is lower than
4098552 Copying machine July 4, 1978
A copying apparatus with a reciprocating platen is disclosed having an improved illumination system. The system includes a regulator that maintains an illumination source at an optimum value by turning the illumination source on during forward scan of the platen and off during revers
4097146 Original handling system and process June 27, 1978
A reproducing apparatus and process including apparatus for discharging an original from an exposure station after exposure. The original is fed over a fixed stop surface after its lead edge is lifted by an air flow directed against it.
4092099 Copier paper delivery means in a heat-fixing device of a copying machine May 30, 1978
A thermal fusing device for softening toner images is provided in combination with a transport at the exit of the fuser which transport is characterized by a pair of nip-forming members one of which is provided with a plurality of recesses for receiving belt structures fabricated from
4087676 Fixing apparatus with heat and pressure for electrophotographic copiers May 2, 1978
A fixing apparatus with heat and pressure for electrophotographic copiers, the apparatus comprising a first roll 1, with which a toner image 11 on a paper 10 to be fixed comes into contact, and a second roll 2 placed in pressure contact with said first roll for rotation, said paper 10 pa
4087172 Document handling apparatus May 2, 1978
A xerographic copying apparatus adapted for copying either individual or fanfold originals. For the latter, a removable fanfold handler and feeder is provided with controls to permit positioning and advance of the fanfold sheets to be correlated with the copying apparatus operation.
4084807 Paper feeding roller April 18, 1978
A sheet-feed roller system that employs an annular deformable resilient roller eccentrically mounted on a shaft for rotation whereby rotation of the shaft brings the roller into contact with sheets only when they are to be fed by the roller in order to increase the feed force while minim
4084542 Positioning apparatus for magnetic brush developing device April 18, 1978
An improved magnetic brush developing device mounted adjacent to a photosensitive member has a magnet and a cylinder mounted to rotate around the periphery of the magnet. The magnet is stationary during operation of the device, but the magnet is mounted so that its position relative to t
4084538 Ambient temperature compensating device for power source apparatus for developing electrodes April 18, 1978
A developing electrode device for a copying machine using a photosensitive material relying on temperature can set values despite variations in and deterioration of the initial characteristic of the photosensitive material to always produce stabilized copy images. The device includes a p
4080071 Exposure device of a copying machine March 21, 1978
An exposure device for a copying machine that has a transparent platen includes a pair of reflecting members covering the end areas of the platen. The reflectors are movable according to the size of paper placed into the copying machine so as to increase or decrease the covering areas
4080054 Device for replenishing toner particles March 21, 1978
An apparatus in which a developer mix of magnetic carrier granules having toner particles adhering triboelectrically thereto is brought into contact with an electrostatic latent image. The latent image attracts at least a portion of the toner particles thereto. A magnetic belt receives t
4079229 Contacting and heating fixing apparatus March 14, 1978
A contacting and heating fixing apparatus comprising a first roll of which the surface has a coating of a heat-resistant material with which a toner image of a material to be fixed comes into contact, a second roll for pressing, heating and fixing the material to be fixed in cooperation
4079227 Contact heat fixing apparatus for electrophotographic reproduction machines March 14, 1978
A contact heat fixing apparatus for electrophotographic reproduction machines wherein a heating roll 1 and a pressure roll 2 contact each other while rotating under pressure and an auxiliary heating roll 12 is provided which is engageable with and disengageable from the heating roll 1 an
4078862 Apparatus for producing a composite copy of an original document and selectively positioned supp March 14, 1978
Apparatus for producing copies of portions of an original document and at least one selectively positioned supplemental document which masks the portion of the original document not reproduced. A copier with an image receiving station is provided. A holding device positions the original
4078286 Heat fixing roll for electrophotographic duplicators March 14, 1978
Silicone rubber is employed as an outer coating material on a fuser member and is applied to the base member by means of a novel construction which prevents the separation of the outer silicone rubber coating from the roll even when silicone oil is applied thereto. The fuser member compr
4077358 Deactivating device for a magnetic brush developer used in a multicolor electrophotographic copy March 7, 1978
A magnetic brush arrangement having plural magnetic rolls for applying developer material to an electrostatic latent image. One of the rolls is selectively rendered inoperative by the provision of means to remove developer from the roll while concurrently interposing a separator sheet
4073587 Corotron apparatus February 14, 1978
Apparatus for vibrating a corotron wire to prevent contamination including piezoelectric means to vibrate the wire. Also disclosed is an activation arrangement for the wire vibrating means including a striker plate movable with a rotating portion of the machine to periodically vibrate th
4073585 Sheet removing device for use in electrophotographic copying machine February 14, 1978
A sheet removing device for use in an electrophotographic copying machine which removes unstripped sheets from the photosensitive body by providing feed rollers which rotate in reverse upon a stripping failure to pull the sheet off the photosensitive body by acting on the trailing edge p
4072418 Device for preventing movement of an original document on a reciprocating copier platen February 7, 1978
A device for preventing movement of an original document on the platen of a copier where the platen reciprocates is disclosed having a protrusion that is adapted to adhere to the platen cover. The protrusion is locatable according to the size of the original document being copied and app
4072417 Exposure device for a xerographic copying machine February 7, 1978
An exposure device for a copying machine has a light source unit, and a rail unit for supporting the former rigidly mounted to the machine. The light source unit includes an exposure lamp, a heater for heating the lamp, and a control sensor for energizing the heater until the lamp re
4068950 Variable platen cover January 17, 1978
In an electrophotographic copying machine of the type in which an original copying platen is mounted at one side of the body of the copying machine with a corner of the platen at the exterior side of the platen adapted for book copying, and in which the scanning starting point of a docum
4068938 Electrostatic color printing utilizing discrete potentials January 17, 1978
An apparatus in which an electrostatic latent image is developed simultaneously in two colors. A first portion of the latent image has a potential greater than a first threshold with a second portion thereof having a potential less than a second threshold. The second threshold is les
4068588 Printing using an electrochromic image January 17, 1978
A display and printing method using an electrochromic imaging material. The electrochromic material forms a colored image in response to the formation of an image pattern on a photoconductive surface. The electrochromic material is between an electrode and the photoconductive surface whe
4064313 Heat fixing member for electrophotographic copiers December 20, 1977
Silicone rubber is employed as a coating material on a fuser member and adhered to the base member by means of a novel polysiloxane composition. The novel polysiloxane composition comprises specified quantities of two moieties of organopolysiloxane, an allyl ester of a polybasic acid, an
4063946 Electrophotographic color reproduction process employing photoconductive material with dual ligh December 20, 1977
A xerographic color reproduction imaging system is disclosed. This color system provides at least a two color image with one exposure and avoids the necessity of employing a registration step. A sensitized photoconductive layer is employed which is charged, selectively exposed and de
4062534 Stripper arrangement for removing various sized copy sheets from fuser roll December 13, 1977
A stripping mechanism for removing copy paper from a heated fuser roll includes a first pair of stripping pawls spaced a first distance suitable for optimally stripping copy paper of a first size and a second pair of stripping pawls supported independently from the first pair and spaced
4062300 Multipurpose pallet system December 13, 1977
A multipurpose pallet system is provided which includes a deck means attachable either to a base member or a plurality of base members by shear pin and spring connections providing a yieldable break-away connection. Openings in the deck means receive pallet posts which are useful for
4060324 Lens switching mechanism for use in copying machine November 29, 1977
A copying machine includes a system for projecting an image of an original onto a photosensitive member selectively at one of a plurality of magnifications. The projection system includes two lenses. A movable carriage supports the lenses. The carriage is arranged for movement betwee
4060234 Cartridge tray for use in a copying machine November 29, 1977
A cartridge tray for use with a copying machine and having pressor pads adapted to be automatically reset to their operative or bias generating position upon positioning the tray in the copy machine.
4058815 Metering system for a copier/duplicator machine November 15, 1977
An improved metering system is provided for an electrostatic reproduction machine, the latter being capable of operating in either an automatic document handling mode or a manual mode. The system counts the number of originals per job up to a predetermined first number, the total number
4058305 Paper feeding device November 15, 1977
A sheet feeding device wherein a roll pair in contact to the top sheet of a sheet stack is adapted to buckle the top sheet to enable subsequent engagement of the buckled portion of the sheet by a hooked belt to feed the buckled sheet off the stack in a direction substantially parallel to
4053152 Sheet feeding device October 11, 1977
A sheet feeding apparatus for feeding a sheet from a stack thereof includes a feeder for engaging a first portion of the stack. Apparatus are provided for supporting the stack including a mechanism for fanning out the first portion of the stack. The fanning out mechanism includes a membe
4044719 Developing apparatus in electro-copying machines August 30, 1977
To insure that fresh toner dispensed into a magnetic brush developing apparatus is thoroughly stirred and mixed with developer which has been stripped from a magnetic roll, the member used to strip the developer from the roll is disposed beneath the toner dispensing opening, and is forme
4043747 Pressure heat fixing device August 23, 1977
A pressure heat fixing device consisting of a pair of heated fixing rollers rotating in pressure contact with one another and a temperature means supported to contact with the surface of the heated fixing roller, characterized by the provision of a suitable driving means adapted to r
4043664 Interlinear feeder for copying machine August 23, 1977
An interlinear feeder for use in a copying machine wherein an original to be copied is moved stepwise at a predetermined interval with a mask being disposed thereunder, characterized in that a member driven in connection with the motion of the original is equipped with a predetermined nu
4043233 Method of preventing multi-sheet feeding August 23, 1977
A method of preventing double-sheet feeding within copiers or printing machines and the like comprising the steps of (1) cutting the paper in an inclined direction and then (2) arranging the inclined ends of the paper at right angles to each other to thereby separate the sheets.
4040615 Original discharging device for copiers August 9, 1977
A document discharging device for discharging copied documents from the platen of a copying machine wherein vacuum members are provided in the platen cover to lift the copied document from the platen as the cover is raised, guide arms being provided to guide the lifted document into a
4037952 Apparatus for liquid development of cut sheet electrostatographic copies July 26, 1977
An improved electrophoretic development method comprising providing a liquid developer system having a backing electrode and a developer electrode, wherein the development electrode comprises a plurality of individually biased electrodes. According to this improved method, as an elec
4035140 Fixing device in an electrophotographic copying machine July 12, 1977
A fixing device in an electrophotographic copying machine, wherein stripping members each being in contact with the surface of a heating roll 21, and conveying rolls which serve to convey a support material while the latter being held therebetween, are positioned on feedout sides of the
4034188 Heat fixing device for copying machine July 5, 1977
A hot-air or radiant heat fixing device for copying machines wherein the device is provided with either a hot-air generating means or a radiant source of energy for elevating the temperature of toner images carried by support material to thereby effect coalescence of the toner particles
4033293 Developing device of an electrophotographic copying machine July 5, 1977
To prevent toner from being deposited on or adhering to certain parts within a developing apparatus, the parts are coated with a conductive layer having no affinity with the toner.
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