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RE32457 Scanning capacitance microscope July 7, 1987
Variations in topography and material properties of the surface layer of a body are observed in microscopic imaging using a scanning capacitance probe. The acronym SCaM identifying the process and apparatus is derived from the phrase scanning capacitance microscope. The material properti
RE32358 Television display system with reduced line-scan artifacts February 17, 1987
A flat-field television image having reduced visibility of horizontal scan lines is generated by receiving first and second fields of interlaced video and progressively generating a scanned image within a time for one incoming field. The progressively scanned image contains interstitial
RE32351 Method of manufacturing a passivating composite comprising a silicon nitride (SI.sub.1 3N.sub.4) February 17, 1987
The semiconductor device includes a layer of silicon nitride (Si.sub.3 N.sub.4) beneath a phosphosilicate glass (PSG) layer. A silicon nitride impervious layer prevents the oxidation of underlying, exposed silicon regions during a "flow" step and any "reflow" step. Accordingly, the flow
RE32263 Charge time start control for interconnect PABX October 7, 1986
In an interconnect .[.PABX.]., .Iadd.telephone equipment .Iaddend.which does not have an answer signal returned thereto, decision logic makes use of returned audible busy and ring-back signals to determine if a connection extended through a telephone utility network to a called stati
RE32209 Television apparatus responsive to a transmitted color reference signal July 15, 1986
A color reference signal is inserted during the vertical blanking interval of a transmitted television waveform, for utilization by The described apparatus in automatically setting the hue and saturation of the display of an NTSC or PAL receiver. The apparatus responds to the transmitted
RE32148 Control apparatus for a color television receiver May 13, 1986
A color reference signal is inserted during the vertical blanking interval of a transmitted television waveform, for utilization by the described apparatus in automatically setting the hue and saturation of the display of an NTSC or a PAL receiver. The apparatus responds to the transmitt
RE31894 Modular guided beam flat display device May 21, 1985
An evacuated envelope having a plurality of spaced, parallel support walls extending between and substantially perpendicular to flat substantially parallel front and back walls to provide a plurality of parallel channels extending along the front and back walls. The front and back walls
RE31612 CCD Input circuits June 26, 1984
The circuits include a floating diffusion, a source supplying a controllable amount of charge to the floating diffusion and a charge coupled device (CCD) reference register for periodically removing a fixed amount of charge from the floating diffusion. A feedback circuit senses the a
RE31552 Electron beam and deflection yoke alignment for producing convergence of plural in-line beams April 10, 1984
In a color television display system in which a plurality of horizontal in-line electron beams are directed toward color phosphor elements of a color picture tube, substantial convergence of the beams at all points on a scanned raster is achieved by transversely positioning the deflectio
RE31326 Signal translating apparatus for composite signal subject to jitter July 26, 1983
Circuits are disclosed for processing color encoded video signals, encoded per a format wherein a chrominance signal in the form of a modulated subcarrier is buried in spectrum "troughs" in the midband of a wider band luminance signal, an illustrative use of the encoding format being in
RE31263 Amplifier circuits May 31, 1983
A composite transistor device is described which comprises a field effect transistor having its transconductance multiplied by the current gain of a current mirror amplifier. The transconductances of such devices can be matched with an accuracy approaching that with which simple field ef
RE31235 Method for producing injection molded and centrally apertured disc records May 10, 1983
Heated material is injected into an annular cavity, defined by a pair of mold-halves, through a sprue passage, defined by a sprue bushing and an end portion of a punch. The annular cavity and the sprue passage form, respectively, the centrally apertured part and a sprue. After partial
RE31223 Track skipper for video disc player April 26, 1983
In a video disc player, a carriage is subject to translatory motion in correlation with radial motion of a playback stylus relative to a disc record disposed on a rotatable turntable. A stylus arm carrying the stylus at one end thereof has the other end secured to the carriage by means o
RE31166 Recovery of normally illegible, magnetically recorded information March 1, 1983
Illegible information recorded along a track of a magnetic record medium is recovered by relatively moving the read head from its normal position at the approximate center of the track to a new position at an edge of the track and then creating relative movement between the head and reco
RE30948 Dynamic current supply May 25, 1982
A dynamic current supply is connected between the emitter electrode of an output transistor and a point of reference potential, to progressively increase the magnitude of the flow of current therebetween, as the output signal at the emitter electrode approaches the point of reference
RE30587 Differential amplifier circuit April 21, 1981
The transistors of a differential amplifier are coupled at their common emitter electrode connection to a low voltage power supply terminal and at their collector electrodes through respective current sinks to a point of reference potential. The collector electrodes are maintained at a v
RE30572 Low distortion signal amplifier arrangement April 7, 1981
A signal amplifier arrangement comprises first and second differential amplifiers coupled in common to a current source which supplies all of the current to the amplifier circuits. Signals to be amplified are coupled between the control electrodes (bases) of the devices in each of the
RE30429 Minimization of residual spacecraft nutation due to disturbing torques November 4, 1980
Spacecraft nutation caused by applying attitude and/or orbit control forces to a spacecraft along an axis which does not pass through the spacecraft's center of gravity is minimized by a signal responsive control system which first operates the attitude and/or orbit control forces for a
RE30297 Current amplifier June 3, 1980
A three-terminal current amplifier has a current gain substantially independent of the forward current gains of its component transistors. It employs a first transistor with collector-to-base feedback regulating its collector current flow to equal applied input current and a second t
RE30271 Side pincushion correction system May 6, 1980
A series coupled inductance and active current conducting device are coupled in parallel with a winding of an output transformer of a horizontal deflection generator. Flyback pulses integrated in sawtooth waveforms are combined with a vertical rate parabolic waveform derived from a v
RE30249 Electron discharge device including an electron emissive electrode having an undulating cross-se April 1, 1980
An electron emissive surface portion on one of a series of electrodes includes a cross-sectional contour substantially characterized by a superimposed undulating line of curvature which includes a plurality of interconnected arcuate regions.
RE30195 Guided beam flat display device January 15, 1980
An evacuated envelope has a rectangular display section and a gun section at one edge of the display section. The display section includes front and back walls which are generally rectangular, in closely spaced, parallel relation, and a plurality of spaced, parallel support walls between
RE30173 Current mirror amplifier December 18, 1979
A current mirror amplifier in which the potentials appearing across the principal conduction paths of its master and slave transistors are maintained substantially the same. This is done by a differential-input, single-ended output amplifier, which is connected as a non-inverting amp
RE30015 Image display employing filter coated phosphor particles May 29, 1979
An image display comprising a viewing screen including a layer of phosphor particles emissive of light of a particular visual color and color filter particles transmissive of light of that color .Iadd.partially .Iaddend.covering .[.between 20 and 80 percent of.]. the surfaces of the
RE29910 Current mirror amplifier February 13, 1979
A current mirror amplifier circuit with an input current path and an output current path is further provided with a sensing means responsive to the cessation of current flow in the output current path such that the cessation of current flow in the output current path causes the current
RE29885 Horizontal deflection system with boosted B plus January 16, 1979
A boosted B+ regulator in a horizontal deflection system adds a voltage derived from the deflection system to the line-rectified direct current voltage supplying the deflection system in such amount as to maintain a substantially constant boosted B+ supply voltage in the presence of
RE29662 Rare earth activated lanthanum and lutetium oxy-chalcogenide phosphors June 6, 1978
A family of cathodoluminescent phosphors which consist essentially of oxy-chalcogenides of lanthanum and/or lutetium containing, for each mol of phosphor, between 0.0002 and 0.2 mol of dysprosium, erbium, europium, holmium, neodymium, praseodymium, samarium, terbium, or thulium. Up to 15
RE29203 Method of making phosphor screens May 3, 1977
Method comprises applying a portion of initial slurry to a first substrate, spreading the initial slurry on the substrate, removing the excess slurry from the substrate, preparing a reconstituted slurry comprised of the removed excess slurry and a makeup slurry, and then dispensing a por
RE29177 Solar torque compensation for a satellite April 12, 1977
A satellite is compensated for torques caused by solar pressure on a solar panel extending from the satellite by an air core coil energized to develop a magnetic torque in opposition to the solar pressure torque. The coil is disposed generally in the periphery of the solar panel mounted
RE29113 Triangular piezoelectric transducer for recording video information January 11, 1977
A cutterhead assembly suitable for forming a topographic signal-representative pattern in a recording medium such as a disc is constructed with non-parallel external surfaces so as to provide a response relatively free of undesired resonant modes over a relatively wide frequency rang
RE28952 Shaped riser on substrate step for promoting metal film continuity August 31, 1976
In integrated circuit devices which have insulating coatings with portions of different thickness bounded by relatively high steps and deposited metal conductors on the coatings, yield losses often result from breaks in the metal conductors at the steps. By shaping the insulator step wit
RE28702 Noninteracting lens system for a color encoding camera January 27, 1976
In a color camera utilizing a color encoding strip filter arrangement in the optical path to separate light from an object into its component colors, an imaging system includes a noninteracting cylindrical lens array to image the encoding filter strips onto a photosensitive medium withou
D275668 Video disc player September 25, 1984
D275566 Video disc player September 18, 1984
D274905 Video disc caddy July 31, 1984
D270442 Video disc player September 6, 1983
D264713 Video disc player June 1, 1982
D264712 Video disc player June 1, 1982
D256117 Video disc player July 29, 1980
D248753 Record August 1, 1978
D244866 Insulator for an antenna June 28, 1977
4989003 Autozeroed set comparator circuitry January 29, 1991
A comparator circuit for operation at video rate signals includes input switches to alternately couple a reference and a signal potential to a summing capacitor. The capacitor is coupled to the input of a first inverting amplifier. The amplifier includes a switch between input and ou
4845014 Method of forming a channel July 4, 1989
A method of forming a variable width channel in a body comprises the steps of forming a surface grating having a photoresist layer thereon. The photoresist layer has a plurality of depressions and a planar photomask is then positioned over the photoresist layer. The photoresist layer is
4811371 Floating-diffusion electrometer with adjustable sensitivity March 7, 1989
The effective capacitance of the floating diffusion in a floating-diffusion electrometer is modified to adjust electrometer sensitivity. This is done by changing the direct potential applied to a gate electrode proximate to the floating diffusion.
4766705 Method for polishing the end of an optical fiber August 30, 1988
A method of polishing a roof-shaped, or bevelled, tip having a predetermined angle on the end of an optical fiber is disclosed. The method comprises placing an optical fiber in contact with an abrasive tape at an angle corresponding to the desired predetermined angle. The fiber is mo
4761821 Radio frequency signal transmission system with carrier frequencies at opposite edges of the cha August 2, 1988
A radio frequency transmitter simultaneously transmits both a local oscillator frequency and that frequency modulated by an information content signal. A receiver receives a carrier wave that is at the opposite edge of a channel from that of the local oscillator. The transmitted and
4761722 Switching regulator with rapid transient response August 2, 1988
A switch-mode power supply includes the series combination of an inductor and a controllable switch adapted to be coupled to a voltage source for producing a succession of increasing and decreasing ramp currents through the inductor. The average value of the ramp currents is controlled b
4761625 Tunable waveguide bandpass filter August 2, 1988
A waveguide bandpass filter includes a fenestrated conductive septum which may be printed on a dielectric circuit board. The center frequency is tuned by a dielectric plate parallel with the septum and contiguous with the fenestrations which is movable in a direction orthogonal to the
4760948 Leadless chip carrier assembly and method August 2, 1988
A leadless ceramic chip carrier (LCCC) is soldered to mating conductor pads on a circuit board by depositing a layer of solder paste on peripheral contact pads and on an array of central pads on the board. The same solder paste type and melt temperature are used for both peripheral and c
4760540 Adaptive interference cancelling system and method July 26, 1988
An adaptive interference cancelling signal processing system includes N+1 processors for cancelling N interfering auxiliary signals from a primary signal. During a prelook or inactive period of the primary signal when a component of interest is not present in the primary signal, the N+1

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