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8280430 Antenna array calibration for multi-input multi-output wireless communication systems October 2, 2012
Calibration for a transmit chain of a device transmitting information to multiple devices over wireless links and receive chains of the multiple devices receiving information over one of the wireless links utilizing each of the estimates for different antennas of an access terminal as a
8280420 Multi-level saturation October 2, 2012
The claimed subject matter relates to enforcing a threshold peak to average power while reducing affects associated with saturation. This can be accomplished, for instance, by assessing piecewise linear approximation of an ideal saturation region, wherein the ideal saturation region
8280368 Method and system for re-acquiring signals of a wireless broadcast network October 2, 2012
The disclosure is directed to a mobile communication device that determines when a performance disruption indicates a loss of synchronization with a broadcast signal and, in response, initiates reacquisition of the signal. Reacquisition techniques may include identifying and decoding
8279924 Quantization parameter selections for encoding of chroma and luma video blocks October 2, 2012
This disclosure describes rules that may be applied during block-based video coding to ensure that quantization parameter selections for luma blocks will not adversely affect the quality of chroma blocks. In accordance with this disclosure, rate-controlled video encoding occurs in wh
8279911 Systems, computer program products, and methods using carrier phases to detect multipath signals October 2, 2012
A multipath detector includes an RF module receiving multiple signals, and a correlator module receiving the signals from the RF module. The correlator module correlates the signals to create a composite ACF, and produces samples of the composite autocorrelation function (ACF). The s
8279910 Method and apparatus for code space search in a receiver October 2, 2012
Apparatus and methods of implementing code space search of received signals are described herein. A code space search is implemented as a searcher that perform a subtask that is dynamically reconfigurable at each boundary of an initial integration time. Each particular subtask sets f
8279889 Systems and methods for dimming a first packet associated with a first bit rate to a second pack October 2, 2012
A method for dimming a first packet associated with a first bit rate to a second packet associated with a second bit rate is described. A first packet is received. The first packet is analyzed to determine a first bit rate associated with the first packet. Bits associated with at least o
8279794 Opportunistic data forwarding and dynamic reconfiguration in wireless local area networks October 2, 2012
Mobile communication devices and wireless network device each can participate in, or solely provide, opportunistic data forwarding in a wireless network such as a wireless local area network or radio access network. A supporting node receives wireless communication between a transmit
8279789 Intelligent setting of hysteresis activation timer to enter hysteresis sooner and save battery October 2, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that intelligently set a hysteresis activation timer in a wireless communication environment. In accordance with various aspects set forth herein, systems and/or methods are provided that continuously monitor a data session to determine whether
8279770 Uplink transmit diversity enhancement October 2, 2012
A method for uplink transmit diversity enhancement is described. Two or more potential uplink transmission configurations are determined. Each potential uplink transmission configuration is evaluated. An uplink transmission configuration is selected based on the evaluation. Metrics o
8279693 Programmable tracking circuit for tracking semiconductor memory read current October 2, 2012
One example memory device includes a memory array, a sense amplifier, and a tracking circuit. The memory array is formed of a plurality of memory cells. The sense amplifier is for accessing the memory array. The tracking circuit is for tracking memory read current of the memory array.
8279659 System and method of operating a memory device October 2, 2012
A system and method of operating a memory device is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, an apparatus is disclosed that includes a bit cell coupled to a first bit line and to a second bit line. The apparatus also includes a sense amplifier coupled to the first bit line and to the s
8279345 System and method for random noise estimation in a sequence of images October 2, 2012
A system and method for estimating random noise in an image frame or a sequence of image frames are presented. In some embodiments, the method includes performing Global Noise Estimation by comparing current and past filtered frames; converting global noise estimates into local noise
8278784 Wireless power transmission for electronic devices October 2, 2012
Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power transfer. A wireless power receiver includes a receive antenna for coupling with a transmit antenna of transmitter generating a magnetic near field. The receive antenna receives wireless power from the magnetic near field and includes
8276811 M-commerce virtual cash system, method, and apparatus October 2, 2012
A virtual cash system, method, and apparatus for establishing account records containing a record of money amounts associated with a wireless device and a security code comprising a code portion to verify a deposit of money. Cash transfers between account records may be subject to re
8275408 Power control in a wireless communication system September 25, 2012
In a wireless communications system, a serving base station performs outer and closed power control for an overhead channel and a traffic channel for data, either of which can carry an acknowledgement (Ack) channel and Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) channel on an uplink from User Eq
8275407 Methods and apparatus for communicating using multiple transmission power levels September 25, 2012
Methods and apparatus for communicating information using different transmission power levels during different time periods are described. Various described methods and apparatus are well suited for use in a peer to peer wireless communication system. A device uses a high transmission
8275393 Methods and apparatus for adjusting the quality of service related to location determination in September 25, 2012
Methods, systems, devices and computer program products for executing a predetermined routine including one or more location determination modes to determine a geographic position, i.e., the location of a wireless communication device. In certain aspects, the predetermined routine may
8275377 Wireless handoffs between multiple networks September 25, 2012
The disclosure is directed to an access terminal, and method for selecting an access point for handing off the access terminal. The access terminal may include a processor. The processor may be configured to access a list access points and select one of the access points on the list
8275373 Randomization of periodic channel scans September 25, 2012
An apparatus and method for wireless communications supports a periodic scan for wireless devices. The periodic scan includes a plurality of scans spaced apart in time. The phase of the periodic scan is changed in response to one of the wireless devices being detected in one of the s
8275343 System and method of using residual voltage from a prior operation to establish a bias voltage f September 25, 2012
A system and method of improving the power efficiency of a receiver for low duty cycle applications. In one aspect, the receiver includes a low noise amplifier (LNA) that is capable of being enabled in a relatively quick fashion so as to amplify an incoming signal when needed, and then
8275331 PA gain state switching based on waveform linearity September 25, 2012
Techniques for optimizing the power consumption of existing low cost multi-gain state power amplifiers (PA) to increase the talk time of wireless communication devices are described. In an exemplary embodiment a device, such as a baseband processor, operates to set a multistage PA ha
8275324 Method and apparatus for predicting received signal strength in a communication system September 25, 2012
A method, apparatus and computer program product for predicting received signal strength in a wireless mobile receiver. The invention bounds the range of allowed values for a next predicted signal. The bounded prediction compensates for erroneous values from multipath fading. The pre
8275307 Vehicle audio integrator September 25, 2012
An audio integrator monitors the outputs of a plurality of audio sources, and a controller prioritizes the audio sources. An active audio detection circuit determines when one or more of the audio sources become active. When the two or more audio sources are active simultaneously, the
8275045 Video compression using adaptive variable length codes September 25, 2012
Adaptive variable length coding techniques may be used for entropy coding of residual block coefficients produced by predictive video coding. The techniques may be applied to schemes that code positions of nonzero transform coefficients using zero runs. Coding parameters such as end of
8274994 Methods and apparatus for communicating using a gateway communications device having alert gener September 25, 2012
Methods and a gateway apparatus for facilitating communication between communications devices which support different communications protocols are described. The gateway device may receive an identifier of interest from a first device which supports a first communications protocol but
8274956 Standby time improvements using sub-networks September 25, 2012
Broadcast or multicast traffic is classified into different types of traffic such that different types of traffic are transmitted over different sub-networks. In addition, different transmission schedules may be associated with each of the different sub-networks. A device may thus be
8274948 Distributed infrastructure for wireless data communications September 25, 2012
A mobile user terminal 402 accesses a packet data network 450 through one or more of several network access points 404-412. One or more control points 432-440 determines which network access point or points the user terminal is to access. Control may be retained in the current control
8274945 Method and apparatus for time-warping packets at the sender side September 25, 2012
The disclosure is directed to a mobile communication device that is capable of accessing different types of networks such as a circuit-switched network, or any cellular network, and a packet-switched network. During hand-over from the first network to the second network, the sender o
8274903 Methods and apparatus for switching between a base channel and a 60 GHz channel September 25, 2012
A method for switching between channels on different bands is described. Communication with a wireless device occurs on a base channel. A channel switch request is sent to the wireless device. An acknowledgment is received from the wireless device. Communication with the wireless device
8274535 Video-based image control system September 25, 2012
A method of using stereo vision to interface with a computer is provided. The method includes capturing a stereo image, and processing the stereo image to determine position information of an object in the stereo image. The object is controlled by a user. The method also includes com
8274447 Digital mobile USB transceiver September 25, 2012
A digital mobile TV transceiver having improved performance is integrated as a USB dongle device for wireless devices. The antenna is not readily obvious to the user as it is hidden in the swing arms and cap of the device. The extendable arms act as telescoping antenna that increase the
8274430 Ephemeris extension method for GNSS applications September 25, 2012
Systems, methods and devices for improving the performance of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers are disclosed. In particular, the improvement of the ability to calculate a satellite position or a receiver position where a receiver has degraded ability to receive bro
8274179 Passive differential voltage doubler September 25, 2012
Techniques for generating a differential output voltage between first and second output voltages that is double a differential input voltage between first and second input voltages. In one aspect, first and second capacitors of a constituent voltage doubler are charged to a differential
8273995 Concentric vias in electronic substrate September 25, 2012
A multiwall via structure in an electronic substrate having multiple conductive layers. The multiwall via structure includes an outer via coupled to a pair of the conductive layers, an inner via within the outer via and coupled to the same pair of conductive layers, and a dielectric
8271842 Reducing harq retransmissions using peak power management techniques September 18, 2012
Systems, methods and apparatuses for reducing HARQ retransmissions using peak power management techniques are presented. In one example, a receiver may perform multi-level error correction for reducing HARQ retransmissions. The receiver may include a Peak-to-Average-Power Ratio Manag
8271235 Efficient concurrent sampling at different rates September 18, 2012
An apparatus and method for efficient and concurrent sampling of a sensor signal to create multiple output signals each at different sampling rates is provided. The apparatus and method determine an aperiodic sampling rate or sampling schedule such that only samples representing samples
8271189 Enhanced database information for urban navigation September 18, 2012
Methods and apparatus are provided for estimating position location of a mobile device.
8271043 Approach to a unified SU-MIMO/MU-MIMO operation September 18, 2012
An apparatus and method to dynamically schedule user devices in a wireless communication system in single-user multiple-input multiple-output (SU-MIMO) or multiple-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) modes of operation. The dynamic scheduling employs an efficient differenti
8271014 Automated parameter adjustment to compensate self adjusting transmit power and sensitivity level September 18, 2012
A small base node such as a Home Base Node (HNB), or femto cell, may reduce its transmit power in order to prevent co-channel or adjacent channel interference, or to limit its coverage area. Once the power is set, the HNB signal to a served Home User Equipment (HUE) its transmit Comm
8270941 System and method for downloading user interface components to wireless devices September 18, 2012
A method of processing a user interface component is provided and includes receiving one or more user interface components that can be communicated to a wireless device. A component risk level for each of the one or more user interface components is determined and assigned to each of
8270923 Techniques for receiver beamforming and yielding-threshold adjustments in peer-to-peer networks September 18, 2012
To mitigate interference between multiple peer-to-peer devices, transmitter yielding and/or receiver yielding may be performed among devices operating in a peer-to-peer network. Generally, a transmitter device will yield communications on a time slot to a higher priority transmitter
8270754 Lens roll-off correction operation using values corrected based on brightness information September 18, 2012
A method is disclosed that includes receiving image data and calculating brightness information of the image data. The method includes correcting at least one lens roll-off value to be used in a lens roll-off correction operation based on the brightness information. The method also inclu
8270738 Apparatus and method for encoding digital image data in a lossless manner September 18, 2012
A method of losslessly compressing and encoding signals representing image information is claimed. A lossy compressed data file and a residual compressed data file are generated. When the lossy compressed data file and the residual compressed data file are combined, a lossless data file
8270550 Methods and apparatus for efficiently synchronizing a transmitter and a receiver in a communicat September 18, 2012
The disclosed embodiments provide methods and systems for synchronizing a transmitter and a receiver. In one embodiment, a method for synchronizing a transmitter and a receiver includes the transmitter performing a reset operation, and the receiver responding by performing a reset operat
8270545 Methods and systems using fine frequency tracking loop design for WiMAX September 18, 2012
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a method for tracking of a carrier frequency offset. A soft combined frequency tracking discriminator is proposed as a part of the closed loop structure that can provide fast tracking of the frequency offset in an initial pull-i
8270540 Access code detection and DC offset-interference correction September 18, 2012
A method for detecting an access code in a receiver that does not require an explicit DC-offset interference correction block, comprising: a) projecting a received signal R onto a subspace orthogonal to the DC; b) projecting the access code Ci onto the subspace; and c) detecting the
8270517 Method and apparatus for orthogonal pilot tone mapping in multiple-in and multiple-out (MIMO) an September 18, 2012
Methods and apparatus for orthogonal pilot tone mapping in Multiple-In and Multiple-Out (MIMO) and Spatial Division Multiple Access (SDMA) systems are disclosed. An aspect of the method includes identifying a plurality of symbol periods within which symbols representing encoded data
8270499 Receiver with balanced I/Q transformer September 18, 2012
A receiver with a balanced I/Q transformer is described. In an exemplary design, the receiver includes an LNA that amplifies a received RF signal and provides a single-ended RF signal to the balanced I/Q transformer. The balanced I/Q transformer includes at least one primary coil and fir
8270327 Methods and systems for WiMAX broadcasting messages processing September 18, 2012
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure propose a technique that may be utilized to accelerate the processing of MAC management messages by an MS, allowing the MS to return to a lower power state sooner, thereby conserving power. An indication of whether or not data bursts in a

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