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8564260 Dual-stage power conversion October 22, 2013
A circuit converts an input voltage to an output voltage. The circuit includes a first stage voltage converter that receives the input voltage and converts the input voltage. The first stage voltage converter includes a first buck converter having a double rail output: a first rail a
8564080 Magnetic storage element utilizing improved pinned layer stack October 22, 2013
A magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) storage element may comprise a pinned layer stack and a first functional layer. The pinned layer stack is formed of a plurality of layers comprising a bottom pinned layer, a coupling layer, and a top pinned layer. The first functional layer is dispose
8564079 STT MRAM magnetic tunnel junction architecture and integration October 22, 2013
A magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) device for a magnetic random access memory (MRAM) in a semiconductor back-end-of-line (BEOL) process flow includes a first metal interconnect for communicating with at least one control device and a first electrode for coupling to the first metal inte
8302015 Integrated display and management of data objects based on social, temporal and spatial paramete October 30, 2012
An embodiment is directed to displaying information to a user of a communications device. The communications device receives a query including a social parameter, a temporal parameter and a spatial parameter relative to the user that are indicative of a desired visual representation
8301968 Methods and apparatus for encoding data in a communication network October 30, 2012
Methods and apparatus for encoding data in a communication network. In an aspect, a method is provided for coding data. The method includes generating one or more permutations of the data, determining weights associated with each permutation, calculating one or more code packets from
8301598 Methods and apparatus for content based notification using hierarchical groups October 30, 2012
Methods and apparatus for content based notification using hierarchical groups. In an aspect, a method is provided that operates to provide an event notification. The method includes maintaining an event description dictionary comprising one or more event descriptors, and associating
8301197 Method and apparatus for synchronizing contacts stored on smart card with contacts stored in an October 30, 2012
A mobile handset includes a processor configured with software to automatically synchronize the phone book records stored on a smart card and internally in memory. The synchronization process determines if duplicate contact records exist in the target phone book, and whether the sync
8300751 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a timing correction message in a wireless co October 30, 2012
A method for transmitting a timing correction message in a wireless communication system, the method comprising, Generating the timing correction message comprising a 8-bit MessageID field and a 2-bit NumSectors field wherein, the NumSectors field indicates the number of sector recor
8300715 Method and apparatus for reuse of WAN infrastructure resources in a wireless peer-to-peer (P2P) October 30, 2012
To make efficient use of a frequency spectrum, a peer-to-peer network shares a wide area network (WAN) frequency spectrum as well as a time-frequency structure of the WAN, where the time-frequency structure includes a set of tones and symbols. A first wireless terminal monitors the t
8300699 System, method, and computer-readable medium for reducing required throughput in an ultra-wideba October 30, 2012
A system, method and computer-readable medium for reducing the required throughput in an ultra-wideband system is provided. A temporal sub-sampling routine limits the number of frames, or portions thereof, to be transmitted to a sink over an RF link. The temporal sub-sampling routine
8300698 Signalling of maximum dynamic range of inverse discrete cosine transform October 30, 2012
Techniques are described to signal a maximum dynamic range of inverse discrete cosine transform ("IDCT") output values that may be produced when a set of encoded media data is decoded. In accordance with these techniques, an encoding device may generate a media file that includes enc
8300680 Apparatus and method for dynamic scaling of ADC sampling rate to avoid receiver interference October 30, 2012
A method and apparatus for avoiding receiver interference is described herein. One or more potential interferers are determined and the frequency associated with the interferers is also determined A desired sampling frequency for the receiver is calculated to avoid the potential inte
8300582 Uplink ACK transmission for SDMA in a wireless communication system October 30, 2012
Techniques for transmitting acknowledgement (ACK) information in a wireless communication system are described. The system supports data transmission to multiple user equipments (UEs) on the same downlink resources with spatial division multiple access (SDMA). A base station sends a
8300555 Management of wireless relay nodes using identifiers October 30, 2012
A set of wireless relay nodes are managed to facilitate inter-node routing of packets in the set. In some aspects, unique identifiers are defined for the wireless relay nodes to facilitate routing packets within the set. In some aspect a routing table is provided to each of the wirel
8300533 Uplink pilot multiplexing in single user MIMO and SDMA for single carrier frequency division mul October 30, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate adaptive uplink pilot multiplexing schemes. In various embodiments, frequency position and pilot channel bandwidth can be adaptively varied in a block over time based on the uplink channel data, such as the number of streams to be
8300023 Virtual keypad generator with learning capabilities October 30, 2012
Methods and systems enable defining customized virtual keyboards on a touch sensitive surface, such as a touchscreen. Using learning algorithms, a computing device may learn the typing patterns of a user and "morph" the keys of a virtual keyboard into locations, sizes, and orientatio
8299960 Methods and systems for deriving seed position of a subscriber station in support of unassisted October 30, 2012
In a method and system for deriving a seed position of a subscriber station in a wireless communications system in supporting unassisted GPS-type position determination is provided, the subscriber station receives overhead messages from the wireless communications system, and derives
8295831 Method and apparatus for handling roaming lists in a wireless communication system October 23, 2012
Method and apparatus for updating roaming lists. An error handling message is provided when the roaming list protocols within the elements of a system are not compatible. A roaming list format identifier is provided to the remote user identifying the protocol version supported by the
8295798 Tunable filters with lower residual sideband October 23, 2012
An apparatus includes first and second filters and a bandwidth control circuit. The first filter operates as part of a first oscillator in a first mode and filters a first input signal and provides a first output signal in a second mode. The second filter operates as part of a second
8295418 Adjacent channel interference detection for wireless communication October 23, 2012
Techniques for detecting adjacent channel interference (ACI) in a wireless communication system are described. Input inphase (I) and quadrature (Q) samples are filtered with a first filter response to obtain filtered I and Q samples. The first filter response is designed to pass sign
8295402 Optimal blind channel estimation for DQPSK demodulation October 23, 2012
An apparatus and method are described that provide an optimal blind channel estimation approach for a differential quadrature phase shift keying (DQPSK) modulation communication receiving system. The described blind channel estimation technique takes advantage of the characteristics
8295371 Multi-carrier receiver for wireless communication October 23, 2012
A multi-carrier receiver capable of receiving one or multiple frequency channels simultaneously is described. In one design, the multi-carrier receiver includes a single radio frequency (RF) receive chain, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and at least one processor. The RF recei
8295307 System and method for adapting transmit data block size and rate based on quality of communicati October 23, 2012
System and method for transmitting data to a remote communication device to achieve desirable transmit data block size and data rate based on measurements of the communication link quality to the remote device. The method entails selecting an initial transmit data rate and power based on
8295253 Efficient ACK transmission for uplink semi-persistent scheduling release in LTE October 23, 2012
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in which an uplink semi-persistent scheduling release is received an HARQ ACK is determined whether to be transmitted in response to the received uplink semi-persistent scheduling release.
8295252 Interlace-based control channel balancing in a wireless communication network October 23, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that provide interlace-based scheduling for control channels in a wireless communication system. One or more control channels for communication between a base station and a mobile terminal in the wireless communication system may be scheduled on
8295250 Code interleaving for a structured code October 23, 2012
Communication systems and methods that mitigate false alarms due to Doppler shift are disclosed. Received message data is mapped to orthogonal Walsh codes, interleaved and scrambled with appropriate PN sequence prior to transmission. The transmitted message data is descrambled and de
8295243 Method and apparatus for random access in an orthogonal multiple-access communication system October 23, 2012
Techniques for accessing a wireless communication system are described. A user equipment (UE) sends a random access preamble for system access. The random access preamble may include a random identifier (ID), a channel quality indicator (CQI), etc. The UE may randomly select the random I
8295225 Reverse link feedback for interference control in a wireless communication system October 23, 2012
Systems and methodologies are described that provide techniques for generating and utilizing reverse link feedback for interference management in a wireless communication system. Channel quality and/or interference data can be obtained by a terminal from a serving sector and one or m
8295190 Radio link protocol enhancements to reduce setup time for data calls October 23, 2012
An improved method and system for determining round-trip time (RTT) during a radio link protocol (RLP) wireless communication link. The RTT estimate is negotiated by both sides of the RLP communication link without the need for the 3-way handshake generally required for RLP synchroni
8295159 Timer poll retransmission expiry in a wireless communication system October 23, 2012
Providing for improved acknowledgment and retransmission protocols for wireless communication is described herein. By way of example, the acknowledgment and retransmission protocols can comprise including a poll element, or reply command, within a data unit that is part of a wireless
8295154 Signaling method in an OFDM multiple access system October 23, 2012
A method for reducing the peak-to-average ratio in an OFDM communication signal is provided. The method includes defining a constellation having a plurality of symbols, defining a symbol duration for the OFDM communication signal, and defining a plurality of time instants in the symb
8295082 Gate level reconfigurable magnetic logic October 23, 2012
A re-programmable gate logic includes a plurality of non-volatile re-configurable resistance state-based memory circuits in parallel, wherein the circuits are re-configurable to implement or change a selected gate logic, and the plurality of non-volatile re-configurable resistance st
8294621 Wideband antenna for portable computers October 23, 2012
A wideband antenna, for use in portable computers incorporating at least one wireless communication device, with improved radiated antenna efficiency across a broad range of operating frequency bands with minimal additional physical size or cost, is described. In an exemplary embodim
8294528 Wideband multi-mode VCO October 23, 2012
A VCO includes a transformer-based resonator that has a first LC tank and a second LC tank. The resonator has an even resonant mode and an odd resonant mode. The VCO further includes an active transconductance network that is coupled to a two-terminal port of the first tank and is al
8294445 Switching voltage regulator with frequency selection October 23, 2012
Techniques for mitigating interference from a switching voltage regulator by intelligently varying the switcher frequency of the switching voltage regulator are provided. In one aspect, the switcher frequency is set by adjusting a frequency setting input to a programmable clock divider.
8294300 Wireless powering and charging station October 23, 2012
A base including a magnetically resonant antenna therein for relaying energy to a portable device.
8294280 Panelized backside processing for thin semiconductors October 23, 2012
A semiconductor manufacturing method includes attaching a first die to a substrate panel. The method also includes applying a mold compound after attaching the first die to the substrate panel to the first die and the substrate panel. The method further includes thinning the first die an
8294240 Through silicon via with embedded decoupling capacitor October 23, 2012
A semiconductor die, having a substrate, includes a through silicon via. The through silicon via includes a decoupling capacitor having a first co-axial conductor, a second co-axial conductor, and a co-axial dielectric separating the first co-axial conductor from the second co-axial
8291431 Dependent instruction thread scheduling October 16, 2012
A thread scheduler includes context units for managing the execution of threads where each context unit includes a load reference counter for maintaining a counter value indicative of a difference between a number of data requests and a number of data returns associated with the part
8291300 Outer coding methods for broadcast/multicast content and related apparatus October 16, 2012
Transmission techniques are provided that improve service continuity and reduce interruptions in delivery of content that can be caused by transitions that occur when the User Equipment (UE) moves from one cell to the other, or when the delivery of content changes from a Point-to-Poi
8291226 Method and apparatus for securely booting from an external storage device October 16, 2012
Techniques to securely boot up an electronics device (e.g., a cellular phone) from an external storage device are described. Secure data (e.g., a hash digest, a signature, a cryptographic key, and so on) is initially retrieved from a non-writable area of an external memory device (e.g.,
8291012 Address updating scheme for wireless communication October 16, 2012
In an address updating scheme, a server accesses clients with intermittent connectivity by using addresses specified in a local client address list. The clients are responsible for updating the list whenever the address of the client changes as a result of intermittent client connect
8290524 Systems and methods for maintaining a transmission during a channel fade October 16, 2012
A method for maintaining a transmission during a channel fade is described. Data is transmitted on a first traffic channel associated with a first signal. A second signal with a signal strength that is greater than the signal strength of the first signal is detected. A transmitter is
8290511 Venue application for mobile station position estimation October 16, 2012
Disclosed is a method, and a system to perform the method, comprising receiving venue infrastructure information at an entity hosted on a mobile station, and selectively providing a portion of the venue infrastructure information to one or more other entities hosted on the mobile sta
8290503 Multichannel dynamic frequency selection October 16, 2012
Multichannel dynamic frequency selection in wireless networks begins with an access point for a wireless network broadcasting a list of unused channels that are available for communication within the area served by the access point. The various access terminals within this service area
8290476 Method and apparatus for scheduling the transmission of messages from a mobile device October 16, 2012
Methods and devices enable scheduling the transmission of messages based upon date, time and/or location transmission criteria. Text and multimedia messages may be drafted and scheduled for automatic transmission at a later time and date or when the mobile device is in a particular l
8290441 Signaling bit detection with adaptive threshold October 16, 2012
For signaling detection using an adaptive threshold, the channel condition observed by a signaling bit (e.g., a paging indicator bit) is estimated (e.g., by a pilot strength estimate). A metric for the signaling bit is computed based on recovered symbols for the signaling bit and the
8290428 Methods and apparatus for RLC re-transmission schemes October 16, 2012
A method includes sending to a receiving device from a transmitting device a Radio Link Control (RLC) re-transmission scheme selected from a plurality of RLC re-transmission schemes, and using the selected and sent scheme at least at one of the receiving device and the transmitting d
8290162 Combinational combiner cryptographic method and apparatus October 16, 2012
Another feature provides an efficient encryption method that safeguards the security of encrypted symbols. Each plaintext symbol is encrypted by using a separate pseudorandomly selected translation table. Rather than pre-storing every possible permutation of symbols as translation tables
8290100 Interference detection and mitigation October 16, 2012
Techniques for detecting and mitigating interference are described. A device (e.g., a cellular phone) senses interference levels and digitally reconstructs the expected interference in the received signal. The device may correlate the reconstructed interference with the received signal a

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