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8572256 Method for supporting multiple diversified data applications with efficient use of network resou October 29, 2013
To enable applications to share an established data connection, communication configuration parameters identified by a new application are compared to the parameters requested by applications already sharing the data connection. If there are no conflicts with exclusive configuration
8572149 Apparatus and methods for dynamic data-based scaling of data such as staged fast fourier transfo October 29, 2013
Disclosed are apparatus and methods for dynamic data-based scaling of data. The disclosed methods and apparatus involve storing one or more input data samples, which are to be scaled and input to a processing function such as a Fast Fourier Transform. A scaling value operable for sca
8571602 Universal mobile print agent October 29, 2013
Methods and apparatus for enabling output from a mobile device are described herein. A mobile device having an image capture device can selectively generate a hard copy output of a captured image by interfacing with an output device. The mobile device can selectively interface with t
8571594 System and method for overload indication October 29, 2013
Devices and methods are provided for transmit power control in a wireless communication environment. In one embodiment, the method may involve measuring an interference amount over at least one of a sub-band and a full bandwidth. The method may involve assigning a level to the measured
8571570 Methods and apparatus for delivering regional parameters October 29, 2013
System for delivering regional parameters. A method is provided for delivering regional parameters. The method includes receiving a parameter stream that includes one or more sets of regional parameters associated with one or more regions. The method also includes determining a first
8571566 Methods and apparatus for determining and assigning spectrum for wireless communications October 29, 2013
Methods and apparatus for determining band availability and/or allocating one or more frequency bands to a communications device for wireless communications are described. In different locations and/or at different times different frequency bands, e.g., band corresponding to unused TV
8571562 Method and apparatus for cell change order October 29, 2013
A method and apparatus for cell change order including issuing or receiving a cell change order message to find a target cell in a network with no compressed mode measurement, performing a power scan on the network to find a suitable cell if the target cell is not found, and camping
8571553 Methods and apparatus for resolving pilot pseudorandom noise code conflicts in a communication s October 29, 2013
Automated PilotPN code conflict resolution using an access point with the assistance of one or more access terminals is disclosed. An exemplary method includes determining a set of access points, as well as determining a set of PilotPN codes used by the set of access points. Detectio
8571550 Managing access control to closed subscriber groups October 29, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate managing access control to Closed Subscriber Groups (CSGs) in a wireless communication environment. A user equipment (UE) can store an operator CSG list, which can be read only and controlled by an operator. Further, the operator CS
8571538 Web-based parental controls for wireless devices October 29, 2013
Methods, systems and devices to dynamically generate community based parental controls for cell devices based on most common parental control settings selected by members of the community. Communities may establish sponsored profiles on a parental control server that contains a commu
8571524 Method and apparatus for delivery confirmation of a message October 29, 2013
A system and method for delivery confirmation of a short message comprising sending the short message to an recipient communication device, determining that an instant message delivery notification (IMDN) is not received, and indicating delivery failure of the short message to the mo
8571510 High linearity low noise receiver with load switching October 29, 2013
A receiver includes a low noise amplifier (LNA) and multiple pairs of mixers. The LNA receives and amplifies an LNA input signal and provides at least one LNA output signal. Each pair of mixers downconverts one of the at least one LNA output signal when enabled. Each pair of mixers may
8571501 Cellular handheld device with FM Radio Data System receiver October 29, 2013
A handheld device includes an FM receiver to receive FM radio signals and a processor that is configured to monitor Radio Data System (RDS) data within FM radio broadcasts and to activate an application when a particular RDS data pattern is received. Methods for recognizing and using
8571494 Method and apparatus for establishing communications in low signal to noise ratio environments October 29, 2013
An apparatus is disclosed having a receiver configured to communicate, by a first apparatus, with a second apparatus in a first mode; determine side information by the first apparatus based on the communication during the first mode; and store the side information by the first apparatus
8571493 Methods and apparatus of providing transmit and/or receive diversity with multiple antennas in w October 29, 2013
Transmit and/or receive diversity is achieved using multiple antennas. In some embodiments, a single transmitter chain within a wireless terminal is coupled over time to a plurality of transmit antennas. At any given time, a controllable switching module couples the single transmitter
8571473 Wireless subscriber station for short range ad-hoc data communication October 29, 2013
An embodiment of the present invention is a technique for short-range ad-hoc mode communication. An ad-hoc mode is configured for a first mobile station (MS) operating in an ad-hoc network under a broadband wireless standard. An ad-hoc mode communication is acquired having a simplifi
8571340 Efficient fixed-point approximations of forward and inverse discrete cosine transforms October 29, 2013
Techniques are described to approximate computation of an inverse discrete cosine transform using fixed-point calculations. According to these techniques, matrixes of scaled coefficients are generated by multiplying coefficients in matrixes of encoded coefficients by scale factors. N
8571306 Coding of feature location information October 29, 2013
Methods and devices for coding of feature locations are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of coding feature location information of an image includes generating a hexagonal grid, where the hexagonal grid includes a plurality of hexagonal cells, quantizing feature locations of an ima
8571231 Suppressing noise in an audio signal October 29, 2013
An electronic device for suppressing noise in an audio signal is described. The electronic device includes a processor and instructions stored in memory. The electronic device receives an input audio signal and computes an overall noise estimate based on a stationary noise estimate,
8571188 Method and device for secure phone banking October 29, 2013
A small form-factor security device is provided that may be inserted in series with a telephone line to encrypt dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) tones from a telephone to prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. A receiving device decrypts the encrypted DTMF tones to
8571151 Emulation of N-bits uniform quantizer from multiple incoherent and noisy one-bit measurements October 29, 2013
Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to a method for emulating N-bits uniform quantization of a received pulse signal by using one-bit signal measurements. One method for wireless communications includes receiving a signal transmitted over a wireless channel, wherein the
8571133 Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal within a predetermined spectral mask October 29, 2013
An apparatus and method are described for transmitting a signal within a predetermined spectral mask defining a range of power density limits across a frequency range. A signal source provides an input signal to a low-pass filter, which filters the input signal to produce a filtered
8571132 Constrained hopping in wireless communication systems October 29, 2013
Embodiments described provide for channel estimation and resource allocation for a transmission to a wireless device. The frequency band is partitioned into at least two contiguous subbands. A determination is made whether it is desirable to transmit in a single subband or in more th
8571122 Method and apparatus for multiplexing data and control information in wireless communication sys October 29, 2013
A signal reception apparatus comprises a receiver configured to receive a symbol block within a symbol period of a wireless communication network and a control information demodulator/decoder configured for demultiplexing control information and data information from the received sym
8571118 Transmission line directional coupling October 29, 2013
Coupling signals to a transmission line over a plurality of taps includes coupling a first signal onto a transmission line at a first tap, coupling a second signal onto a transmission line at a second tap, and controlling a phase for at least a portion of the first signal relative to a p
8571104 Adaptive coefficient scanning in video coding October 29, 2013
This disclosure describes techniques for scanning coefficients of video blocks, e.g., quantized and transformed coefficients. Rather than use conventional zig-zag scanning, the techniques of this disclosure adapt the scanning order based on statistics associated with previously coded
8571089 Time-setting in satellite positioning system receivers October 29, 2013
Techniques are provided which may be implemented using various methods and/or apparatuses in a receiver and/or other like device to determine an SPS time using SPS signals based on a correlation process. A verification process may be performed, for example, that verifies a maximum peak i
8571088 Suppression of multipath effects for received SPS signals October 29, 2013
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to suppressing the effects of multipath signals. For an example, a signal comprising at least one binary offset carrier (BOC) modulation signal is received. The BOC modulation signal is modulated with a pseudorandom noise sequence comprisin
8571066 Methods and apparatus for RF channel switching in a multi-frequency network October 29, 2013
Methods and apparatus for RF channel switching in a multi-frequency network. In an aspect, a method includes identifying a multiplex set that comprises one or more content flows, wherein the multiplex set is one of a vertical multiplex (VM) set and a unified multiplex (UM) set, gener
8571041 Managing transmissions among nodes communicating over a shared communication medium October 29, 2013
A method is provided for managing transmissions among nodes communicating over a shared communication medium. The method includes: transmitting a frame from a sender node to a plurality of receiver nodes, the frame including at least a portion of a data packet and control information
8571000 Peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction scheme for wireless communication October 29, 2013
Techniques for sending a transmission in a manner to reduce peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) of the transmission are described. A transmitter may select phases for a plurality of resource blocks based on a metric, e.g., PAPR. The transmitter may apply the selected phases to modulat
8570988 Channel calibration for a time division duplexed communication system October 29, 2013
Techniques are described to calibrate the downlink and uplink channels to account for differences in the frequency responses of the transmit and receive chains at an access point and a user terminal. In one method, pilots are transmitted on the downlink and uplink channels and used to
8570982 Transmit spatial diversity for cellular single frequency networks October 29, 2013
Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) techniques are used to increase spectral efficiency of a cellular single frequency network. In some embodiments with single transmit antenna per cell, multiple data streams are transmitted from multiple cells, one data stream per set of transmit antenn
8570977 Method and apparatus for handover in a wireless communication system October 29, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate system frame number (SFN) indication and identification during a random access procedure (e.g., associated with a handover). As described herein, a target cell can configure one or more Random Access Responses (RARs) designated
8570972 Apparatus and method of generating and maintaining orthogonal connection identifications (CIDs) October 29, 2013
A first device is configured to select and utilize a connection identifier (CID) for a peer-to-peer communication connection between the first device and a second device in a wireless communications network. The CID is selected from a predetermined set of a plurality of CIDs. Prior t
8570971 Systems and methods for configuring remote radio heads October 29, 2013
In a method of wireless communication, a UE receives a configuration parameter for scrambling or descrambling a signal for which a larger number of scrambling sequences are defined for a particular cell ID for UEs of a newer release. The UE communicates in a network having a base sta
8570963 Coordinated multi-point (CoMP) network and protocol architecture October 29, 2013
Aspects of the present disclosure relate generally to wireless communication systems, and more particularly to a coordinated multi-point network and protocol architecture. One aspect discloses a method of wireless communication and includes receiving a measurement report from a user
8570951 Apparatus and method for improved tune-away operations in (C+G) DSDS devices October 29, 2013
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for establishing a call utilizing a traffic channel corresponding to a first communication protocol; transmitting a data rate control (DRC) channel comprising a null cover for no greater than 16 time slots; tuning away from the call to receive sign
8570941 Methods and apparatus for facilitating network-based control of a forwarding policy used by a mo October 29, 2013
A mobile node receives access network-specific signaling that is related to an Internet Protocol (IP) flow. The mobile node decides which of multiple access networks to use to send the IP flow based on the access network-specific signaling. The access network-specific signaling may be
8570939 Methods and systems for choosing cyclic delays in multiple antenna OFDM systems October 29, 2013
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a method to determine appropriate values of cyclic delays applied at a transmitter with multiple antennas in order to provide accurate estimation of channel gains in a multiple-input single-output (MISO) system or multiple-input
8570911 Multicast messaging within a wireless communication system October 29, 2013
Methods and systems for sending multicast messages are disclosed. A multicast message is received to be transmitted to a plurality of access terminals at a radio access network (RAN), the received multicast message having a first format. The first format may correspond to a conventional
8570880 Method and apparatus for receiving broadcast in a wireless multiple-access communications system October 29, 2013
An access terminal an a wireless multiple-access network monitors multiple broadcast soft handoff groups simultaneously in order to select the best logical broadcast channels to decode based upon broadcast contents selected by a user of the access terminal. When in a traffic state th
8570818 Address multiplexing in pseudo-dual port memory October 29, 2013
A pseudo-dual port memory address multiplexing system includes a control circuit operative to identify a read request and a write request to be accomplished during a single clock cycle. A self time tracking circuit monitors a read operation and generates a switching signal when the read
8570797 Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) read with reduced disturb failure October 29, 2013
Magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) in magnetic random access memory (MRAM) are subject to read disturb events when the current passing through the MTJ causes a spontaneous switching of the MTJ due to spin transfer torque (STT) from a parallel state to an anti-parallel state or from an
8570344 Augmented reality direction orientation mask October 29, 2013
An augmented reality device provides a virtual mask that surrounds the viewer and includes a variation that provides information about the direction to a target item. The variation, which may be a variation in transparency, color, geometric shape, texture, material, lighting, or shad
8570224 Apparatus providing thermal management for radio frequency devices October 29, 2013
Apparatus providing thermal management for radio frequency devices. An antenna is provided that includes an antenna body configured for transmitting electrical signals, and one or more mounting surfaces coupled to the antenna body, the one or more mounting surfaces configured for mou
8570220 Navigation receiver October 29, 2013
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for processing navigation signals received from multiple global navigation satellite systems (GNSS'). In a particular implementation, signals received from multiple GNSS' may be processed in a single receiver channel.
8570108 Injection-locking a slave oscillator to a master oscillator with no frequency overshoot October 29, 2013
An injection-locked oscillator circuit includes a master oscillator, a slave oscillator, and an injection lock control circuit. The slave oscillator is decoupled from the master oscillator (for example, due to an unlock condition). When the slave is free running, its oscillating freq
8570106 Positive feedback common gate low noise amplifier October 29, 2013
A Positive Feedback Common Gate Low Noise Amplifier (PFCGLNA) has positive feedback transistors and input transistors that are of the same conductivity type. Making the positive feedback and input transistors of the same conductivity type reduces sensitivity to process variations. No
8570077 Methods and implementation of low-power power-on control circuits October 29, 2013
Methods and implementation of low-power power-on control circuits are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, an apparatus includes a power detector circuit powered by a first voltage supply. At least one voltage level-shifting device is coupled to a second voltage supply and a test i

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