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8577403 Wireless ethernet adapter November 5, 2013
A method for providing wireless Ethernet connectivity over an UWB link includes providing an adapter coupled to an external network via an Ethernet port, monitoring, by the adapter, a plurality of communication channels in an UWB spectrum, establishing a wireless link on a preferred
8577387 Position location using multiple carriers November 5, 2013
A method of determining a distance estimate between a mobile device and a wireless transceiver communicating with the mobile device on at least one multi-carrier signal including: receiving at least one multi-carrier signal; selecting at least two carrier signals from the at least one
8577379 Method of handling automatic call origination and system determination on multi-network mobile d November 5, 2013
Systems and techniques are disclosed relating to communications. The systems and techniques include receiving an origination request for a call, determining whether the call is allowed on each of a plurality of wireless networks as a function of the origination request, and originati
8577378 Method and apparatus for facilitating a beacon-assisted handover to a home Node-B for users on a November 5, 2013
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are disclosed for facilitating a beacon-assisted handover from a macro network to a femto cell during an active call. A femto cell management system assigns a unique identifier to a femto cell, which the femto cell utilizes to broad
8577377 Methods and apparatus for providing a wireless expansion network November 5, 2013
Methods and apparatus for providing a wireless expansion network. In an aspect, an apparatus includes an expansion circuit configured to identify at least one of a selected uplink (UL) channel and a selected downlink (DL) channel that are provided by one of a primary network and an e
8577343 Inhibiting unintended outgoing communication in mobile devices November 5, 2013
An embodiment is a technique for inhibiting unintended outgoing communication. A cost calculator calculates a cost value of an outgoing communication as a function of a plurality of parameters related to at least one of a voice parameter, an ambient parameter, a proximity parameter,
8577301 Analog baseband interface for communication systems November 5, 2013
A communication system interface between a baseband unit and a radio frequency (RF) unit is configured to advantageously use a common set of lines to carry both transmit and receive baseband analog signals between the baseband and RF unit, thereby enabling a relatively lower signal c
8577299 Wireless communication system with configurable cyclic prefix length November 5, 2013
To transmit data in a manner to mitigate the deleterious effects of delay spread, the expected coverage areas for multiple transmissions to be sent in multiple time slots are initially determined. Cyclic prefix lengths for these transmissions are selected based on the expected coverage
8577283 TDD repeater November 5, 2013
A repeater that facilitates communication in a wireless environment comprises a scheduling component that analyzes a schedule relating to when communications are active in the forward link direction and when communications are active in the reverse link direction, the communications
8577216 Auto-focus calibration for image capture device November 5, 2013
The disclosure relates to techniques for calibration of an auto-focus process in an image capture device. The techniques may involve calibration of a lens actuator used to move a lens within a search range during an auto-focus process. For example, an image capture device may adjust
8577081 Mobile video-based therapy November 5, 2013
Mobile video-based therapy, using a portable therapy device that includes a camera, a therapy application database, a processor, and a display. The camera is configured to generate images of a user, and the therapy application database is configured to store therapy applications. The
8576965 Methods and systems for interference cancellation in multi-mode coexistence modems November 5, 2013
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure support techniques for interference cancellation in a multi-mode wireless modem that supports coexistence of different radio technologies.
8576958 Method for soft modulation in a wireless telecommunication network November 5, 2013
A method for soft remodulation in a receiver of transmissions over a wireless telecommunication system, the method including obtaining from a FEC decoder a-posteriori LLR values, converting the a-posteriori LLR values into bit probabilities and computing improved soft symbols estimat
8576955 Architecture to handle concurrent multiple channels November 5, 2013
An apparatus and method for enhanced downlink processing of received channels in a mobile communications system is described, containing a buffer for control data and traffic data, a demapper engine with at least two independently operating demappers for demapping the control and tra
8576938 Channel estimation for low-overhead communication in a network November 5, 2013
A receiving station receives a waveform that includes at least a first symbol of a predetermined symbol length and comprising a first set of frequency components at predetermined carrier frequencies modulated with preamble information and a second set of frequency components at prede
8576931 Methods and systems for overhead reduction in a wireless communication network November 5, 2013
Methods and apparatus are provided for increasing throughput in a wireless communication system by reducing the amount of overhead transmitted to certain user terminals. Overhead due to control information may be reduced for these certain user terminals by selecting a low repetition
8576916 Method and apparatus for reducing bus traffic of a texture decoding module in a video decoder November 5, 2013
Techniques for reducing bus traffic during texture decoding of a video bitstream are provided. In one configuration, a wireless communication device (e.g., cellular phone, etc.) comprises a processor configured to execute instructions operative to decode and separate in a bitstream m
8576895 Rapid acquisition methods and apparatus for GPS signals November 5, 2013
A method and apparatus for receiving a signal from transmitters such as GPS satellites, for fixing the location of the receiver. Each of the transmitted signals includes a unique periodically-repeating sequence. A received signal is stored by the receiver for at least two repetitions of
8576894 Systems and methods for using code space in spread-spectrum communications November 5, 2013
Systems and methods for improving the performance of direct-sequence spread-spectrum communication systems. In one embodiment, a system comprises at least one communication channel that utilizes two different orthogonal spreading codes and corresponding portions of the available orth
8576893 Systems and methods for high data rate ultra wideband communication November 5, 2013
A high data rate UWB system implements a frame structure that uses a connected set of m-sequences comprising the lowest possible cross-correlation and perfect, or near perfect autocorrelation. Each m-sequence can be used to identify a different piconet A very efficient code matched f
8576874 Methods and apparatus to provide a virtual network interface November 5, 2013
Methods and apparatus to provide a virtual network interface. In an aspect, a method includes receiving a request to access content on a Non-IP network, wherein the request comprises an IP address and a quality of service (QoS) profile associated with the content, mapping the IP addr
8576872 Multi-hop wireless mesh network medium access control protocol November 5, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate mitigating a hidden node condition in a wireless mesh network wherein nodes utilize a request-to-send/clear-to-send (RTS/CTS) protocol in conjunction with an asynchronous hybrid automatic repeat request protocol. For instance, a
8576846 Peer-to-peer communication in ad hoc wireless network November 5, 2013
For a peer-to-peer call in an ad hoc wireless network, a wireless device performs discovery of a target wireless device, performs authentication of the target wireless device and generates a session key (e.g., using a pre-shared key or a certificate provisioned on the wireless device),
8576821 Method and apparatus for improved data demodulation in a wireless communication network November 5, 2013
A wireless network uses an improved frame structure to increase timing acquisition capabilities as well as reduction of spectral lines. In one aspect, the frame packet can be used to communicate the different modes of operation under which the packet was created.
8576819 Routing data in a cluster November 5, 2013
Various techniques for routing data through a cluster are disclosed. The cluster includes a number of nodes that support communications by an access terminal. A node may be configured to use an identifier assigned to an access terminal to route data associated with the access terminal
8576809 Facilitating distributed channel access for a plurality of access terminals transmitting in a wi November 5, 2013
Methods and apparatuses are provided for facilitating distributed transmissions among a plurality of access terminals. An access point may send an initial indicator count for each access terminal to follow a respective number of indicators when transmitting during a transmission oppo
8576807 Channel interleaving structure for a wireless communication system November 5, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate employing a hybrid transmission structure in a wireless communication environment. Each transport block (e.g., MAC PDU) can be split into multiple code blocks. Moreover, each of the code blocks can be further divided into two or
8576806 Method of multiplexing unicast and multicast transmissions November 5, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate multiplexing of unicast and multicast transmissions in a wireless communication system, such as OFDMA. According to various aspects, the system and methods are employed for selecting an appropriate multiplexing scheme in light of
8576795 Method and apparatus for handoff between source and target access systems November 5, 2013
Systems and methods for switching among heterogeneous networks and inter-working between a source access system and a target access system. An inter-system handoff control component can facilitate setting an IP tunneling by the mobile unit, wherein IP addresses for inter-working secu
8576791 Sharing control channel resources November 5, 2013
A method for reusing control channel resources in a wireless system includes selecting a subset of control channel resources from a specified set of control channel resources in a search space of the wireless system. The subset is smaller than the set. In addition, the method include
8576768 Hybrid multi-band receiver November 5, 2013
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for processing wireless signals received from one or more communications systems. In a particular implementation, one or more signals received from one or more communication systems such as a GNSS may be processed in
8576761 Power save delivery mechanism for wireless communication traffic November 5, 2013
In accordance with unscheduled automatic power save delivery (U-APSD) mechanisms, an access point typically creates an unscheduled service period irrespective of availability of downlink data packets for a WLAN device. This can result in a large overhead that can limit the performanc
8576760 Apparatus and methods for controlling an idle mode in a wireless device November 5, 2013
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for control of an idle mode in a wireless device. In particular, the idle mode duty cycle of a preamble transmission by an access point (AP), as an example, is variably or adaptively set in response to determined conditions of the wireless neighbor
8576757 Dynamic adjustment of setup time based on paging performance November 5, 2013
Techniques for dynamically determining a target setup time based on paging performance are described. A UE in an idle mode may be assigned paging occasions, which are specific time intervals in which the UE might receive paging messages. The UE may wake up a setup time prior to each
8576755 Apparatus and method for relay transition time November 5, 2013
An apparatus and method for establishing a relay transition time in a network node in a wireless communication system comprising comparing a network node transmit/receive (TX/RX) switch time to a switch threshold; and using a fraction of the cyclic prefix (CP) as a guard period if the
8576743 Apparatus and methods for estimating an unknown frequency error of a tone signal November 5, 2013
Estimating an unknown frequency error of a tone signal may comprise sampling, within an error bandwidth, wireless signals including the tone signal that occupy the error bandwidth to generate signal samples, and repeatedly, for different frequency offsets: applying a frequency offset
8576742 Dynamic switching between common reference signal interference cancellation and resource element November 5, 2013
Communication in a dominant interference scenario may be supported by performing inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC). Resource coordination/partitioning may be performed to allocate resources to a serving Node B located near the vicinity of a strong interfering Node B. The in
8576733 Control of access terminal operation based on interference information November 5, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate distributing and utilizing interference information in a wireless communication environment. Interference information can be generated by a base station by evaluating uplink conditions, and disparate interference information can
8576692 Transmission of UE-specific reference signal for wireless communication November 5, 2013
Techniques for transmitting UE-specific reference signals (UE-RSs) in a wireless network are described. In an aspect, a UE-RS may be transmitted in different manners depending on the number of layers used for data transmission. In one design, a cell may determine subcarriers for a UE-RS
8576617 Circuit and method for generating a reference level for a magnetic random access memory element November 5, 2013
A method of establishing a reference level includes providing first and second non-overlapping paths from a first node to a second node, providing first and second reference magnetic random access memory (MRAM) elements in the first path, providing third and fourth reference MRAM ele
8576612 Low leakage high performance static random access memory cell using dual-technology transistors November 5, 2013
A memory cell includes a storage element, a write circuit coupled to the storage element and a read circuit coupled to the storage element. At least a portion of the storage element and at least a portion of the write circuit are fabricated using a thicker functional gate oxide and at
8576523 Charge pump electrostatic discharge protection November 5, 2013
Techniques for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for amplifiers and other circuitry employing charge pumps. In an exemplary embodiment, a Vneg switch coupling a second flying capacitor node to a negative output voltage node is closed in response to an ESD event being detected betw
8576011 Amplifier with high power supply noise rejection November 5, 2013
An amplifier with high power supply rejection is disclosed. In an exemplary implementation, an amplifier includes a first stage configured to receive a signal to be amplified, a second stage comprising an input transistor coupled to the first stage, and further comprising at least on
8575909 Synchronously sampled single bit switch mode power supply November 5, 2013
A power supply is described. The power supply includes a synchronous sampled comparator. The synchronous sampled comparator includes a first input that receives a reference voltage. The synchronous sampled comparator also includes a second input that receives a feedback signal. The p
8572698 Connecting a legacy wireless device to a WPS-enabled access point October 29, 2013
A direct connection mechanism can be implemented for legacy wireless network devices to securely connect to a WPS-enabled access point. A legacy wireless network device can connect to the WPS-enabled access point and can provide a PIN of the WPS-enabled access point and a predefined
8572449 Integrated functional testing mechanism for integrated circuits October 29, 2013
An on-chip testing unit can be implemented in an integrated circuit (e.g., a SoC) to validate the operation of cache memories associated with a processor of the integrated circuit. For each testing instruction to be executed by the processor for testing a cache memory, the testing unit
8572418 Moving clock gating cell closer to clock source based on enable signal propagation time to clock October 29, 2013
In a particular embodiment, a method of generating an advanced gating cell clock tree includes determining a timing margin for a path between a clock gating cell and a digital data storage element such as a latch or flip flop. The circuit contains a clock source and when the timing margi
8572332 De-interleaving mechanism involving a multi-banked LLR buffer October 29, 2013
A de-interleaver generates a plurality of De-interleaved Reorder Physical (DRP) addresses to simultaneously write a corresponding plurality of LLR values into a multi-banked memory such that not more than one LLR value is written into each bank of the multi-banked memory at a time. A
8572313 Methods and apparatus providing high-speed content addressable memory (CAM) search-invalidates October 29, 2013
Embodiments of a Content Addressable Memory (CAM) enabling high-speed search and invalidate operations and methods of operation thereof are disclosed. In one embodiment, the CAM includes a CAM cell array including a number of CAM cells and a valid bit cell configured to generate a match
8572271 Multimedia management system for seamless multimedia content mobility October 29, 2013
In general, techniques are described for providing a multimedia management system to facilitate multimedia content mobility. More specifically, an apparatus may implement the techniques. The apparatus may comprise one or more wireless modems and a control unit. The one or more wirele

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