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8583140 Method and apparatus for improving radio location accuracy with measurements November 12, 2013
A method and apparatus to utilize a set of measurements (either partial or compete) to improve the accuracy of an initial position estimate for a wireless terminal. The initial position estimate for the terminal is first obtained (e.g., based on a cell-ID or an enhanced cell-ID solut
8583137 Dynamic coverage adjustment in a multi-carrier communication system November 12, 2013
Techniques for dynamically varying coverage in a multi-carrier communication system are described. A sector may operate on multiple carriers. The sector may vary coverage on a given carrier k based on its load, so that less interference may be caused to other sectors when the sector
8583132 Efficient channel structure for a wireless communication system November 12, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that provide efficient channel assignment and communication for a wireless communication network. System resources can be allocated for a traffic channel for communication between a base station and a terminal in a physical layer frame, a porti
8583119 Method and apparatus for management of automatic neighbor relation function in wireless networks November 12, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate management of automatic neighbor relation functions in wireless networks. The system can include components and/or devices that ascertain whether or not to add or remove a neighbor relation based on information associated with an
8583117 Wireless communication device that prioritizes access probe handling using a predetermined trans November 12, 2013
A wireless communication device that prioritizes the receipt of access probes within the slots of a base station having a slotted access protocol for incoming communications from wireless communication devices, where the slotted access protocol includes a plurality of discrete slots
8583103 Apparatus and method for automatic mobile device crash notification November 12, 2013
An apparatus and method for automatic mobile device crash notification to a wireless network comprising setting configuration parameters for automatic notification if a crash occurs, detecting at least one stalled condition to determine if the crash occurred, gathering crash data, es
8583070 Autonomous electromagnetic emissions reduction for sensitivity improvement November 12, 2013
Techniques are described to improve the electrical characterization of ICs and PCBs in a manner that ultimately contributes to network optimization by improving sensitivity without increasing power consumption. Knowledge generated by, for example, emissions and susceptibility profile
8582905 Methods and systems for rate control within an encoding device November 12, 2013
This disclosure describes techniques for adjusting encoding variables of an encoding device. In response to a request to resize a segment of data, an encoding module adjusts at least one encoding variable used to encode one or more subsequent segments of data such that the subsequent seg
8582889 Scale space normalization technique for improved feature detection in uniform and non-uniform il November 12, 2013
A normalization process is implemented at a difference of scale space to completely or substantially reduce the effect that illumination changes has on feature/keypoint detection in an image. An image may be processed by progressively blurring the image using a smoothening function to
8582729 System and method of controlling a graphical user interface at a wireless device November 12, 2013
A method of controlling a graphical user interface (GUI) at a wireless device is disclosed and includes storing a set of audio GUI controls at an interactive voice response server and creating an audio GUI control string that is to be communicated to the wireless device within a voice
8582696 Method and apparatus for data quantization and packing with variable bit width and period November 12, 2013
The various embodiments provide circuitry and methods for packing Log Likelihood Ratio ("LLR") values into a buffer memory in a compressed format which reduces the amount of buffer memory required. Various embodiments use a type of quantization which reduces the bit width of the LLR
8582674 Apparatus and method for channel estimation using compressive sensing based on Taylor series exp November 12, 2013
An apparatus and method for channel estimation comprising determining a channel impulse response using a Taylor series expansion with a plurality of Taylor series coefficients; determining a channel frequency response based on the channel impulse response; collecting the channel frequenc
8582660 Selective video frame rate upconversion November 12, 2013
This disclosure is directed to techniques for selective video frame rate upconversion (FRUC) in a video decoder. A video decoder selectively enables or disables FRUC based on one or more adaptive criteria. The adaptive criteria may be selected to indicate whether FRUC is likely to in
8582647 Methods and systems for quality controlled encoding November 12, 2013
This disclosure describes techniques for controlling a perceived quality of multimedia sequences to try to achieve a desired constant perceptual quality regardless of the content of the sequences. In particular, an encoding device may implement quality control techniques to associate a
8582623 Multiplexed CDMA and GPS searching November 12, 2013
Searcher hardware is multiplexed to perform simultaneous searches in either an IS-95 CDMA mode or a GPS mode. In the IS-95 mode, the search hardware is time-multiplexed into a number of searcher time slices, each of which can generate a PN sequence to despread a data sequence. In the
8582622 Spread-spectrum coding of data bursts November 12, 2013
Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to a method for generating spread-spectrum coded signals for transmission in a wireless communication system, and particularly for generating spread sequences of data with spreading codes that facilitate computationally efficient frequ
8582621 Synchronized broadcast/multicast communication November 12, 2013
Synchronized broadcast transmits a same broadcast content using a same waveform from multiple transmitters. Transmitters each apply a same spreading code for broadcast transmissions. In a spread-spectrum communication system having a time division multiplexed forward link, a synchron
8582596 Coding and modulation for broadcast and multicast services in a wireless communication system November 12, 2013
Techniques for transmitting data in a wireless communication system are described. Physical channels to be sent in a super-frame are identified and allocated time slots in the super-frame. The coding and modulation for each physical channel are selected based on its capacity. The data
8582592 Wireless resource allocation methods and apparatus November 12, 2013
Methods and apparatus for assigning and using resources corresponding to discontinuous portions of bandwidth are described. A single assignment may be used to assign multiple disjoint portions of bandwidth to be used by a wireless terminal, e.g., at the same time, as an uplink or downlin
8582548 Frequency division multiple access schemes for wireless communication November 12, 2013
Techniques for transmitting data using single-carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) multiplexing schemes are described. In one aspect, data is sent on sets of adjacent subbands that are offset from one another to achieve frequency diversity. A terminal may be assigned a
8582539 System and method to implement synchronous channel timing in a wireless communications network November 12, 2013
A system and method to implement synchronous channel timing are disclosed. The method comprises establishing a session time interval. In addition, the method comprises establishing a first time interval within the session time interval for transmitting a first data packet.
8582536 Methods and apparatus of providing transmit diversity in a multiple access wireless communicatio November 12, 2013
Methods and apparatus for providing channel diversity to wireless terminals (WTs) in a manner that reduces the latency between the time a WT encounters satisfactory channel conditions are described. A plurality of communications channels with different physical characteristics are ma
8582516 Reference signaling for a high-mobility wireless communication device November 12, 2013
A base station for enabling communication with a high-mobility wireless communication device is described. The base station includes a processor and instructions stored in memory. The base station identifies a high-mobility wireless communication device and sends a reference signal c
8582509 Scalable frequency band operation in wireless communication systems November 12, 2013
To support mobile stations that are not capable of demodulating the entire bandwidth or that can be made to demodulate less than the entire bandwidth, a system, apparatus and method are provided to schedule users on less than all of the bandwidth. Further, certain users can be schedu
8582505 Apparatus and method for physical broadcast channel (PBCH) decoding for multiple cells November 12, 2013
A method of wireless communication includes generating a list of cells for physical broadcast channel (PBCH) decoding. The method also includes allocating memory for decoding and cancelling a subset of cells from the generated cell list. The method further includes storing information
8582496 Channel-occupancy efficient, low power wireless networking November 12, 2013
An apparatus and method are provided for efficiently sharing a single wireless channel and for providing improved power saving. Automatic beacon "sliding" establishes a round-robin contention-free channel schedule among multiple IBSSs. Entering an idle state immediately following com
8582492 Methods and apparatus supporting adaptive decentralized traffic scheduling including a dynamic r November 12, 2013
Methods and apparatus relating to scheduling of air link resources, e.g., traffic segments, in a wireless communications system are described. Various described methods and apparatus are well suited to wireless peer to peer networks in which traffic scheduling is decentralized, e.g. an a
8582480 Performing packet flow optimization with policy and charging control November 12, 2013
Policy and charging control (PCC) is a framework within a Third or Fourth Generation (3G/4G) network that allows operators to authorize and enforce policy, Quality of Service (QoS), and charging control over communication sessions by mobile devices. PCC mechanism is used to determine the
8582478 Single antenna, multi-band frequency division multiplexed mobile communication November 12, 2013
A frequency division (FD) multiplexing device includes a multiplexer including a band-pass and a band-stop filter, the multiplexer is communicatively coupled to an antenna, the band-pass filter is configured to allow pass band frequencies to pass un-attenuated and to attenuate signal
8582455 Systems and methods for monitoring parameters of a wireless device November 12, 2013
Systems and methods are provided for controlling monitoring operations, such as the monitoring of signal strength, media access control layer overhead information data, application layer overhead information, and/or data in a device, such as a battery powered, mobile, communication d
8582430 Method and apparatus for wireless LAN (WLAN) data multiplexing November 12, 2013
Embodiments addressing MAC processing for efficient use of high throughput systems are disclosed. Data associated with at least one MAC ID can be aggregated into a single byte stream. The single byte stream can be formatted into MAC PDUs and then muxed. The muxed MAC PDUs can then be
8582354 Method and apparatus for testing a resistive memory element November 12, 2013
Methods and apparatus for testing a resistive memory element are provided. In an example, an initial test resistor in a resistance network coupled to a first input of a sense amplifier is selected, where the resistive memory element is coupled to a second input of the sense amplifier
8581794 Circular antenna array systems November 12, 2013
Antenna arrays providing high gain during wireless communications are highly desirable for many applications including, but not limited to, multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO) streams and video transmissions. Optimized antenna arrays should also ensure ease of manufacture, thereby enhanc
8581667 Tuning voltage range extension circuit and method November 12, 2013
A circuit includes a first path including a first transistor and a first current source. The first transistor is responsive to a tuning voltage. The circuit also includes a tuning voltage range extension circuit responsive to the tuning voltage. The tuning voltage range extension cir
8581647 System and method of stabilizing charge pump node voltage levels November 12, 2013
A method includes tracking a tuning voltage at a first circuit coupled to a first drain node of a first supply of a charge pump. The method also includes tracking the tuning voltage at a second circuit coupled to a second drain node of a second supply of the charge pump. The method f
8581542 Receive antenna arrangement for wireless power November 12, 2013
Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless charging. An electronic device may comprise at least one receive antenna integrated within an electronic device and configured to receive wireless power from a wireless transmit antenna. Further, the at least one receive antenna may be s
8580583 Magnetic tunnel junction device and fabrication November 12, 2013
A magnetic tunneling junction device and fabrication method is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the method includes depositing a capping material on a free layer of a magnetic tunneling junction structure to form the capping layer and oxidizing a portion of the capping material to
8578426 Method and system for selecting media content for broadcast based on viewer preference indicatio November 5, 2013
Methods and systems enable mobile TV providers to select programs for broadcast based on viewer preference indications or votes. Information regarding candidate programs or content may be broadcast and displayed on mobile devices. A voting user interface may receive viewer preferences or
8578382 Associating data for events occurring in software threads with synchronized clock cycle counters November 5, 2013
Methods, apparatuses, and computer-readable storage media are disclosed for reducing power by reducing hardware-thread toggling in a multi-processor. In a particular embodiment, a method is disclosed that includes collecting data from a plurality of software threads being processed b
8578250 Data classification in a wireless communication system November 5, 2013
A method of data classification for use in a wireless communication system includes obtaining decoder metrics from a decoder. The decoder metrics correspond to data generated by the decoder. The decoder metrics include a first metric and a second metric. The method also includes clas
8578249 LDPC encoding and decoding of packets of variable sizes November 5, 2013
Techniques to support low density parity check (LDPC) encoding and decoding are described. An apparatus includes at least one processor and a memory coupled to the at least one processor. The at least one processor is configured to encode or decode a packet based on a base parity che
8578230 Enhanced block acknowledgement November 5, 2013
Embodiments disclosed herein address the need in the art for enhanced block acknowledgement. In one embodiment, a receiver indicates a decoding delay for a maximum size aggregate frame in Block Ack negotiation, which may be used by a transmitter to determine to which Block Ack Request a
8578222 SerDes power throttling as a function of detected error rate November 5, 2013
A system involves a first SerDes link from a first integrated circuit (IC) to a second IC and a second link from the second IC to the first IC. Power consumption settings in circuitry of the first link are adjusted to control power consumption such that the bit error rate of the first li
8578117 Write-through-read (WTR) comparator circuits, systems, and methods use of same with a multiple-p November 5, 2013
Write-through-read (WTR) comparator circuits and related WTR processes and memory systems are disclosed. The WTR comparator circuits can be configured to perform WTR functions for a multiple port file having one or more read and write ports. One or more WTR comparators in the WTR com
8578046 System and method for adaptive media bundling for voice over internet protocol applications November 5, 2013
An apparatus and method for adaptively bundling media frames in a data packet for transmission in a wireless data network. When a wireless device is ready to transmit an audio communication, a message is sent from the wireless device to a communication server that checks for network
8577809 Method and apparatus for determining and utilizing value of digital assets November 5, 2013
Systems and methods for protecting digital assets associated with a computing device are described herein. An example of a method according to the disclosure includes assigning at least one asset worth value to respective digital assets associated with a device, computing at least on
8577597 Enhanced database information for urban navigation November 5, 2013
Methods and apparatus are provided for estimating position location of a mobile device.
8577590 Scalable geofences November 5, 2013
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to location-based tracking using geofences.
8577405 Systems, methods, and machine-readable media providing location-enabled group management November 5, 2013
A computer-executed method for managing a group of entities includes receiving an indication from a first user indicating a desire to add members to the group based on proximity to a target, such as a point of interest (POI) or a location of a person. The method also includes sending
8577404 Prioritization of group communications at a wireless communication device November 5, 2013
An embodiment is directed to switching between server-arbitrated group communication sessions at an access terminal (AT) within a wireless communications system. The AT participates in a first group communication session when it receives an announce message announcing a second group

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