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8155620 Method and apparatus for accounting in a mobile data packet network April 10, 2012
In a converged communication network, IP data packet services are provided by a core network to access terminals via radio access nodes (RAN). By positioning accounting report triggering closer to the usage, accuracy and comprehensive of accounting is achieved, which can also reduce
8155580 Methods and apparatus for efficient data distribution to a group of users April 10, 2012
Methods and apparatus for efficient data distribution to a group of users. In an aspect, a method is provided for distributing information. The method includes detecting one or more requests for the information, determining whether the information is to be broadcast, and transmitting
8155454 Method and apparatus for encoder assisted post-processing April 10, 2012
Devices and methods for processing multimedia data to generate enhanced quality multimedia data at the receiver based on encoder assisted post-processing. In one aspect, processing multimedia data includes identifying an indicator of a post-processing technique, encoding first multim
8155340 Method and apparatus for rendering ambient signals April 10, 2012
An apparatus and method for communications is disclosed. The apparatus includes a receiver configured to scale an audio signal, and a transducer circuit configured to provide an ambient signal in response to an ambient condition, wherein the receiver is further configured to scale the
8155319 Counter initialization, particularly for radio frames April 10, 2012
A method for protecting traffic in a radio access network connected to at least two core networks. The method comprises maintaining a corenetwork-specific authentication protocol and a radio-bearer-specific ciphering process, and generating, for each ciphering process, a count parame
8155254 Methods and systems using FFT window tracking algorithm April 10, 2012
Techniques for the adjustment of a position of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) window are provided. The adjustment may be based on the condition that the length of channel impulse response is larger than the length of cyclic prefix. The technique may determine a position of the FFT window
8155239 UWB system employing gaussian minimum shift key modulation, common mode signaling, and beamformi April 10, 2012
A multi-mode transmission system supporting OFDM and single-carrier signals is configured to perform interpolation and decimation such that the ratio of the interpolation factor to the decimation factor equals the ratio between the OFDM sampling rate and the single-carrier chip rate. A
8155182 System and method for partial intraframe encoding for wireless multimedia transmission April 10, 2012
Digital multimedia includes intraframe information and interframe information. In addition to sending separate complete intraframes that are referenced by interframes, some interframes ("hybrid" frames) contain partial intraframe information, so that if a complete intraframe is lost,
8155138 Training sequences for very high throughput wireless communication April 10, 2012
Methods and systems for communications that generate a plurality of spatial streams, wherein each of the spatial streams comprises a data packet with a training sequence; and multiply at least a portion of the training sequence in each of the spatial streams with a different spreadin
8155117 Filtering and routing of fragmented datagrams in a data network April 10, 2012
Techniques to efficiently filter fragmented datagrams and route fragments are described. For each fragmented datagram, a filtering node obtains filter parameters as fragments for the datagram are received. When all filter parameters are available, the node applies one or more filters on
8155078 Systems and methods for using internet mobility protocols with non internet mobility protocols April 10, 2012
A method for using Internet mobility protocols with non Internet mobility protocols is described. A first gateway node communicates with a second gateway node using a first protocol. The first protocol is a non Internet mobility protocol. A home address (HoA) for a mobile node is managed
8155076 Maintaining a global and local session state in an access network April 10, 2012
Apparatus, methods, and machine-readable medium wherein a global session state for communications between an access terminal and a plurality of network functions in the access network is maintained, and a local session state for communications between the access terminal and one of t
8155020 Policy control and charging (PCC) rules based on mobility protocol April 10, 2012
Techniques for supporting policy control and charging (PCC) functions in a wireless communication network are described. In one design, a Policy Control and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) may receive a request from a first network entity (e.g., a home agent) to establish a PCC session fo
8155005 Transporting QoS mapping information in a packet radio network April 10, 2012
A method and a GGSN support node for sending data packets to a mobile station in a mobile communications system from an external communication system. The GGSN receives data packets from the external communication system in a first plurality of data flows which it maps to a second pl
8154903 Split path sensing circuit April 10, 2012
A sensing circuit is disclosed. The sensing circuit includes a first path including a first resistive memory device and a second path including a reference resistive memory device. The first path is coupled to a first split path including a first load transistor and to a second split pat
8154900 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a content addressable memory April 10, 2012
Power consumption in a Content Addressable Memory (CAM) circuit is reduced by use of a CAM circuit. According to one embodiment of the CAM circuit, the CAM circuit includes a plurality of match lines and match line restoration circuitry. The match line restoration circuitry is config
8154612 Systems, methods, and apparatus for image processing, for color classification, and for skin col April 10, 2012
Embodiments include a method of image processing including decomposing a reflectance spectrum for a test surface into a linear combination of reflectance spectra of a set of test targets. The coefficient vector calculated in this decomposition is used to predict a response of an imag
8154450 Optimization for finding direction of arrival in smart antennas April 10, 2012
A smart antenna system may exploit space diversity by employing an array of antennas whose radiation pattern can be aligned in a direction of arrival (DoA) of a specific signal to be decoded. Smart antennas can be installed on a base station side and/or on a user terminal side. Certain
8151266 Operating system fast run command April 3, 2012
A fast sub-process is provided in an operating system for a digital signal processor (DSP). The fast sub-process executes a sub-process without a kernel first determining whether the sub-process resides in an internal memory, as long as certain conditions have been satisfied. One of
8150686 System and method for sending a message type identifier through an in-band modem April 3, 2012
A system and method is provided for sending a message type identifier through a speech codec (in-band) such as found in a wireless communication network. A first predetermined sequence with noise-like characteristics identifies a first message type. A second predetermined sequence wi
8150408 Pilot grouping and set management in multi-carrier communication systems April 3, 2012
Embodiments disclosed herein relate to methods and systems for grouping pilot signals and using such grouping for pilot strength reporting and set management in multi-carrier communication systems. In one embodiment, an access network may assign a group identifier (or "group ID") to each
8150407 System and method for scheduling transmissions in a wireless communication system April 3, 2012
Systems and methods for scheduling data transmissions in a wireless communication system using scheduling requests and grants. In one embodiment, a wireless communication system has a base station and one or more mobile stations coupled by a wireless link having forward- and reverse-
8150384 Methods and apparatuses for gesture based remote control April 3, 2012
Methods and apparatuses are provided that may be implemented in and/or with a mobile device to allow gesture based remote control of one or more controllable devices.
8150371 Interactive control of access to services and capabilities of a mobile device April 3, 2012
A system device and method are provided which determine authorization for access to one or more services grouped together as a package of services without direct intervention of a wireless network provider or wired network access provider. This offers business proprietors, contractors
8150345 Simplified interference suppression in multi-antenna receivers April 3, 2012
A signal received via a plurality of antennas, and containing an interference component and a desired communication component, is processed to suppress the interference component. The interference component is suppressed based on an inverse of a spatial covariance matrix, which inver
8150339 Switchable-level voltage supplies for multimode communications April 3, 2012
Switchable voltage level supplies for circuitry in a multi-mode communications chipset are disclosed. In an embodiment, a first voltage level is supplied to TX circuitry operating in a first mode having a first set of linearity and/or noise requirements. A second voltage level lower
8150172 Video coding mode selection using estimated coding costs April 3, 2012
A method and system for coding mode selection using estimated coding costs. To provide high compression efficiency, for example, an encoding device may attempt to select a coding mode for coding blocks of pixels that codes the data of the blocks with high efficiency. To this end, the
8150155 Multi-mode region-of-interest video object segmentation April 3, 2012
The disclosure is directed to techniques for automatic segmentation of a region-of-interest (ROI) video object from a video sequence. ROI object segmentation enables selected ROI or "foreground" objects of a video sequence that may be of interest to a viewer to be extracted from non-ROI
8149964 Symbol scaling with automatic gain control for wireless communication April 3, 2012
Techniques for scaling symbols to account for large abrupt changes in received power at a user equipment (UE) are described. The UE performs AGC on received samples to obtain input samples. The UE processes (e.g., CDMA demodulates) the input samples to obtain first symbols. The UE de
8149936 Apparatus and methods for tile and assignment processing April 3, 2012
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for synchronizing tile processing and assignment processing in a communication device. In particular, the methods and apparatus utilize a tile processing scorecard with a number of assertable bits corresponding to a number of tiles to be tile proce
8149896 Spur suppression for a receiver in a wireless communication system April 3, 2012
Techniques for suppressing spurs in a receiver are described. A processor (e.g., within a wireless device) receives digital samples for a desired signal having a spur located within the bandwidth of the desired signal. A spur is an undesired signal that may be generated internally at the
8149850 Method and apparatus for asynchronous mediated communicaton April 3, 2012
A system and method for mediating the routing of asynchronous messages includes routing the asynchronous message to a first recipient, determining whether the first recipient opened the asynchronous message, and re-routing the asynchronous message to a second recipient who is qualifi
8149773 Resource allocation for enhanced uplink using an acquisition indicator channel April 3, 2012
Techniques for supporting UE operation with enhanced uplink are described. A UE may select a first signature from a first set of signatures available for random access for enhanced uplink, generate an access preamble based on the first signature, and send the access preamble for rand
8149766 Method of downlink resource allocation in a sectorized environment April 3, 2012
Methods and apparatus for communicating different size coded blocks of information in a wireless sectorized communications cell are described. Information may be categorized and formed into large, medium, and small coded blocks which may include error correction code bits based on the
8149764 Methods and apparatus for distributing and acquiring overhead flow data in a multi-frequency net April 3, 2012
Methods and apparatus for distributing and acquiring overhead flow data in a multi-frequency network. In an aspect, a method includes generating primary flow (PF) overhead data associated with one or more multiplexes to be distributed in the multi-frequency network, identifying multiplex
8149323 System and method to autofocus assisted by autoexposure control April 3, 2012
In a particular embodiment, a method is disclosed that includes comparing a frame rate of image capture by an image sensor to a frame rate threshold at an image capture device. The method also includes when the frame rate is less than the frame rate threshold, increasing the frame ra
8149165 Configurable antenna interface April 3, 2012
Techniques for interfacing a set of active elements with an antenna array. In one exemplary embodiment, the active elements include a plurality of signal paths, each signal path including a mixer coupled to a local oscillator (LO) signal having an adjustable phase. When the active el
8149050 Cascaded amplifiers with transformer-based bypass mode April 3, 2012
Cascaded amplifiers with a transformer-based bypass mode are described. In an exemplary design, an apparatus includes first and second amplifiers and a circuit. The first amplifier (e.g., a driver amplifier) provides amplification in a high gain mode and a bypass mode. The second amplifi
8149023 RF buffer circuit with dynamic biasing April 3, 2012
An RF buffer circuit for a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) includes dynamic biasing circuitry to selectively flip the phase of the output voltage waveform. In a CMOS implementation, a PMOS/NMOS pair is employed in an output path. During a high (voltage) swing mode condition, the
8146020 Enhanced detection of circular engagement gesture March 27, 2012
The enhanced detection of a circular engagement gesture, in which a shape is defined within motion data, and the motion data is sampled at points that are aligned with the defined shape. It is determined whether a moving object is performing a gesture correlating to the defined shape
8145912 System and method for using a visual password scheme March 27, 2012
A system and method for inputting a password. The system and method operates to associate unique non-descriptive graphical features with unique text-based characters. The system and method operates to receive in sequence, a plurality of text-based characters. The system and method op
8145905 Method and apparatus for efficient support for multiple authentications March 27, 2012
Disclosed is a method for multiple EAP-based authentications in a wireless communication system. In the method, a first master session key (MSK) is generated in a first EAP-based authentication for a first-type access. A first temporal session key (TSK) is generated from the first ma
8145874 System and method of data forwarding within an execution unit March 27, 2012
In an embodiment, a method is disclosed that includes, comparing, during a write back stage at an execution unit, a write identifier associated with a result to be written to a register file from execution of a first instruction to a read identifier associated with a second instruction a
8145769 Method for secure user plane (SUPL) version negotiation March 27, 2012
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a system and method for negotiating a version of Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) between a network entity and a SUPL enabled terminal. In a particular implementation, a SUPL initiation message is transmitted from a network entity to a
8145571 Content transfer control for wireless devices March 27, 2012
A content transfer control system for a wireless device and a method of controlling content transfer from a wireless device are described. The system includes a content transfer control component arranged to (a) detect licensed content and (b) transfer a content source indicating a s
8145228 Method and apparatus for controlling call request in a communication system March 27, 2012
In a communication system (100), a method and apparatus provide for efficient control of call requests from mobile stations (102-104) to base station (101). Mobile station (102-104) receives an initial call request block probability from base station (101), determines an elapsed time
8145217 Method and apparatus for handoff in a communication system supporting multiple service instances March 27, 2012
Method and apparatus for effecting handoff in a system supporting both wireless and packet data service communications. In one embodiment, the serving network provides information to the target network sufficient to establish the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connections for handoff. In
8145179 Data detection and demodulation for wireless communication systems March 27, 2012
Techniques for detecting and demodulating data transmissions in wireless communication systems are presented. In one aspect, a decision-directed detector detects for data transmissions in a received signal by utilizing received data symbols as well as received pilot symbols. The deci
8145171 Clock clean-up phase-locked loop (PLL) March 27, 2012
A clock clean-up phase-locked loop (PLL) that may reduce spurs and improve performance of a receiver is described. In one exemplary design, an integrated circuit includes a PLL and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The PLL receives a first clock signal generated with a fractional
8145164 Methods and apparatus for handling a signaling message the relates to transmission rate restrict March 27, 2012
A method for handling a signaling message that specifies transmission rate restrictions may include operating in a first state. The method may also include receiving the signaling message from a network. The signaling message may include an activation time, the transmission rate rest

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