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D356560 Portable phone March 21, 1995
8589942 Non-real time thread scheduling November 19, 2013
A hard real time (HRT) thread scheduler and a non-real time (NRT) thread scheduler for allocating processor resources among HRT threads and NRT threads are disclosed. The HRT thread scheduler communicates with a HRT thread table including a plurality of entries specifying a temporal orde
8589771 NAK-to-ACK error detection and recovery November 19, 2013
According to one embodiment, a system is provided that allows a receiver to determine that an initial error message (such as a NAK message) was not correctly received by a transmitter, and to cause the transmitter to continue transmitting information corresponding to data that has not ye
8589750 Methods and apparatus for providing a built-in self test November 19, 2013
A built-in self test (BiST) system is described. The BiST system includes a circuit-under-test. The BiST system also includes one or more embedded sensors. Each of the embedded sensors includes one or more switches connected to one or more nodes within the circuit-under-test. The BiST
8589720 Synchronizing timing mismatch by data insertion November 19, 2013
The rate at which data is provided by one device and the rate at which that data is processed by another device may differ. For example, a transmitting device may transmit data according to a transmit clock while a receiving device that receives the transmitted data may process the d
8589715 Method and system for correcting timing errors due to thermal changes within a portable computin November 19, 2013
A method and system for correcting timing errors due to thermal changes within a portable computing device are disclosed. The system and method may include calculating an estimate of frequency for a first clock compared to a second clock. The first clock may comprise a crystal oscill
8589689 Apparatus and method for over-the-air (OTA) provisioning of authentication and key agreement (AK November 19, 2013
A method and apparatus for over-the-air provisioning of authentication credentials at an access device via a first access system, wherein the authentication credentials are for a second access system lacking an over-the-air provisioning procedure. For example, the second access syste
8589532 Apparatus and method for determining WLAN access point position November 19, 2013
Position of a WLAN access point (AP) is determined by reference to user equipment devices (UEs) in communication with the AP and with a radio network interworked with the WLAN. The AP position may be assumed to be the same as position of any UE in communication with the AP. UE positions
8589514 Methods and apparatus for providing peer-to-peer data networking for wireless devices November 19, 2013
A system for a server-less peer-to-peer data network for content transfer between wireless devices is described. The system includes a first wireless device having a first address and content, and a second wireless device. The first wireless device transmits a message including the first
8589142 Visual debugging system for 3D user interface program November 19, 2013
In one embodiment, apparatus are provided, including an embedded device simulation engine, an application run controller, and a status provider. The embedded device simulation engine is provided to simulate, on a computer platform other than a target embedded device, a 3D application
8589019 Systems and methods for vehicle monitoring with processing interruption tolerance November 19, 2013
Embodiments relate to systems and methods for vehicle monitoring with processing interruption tolerance. One or more vehicle sensors can transmit one or more data streams to a primary data processing system via a data channel. A secondary data buffer can be coupled to the data channe
8588816 Systems and methods for targeted advertising on wireless devices based on device location and cu November 19, 2013
Aspects provide for systems, methods, apparatus and computer program products for selecting advertisements for presentation on wireless device applications based on the current device location and the current interests of the device user. The current interests of the device user are
8588811 Method and apparatus for improving radio location accuracy with measurements November 19, 2013
A method and apparatus to utilize a set of measurements (either partial or compete) to improve the accuracy of an initial position estimate for a wireless terminal. The initial position estimate for the terminal is first obtained (e.g., based on a cell-ID or an enhanced cell-ID solut
8588801 Multi-point equalization framework for coordinated multi-point transmission November 19, 2013
Providing for a multipoint equalization (MPE) framework for coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission in wireless communication is described herein. The disclosed MPE framework involves distributed scheduling decisions for CoMP transmission, reducing complexity of scheduling coordin
8588788 Delay and backhaul-efficient paging method and apparatus November 19, 2013
Described herein is methodologies for efficient utilization of backhaul resources of a network for delivering paging data to an access terminal (AT) without sacrificing delay performance. A location that buffers data for an AT can be adaptively changed based on factors such as the locati
8588777 Method and apparatus for robust handoff in wireless communication systems November 19, 2013
A communication system that allows a soft handoff to be completed, even when the communications link between the active base station and the mobile station deteriorates before the mobile station has received the handoff direction message. The mobile station maintains a list of base s
8588773 System and method for cell search and selection in a wireless communication system November 19, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described herein that facilitate improved cell search and selection in a wireless communication system. For example, a terminal as described herein can utilize one or more Closed Subscriber Group (CSG)-specific offset and/or hysteresis parameters as desc
8588766 Safe application distribution and execution in a wireless environment November 19, 2013
The present invention provides safe and secure application distribution and execution by providing systems and methods that test an application to ensure that it satisfies predetermined criteria associated with the environment in which it will execute. Furthermore, by using rules and
8588738 Mobile access in a diverse access point network November 19, 2013
Facilitating user terminal (UT) access to wireless networks having base stations (BSs) of disparate access types is described herein. In some aspects, BS parameterization is provided to facilitate search and/or access to distinct types of network BSs. For instance, parameters can mod
8588727 Adaptive linearity communication device November 19, 2013
An adaptive linearity communication device and its operation are disclosed. The adaptive linearity communication device may include a component having a linearity dependent upon a bias and a processor configured to change the bias in response to the detection of a connection between
8588319 MIMO transmission with layer permutation in a wireless communication system November 19, 2013
Techniques for supporting MIMO transmission with layer permutation are described. In one aspect, multiple codewords may be generated for transmission from multiple antennas (e.g., virtual antennas), with the number of codewords being less than the number of antennas. Each codeword ma
8588277 High data rate CDMA wireless communication system using variable sized channel codes November 19, 2013
Method and apparatus for high rate code-division multiple access wireless communication is described. Each of a channel encoded data is modulated by an associated code having a small number of pseudo-noise spreading chips per orthogonal waveform period, thus producing a set of streams of
8588253 Methods and apparatuses to reduce context switching during data transmission and reception in a November 19, 2013
A method and apparatus are provided for efficiently transferring data between a first and second processors having shared memory. A plurality of data packets are aggregated into a packet bundle at the first processor. The packet bundle is then transferred from the first processor to
8588252 Transmission of control information on uplink channels November 19, 2013
Techniques for sending control information on uplink channels are disclosed. In one design, a user equipment (UE) may determine its current configuration for concurrent transmission of a control channel and a shared channel. The UE may select one or more channels, from among the cont
8588227 Recursive header compression for relay nodes November 19, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate compressing multiple headers in wireless communication networks that utilize relay nodes. Relay nodes and/or other access points can insert headers in packets related to routing the packets. The multiple headers can be compresse
8588203 Wireless communication system with improved broadcast coverage November 19, 2013
Techniques to transmit data with cyclic delay diversity and pilot staggering are described. For cyclic delay diversity, OFDM symbols having different cyclic delay durations are generated. The cyclic delay durations for the OFDM symbols may be selected to be time varying with respect
8588178 Adaptive association and joint association and resource partitioning in a wireless communication November 19, 2013
Techniques for supporting communication in a wireless network are described. In an aspect, association and resource partitioning may be performed jointly to select serving base stations for user equipments (UEs) and to allocate available resources to base stations. In another aspect,
8588156 Direct data communication in infrastructure mode in wireless communication systems November 19, 2013
In an infrastructure wireless network, a direct data communication mechanism can be implemented for wireless network devices in a common basic service set (BSS) to directly exchange data frames, without transmitting the data frames via an access point. Each of the wireless network de
8588151 Access terminal capability update November 19, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate updating an access terminal's capability information in a wireless access node. Upon detecting a change in its capabilities, the access terminal transmits a message to the access node indicating the change. The message triggers
8588150 RNTI-dependent scrambling sequence initialization November 19, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate initializing scrambling sequence generation in a wireless communication environment. Scrambling sequence generation can be initialized (e.g., at a start of each subframe, . . . ) at least in part as a function of a type of Radio
8588138 Header compression for relay nodes November 19, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate compressing headers for relay nodes. In particular, a plurality of internet protocol (IP) headers, tunneling protocol headers, and/or other routing headers in a packet can be compressed to facilitate efficient communications of
8588120 Power conservation in wireless client terminals using proxy device November 19, 2013
A novel power conservation scheme is provided for conserving power in client terminals by using a proxy server. The client terminal may have a secondary communication interface for short range communications and a primary communication interface for long range communications with an
8588104 Methods and systems of reporting location information through fast-feedback channels in WiMAX sy November 19, 2013
Certain embodiments of the present disclosure may allow for transmitting location information from a mobile station to a base station. The mobile station can determine differential location information (DLI) of the mobile station relative to an absolute location of the mobile station and
8588086 Reverse link data rate indication for satellite-enabled communications systems November 19, 2013
Reverse link data rate indications in wireless communication systems are defined with low identification overhead. Existence of a pilot signal is leveraged in order to reduce the overhead for identifying and selecting the reverse link data rate. At least two distinguishable pilot signals
8588064 Transport layer that warns application of potential bottleneck and methods thereof November 19, 2013
A method of managing communication of messages via a network includes storing messages received from an application in a queue at a transport layer. The transport layer monitors the amount of information stored at the queue. When the amount of information exceeds a threshold amount, the
8588054 Silence intervals in wireless communications November 19, 2013
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate silence interval specification and utilization in wireless communications. In particular, a silence interval can be defined such that communications cease during the interval, defined by an interval period, offset within the interva
8587994 System and method for shared sensing MRAM November 19, 2013
Resistance memory cells of MRAM arrays are designated as reference cells and programmed to binary 0 and binary 1 states, reference cells from one MRAM array at binary 0 and at binary 1 are concurrently accessed to obtain a reference voltage to read resistance memory cells of another
8587993 Reducing source loading effect in spin torque transfer magnetoresisitive random access memory (S November 19, 2013
Systems and methods to reduce source loading effects in STT-MRAM are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a method includes determining a switching current ratio of a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) structure that enables stable operation of a memory cell. The memory cell includes t
8587982 Non-volatile memory array configurable for high performance and high density November 19, 2013
Embodiments include a memory array having a plurality of bit lines and a plurality of source lines disposed in columns. A plurality of word lines is disposed in rows. A plurality of storage elements have a first subset of storage elements electrically decoupled from the memory array and
8587593 Performance analysis during visual creation of graphics images November 19, 2013
In general, this disclosure relates to techniques for using graphics instructions and state information received from a graphics device to visually create a graphics image. Performance analysis may also be conducted to identify potential bottlenecks during instruction execution on th
8587477 Analog front end for system simultaneously receiving GPS and GLONASS signals November 19, 2013
A receiver for receiving both GPS signals and GLONASS signals is provided. This receiver includes an analog front end (AFE), a GPS digital front end (DFE) and a GLONASS DFE for receiving an output of the AFE, and a dual mode interface (DMI) for receiving outputs of the GPS and GLONASS
8584075 Method and apparatus for characterizing and reducing proximity effect on cell electrical charact November 12, 2013
Circuit elements are characterized for effects of proximity context on electrical characteristic. Based on the characterization, proximity context cell models, and corresponding modeled electrical characteristic values are obtained. Logic cells are characterized and modeled according
8583995 Multi-mode processor November 12, 2013
An apparatus is configured to perform both Fourier transform processing and Golay code processing. Each of a plurality of processing elements comprises a delay element configured for providing a predetermined delay to at least a first input signal, at least one seed vector insertion
8583983 Turbo interleaver for high data rates November 12, 2013
Techniques for supporting high decoding throughput are described. A transmitter may encode a code block of data bits with a Turbo encoder. A receiver may perform decoding for the code block with a Turbo decoder having multiple soft-input soft-output (SISO) decoders. A contention-free
8583811 Gateway device for multimedia content November 12, 2013
This disclosure relates to techniques, devices, and systems for using a mobile electronic device to provide multimedia content. One example method of providing multimedia content includes receiving, at an Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) enabled first electronic device, m
8583577 Method and apparatus for unsupervised training of input synapses of primary visual cortex simple November 12, 2013
Certain aspects of the present disclosure present a technique for unsupervised training of input synapses of primary visual cortex (V1) simple cells and other neural circuits. The proposed unsupervised training method utilizes simple neuron models for both Retinal Ganglion Cell (RGC)
8583160 Uplink power control for wireless communication November 12, 2013
Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide closed loop and open loop power control techniques for each antenna of the user equipment (UE). The access point may measure the received signals from each antenna of the user equipment, calculate a power adjustment parameter for each
8583159 Methods and apparatus for scaling transmit power of signals in wireless communications November 12, 2013
Methods and apparatus of varying transmit power of signals for increasing system throughput and spectral reuse in an unlicensed spectrum are disclosed. One method includes transmitting from a first mobile device to a second mobile device a request to send (RTS) signal having a first
8583146 Indoor positioning using joint likelihoods November 12, 2013
A method in a mobile terminal for estimating a position of the mobile terminal includes: receiving an expected measurement map indicative of expected measurement values of a parameter; receiving parameters of a matrix corresponding to the expected measurement map; capturing actual me
8583142 Selective distribution of location based service content to mobile devices November 12, 2013
Methods, apparatuses and/or articles of manufacture are provided that selectively distribute location based service content for use by mobile devices with regard to certain indoor environment(s). In one example implementation, one or more computing devices generate data files that co

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